Miku smacks Luka's arm. Hard.

"Ow!" Luka cries out, making a face, and caressing the spot that she hit. It really did kind of hurt. "Why are you such an Amazon sometimes? What did I do?"

Miku's expression softens, and her lips curve down into a pout. Luka stares at her, and she stares right back.

"Well?" Luka cocks her head, waiting for her to say something.

Miku just sticks her tongue out at her and crinkles her nose. When she does that, Luka can barely stop the smile from spreading across her face.

"If you miss me, you should just say so," she points out, laughing smugly.

Miku hits her arm again.

"AH! REALLY!" Luka cries out again. She frowns at her. She frowns back at her.

Luka starts laughing, and Miku raises her hand, as if she's going to hit her again, but Luka ducks and evades it. She pinches Miku's cheeks, and then Miku reaches out and stretches Luka's cheeks.

"You look funny," Miku says.

"Your eyes are funny," Luka retaliates.

Miku narrows her eyes at her, and she opens her mouth to say something back, but Luka quickly cuts her off with a kiss.

"Yeah," Luka says when she pulls away. "I missed you too."

It only gets her another punch on her arm.