Xion the Author: No point denying it anymore. I probably won't be coming back as frequently as I have before. Sorry everyone, but life has become INCREDIBLY hectic for me. And although some people may know that I've been busy with school work, I've also have problems with family and stuff. So, just to make things less of a loss, I guess I'll post this story I've been meaning to finish. It's halfway done. I really want it done, but I haven't the will to do so. I hope you enjoy it regardless. I might come back to finish it, but that goes as far as undetermined.

So, for explanations, this was supposedly my first ever "one-shot". Judging by the incredibly large amount of words, I couldn't really merit this as such. So I divided it into four chapters.

This is my first humanized Ice Age fanfic, and I wanted to finish and post this as to add to the collection of fantastic and original story ideas in the fandom.

Also, my perceptions of what the new "Shira" character would be like have been included. I may be right, but I may be wrong. But hey, I'm just guessing. Personalities may not be as concise as I've adjusted, but hey, again, I hope you guys enjoy reading it… whoever would be reading it.

Just a Normal Day

"Sweetie, I'm leaving!" shouted a 6 foot-tall dark man from the door of a neatly cleaned home.

"Have a nice day at work, honey," said a rather round woman as she pecked him on the cheek. "Peaches, say goodbye to daddy!"

"Byeee da da!" a small child cooed as she toddled from the nearby play floor in the living room.

"I'll be back later, Peaches. Be a good girl now," Manny smiled as he picked her daughter up and hugged her.

After putting her down, he went through the garage door and into the blue car. Once he started the engine, he waved at his wife Ellie and Peaches and drove away, revealing the nice comfy suburban home they lived in.

While he was driving, and only after a few minutes after he started, he caught sight of a coworker of his still jogging in short clothes. Manny slowed down and reeled his side window before shouting, "Hey, Buckminster! You're gonna be late for work!"

The man glanced towards the road to see Manny. "Well, now. Early for work as usual, eh ya big lug! And didn't I tell ya tah call me Buck?" he replied while still jogging. "You know, you should at least jog every morning. You look like you could lose a pound or two."

"I'm not fat. It's all this… muscle. Makes me look poofy in this suit," he said.

"I suppose you don't really have free time, livin laife with a maite and all," Buck said.

"Well, you seem to have a lot of free time being single, so why won't you come down for dinner with us?" Manny asked. "It'd be nice to have a few friends for company."

"Sure thing, Manfred!" Buck answered, conversing with him as he jogged and he drove slowly. Buck made exasperated breaths from jogging and conversing at the same time. "I've noticed you and yer family had an outing in a while, with you bein' a workaholic an' all."

"Hey," he called out. "What I do, I do for my family. And call me Manny instead if you want me to call you Buck."

"Right right, whatever floats yer boat, cap'n," Buck said, clearing his throat afterwards. "You should just know where to spend your time more. Friends included, like me."

Manny made a short sigh "Aren't you at least concerned you might get fired?" he asked, career suddenly coming into mind.

"Don't think so," Buck answered confidently with a sly grin.

Manny raised an eyebrow from his first comment. "What makes you say that?"

"I… slept with our boss," Buck winked, flashing his blue eye.

The black man jerked his foot from surprise and almost hit the breaks. "You- you what!" he blurted. "You do know she has kids, right?"

"She's a single mother; she could use a little compassion," Buck slid a comment.

Manny gently rubbed a palm down his face. "How did you even manage to have her agree to… it?"

"Other than my looks, and attractive smile, women ah naturally attracted tah my accent," he boldly mentioned.

"How did you even get hired in the first place?" Manny asked out of the continuity of the awkward conversation.

"Meh, same reasons fo' the interviewah," Buck shrugged. "Lucky she was female." Manny wanted to add in something to that, but then he'd make himself late. So he gave him a farewell nod, rolled up his side window, and sped up towards the city.

A few miles away, an alarm clock had just started ringing. A man sheepishly groped his arm around in search for the loud source of noise. But just before he could fall back to sleep again, his ears ringed as a familiar voice shouted towards.

"Rise and shine, sleepy bones!" a lisped higher-than-usual male tone bellowed, as if the voice lurched in from the door and blasted it open.

