Slight Charmed crossover, as characters are used only in the first part of the first chapter.

This story is mostly AU and starts during Order of the Phoenix. The first 10 chapters or so will happen but not in the story.

This is very dark as it focuses mostly on the Death Eater side.

Few changes to cannon: Severus is truly on Voldemorts side, Voldemort is a bit nicer to his followers and Bellatrix will be nice to one person (well two including Narcissa).

"What the hell were you thinking?" a very angry Piper Halliwell yelled at her youngest sister. The oldest of the Halliwell sisters couldn't believe what she was hearing. The seventeen year old witch told her the story of how she tortured and killed people for fun. She hadn't used magic to murder those people but Piper couldn't believe she would do something so evil without any remorse. It was as if her sister was dead and replaced by a demon.

Cole Turner, the second oldest sister Phoebe's husband, took that moment to shimmer in. "Have you heard…" Cole stopped when he saw the young witch. Piper, Phoebe and their half-sister Paige were glaring at her but the girl didn't seem upset. In fact she was rather relaxed leaning against the entry way. "Guess you do know, however that isn't the worst of it."

"What could possibly be worse?" Phoebe asked. They had done a lot of horrible things since they had found out they were witches but they had been under spells or evil influence at the time. Their sister hadn't been influenced by anything. She couldn't figure out what was worse than her sister turning to the dark side.

"The Source wants to recruit her," Cole announced. Piper, Phoebe and Paige gasped in shock and horror. If the Source of all Evil wanted to recruit a Charmed One then the young witch really was past redemption.

The youngest Halliwell was proud she was considered dangerous and deadly enough to be recruited. Her sister's didn't feel the same. Cole's statement fueled their anger even more and they knew what they had to do. "I'm sorry sister," Piper said. It hurt her knowing she needed to kill her own sister but she didn't have a choice. It was for the greater good, to protect the innocents. Everyone was thinking the same thing.

"Piper, please," the girl begged. "It's not my fault. There is something wrong with me." It was true. There was something wrong with her and they all knew it but they also knew she was begging because she couldn't take on three witches and a demon. She cared not for the people she killed, only for her own life.

Piper punched her in the mouth and the girl spat out the blood. She laughed and tried to fight back, she wasn't going to die without causing some serious damage, but Phoebe and Paige grabbed her arms and held them behind her back. "Why don't you just blow her up?" Paige asked as the witch fought against her. She hated what her sister had become but she didn't want to prolong her suffering. Beating her to death would make them just as evil as her.

Cole shook his head as he stood by Piper. "If you use your powers on her you may lose them forever. You will have to do it the human way, or I can do it." He summoned an energy ball.

"Try it on a low setting," Phoebe suggested. "Maybe we can beat the evil out of her." Cole did as she suggested knowing Phoebe was using this as one last hope to save her sister. Cole was surprised when the girl hit the ground in pain but was still very much alive.

"Guess you need to try harder Balthazar," she said laughing. Cole continued to throw energy balls while the sisters hit her with as much force as they could muster.

James and Lily Potter watched the Charmed Ones actions from above. When they were alive they weren't sure if they believed in an afterlife but here they were. Some would call where they were Heaven but they had no name for it. From where they were they could watch over their son and his friends and the Charmed Ones. The Elders, who some would consider gods, had an interest in the Charmed Ones though Lily and James didn't really care about them. They only cared about Harry. "They are going to kill her," Lily said sadly. "We have to stop them." Lily knew she couldn't intervene, only the Elders could but it didn't stop her from wanting to. Yes the witch was evil but Lily didn't think it was entirely her fault.

"It's not that simple," James replied. He always admired his wife for seeing the good in people but this was one time it would not work. "She murdered innocent Muggles for fun. She is no better than a Death Eater."

"Muggle psychologists would say there is something wrong with her like she said," Lily said determined to find the good in her. "I do not believe she is truly evil. She is capable of love James. I know you can feel it. She is broken, something, somehow, broke her."

"Relax Lily," an Elder said walking into the area. "I will not allow the Charmed Ones to murder their sister. While Balthazar would feel no remorse for his actions it would destroy the girls and I cannot let that happen. They are too important."

"That's way you will save her?" Lily asked, her emerald eyes flashing dangerously. "You don't want anything to happen to your precious Charmed Ones. What about her life Elder?"

"It is possible she can be redeemed, like you said she has the ability to love and that is what makes her different from the demons," the Elder said. He would never admit it but he was afraid of Lily Potter. "Just watch."

Tears fell down Lily's face as she watched the girl get beaten. She was minutes from death, with no fight left in her, when she suddenly disappeared. "Did she just disapparate?" James asked in disbelief.

