Mission ImPIXIEble

The intro


Disclaimer: I do not own Winx, Trix, the computervirus Pizzie or Pixies.

I don't even own OC Pix the Pixie, she is property of my brother.

The fanfic you are about to read was written many years ago by my brother - and a bit by me.

When we were small and cute.

It was posted on the 4 kids forum.

My nickname there was Duchessa.

Some information about the story:

It is mostly random nonsense about the Pixies and their quest to fuzzynate the Trix = make them kind, pink and pixie loving. It was Pix' mission to do the same to me. I, being a witch and Trix fan, had to be fuzzynated.

I was often attacked in real life by Pix, through my brother of course.

The story was rich in colour, but that is sadly not an option on this site.

I am putting this back online because of sentiment's sake.

It will not be continued.

Anything more I have to say? I don't know…

Have fun :)

Years ago:

This fanfic is written by Duchessa's brouddar. Not Duchessa herself. If Duchessa posts in this topic she will need to identify herself and write in pink. That will help me in my noble task to fuzzynate her. The story itself will begin with my second post but you'll better read this first one first cause this explains much things.

Here are some funny facts before I post my story for today:

-The Pixiebrigade. This is a group of Pixies who are united. (I'll tell the story in another part.)

We have the little ones who are Piff and Blinky (the one with the glowing stomach). Then we have the hyperactive ones, Chatta and Zing. (the Zinginator). We also have the blue ones, Digit and Dive. Digit and Dive. And we also have some other ones. We have two cuties Pepe (the pink duck) and Kiko (the blue bunny). And of course Pix, the Pixie.

ID name: Pix

Noble task: to fuzzynate Duchessa

Appearance: little body with big head, cute face with big warm eyes, a Chatta-like suit in dark green big Layla-like wings (pretty big for a Pixie) and a purple Digit-like hairdo.

- I will post in this topic the weekly magazine made by the Pixiebrigade. It is called 'Mission ImPIXIEble' and is filled with funny facts, BIG gossips, diaries, interviews and other stuff.

- For the Pixiebrigade's noble task to fuzzynate all witches we need lots of fuzzynation powder. This is sparkling powder that when you throw it on someone they become more fuzzy (fuzzy: sweet, fairylike, pink,…) This is a slow process and needs lots of powder but it works. (otherwise it wouldn't be fun) We also have pistols filled with bullet-like stuff that explodes in powder when it hits a witch.

The next post will be the first story out of the magazine 'Mission ImPIXIEble'.