AN - So here Evie is again. This story begins at the start of Season 3 and pretty much picks up where An English Girl In Shreveport left off. Once again i own nothing...

1. Only Human.

I spun round in the black padded swivel chair, my hands rubbing the soft smooth fabric under my legs. Looking around you'd never know this was an office; it was more of a supply and break room what with the racks of drinks and glasses and other bar supplies you might expect to find in such a place. There were various framed images on the wall, none of which gave you inclination as to the owner of said office. It was light tight, obviously, so the only illumination came from table lamps dotted around. I stopped the chair from spinning with my foot against the understated wooden desk and remembered my previous visits here. I looked contemplatively at the black couch a little way from the desk and smiled as I thought of the dreams I'd had of being on that black couch, with a Viking trapped firmly between my legs. I couldn't imagine what these walls had seen, if only they could talk, I was sure they would be able to write my novels for me. My eyes noticed the simple dark wood chair sitting across the opposite side of the desk, and my brain pointed out that that chair was not the original and had been replaced. Its predecessor had been shattered into pieces and the rug that had once graced the floor beneath it was no longer there, but that was another story. Twirling the chair around so I could nosey on the shelves behind me I noticed a long metal sword, slightly hidden from view, perhaps it was a single keepsake from his human days, for I couldn't fathom what use a sword would have nowadays, but what did I know, I was only human.

So where was I? Fangtasia, of course. And after everything, I'd been reduced to twiddling my thumbs in Eric's office while he entertained that infamous damn psychic waitress, or whatever she was, and Bill's protégé out in the bar. I really wasn't inclined to meet them, though the thought had crossed my mind when Pam had ushered me in here a few moments ago. But she'd seemed insistent and Eric had seemed mildly concerned, as much I'd ever known him be anyway. It was late on in the evening and despite all my best intentions over the past few days to rid vampires from my life, I reasoned in the days since I'd banished Eric from his invite, I couldn't. My livelihood currently depended on vampires and their experiences and the only vampire I knew that had returned my call was Eric. Bill was MIA, hadn't answered my phone calls or messages in nigh on a month now, for what reason I don't know, work presumably, but as I stood and leaned against the door of a place holding several memories for me, trying to overhear what was being a few metres away, I realised that Sookie didn't know where Bill was either. A small smile traced across my lips, she was in the metaphoric dark too. About bloody time.

I'd left Eric a message on his answer phone at lunchtime today, when after much deliberation, and Bill not returning the six phone calls I'd left him yesterday, I'd decided that I couldn't bury my head in the sand much longer. They both loved her and not me, but that was irrelevant now. My head was in career mode, and I wouldn't be ignored any longer. I'd told Eric that despite our last encounter, I needed his help, his connections, to aid in my work. He'd returned my call, inconveniently, when I was soaking in the bath this evening and so I'd missed it. He'd told me on the message that he was glad I'd called and to come to the club after closing at 1am, and so I'd had a brief nap on the sofa and set my alarm.

I'd brought with me the money from Dallas that I still had of Eric's, with the complete intention of giving it back to him. I'd pondered somewhat over whether to return the jacket he'd left at my house to him, and then decided not to. I'd have an excuse to return it to him at a later date, should I require another favour, I figured. He and Pam had been the only ones in the bar when I arrived. Pam dressed in nothing like you'd expect a vampire to wear, a cerise and feminine ensemble, of which I was immediately jealous. That colour looked awful on me…alive or dead. I'd sighed inwardly when I'd seen Eric again. He wore his trademark black ensemble which only accentuated every bit of his masculinity and stature. Their faces had been completely unreadable and stony, and I'd felt very unwelcome. But before I could utter a hello there had been a rap behind me on the door. It had startled me but the two vampires barely blinked an eyelid until they had smelled who it was. Eric's head jerked towards the entrance and said something to Pam in that language of his, who nodded and said 'Evelyn, please wait in the office,' in perhaps the most polite voice she could've articulated. I'd obligingly followed and stood in the centre of the office as she smiled wryly at me and closed the door without another word.

