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"My Lord, we will arrive at the Great Chasm in approximately 30 minutes." A voice crackled over the intercom.

"Excellent… Prepare our men for descent." The man in the shadows replied.

The shadowy figure arose, walking calmly to the edge of the seating area of the aircraft. Robes flowing, the older man took a sip of his wine, and smiled at the unsuspecting citizens in the towns below. "It has been too long, Unova. But your ruler is back, and this time… he will not fail. The man chuckled to himself lightly as the horizons dim light began to reveal the Chasm. As the morning light began to shine, rays slowly fill the darkened area with reddish light. The man smile eerily in the glow, as a soldier enters the room.

"Shall we brief the men now, sire?"

"I shall do it myself. They will be overjoyed to see me, I am sure. It has been almost a year, if I recall…" the strange robed man spoke.

"As you wish, Lord Ghetsis…"

With that, Ghetsis reaches for his cane. Setting down the wine glass, he adjusts his robes. The guard in the room opens a chest, revealing the Crown. Placing it gently on his head, the evil smile on Ghetsis' face grew wider. And as the sun rose over the Chasm, laughter resounded from the aircraft that hovered like a black storm cloud on the horizon…

And so begins the revenge of Lord Ghetsis.

As the Meowth shaped balloon crashed down into the tree, the trio of Team Rocket members finally stopped screaming.

"I can't stand those twerps! Why does this always happen to me!" Jessie cried out angrily.

"Prolly cuz we can't take a hint!" their talking Meowth groaned.

James, the third member, sat silently. In his hand was a lone bottle cap. He silently turned it in his hand, a somber look on his face. Normally, James would be just as vocal about the most recent failure to capture a certain yellow mouse Pokémon, but the bottle caps presence had silenced him. Meowth was the first to notice the quiet cohort.

"Watcha got there, James? Another bottle cap for da collection?" Meowth asked, brushing off the soot from their latest BLAST OFF. Jessie, still bitching on about her luck, ignored them.

"It's not new." James broke his silence. "This is my first bottle cap I ever collected. When I was little, I used to pretend it was a gym badge. "

James smiled softly as he began to reminisce. "I would parade around my house, telling all the workers I was a Pokémon master!"

Jessie, upon finishing her rant, overheard the mentioning of the word "master".

"James, you wanted to be a Master?" Jessie asked, confused. "I thought you always wanted to be a Rocket! That's why you joined them, isn't it?"

"C'mon Jessie, when you were a kid, didn't you have a dream? You know, something that you pretended to be?" James inquired. Jessie immediately changed her demeanor as her childhood was brought into question.

"I…Well… Why is this even a topic right now?" Jessie fumed, her anger barely masking sadness at thought of childhood dreams. Meowth stood up, all the talk from James revealing a hidden dream.

"Ya kno, ever since I learned to talk, I thought I would make a great MC!" Meowth beamed as he imagined himself dressed in a tuxedo, mic in hand, standing on a stage. The image of him waving to a crowd was soon shattered by the pessimistic Jessie.

"Well, you aren't. And won't be. So far all we are is failures, and the Boss would have our heads if he heard talk like this! Just forget your silly fantasies and help me fix the balloon!" Jessie scowled. She was getting more upset by the second.

"Now why would anybody want to do that?" a mysterious voice spoke out.

The trio gasped and looked around wildly. "Didja hear that?" Meowth said nervously. The two Rockets nodded, scanning the surrounding area for any sign of the voice.

"Up here."

The Rockets looked up, only to see a tall muscular gentleman sitting on a branch above them. His thin glasses gleamed in the moonlight. He sat up and looked down, with a smile on his chiseled face, marked only by a goatee.

"So, you're part of Team Rocket? You seem to have bigger aspirations than that low life organization. Am I right?" the mystery man grinned.

"How dare you speak about Giovanni in such a manner?" Jessie shrieked. "He took us in when no one else would. Gave us jobs! We wear this R with pride!"

"Is that so? As far as I can tell, he seems to care less about your well being than Death himself. And believe it or not, there are other people who would help take care of you. I know that for a fact."

The stranger leapt off the branch and into the basket. Jessie immediately hopped up, Poke ball in hand. The stranger stood before them, unfazed.

"Jessie, stop." James said softly.

"But, James!"

"Let him talk Jess. I want to hear what he has to say." James nodded to the stranger.

"Well let me cut to the chase. Normally, if I see a criminal, I would need to detain them. But I feel like you guys, no matter what transgressions continually lead to you apparently ending up in a tree, aren't truly evil. I think that if you dig deeper, you would find that you all have a bigger purpose."

Jessie opened her mouth to protest the "truly evil" bit, but the mysterious man continued.

"If you believe me, and want to strive for that bigger purpose, I would be glad to help."

The stranger tossed a small device to Meowth. "That's a GPS with a location I want you to meet me at. Meet in a week there if you want to. If you choose to stay with Team Rocket, I cannot stop you. But if we cross paths again, you will be detained. I'll be sorry to do it, but that is your warning. Hopefully, though, I'll see you soon."

The man slid his fingers through his dark hair and smiled. As he started to climb out of the basket, Jessie (who held her tongue surprisingly well) finally spoke out.

"Who do you think you are, anyway?" she cried out, a cry mixed with raw emotion and slight fear.

"Oh my, I do apologize. My name? It's Espy. I'm the Champion of the Orr region, and an active member of the Champion's Legion. Pleasure meeting your acquaintance!" A broad smile draped across his face as the jaws of the Rockets dropped quickly, each one sweatdropping. Espy jumped out of the balloon and disappeared into the dark forest below.

"He was the…" James was near speechless. Jessie was stunned.

Meowth finally comes to, and looks down at GPS. "It says that he wants us to meet him in Viridian City? Do we go?"

James stood quietly. "Guys, I think we should see what he has to offer. If nothing else, it would be worth the trip…"

Jessie, who was opposed to the talk of Life Before Rockets, cautiously agreed. Maybe if this doesn't pan out, we can steal his Pokémon.

She said nothing else as the group began to fix the balloon for flight. With their sights on Viridian City, the trio of Rockets were about to make a decision. It wouldn't be an easy one, but one they were preparing for… And would shape the destiny of so many, including the one who landed them in the tree…

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