PLOT: When Lea Michele wakes up, the day after wrapping Glee's 'Choke' episode, everything has changed. Glee has become reality and Lea Michele is now Rachel Berry.
Up until 'Choke'

"Rachel? Rachel get up you're gonna be late for school!"

I really need to take a break. I work way too much I even started dreaming about Rachel Berry, the character I'm portraying in Glee. I've heard people say that some actors have gone crazy after shooting intense movies. Lately Glee has been pretty intense. I'm not really sure what Ryan is trying to do but the way he is doing it is so confusing it feels like my head hurts all the time. I really need a break.


Okay, now I'm even hallucinating when I'm awake. But as I open my eyes, I realize that I am… In Rachel Berry's bedroom. "Ryan?" I call, looking for the crew. It doesn't feel like I'm on set though. The ceiling is still there, the tungsten lights are not… What is going on?

"Rachel I'm going to open the door now, I'm starting to get worried."

Someone is banging on the door. What is happening? Rolling over in the bed to face the entrance of the room, I see the door opening on… Brian Mitchell?

"Rachel baby, are you okay?" He says, apparently very worried as he walks towards me. He presses the palm of his hand against my forehead. "You seem fine…" He looks at me, confused. "What's going on Rachel? Did something happen with Finn?" Okay, now this is really creeping me out. I can't see the camera?

"Where's the camera?" I ask, sitting down.

"What camera?" The man answers, even more confused. It doesn't make sense, what is going on? "Rachel… You need to go to school." He says, sitting down next to me. "I know that it may seem like this is the end of the world…" He puts his hand on my shoulder, looking at me with those comforting eyes… "You are a star baby, you will make it."

Am I too tired to be able to think properly or is this not in the script? Which episode is this? I look around to see Ryan hiding somewhere but… I am not on set. I am in Rachel Berry's house… I slowly nod and look down, trying to avoid Brian's gaze. Is this person sitting next to me Brian? Why would he act like that without the cameras around? Whenever we had worked together, he didn't even need to practice the scene before, he was that good. So why what this happening now?

"Alright." He says, getting up. "I will let you get dressed. Finn should be there in 10 minutes so please, hurry up a bit?" He adds before giving me this uncomfortable smile and leaving the room.

As soon as the bedroom's door is closed, I get up of the bed. I have to understand. I go to the desk and open the drawers. Being able to open those drawers isn't really comforting because I can remember trying once before realizing that the desk was just a prop and that the drawers couldn't actually be opened. But now they could. Inside of the first drawer, there is a computer. I take it out, open it, it is a real computer. Not a prop. I turn it on. Password. What is the password? I have no idea. But if this is Rachel Berry's laptop then… Goldstar. Right on! The internet browser is already opened, on a Facebook page. Rachel Berry's Facebook page.

Finn Hudson: Am I late? Why are you online?

I look at the messenger window that just opened in front of my eyes. I click on Finn Hudson's page. There must be some kind of proof that I'm not crazy… Right? The best way to find that out is to click on the profile pictures' album and go to the last one. September 1st, 2007. The show started in 2009… Under the picture, there is a couple of comments from people I don't know and… Noah Puckerman. From September 9th 2007…

Finn Hudson: Rachel? I'm about to leave…

Rachel Berry: I'm fine. I'll see you soon.

I would describe how I feel right now but I can't. I just… can't. My fingers are clicking on a bunch of links and I can see my friends' faces in front of me. But they're not my friends anymore, they're the characters my friends play in the show. Here is Mercedes, who apparently needs help with the next geography exam. Brittany posted a picture of Lord Tubbington and Santana was the first to comment, starting a fight about how the cat was way too fat. And the last status on Rachel's page is "NYADA Audition, here I come!" The comments below started up as encouragement but the most recent ones seem like condolences. It all seems to follow the script of the last Glee episode I shot, "Choke". And it's only confirming my doubts:

I am not Lea Michele anymore. I am Rachel Berry.