So here I was eavesdropping on a conversation about, believe it or not, werewolves. Who knew they existed? Let alone Nazi ones. I could barely make out what they were saying but I heard footsteps and then the dulcet tone of Eric's voice in barely a mumble.

"Don't underestimate yourself," I heard Eric say sternly, "Your life is too valuable to throw away." Yes, it definitely was Sookie he was talking to. I rolled my eyes and went to perch on the couch. Shortly after I heard heeled footsteps and stifled the urge to sneak a peak at their owners. The swoosh of the door opening and closing left me thinking I would be able to speak with Eric shortly. But he did not come.

There was only so much to look at in the impersonal office and I was getting tired and bored. Boldly I decided to go out into the bar; however I didn't execute it with as much conviction. Meekly I pulled open the door and peeked around the frame. Eric sat alone at a table, deep in thought. He didn't realise I was watching him. A few moments later his eyes regained focus and he picked up a beer mat from the table and stared at it. Looking away, his face empty but his mind full of thought he crumpled the mat effortlessly in his fist. My heart thumped loudly in my chest as I watched him. I took a breath and cleared my throat as I stepped to the end of the bar.

Eric looked up at me from across the room, "Evelyn," he stood and strode over to me, "Forgive me, I received your message about your work. How can I help you?" He seemed distant, like he was thinking about something else entirely. Hmm, and straight to the point, that was unusual.

"Well, I've been commissioned to write a series of biographical works about individual vampires. I was hoping you'd be able to help me contact some," I said and he nodded absently. "Something on your mind?" I asked.

Eric's eyes met mine for a second before he ignored my enquiry, "There may be a few of my area who would help you…" he directed me back into the office, "…for something in return of course." My pulse skipped, I'd assumed any interviewee vampire would be paid off, but Eric's tone of voice implied not.

He ruffled through some papers on his desk to find a small note book and jotted down some names and numbers for me, handing me a sheet of paper, "I would mention my name if I were you, they will be more inclined to assist you."

"Thank you," I said politely and stood awkwardly in front of the desk.

"Anything else I can help you with Evie?" he made an effort to smirk at me and the unease I was radiating in waves.

"I...erm…here," I said stepping forward and offered him the envelope of Dallas money. He chuckled.

"Keep it," he said, "It really has little value to me, think of it as payment for your time."

I was shocked, but it was what he had intended, "I don't need your money, Eric, I am not a hooker," I thrust my hand at him more forcefully; I was a touch on the angry side.

Suddenly he stood and grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him across the desk, his lips lingered close to my ear, and I thought he would speak but instead I heard his fangs run out.

The envelope dropped to the desk and it was all I could do to suppress a growl myself, "You reek," I stated, finding my confidence, somewhere down near my feet. Eric pulled back, fangs retracted, and looked at my face, recognising the words I'd spoken from a moment we'd shared before. "You reek of perfume," I repeated and he released his grip on my wrist. He did smell of perfume and one I probably wouldn't have put on Sookie, not from what I'd heard of her. This scent was heavy and musky, not light, bouncy and floral. My envy flared.

Eric moved around the desk and perched on the edge next to where I stood, "Jealous?" he smiled.

"Not at all," I replied. Liar.

"She's called Yvetta, and she dances for me." I raised my eyebrow.

"Seriously Eric," I glared at him, "You can fuck what you want. It's got nothing to do with me." My hackles were up, and he was pleased he'd gotten a response, despite the words I was saying.

Eric reached out and took my hand, "Come with me," he said, "I want to show you something." Stupidly I followed him. He led me through a door and down some steps into the dungeon.

I paused half way down, uncertain, "What can you possibly want to show me down here?" He tugged on my arm and indicated I should continue down.

"This," he said, nodding towards the metal cog and shackles, "Is where I fucked what I wanted all last night, and this evening twice for that matter," he goaded me. The ropes were still there, the room smelled of sex.