"Yes," the Elder answered. "I forced her to. She is now in England, close to someone who will help her, save her life. If she was delivered in any other way they would have killed her instantly."

"Is it wise to send her to England now that Voldemort is back?" Lily asked concerned. The nice part about being dead was the Elder's never winced at the mention of the Dark Lord.

"Voldemort is not a concern," the Elder said. "We have to send her there if only to keep her alive. You forget she is still a Charmed One no matter what she has done."

"What are you hiding Elder?" James asked. Something was off about the situation. He could only think of two reasons Voldemort wouldn't be an issue, one she helped Harry destroy him. That didn't seem likely. Two, she joined him. His eyes widened. That was it. She was going to join him and help him kill his son.

"Her soul mate is in England," the Elder answered. His eyes flickered to James'. James had no choice but to follow his plans but he knew the young wizard wasn't going to be happy about it. His only hope was his plan worked and they were both redeemed. Lily and James gasped. There hadn't been any true soul mates since they were alive.

"Who?" Lily questioned, though she was afraid of the answer.

"I cannot say as of now but you will find out soon enough," was his answer. He knew who it was; he also knew the Potter's were not going to react well when it was revealed.

Blood poured onto the wet grass. Bruises covered 98% of her body and burns from the energy balls covered her stomach. She was weak but still able to wonder how she got here and where here was. She prayed to all the Goddess' someone would find her.

In this moment when she was knocking on death's door her true self showed. Her true self wasn't the sociopathic murderer, it was an innocent girl. She couldn't remember when it happened, when she started to lose her grip on reality, when she became the thing she was supposed to fight. She only knew it was recent.

"Help me," she moaned into the darkness.

Bellatrix Lestrange was walking around the back yard when she heard a pop from an apparition and the feminine cry for help. Never had she felt something so strong before. She followed the voice, confused by her actions. What did she care if someone died? Granted she wished she had the chance to play with them first but this was different. She wanted to help the unknown girl.

She found the blonde haired girl and her heart clenched. Bellatrix checked for a pulse and found a faint one. She had no idea what she was thinking when she pulled the half-dead girl off the ground and carried her into the Manor. She wanted the girl healed and hoped the Dark Lord would spare her. Bellatrix was the most loyal of the Dark Lord's followers; she prayed he would give her this one favor.

"My Lord," Bellatrix said carrying the unconscious girl to the Dark Lord. Lord Voldemort looked up as did Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Severus Snape and Bellatrix's husband Rodolphus Lestrange.

"What did you bring me Bella?" Voldemort asked. "Normally when you bring me a gift they are alive and kicking." He sounded amused.

"My Lord, I found this girl just inside our wards," Bellatrix said laying the broken and beaten girl on the ground.

"That's not possible," Rodolphus scoffed. He didn't like the way his wife was looking at the girl on the ground.

"It is quite possible," Voldemort said. "Dumbledore could break through them as could some of the best Aurors. This girl must be powerful. What is it you want Bellatrix?"

"I want your permission to save her My Lord," Bellatrix said bowing. She made eye contact with the Dark Lord and allowed him to access her memories.

"You feel for her," Voldemort commented. "You don't know what you feel but still you feel. You have been very faithful Bellatrix and because of that I will grant you your request. Save her but she will serve me. You are to do everything and anything to make her join me. Lucius, Narcissa congratulations you now have a daughter."

"M-m-my Lord?" Lucius asked confused.

"We don't know her backstory so now I am creating one. She will go to Hogwarts with Draco as his older sister. She will be assigned to protect Draco and keep an eye on Potter, Dumbledore and the other Order members." Voldemort studied the unconscious blonde. "Taylor Malfoy welcome to the fold. Severus, go with Bella and help heal the girl."

"Yes My Lord," Severus said bowing. Bellatrix grabbed the witch again and carried her to her room. Severus followed and shut the door behind him.

Severus removed his wand and conjured a piece of parchment and a quill. "Remove her clothing Bellatrix," Severus instructed.

Bellatrix hissed at him. "You dare give me orders," she said angrily. For reasons she couldn't understand she was more angry at the thought of Severus seeing her girl naked.

"If you want her to live then do what I say," he said calmly. He wasn't afraid of Bellatrix unlike most of the Death Eaters.

Bellatrix pointed her wand at Taylor and her clothes disappeared. She couldn't help the gasp that escaped her lips. She had tortured hundreds if not thousands of people but she had never done this much physical damage to them. Normally she never left a mark unless she was extremely angry. "When I find the filthy Muggles that did this to her I am going to make what I did to the Longbottom's look like child's play," Bellatrix hissed.

