Post DS9 Volume 1 Book 2:

Chapter 1:
Sisko was sitting in his office most of the morning. He was just debriefed yesterday about the renewed Borg threat. It troubled him greatly as he tried to find the words to say. Finally, he spoke in a clear voice.

"Station Log, Captain Benjaman Sisko resuming command of the Bajoran space station Deep Space Nine. It gives me great pleasure to announce that life is slowly resuming some degree of normalcy. My son Jake and my wife Jennifer have left Earth and are currently enroute along with my father. Ezri Dax has resumed her post as our Science Officer and she seems focused on her job. Dr. Julian Bashir has resumed as Chief Medical Officer and is eager as bafore to practice frontier medicine. Chief of Operations Miles O'Brian, returned to work officially just today. He started with his ever favorite task of fixing the Ops replicators. As for the Borg, I have only one thing to say; When they come, I promise to have this station and Bajor ready. When I took this post, I swore to protect Bajor with my life if need be. I still live up to that agreement today. The fleet has disbanded earlier today and resumed their previous duties. Captain Picard has personally welcomed me back and he has been ordered to keep an eye on this system just incase we need him. End Log."

Sisko was just finished sending his log via subspace to Starfleet Command when Dax's smooth voice came over his combadge.

"Ben, you better get out here." She said from her post at the Science terminal in Ops.

"On my way." Sisko replied. Whatever this was, it must have been important if Dax was bothering him.

The doors seperating Sisko's medium sized office with Ops slid open as he approached making a slight hissing noise. Ops was rather full, O'Brian and a team of Bajoran technicions were over by the replicator. Its panel had been removed and now circuitry and wiring was showing.

"What's the problem?" Sisko asked Dax ignoring the mess over by the replicator.

"Long-Range sensors have picked up an anomaly in the neighboring system." Dax replied keeping her voice calm. There was no reason to panic, especially since there was no indication of what this anomally was. Just to be sure though she had called Sisko down.

"Any idea what it is?" Sisko inquired.

"Not yet, the anomally is still too small to get an exact reading." Dax said honostly.

All the talk of anomallies caught the attention of Chief O'Brian and Colonel Kira. Kira who was over by a commpanel had rendeveoused with O'Brian over by Dax and Sisko within moments of hearing.

"Could it be the Borg?" Kira asked. She had enough of them during her first experience with them. If it was them... the station and Bajor were both relativly undefended.

"Negative. No nuetrino variance from the wormhole and I'm picking up no transwarp signitures." Dax replied analysing what little information she got from her scans.

"How long before you can get a good reading?" Sisko asked. He wasn't in the mood to keep guessing so he would just have to wait for answers.

"At current rate of expansion, two hours." She announced initiating another scan.

"Maybe less if I can recalibrate the Long-Range sensors." O'Brian ventured looking at the science terminal's readouts.

"Very well, keep me informed old man." Sisko said. He found this anomally both slightly interesting and frightening. The shear not knowing what it was made him uneasy.

"Hold on Ben... the passger ship Lincoln is entering the Bajoran system. Your family should be docking within fifteen minutes." Dax announced in a soft voice. She knew this would be a joyful family reunion.

Sisko couldn't wait to be reunited with his family. It did surprise him though that his father left his restaurant, even Earth to see him. His father had only left Earth a handful of times and every time he wished he wouldn't have. Sisko wondered how the restaurant would do while his father was here. Perhaps he should ask him when he arrives.

"Have them dock at Docking Pylon One." Sisko said.

"DS9 to USS Lincoln. Slow to one quarter impulse and prepare to dock at Docking Pylon One." Dax ordered after opening a communication channel to the Lincoln's bridge.

The ops crew could hear orders being given in the background as they awaited an aknowledgment. Finally a firm voice broke the silence.

"Order aknowledged, slowing to one quarter impulse and preparing to dock." the voice said.

Sisko spun on his heels and moved toward the turbolift eager to be reunited with his family. This had been an emotional time for him, first rejoining his old crew and now his family. Oh and who could forget the big celebration on Bajor in a hour welcoming the Emissary back. Life was good, nothing was going to ruin this moment.