"For fucks sake!" I exclaimed, more in disbelief at his remark than shock, and turned around to retreat back up the stairs. Eric blipped in front of me, I stopped dead, "Eric come on, enough already. Thank you for the numbers, I'm sure they'll be of great help." He stepped menacingly down to the square stair on which I stood, and proceeded moving forward. I stepped backward twice and my back hit the cool concrete wall.

As he closed the gap between us, his hands found my waist under my jacket and he leaned against me, "Don't you want to know?" he whispered in my ear, "To know what it is like to be fucked whilst the rope is rubbing at your wrists." I swallowed hard, my breathing getting heavy, my adrenaline bubbling inside, he continued, "To know what it is like to be dominated and loose yourself with me. To come over, and over, and over again."

I gasped and he nuzzled at that spot on my neck and I began to succumb. Tingles washed over my body as he pressed against me, my blood responding to him. I should fight him, I really should; a fleeting thought. But I was stuck to the spot. His hands unbuttoned and slipped into my waistband and proceeded south, it was all I could do to remember to breathe. I let out a gasp as I heard Eric's fangs descend, millimetres from my ear, his fingers tweaked at my underwear, finding their goal. I softened against him, the sensations his fingers creating making me squirm under his control. He pulled his head away from my neck as my breathing quickened, signifying the onset of my climax. His free hand wrapped around my neck and gripping firmly, he captured my lips fiercely. If I had thought the frustration of my relationship with Eric was entirely one sided, then this kiss suggested the vex was mutual. He kissed with such force and passion that my hips instantly bucked wildly under his hand and I felt his lips move into a wicked smile as I rode out the flurries of my climax with him.

Eric stepped away from me, allowing me room to move once more, "Care for an encore?" he nodded towards the chains arrogantly.

"Fuck you Eric," I replied, concentrating on redoing up my jeans so they wouldn't fall to the floor, regaining some of my dignity in the process, "I knew I shouldn't have asked for your help," I chided myself. He cocked his head to one side as I looked up at him, his fangs still out, waiting patiently for their prey.

He smiled devilishly, "Glad I could be of help, let me know if any of those numbers are…uncooperative."

I glared at him, struck for words and shook my head. I sighed and retreated back up the stairs into the relative safety of the club. I heard Eric chuckle quietly before following behind.

I stopped when I reached the back door, "You know something Eric?" I said, "All this fucking around, it wont get you anywhere with Sookie." Eric grinned at me but remained silent. "Anyway," I continued curtly, "Thank you for the help. Goodbye."

I walked out of the door, my head held up. I left with a smirk on my face, having reached my own orgasm and leaving Eric with no satisfaction from our encounter. No physical relief anyway, I was sure he'd feel gratified that we'd actually had another encounter, but I didn't need to see the smug look that undoubtedly graced his face right this second.

A few blocks over, I became aware that somebody was following me. Looking over my shoulder I saw a dark figure across the other side of the street, wary, I increased my speed but carried on home.

"Excuse me, miss," shouted the figure. I didn't stop.

I blinked and there was a man in front of me, stopping me dead in my tracks. He was quite the tall dark handsome stranger, he wore stonewash Levi's and battered boots, and a white tee despite the chill in the air. His dark brown hair sat in tousles on his head, framing his face, which was ashen but was spattered with stubble. I looked into his eyes, and I had a flash of déjà vu as I recognised the dark grey irises with a fleck of green. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out.

This was a vampire, but perhaps worse than that, this was Stephan.

"I'm sorry if I startled you," he said holding out his hand, "I'm Stephan."

Cautiously I shook his hand, "Evelyn," I replied.

He cocked his head and smiled at me endearingly, "I understand why you'd be concerned, with me being a vamp and all. But don't be, I only want to ask you a couple of questions." He nodded towards a bench at the side of the road, dimly lit by a flickering streetlamp. Stephan relaxed as soon as we sat down, but I was ill at ease. What did Stephan want? Why did he think I could help him?