"Ugh…" the man groaned as he dragged his chest up. Empty cans of beer rolled down from his chest and to his side.

"Peeeyuu!" the blonde haired man covered his nose from a single whiff of the heavy scent in the room. "You know, you should really shtop drinking Diego. It'sh a bad habit."

Diego sighed as he placed his hand on his aching forehead, squinting his hazel colored eyes. "Go away, Sid. I'm trying to get some sleep," he said.

"And I'm trying to be a good friend," Sidney lectured. Sid carefully made his way through the beer can-littered floor. "And you should really clean up the plache!" Sid mentioned. Careless as he always he, he stepped on one and lost focus of his next step, hitting the hard leg of a chair, and once he was out of balance he tripped in a carefully laid trap made by the clothes scattered around. He let out an ear-piercing shriek as he fell to the floor.

Diego brushed his hand up from his forehead and towards his short orange-brown hair and scratched up an itch. "I don't remember ever calling you mama" he instigated.

"Well, when you master hygiene, try working on sensitivity," Sid said while picking up empty cans and dirty laundry. "Ugh, you know what, just leave this to me and go take a shower already."

"Somehow, I have this weird feeling that this scenario should be in reverse," Diego thought. He rolled his eyes before he got up from bed. "Wait- you don't have t-" Diego was about to start picking up his litter when Sid stopped him and started to push him.

"Just go and get ready for work!" Sid cut him off. "Yeesh, and I thought I was lazy."

Diego slowly made his way to the bathroom while watching his roommate clean up his mess. Once he got to the door, took off his clothes, and turned the shower on, he reflected on a few memories he's had.

"It's been about a year since we moved in together," he thought while washing his hair. "Sid's a close friend of mine since we were kids, and this was the guy who always got bullied in school. I was the one beating those kids up. Funny, how I've been the one taking care of him back then and how he's taking care of me now."

He turned the shower off for a second and tried catching his breath. He took some soap and lathered it all around him. "Our parents weren't really well-to-do folks, and his at least managed to get him as far as college. Me on the other hand… had a complicated life." Diego stopped for as he lamented. He turned the shower on again and the water trickled everywhere down his body. "My dad was a drunkard, and soon enough he got himself into prison by doing stupid things while he was drunk. My mom got too depressed soon enough, and found vices enough to get herself killed."

"Diego, I'm leaving! There'sh wafflesh in the kitcshen if you want shome!" Sid shouted before a loud thud echoed.

"Thinking about it now, Sid's all I got," Diego muttered after all the soap lathered on his body was carefully washed. Dripping water on the floor, he grabbed a towel and dried himself up a bit before tying it around his waist. He opened up the bathroom door, admiring the nice clean scent he's produced from the not so pleasant smell he had that morning. Diego gazed around the small apartment for a while. Even with his crummy job, he could barely pay for half the rent he and Sid shared. Sid always had to pay extra, and Diego didn't like the idea of having to rely on him. He walked towards his room and saw the place clean and tidy; definitely a huge surprise that was laying in store for him.

He opened up his closet and found a number of plain shirts and shorts that almost looked alike. Diego took out a random set of clothing and wore it without a picky choice. He slipped in the same red worn-out pair of sandals he's worn every day, and a pair of shades he conveniently placed on the top of his shirt.

Diego passed through the kitchen/dining room, or area to be precise, and saw a plate with two pieces of warm waffles. He knew Sid wasn't really one for cooking, which was obvious in its burnt appearance. But nonetheless, he took one to go and made his way out the door.

A few miles away, another alarm clock was ringing once again. But in the room it was in, not a single soul was inside. Both sets of bunker beds were obviously not tidied, the floor had scattered clothes all around, and empty cups and stale chips surrounded the tables and surfaces that decorated the putrid musk within the room. The only things well-kept inside were the books; ironically which had no sign of ever being moved from its place.

An outdoor view from its second-story glass window was a skateboard pool, thankfully provided by the school. One of the reasons why a certain pair of twins decided to enroll here.

