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Warnings: spoilers for 'the witcher' book series.

A/N1:actually the Sor'cas don't exist in neither books nor the games. I made them up for this fanfiction sake.

A/N2: Sor'ca in Sapkowski's Elder Speech means 'sister'

Voices from the past


By your-biohazardous-friend

The witcher's eyes were distant, ghastly pained upon seeing the particular woman. Vas darted a questioning look toward Triss yet the sorceresses was just as confused as her by Geralt's sudden, unusual behaviour. Roche didn't knew why the witcher was so interested by the human, female corpse lying face-down in high grass. They would have never noticed it, anyway. The dead woman was lying among other corpses scattered around the forest's border. Looking at the whole scene, Roche could only guess what happened here, but if he could bet his money, he would choose the special unit raid to expose potential traitors working with non-humans. He knew this form of tactic, he used it himself several times.

"I can't believe it! She was a ploughing Sor'ca – Scoia'tael's 'sister'" Vernon barked as he noticed Kite's feather strapped to the woman's braid and spat on the ground. Roche tried to turn the copse with his boot to have a better look at female traitor, but the witcher stopped him silently, crouching next to the body, turning the deceased with caution. The dead woman was of average beauty, her lifeless, blue eyes were widened with shock. There was also remaining of the green, masking dryad-like make-up, she had once worn on her face.

"Sor'ca?" Geralt suddenly asked, turning his head toward the man in chaperon. Vernon narrowed his eyes, he knew this particular timbre in Geralt's voice all to well. At times like those the mutant warrior sounded as if he knew something but couldn't put his finger on it. Roche was growing more irritated by this as he was sick and tired of giving answers more frequently than receiving any from the witcher. It was Ves who explained.

"Sor'cas are human girls or young women who dedicated themselves to aid non-humans, mostly dryad in Brokilon forest or Scoia'tael commandos. They are easy to recognize by the Kite's feathers fixed to they hairdos. Yet it's unknown why they have chosen this particular kind of bird as their mark. We anticipate that it's associated with this animal's traits" After Ves finished her speech Geralt once again turned toward the corpse, silencing for another while.

"I think… it's less obvious than that" the witcher finally said "I think it's more of a tribute"

"tribute to what?" Vernon finally asked

"Kite in Elder Speech is Milva" Geralt answered

"so?" the captain urged

"I don't know" the White Wolf replied, closing the woman's eyes "I just think she's important to all of them"

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