The gear-like teeth of the Pylon's airlock slowly rolled revealing a similar one on the other side. The reddish paint looked as blood, a Cardassian sense of style no doubt. Three dark skinned humans stepped through the airlock looking onto the face of Sisko for the first time in months. Sisko's father had a few streaks of gray peaking through his dark hair showing just how old he really was. Nevertheless, he look in better health than before. Jake, Sisko's son, looked the same as before. He carried a pad in his hand, no doubt another story he had been writing on the journey here. Finally Jennifer, Sisko's beautiful wife, she looked well considering the fact that she was about five and a half months pregnant.

Jake, unable to contain his joy, leapt forth into his father's awaiting arms. Sure he was a bit too old for such things, but today it didn't matter. Jennifer soon followed Jake's example and left Sisko's father standing alone with a quite neutral face on.

Sisko looked at his father stunned. He didn't expect his father to cry out of happiness but he did expect him to react, even slightly.

"So, you came back after all. You know, the least you could have done was call." Sisko's father broke into a grin finally after talking.

"So Jake, I had your old quarters cleared and ready for you to move back in." Sisko said.

"Thanks." Jake replied. He couldn't wait to be living on his own again.

The runabout was roomy despite its small size. Sisko had taken the Rio Grande and was on his way to Bajor for his welcome home. He had gone alone, he would have liked to take Jake and Jennifer but seeing as he was told specificlly it would be for him only, he didn't have much say. As the emissary he could've disobeyed their wishes, however Sisko believed it would have been a misuse of his power.

The Rio Grande was cruising along at a steady Warp Two in order to make it to the party a healthy two minutes early.

Sisko used this time to gather his thoughts. Everything Kira and the others had told him about the Duren was sketchy and compacted together to Sisko at least. Why had the Borg ally with the Duren? How did the Borg arrive in the Gamma quadrant to begin with and for what reasons?

The latter he knew. If the Borg knew about the wormhole, then that means they had a clear jump point to invade two different quadrants. It was a shame that the two quadrants vunerable were recovering from a war.

A yellow light on Sisko's console flashed, and Sisko analysed the readout. The words indicating that the runabout was approaching Bajor flashed across the screen. Sisko punched in the command to reduce to impulse speeds and then took in the view.

As the streaks of stars finally slowed and then stopped, the planet of Bajor shimmered into view. It was a beautiful planet which may have looked like Earth in some places. In truth however, its surface hid many different ecosystems some of which Earth had little of none of. The eliptical planet grew on the view screen as the Rio Grande began orbiting. Its oceans dominated Sisko's current view, but in about a minute, the capital city would be in view as the Rio Grande sped around the planet.

Sisko stepped onto the runabout's transporter pad taking a good last look around before saying "Energise.".

Chapter 2:

A series of messages was going through the hive mind of the Borg in some unknown location...

"Energy matrix stable. Sending feedback sensor loop. Sensor loop indicates stability of Transwarp Portal."

"Begin assembling sufficient assualt force to carry out assimilation of targets."

"Tasks underway, time to completion... ten of their days."

"As you all know, I have served with the Bajoran resistance for the last six years of Cardassian occupation. I have seen my share of violence and bloodshed. Never, did I believe that in my lifetime Bajor would become free. Now today, not only is Bajor free, but it is united and protected. All of this was possible not by the resistance I must admit. That person had given us a chance for rebirth and with his discovery of the wormhole, or Temple of the Prophets as some may call it, a stasble economy brought on by increased travel. A few months ago he joined with the Prophets and has lived among them basking in their wisdom. Now, finally, Bajor's emissary has returned to continue his task of uniting us and telling us the Prophet's will. Not only is this person related by blood to a Prophet, but he is also from the very orginisation we once hated. We viewed them as just another occupational force. I regret every day of suffering we put him and Starfleet through during that time. Now, let me be the first in welcoming back our emissary, Captain Benjamin Sisko commanding officer of the Bajoran station Deep Space Nine."

Their was a roar of applause from the crowd of Bajorans which had gathered in the capital's square to see the emissary. The blond haired Bajoran who had given the speech stepped down from the pedistool and joined the crowd of about a hundred in applause.