"Hey dude! Check this out!" A blue eyed pre-adolescent said, who was wearing nothing but a black sleeveless shirt. He tilted over with a skateboard under his feet and he swooped down the empty pool and slid across whilst doing tricks in every passing height.

"Hah, nothing I can't do!" a similar looking one with brown eyes bragged as he went down from the opposite direction. Without difficulty, he was able to copy every move as they did it in unison. They slapped high-fives as they came across each other and their audience in the early hours of the morning could help but stare at awe at their skill and prowess.

Soon enough after their performance, they bumped fists and did their secret handshake.

"Nothing to it bro," the brown-eyed one said.

"Definitely," the blue-eyed one confidently replied.

Their peers came towards them with their cool-headed posture. "Righteous," mused one wearing a rainbow colored cap.

"We're the best in the university, aren't we Ronald?" said the one with brown eyes.

"Totally," he replied with a fist-bump.

A short man wearing a white and blue hoodie walked in beside Ronald. "That was great and all, but why do we really really really have to be up this early in the morning?" he said.

"Ugh, I thought we already explained it to you," one of the twins, the one with blue eyes, said. "We're practicing for the Underground Skateboard Playoffs tonight."

His brown eyes flashed towards his brother. "Wait, Crash," he said. "You're serious about that?"

"Of course I am, Eddie!" his blue-eyed brother replied. "Our reputation will sky rocket to fame if we enter!"

"But aren't you forgetting something?" Eddie asked. "You know, something happening tonight?"

"What are you talking about?" Crash inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Didn't Ellie tell us about it?" Eddie retorted. "You know, the family dinner she's planning tonight."

"What!" Crash exclaimed. "She couldn't pick any other date? I mean, it's not like there's any particular occasion she's celebrating."

"Yeah, but we haven't heard from her for a long time," persuaded Eddie. "And she's our older sister after all"

"Ummm, are you guys having one of those twin arguments we should away from?" asked the one wearing a white-blue hoodie.

"Can it, Dab!" they both exclaimed at him before turning to face each other again.

"Adopted sister," Crash argued, pointing out the obvious fact that she was black and the two of them were white. "Who, just happens to be older than us by a few years."

"But we've always treated her like our own flesh and blood," Eddie incited. "That's no reason for us not to go"

He cleared his throat realizing he said something offensive that he himself wouldn't approve of hearing. "I-I know that! But it's the USP! If we don't enter, we'll lose our chance of becoming famous skateboarders until next year!" Crash reasoned.

"Yeah, there's always next year," Eddie repeated.

Crash made a frustrated sigh. "If we enter next year, we're lose our street cred as professional Junior skateboarders!"

"Come on bro, don't you think we'll be disappointing Ellie?" his concerned brother said. "I heard she's been planning this for a while"

Crash made a disgruntled face. "Look, she can plan another dinner some other time, but I'm not letting this chance to be king of the school to slip up," he said, distinctively making his point. "You're in this with me, right bro?"

Eddie felt reluctant, but in the end made a long heavy sigh. "Of course… bro"

"Great," he mentioned as a smile widened across his face. "Now come on, we've got a lot of practice to do."

The bus was about to leave, but Sid was able to get inside on the last second. He let out a relieved sigh before walking towards a nice seat. Inevitably, as usual, all the seats were taken save for the last one in the back. After dropping in the required change, Sid made his way all the way to the back and made himself comfortable on the blue cushioned seat on the left corner.

Watching through the window, Sid saw the ocean tides washing towards the shore. "That's where Diego works," he said to himself. He reminisced a bit with the years he spent with his best friend. "I just started college, and it was only a day after when I found out Diego wasn't enrolled in any college. His family was a mess, and Diego sold off everything he could to keep their house. He even got a job to help pay the bills. But there was hardly any work anyone would give to only a high school graduate his age." He lamented on while the sunlight flashed in his eyes.

