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I sat on the roof of Nightingale Insitution. Every night, I come out here to be alone. When you're like me, you never get time to yourself. There's always something to do, people to please. That's why I don't mind staying up late. It't the only time I can have without people bothering me.

My name is Aria Evans. I go to the Nightingale Institution for Special Young Women. Basically, civilians think we're mental. But in a lot of ways, we aren't. You see, there are these two schools. One of them is a spy school called the Gallagher Academy. The other is Blackthorne Institute. They are like complete opposites.

Gallagher's cover is a school for rich snobs. Blackthorne's cover is that it's a juvenile institute. Gallagher is for spies. Blackthorne is for assassins. Nightingale is completely classified. More classified than both schools. My school is in Washington D.C.

The main difference between my school and the other two is that we know about them. They don't even think we exist.

I stood up and walked into my dorm. My three roommates looked up. Katrina, Dawn, and Jessica are my best friends. Luckily, they're my roommates too. Ok. Let's skip introductions and I'll just tell you about them.

Katrina Dare -

Nickname: Kat

Codename: Hurricane

Personality: Tough, likes to fight

Best Class: Protection and Enforcement

Dawn Kinsley -

Nickname: None

Codename: Viper

Personality: Sassy, low-tempered, humorous

Best Class: Disguise and Deception

Jessica Reed -

Nickname: Jess, Jessie

Codename: Hawk

Personality: Optimistic, social, loves flying and skydiving

Best Class: Countries of the World

As for me, I guess you'll find out. My best class is Covert Operations. My codename is "Shadow". I guess you can already tell why I'm great in CoveOps because of my codename...

The next morning, the headmistress of the school called our attention.

"Ladies, I have an announcement. I want the junior class to report to my office right now."

We followed her out. When she led us inside, I saw Ms. Cameron on the couch. I looked at her, but she just winked. Ever since we learned about Gallagher and Blackthorne, she's visited pretty often. She's in the secret service and Rachel Morgan is her sister. Rachel is the headmistress at Gallagher and her daughter is Cameron Morgan. I could go on and on about their lives, but I'm sure you know most of what I'm allowed to say. The rest is classified.

Abigail Cameron stood up. "Pack your bags. Some of you will have to move into different moves. Gallagher and Blackthorne Juniors will be coming."

Before we left, she called us back. "Can Aria, Jessica, Katrina, and Dawn stay back for a second?"

We watched everyone else leave. The door closed and she turned to us with a glint in her eyes.

"You four are going on a little mission" she announced. A smile played at the corners of my lips. "Details?" Dawn asked.

"You will be tailing the students of Gallagher and Blackthorne."

"Too easy" Kat said. "We did that last year when Blackthorne tailed Gallagher. You said they would learn about us if they caught any of our agents. They didn't. What makes you think they'll do it this year?"

I ignored her and stared at Abby. What's the catch?"

She grinned at me. "Each of you will be tailing one Blackthorne Boy and one Gallagher Girl."

I nodded. This shouldn't be too hard. Unless I get the Chameleon. She wasn't that hard to watch last time, but I know she's improved a lot. Now, she's nearly impossible to tail.

Abby handed us folders. "These are the people you will be tailing. Be careful."

I led the way to our room. I opened my folder. Guess who I got? Of course, I got the hardest part yet. I have to tail both Cameron Morgan and Zachary Goode. Great. Just great.

At least I know what this means. They think I actually have a chance to complete the mission. Unfortunately, I don't agree. They are both great agents. Besides, she's one of the best field agents out there...I just hope I can make it.

Cammie's POV

Mom stepped up to the podium during breakfast. "Cameron Morgan, Rebecca Baxter, Macey McHenry, and Tina Walters, please come to my office immediately. I smiled at Liz and followed my friends to my mom's office.

When we were seated on the leather couch, I looked at her and Mr. Solomon.

"So...what's up?" I asked.

"You four were chosen to go on a CoveOps mission. We're going to D.C. I'll give you your mission objective there. Go pack your bags. You won't be coming back until the end of the semester."

We all stared at him, shocked. We're not coming back? Where are we going? We took the folders from the desk and ran to our rooms. Liz was already in there, working on her laptop.

"I can't believe I'm going to have to survive without you guys!" she said.

We all stared at her for a few seconds before checking ourselves for the bugs. We each had two on our clothes.

"Oh, Mrs. Sutton. I don't think so. You will be going with them, but you will stay in the helicopter and work from behind your laptop." We spun around to face Solomon.

"REALLY? YESSS!" she jumped up and hugged him before blushing and composing herself.

We opened our folders and I gasped. We were partnered with the Blackthorne Boys.

And surprise, surprise. I had Zach. This is going to be fun.

Thirty minutes later, we had our bags packed and we were standing with Tina by the helicopter pad. Solomon stepped out of the black helicopter and motioned us in. On the ride to D.C., we listened for our instructions. Our objective is to get to the Ruby Slipper Exhibit without any tails.

"So...just like last year?" I asked.

"Nope. This time, the boys are on your side. There will be some...friends of mine tailing you. And they're good. Use everything I've taught you to get rid of them."

Hours later, we descended. When we stepped out, there were five boys standing there. One was lanky with glasses. One was unfamiliar. One resembled your average Greek God. The last one was standing with his arms crossed and a very familiar smirk plastered on his face. Zach.

Aria's POV

I had visual on the subjects. I stayed at a distance until they started walking off. No matter what, I am going to pass this assignment.

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