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This ain't a song for the broken hearted.

No silent pray for the faith departed.

Claws clenched into fists at their sides. Rage was barely contained and yet none seemed to notice just what Pitish beasts they'd released. If Megatron knew what his actions would result in, surely he would have chosen a different course of action. They stood as two statues, perfect in the heat of battle and yet so far removed from it. This war didn't faze them, this battle was just one of many, their enemies and allies were foolish if they assumed they'd ever seen a fraction of what they were truly capable of.

And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd.

You're gunna here my voice when I shot it out loud.

They broke into action, there was no jeering, no snide remarks, no comments about scratched paint or comparing the size of their ball bearings. If the others, both friend and foe, hadn't been otherwise occupied perhaps they would have noticed. Perhaps they could have seen what was to come; perhaps the outcome wouldn't have been such a shock.

Only one saw them move with deadly grace, only one pair of fractured blue optics could remain fixated on the red and yellow blurs. Those optics watched them with broken hope and their own optics returned the gaze with promises of something Ratchet never thought they could offer.


This is for the one's who stood their ground.

For Tommy and Gina, who never backed down.

Tomorrow's getting' harder make no mistake.

Luck ain't even lucky gotta make your own breaks.

Despite their efforts they couldn't be everywhere at once, their constant antagonizing of the Seekers made them targets and made their task only slightly more difficult. What also didn't help was the complete inability of any mech on their side to actually hold their own for very long.

Later this lack of focus would be blamed on the sickening thoughts that accompanied seeing what had been done to the medic. They'd blame weak tanks and soft sparks. Couldn't help Ratchet if you were deactivated after all, being upset with hurt feelings helped no one.

They couldn't protect everyone, and that included Prime himself. Before they could enact their plot, seek their revenge, Megatron had Prime at his mercy. A slip of the wrist and Prime found himself at the wrong end of the tyrant's fusion cannon.

Megatron didn't fire however, no, he had showed he preferred long, painful torment over quick and effortless death. Instead, he required submission, and when Prime hesitated, Megatron used the medic as collateral. His Air Commander quickly returned to his side and picked up the medic's frame, null ray aimed at a once gleaming chassis.

Threatened with his own life Prime resisted, but that of his medic, his friend-that had the Prime submitting. It was slow, time itself seemed to take pause and notice as the Autobot leader bowed himself before Megatron, dropped to his knees to keep his medic from further harm.

Showed what Prime knew, a quick deactivation was the most humane option for the medic at this point. Keeping him alive- even among allies was going to be a torture as his captivity would leave scars on his very processor and spark.

Sadly, the twins had never been ones for humane treatment.

Better stand tall when they're calling you out,

Don't bend don't break baby, don't back down.

There was silence, the battle drew to a halt as everyone took notice of their appointed leaders.

Without Prime's guidance, attention turned to Prowl and slowly, ever so slowly the second fell to his knees. Jazz followed, reluctantly Ironhide as well.

Didn't they understand?

It was better to deactivate on their feet than live on their knees.

Sunstreaker could not bring himself to submit as they had. Blasters were still held tightly in his hands as all around him Autobots fell to the ground, daring to beg for their lives and the lives of the comrades.

He stood some distance before Megatron and when the gunmetal gray mech's attention was on him he vented. His moves were slow, deliberate. He could not bring himself to beg- so he approached.

The fusion cannon was shifted in warning, in the background Starscream barked some order but he couldn't hear it.

He was tired, and he drew to a stop only a short distance from the battle hardened leaders.

His weapons were heavy, so he let them slip from his claws and fall soundlessly to the earth.

He was just so fragging tired. His gaze dropped from Megatron to the dirt below, his weapons looked so comfortable there, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad?

Slowly, as time had yet to release its collective breath and move forward at a normal pace, the golden warrior, scourge of the gladiatorial rings, fell to his knees.

And it's now or never,

I ain't gunna live forever.

I just want to live while I'm alive.

It's my life.

It seemed time figured out the ending before anyone else; as it sped back up at an alarming pace, following the quick motions of the forgotten red twin.

Sideswipe remained in his twin's shadow and while visible to some, remained unseen by Megatron and his second. All others were too stunned by the dramatic turn of events to be of consequence.

He burst forward, taking a leap and using his twin's shoulder as a spring board, Sunstreaker gave him what momentum he had as the golden warrior leapt to his feet.

The battlefield seemed frozen on all sides following the red mech's path and Megatron realized too late his mistakes. The energon blade embedded itself within the tyrant's chassis and violent optics conveyed a clear message.

This wasn't for Prime.

This wasn't for the Autobots.

This wasn't even for themselves.

This was for their medic.

And with a quick twist of a wrist and a hard jerk it was ended.

Starscream stood little chance as Sunstreaker had retrieved his weapons upon his rise, while Ratchet's frame mostly blocked the Seeker's chassis and spark, a headshot served its purpose in ending the life of a mech who dared touch what was rightfully theirs.

Soundwave, as always, proved to be the smartest of the brood and not only had kept himself from doing any harm to the medic while captive, but was the first to calculate what this outcome meant. He and his horde were the first to reluctantly submit. Without proper direction, and only Soundwave to look to, the rest of the 'cons fell quickly into step, they were a snake without a head-useless the lot of them. Good soldiers didn't think alike, good soldiers didn't blindly follow answers and good soldiers never surrendered, never accepted defeat.

None of that mattered. The battle could have begun again and they wouldn't have cared. They collected their medic from the battlefield and left it without incident and only the medical team daring to follow in their footsteps.

Every mech who had dared touch what was theirs would be ended, their days were numbered.

But they could wait to seek their revenge.

My heart is like an open highway,

Like Frankie said I did it my way.

I just want to live while I'm alive.

It's my life.

So there you have it, my first attempt at sticky and something pretty different for me as it was all internal without any actual dialog. Let me know what you think!