"In my second year, Diego seemed right at his limit. He was ready to give up the house, but he didn't have any place to stay. In the end, I tried to persuade both him and my parents that we rent an apartment. He was reluctant about it, as careless of himself as usual, but I managed to get him agree in the end. I got a part-time job with him at some fast-food restaurant, and more or less I was still able to finish college. After that, I got a nice paying job, and I promised him I'd help him get somewhere with his life too"

"But it's harder to keep that promise than it looks," Sid muttered to himself. All those hardships made his mood turn, and he thought of looking for something to change his train of thought. He looked around and inspected the people in the bus. There were old people reading newspapers, some kids playing the latest gadgetry money could buy, and teens just practically mooching their time away prattling on in inadequate conversations. To the seat in front of him though was a toddler wearing a blue talking to his father.

"Wah- hey! Are you little Pinky!" Sid cooed. "Hiya Roshan!"

The man holding beside him turned and saw him. "Hey, well if it isn't you!" he said.

"Hey Runar, how've ya been?" Sid asked.

"Oh, being a single parent is harder than I thought," Runar said while Roshan smiled towards them. "But just being a parent is worth it"

"Ain't that nice," he said. "So Roshan, where's your dad taking you?"

"He's taking me to a baseball match!" he cooed.

"Really? Do you know what baseball is?" Sid asked.

"No…" Roshan answered while he shook his head.

Both Sid and Runar laughed. "Well, he's about to find out, aren't you," Runar chuckled. Roshan was also one of the kids he raised in the daycare center while Runar was looking for a job. It seemed as though everyone he knew was desperately searching for stable employment.

There was a day once when Roshan got lost, and Sid and Diego spotted him while they were walking one day a park. The baby was about to cross the street when a helpful black man stopped him in time. For some reason, Sid could never forget that day. And he wished the same for tiny little Roshan.

"Alright dear, let's strap you in," said Ellie as she strapped the baby seat on Peaches. "Let's get you to the daycare center," she cooed. Peaches waved her hand in the air excitedly.

Ellie was in a happy mood today. The sun was shining, her marriage was as flawless as it could be, she had the perfect husband, the perfect daughter, and later that day she was planning the perfect dinner. Everything that day just made her glow all around, and she couldn't help glance and smile along with her daughter in the side seat filled in her excitement.

But as she turned her face towards the road, she immediately stopped as she noticed a person right in front of the car. She blurted a quick "#$%" before hitting the brakes. Cars however don't stop dead on when prompted, so the car first skidded for a few meters before it could come to a halt. But before it could even slow down, Ellie already hit the person and made him roll over the car.

"Oh my goodness!" she jittered nervously as she unstrapped her seat belt. "Wait for me here, okay dear?" Ellie said to her daughter before hastily skipping to the victim.

She went towards the unfortunate person to see him groaning on the ground. "Oh my gosh, Buck! I'm so sorry, let me call 911!" Ellie shouted as she quickly drew out her cell phone.

"Oh no need for that," said Buck without a hint of a pained tone. He nonchalantly got himself up before popping his neck to the side.

"Wait, you're okay? But you just got hit!" Ellie shrieked.

"Used to be a stuntman," Buck explained. "Did a few tricks for the camera befo', and I learned a few things while workin'."

Ellie let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. I thought I'd have actually killed a person!"

"Raight… about tha'," Buck said. "You don't suppose we could go tah the hospital anyways, can we?"

"Huh? Buuut I thought you were okay," Ellie said inquisitively.

"I am, but I think I could use this as an excuse fo' wohk," he said. "Ya see, I'm not really as faithful with mah boss letting me slip for today because I slept with her last naight."

"You did what?" Ellie asked suddenly.

"So I think you could really help me out get a doctor's slip," Buck slyly grinned with a wink.

Ellie drew out a sharp breath. "I am not going to help you with that just so you could fool around and do whatever you want to do."

"Hey now, come on! Let's not forget who helped Manny get to the hospital when you were in labor," Buck persuaded. "An eye for a tooth, a nose for a chin, a butt for… ah..." The weasely man slyly changed his message. "…favor."

"My answer is still no," Ellie said, crossing her arms.

Buck was left with no other choice. "You know, other than being a stuntman, I was a realleh good actah," he said. "And we practically 'ave an audience around us enough for a demonstration," He continued, pointing towards the people watching from their homes nearby.

"Don't you even dare…!" Ellie instigated.