Severus stayed quiet while Bellatrix plotted the Charmed One's demise. She didn't know who they were but she wanted them dead. Severus wrote out a list of potions he needed. "Are you sure it was Muggles that did this Bellatrix?"

"Of course it was," Bellatrix said. "Why would a wizard or witch leave marks on her?"

Severus did not have an answer to that. "Dobby," Severus called. Dumbledore asked Dobby to help Severus when he needed it.

The house elf arrived in a pop. "Master Snape," he said bowing. "How can Dobby help you?" He shuddered as he looked around the room terrified of being back in this house.

"I need you to bring me these potions as soon as possible," Severus instructed. He had to treat Dobby well otherwise Dumbledore would get suspicious. Dobby bowed and left.

"Filthy creature, I don't know how you stand being in the same room as it," Bellatrix said running her hand down Taylor's arm.

"I do what I must, besides he comes in handy sometimes, without him your witch would be dead before I get those potions," Severus said. Bellatrix had to admit he had a point.

Bellatrix sat her wand down on the nightstand and climbed onto the bed next to Taylor. She pushed the blonde hair out of Taylor's eyes and ran her fingers down her face. "Severus, get me a towel and some soap and water."

The Potions Master hated being bossed around but did as she asked. The Dark Lord instructed him to help save the girl and that would be considered helping. Severus got the items Bellatrix requested and placed them next to the raven haired witch.

Bellatrix dipped the towel into the bowl of water and started wiping away the dirt and blood from her body. Severus had never seen the dark witch so gentle, so loving to someone, not even her own husband. Rodolphus was not going to be happy when he figured out what was going on. Severus made a mental note to do some research to try and fully understand why Bellatrix changed so much so quickly. Dobby arrived with his potions. "Dobby brought the potions sir," Dobby said.

"Good, now leave," Severus said taking them. Dobby bowed and left for the last time. He uncorked the healing potion first and dumped the contents down Taylor's throat. Severus held her mouth shut forcing her to swallow it. Slowly the bruises and minor cuts disappeared. The bigger cuts faded a bit but still remained. Severus poured another one down her throat and the burns and the rest of the cuts vanished.

"She wasn't raped," Bellatrix said, relieved after she did a quick check. This was the first time she was happy someone wasn't hurt in that way.

"The amount of violence done to this girl, it's a wonder she survived," Severus said, pouring a blood replenishing potion down her throat. "I don't know when she will wake up but I don't think it will take long. I have another potion but I will let it be your decision as to whether or not I use it."

The cloth dropped into the bloody bowl and Bellatrix grabbed her wand and cleaned it. She resumed wiping away the blood from Taylor's body. "What is the potion?"

"It's a memory potion," Severus said. "I created it to allow the Dark Lord to convince people to join him. It is still in the testing stages. If all goes well it will wipe out her past memory, she may get some of it back over time but it will make it easier to convince her of her new identity. You could make her anything you want her to be."

"Use it," Bellatrix said. Severus got up and poured the black liquid down her throat. "My sweet little witch, what have they done to you?" Severus' job was done so he left the room.

With another wave of her wand Taylor was dressed in black shorts and a black tank top, another wave and there was a fire going. "They will pay my dear," Bellatrix promised.

There was a knock at the door and Rodolphus walked in. "You are still with her?" he asked angrily.

Bellatrix glared at him. How dare he be angry at her for taking care of her witch? "Yes I am," she said smirking.

"We should kill her now," Rodolphus said. "She is probably working for Dumbledore."

Bellatrix raised her wand at him. "You won't touch her, no one will. Even if she was working for that old fool she isn't anymore. She wouldn't want to if they tried to kill her." She shot a stunning spell at him and he flew out of their room.

"Severus, I trust everything went well with the newest Malfoy," Voldemort said ignoring the fact that Bellatrix had stunned her husband.

"Yes My Lord, her injuries are healed and Bellatrix has allowed me to test out my new potion. If all goes according to plan she won't remember anything about her past life," Severus reported.

"Very good Severus," Voldemort said. "Do you know what is causing Bellatrix's change in behavior?"

"I have an idea My Lord," Severus replied. "I would need to do more research to confirm it." Severus showed the Dark Lord memories from his school years. They focused on Lily and James Potter.

"You believe them to be soul mates," Voldemort said. It would explain Bellatrix's desire to save the girl she just met, something completely out of character for his Death Eater.

"Yes My Lord and if I am correct the girl can easily become one of your followers. Bellatrix is stronger than her and her darkness can easily overpower any light in the girl," Severus said.

Bellatrix was stroking Taylor's hair when she started moving. Bella sat up and looked at the girl. "Hello my dear," Bellatrix said smiling at her.

"Hello," a soft voice said. Taylor Malfoy was awake.