"Look, Evelyn, I'll cut to the chase. I'm just looking for help finding my brother. Seeing as you're no longer at Northman's disposal, I thought you might like to help me."

"I'm sorry," I lied, "I don't know your brother and I don't know why you'd think I would."

He cast his gaze at me, "Daniel went missing a few weeks ago. Last I spoke to him, he was going to see the Area 5 Sheriff, to ask if we could stay in Shreveport for a while." Vampire etiquette? I assumed so. "I haven't seen him since. Sheriff Northman says that he never went to see him," Stephan shook his head, "But I know my brother, he wouldn't have lied to me, something must have happened to him."

"Is he a vampire too?" I asked, despite myself.

Stephan smiled, "Yes. How astute of you to notice," he paused, "If I may be so personal, are you His?" He meant was I Eric's, but reading between the lines, what the question really implied was 'Are you fair game?' I swallowed.

"I'm not," I answered slowly, "But that doesn't mean he wouldn't rip your head off if I asked him to." I thought that would get my point across.

Stephan beamed at me, "No need to get so defensive, Evelyn, I was only curious. A young vamp can't be too careful these days."

"Young vamp?" I asked.

"Yeah," he shifted his position on the bench, legs casually crossed and his arms leant on the back rest, "I was 23 when I was made, Daniel was 27. That was just over a decade ago now. We share the same Maker."

"Anybody I know?" I enquired politely.

"Nah," he shrugged, "She's not from around here. Though neither are you, if I can place your accent right…I'd say somewhere in the midlands of England." He shot me a charming grin.

I smiled bashfully, nodding, "Have you ever been?"

"Nope, me and Daniel were planning on doing all the States first. Then see where the wind takes us."

"You stay together?"

"Yeah, until recently…" he trailed off.

I stood and he was on his feet to meet me, "I'd really best get going," I said.

"Well then, allow me to walk you home," he smirked, "You really can't be too careful these days."

"Oh, I'll be fine," I said uncertainly.

"No, no I insist," he said and placed his hand on the centre of my back, pushing gently but firmly, "Lead the way."

I turned and walked unsurely the few blocks home, in an uncomfortable silence, with my vampire escort. Incidentally there were a few young lads at the entrance to my road, blocking the way. It wasn't out of the ordinary, they were there every few nights or so and never caused any trouble, but normally I would've just crossed to the other side to avoid having to make conversation. Tonight, however, they scattered as soon as they heard our footsteps, and a little part of me actually hoped they'd stay, just in case my escort got out of control.

"Look, I'm sorry Evelyn," Stephan said as we reached my porch.

I turned to face him, unlocking the door without looking, "Why?" I asked, a little surprised.

"I shouldn't have come up on you like that; I'll bet you were scared stiff."

"Oh nah," I lied, "Just a little surprised."

He made an overly dramatic attempt to sigh and stepped closer to me, "I'm just so frustrated. I need to find Daniel and Sheriff Northman isn't helping at all."

"He does have a lot going on at the minute," I replied, wondering where this conversation was headed, "I'm sure he'll help when he isn't so busy."

"Yeah," he mumbled, "You're right. I'll keep looking for him. He's probably found some bitch and has been holed up with her."

"I'm sorry I can't help you anymore," I said pushing open the front door.

"I'm sure you would if you could," he smiled scantily at me, with a raised eyebrow.

I nodded, "Yes. Well, good night Stephan."

Stephan stared at me for a long second, and I felt his influence begin to seep into my being, I looked downward.

"Until next time," he said taking my hand. He placed a kiss on the palm of my hand and enclosed my fist. I looked up at him bewildered. He winked at me, turned on his heel and sauntered off down the porch steps and I found myself absently staring at his ass in its denim cover… Shaking my head, I uncurled my hand, in it was placed a small piece of paper with a phone number scribed on it in dark blue ink. I went inside and shrugged off my jacket and bag at the door, double checking the locks.

I crawled into bed, confused. Fucking vampires.