Without a moment's hesitation, Buck was already on the ground once again in a fetal position. "Ohhh, it hurts! The pain!" Buck romanticized. "Oh, the laight! I can see the laight! Oh the horror!" Immediately, he was able to turn heads towards them. Ellie instantly notice the number of heads looking towards them.

"Okay okay!" she exasperatedly subdued, defeated in his attempt. "Get in!"

"Wahoo!" He cheered, instantly popping in at the back seat of the car.

"But we're going to the daycare center first, you got that?" Ellie declared. "I don't want to bring Peaches to whatever fiasco you're bringing me into"

"Alright alright, good point," Buck said, clearing his throat afterwards.

"Uncle Buckminster!" Peaches cooed as she caught sight of him in the front mirror.

"Hiya fruity!" he greeted with a smile.

The basement parking lot was eerie and cold as usual. It was completely desolate other than the fact there was a guard at the elevator at the far end of the parking lot. The graffiti all over the place was evidence enough that people were able to doodle to their hearts content. But Manny's eye caught a rather rare dainty sight.

On a pillar near the elevator, he saw a poorly drawn picture of a brown hairy elephant, a round green creature or whatever it was, and something that looked like an orange dog. Though as innocent as the crayon-made picture was, the idea of it being written on a wall made it less innocent.

"Morning Manfred," said the familiar guard at the elevator.

"Morning Carl, morning Frank," he greeted the two guards. "Another day at work, huh?"

"Another day, another dollar," Frank said as Carl scanned Manny with a handheld metal detector and let him pass through.

Manny got in the elevator and pressed in the usual floor number. The playing elevator music was the same as always. "A catchy tune from a song with nearly inaudible lyrics; Send Me on My Way, was it?" Manny asked himself.

A loud ping sounded off, and Manny was now at the seventeenth floor of Rudy Corporation, and insurance company. It was a tall large building that was centered in the middle of concrete jungle. Working for an insurance company was a dull and boring job, but it couldn't be any worse than working as a fry cook at a fast-food restaurant.

A friend of his spotted him as he passed by his cubicle. "Hey, Manny!" he called out. The tall man stopped on mid-stride and turned around.

"Oh, hey Tony," he greeted as he recognized the short person emerging from the cubicle.

"Guess who made employee of the month again?" Tony grinned as he leaned on the cubicle wall.

"Hmmm, I don't know," Manny replied sarcastically, "Oh, let me guess. It's you."

"That's right!" Tony proudly confirmed. You could sense the distinct narcissism in the air. He was always known for having almost double the amount of clients one of them would averagely have – coining him the nickname Fast Tony.

"Well now, good for you," Manny praised in an apathetic tone, though honestly he didn't really care.

"You bet! I'm getting' that promotion in no time!" he bellowed, his voice reaching far towards the other cubicles. Manny ignored him. He could care less about who got the promotion. Although having to spend less time in and a higher pay sounds tempting, Manny was quite satisfied with his current job. Helping clients was good enough for him, though most of the time he had to disappoint some for a few fallible conditions.

He reached towards his own cubicle, found around the middle, and sat down on the large black cushioned seat. A man of his stature was sure to take a lot of space, but he's learned to manage. Manny took a deep breath to prepare him for the in-coming tension. He glanced towards a picture of his family, Ellie and Peaches, and he having the supple of inspiration, his work began.

The sun was gleaming over the world with intense heat. It was practically toasty, and it made Diego miss the cold frigid climate at he and Sid's home town. "Well now, look who finally decided to show up," said a tanned shirtless man in a shack with a large sign on top that read 'Boards R Us!'

"Hey, Oscar," said Diego as he walked towards the shack. "Could you… uh… not tell this to Soto?" Diego asked.

"Sure thing, but I doubt he doesn't know about it already," Oscar answered.

Diego sighed. "Right…" he uttered. Somehow, he felt Oscar had a certain distaste for him. Most likely the man had already told his boss beforehand. Suddenly, out of the blue, a light-brown haired man quickly went up to the shack in an excitable manner.

"Hey Oscar!" the rather short edgy man bellowed from beside Diego. He shot a glance to the right and recognized who it was.

