Nabiki's Heartache Part 3 Epilogue

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo_Oki "ryo_"

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Several Years Later:

A young woman is sitting by the fire in her living room. With her is a young man in his mid twenties and a young six year old girl with long pink hair and cats ears and tail, which was twitching slightly as her mother was finishing up tell her the story about how her and her father met.

"And that is how we first came together Atsuko", the young woman Nabiki said to her daughter.

"Yes Akane was so mad when we announced our engagement at dinner that she tried to choke her own sister. Luckily your grandma Lilac was able to knock out your aunt before she harmed your mother.", the young man Ranma said to his daughter.

"It took a long time for Akane to settle down and even then she refused to speak to either of us for months. Which at least gave us the time to grow closer and deal with many problems kept popping up.", Nabiki said.

"Yeah, like those martial art accountants. God they were annoying", Ranma said.

"Oh I don't know I had fun showing them who was the true master of that art.", Nabiki said in a faux Ranma voice, causing her daughter to giggle.

"Things were pretty quiet after we got married though, until you came along, my little kitty.", Ranma said while rubbing his daughters ears, causing her to purr.

"It was a surprise to everyone. Jusenkyo curses aren't supposed to be passed on to children but with your father having so many curses thanks to your grandpa "Baka Panda" well we ended up with a cute little catgirl like you.", Nabiki said.

"Even though I'm not like aunty Kasumi's kids?", Atsuko said.

"That doesn't make any difference to us, Angel.", Ranma said.

"So does that mean I'm going to get a catgirl or catboy brother or sister then.", Atsuko said.

AH... Maybe later, right now your all we can handle.", Ranma joked to his daughter.

The End.

Authors Note:

This is just epilogue to the story which looking back on it ended a little too quickly when I wrote it a "few" years back. This small little chapter also serves as practice since I haven't written anything in years. Hopefully with this now done I"ll be able to work on a few new projects including continuing Little Angel Lost. Only time will tell about that though.

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