"Hey Zeke," Diego greeted, which seemed sheepishly in comparison to his rambunctious neighbor.

"Oh, hey Diego!" he replied before turning back to the shopkeeper. "Hey hey hey, Oscar, pair me up with a nice board, will ya'?" Zeke said in a jumpy manner. Whether he repeated the words on purpose or it was part of a mental defect, no one knows.

"Ugh, when will you ever learn?" Oscar wondered. But after catching sight of the money Zeke handed out to him, he immediately took on of the boards available and gave it to him.

"Hehe, nice doin' business with ya'," Zeke winked off before running towards the sea. Diego and the other guys at work knew why Zeke was so enthusiastic about surfing. Lenny fooled him into thinking that if he was good at surfing he'd eventually get a girlfriend. Unfortunately, it hasn't been happening for him lately. Or hasn't for the past year in fact. And everyone still kept up with the joke.

"Zeke isn't really one for using his brain, is he?" Diego mentioned.

Oscar nodded. "Yeah, he's one of those "men-of-impulse" kind of types," he added. "Still funny to look at though"

"Is Lenny here yet?" Diego asked.

"Yeah, he's already at the north end," Oscar answered, "I don't really get why I'm stuck in shop while the fat man's doing lifeguard shifts. If I were you, I'd move fast before Soto gets angrier."

"Right. Well, see ya' later then…" Diego took off and made his way through the sandy coast down the south end. The beach was a large arc that covered more than half an entire kilometer, so having lifeguards on both ends really counted.

You'd think its fun living a vacation every day for work, but Diego took his job more seriously, or at least when he was at work. Baking in the sun while watching other people lounge in their free time wasn't really one of the job's good points. Luckily, early in the morning there weren't that many people likely to get themselves killed, especially on a weekday. Although to be honest, most of the people here were good swimmers - some even better.

By the time he reached the south end, he really thought Soto didn't notice he was a few minutes late. But out of nowhere, the person just sneaked up from behind him.

"Diego," he sneaked. "I was beginning to worry about you. Coming late is a bad habit, being a lifeguard and all. We wouldn't want to have any accidents to happen."

"Soto!" Diego flinched and drew himself back away from him. How does one even sneak up on a person in an almost empty beach. "I-I uh… I can explain…!"

"I don't want your excuse," his boss said in a menacing tone, but started to delve into a more soothing tone "Although, I am willing to let this slide for a bit of… compensation."

"Wh-what do you mean?" Diego asked. He behaved quite cautiously, as he always did around him. The man just had an aura surrounding him, as if anyone nearby would be invited into trouble.

"Look over there Diego," Soto said as he pointed further down the sandy shores towards the ocean. At a distance, they could see a blonde beauty with a fair complexion and wore pink beach wear. "Ain't she a babe? Wouldn't you just kill to be with a girl like that?"

"Uhh… well…" Diego couldn't reply properly. At the first thought of a beautiful girl he quickly remembered someone. He did have someone specific in mind, but it wasn't something he's seriously considered. Yet…

"I want you to be my wingman, and help me get a date with her," Soto said. "I want that baby Diego."

"Can't you ask anyone else?" Diego asked. "I'm not sure if I'm up for that."

Soto raised his points with every counting finger. "Lenny doesn't have any talent for talking with women, Oscar is looking over the shop, and Zeke - well…" The two heard a loud yell coming from the ocean. The turned their heads for the moment to see the devil swinged up in the air and sank down into the water. "That speaks for itself"

"I don't know boss, I might screw it up," Diego unconfidently insisted.

"Diego, you're the only one I trust," said Soto. "But, if you really want to lose your job that bad-"

"Oh, no no no, I'm on it. You can-" Diego tried wearing a confident smile. "You can count on me. I'll – I mean, you'll definitely have her."

"You'd better," Soto instigated. "Unless you could serve to find me a replacement." Soto then whispered to him his plan. Diego seemed less interested and unwilling, but he had no choice but to follow him.

After whispering it to him, Diego nodded as he was about to attempt the plan. "Oh, and by the way Diego, this doesn't mean I'm willing to let you slip every now and then," Soto told him in mid-stride, making him stand for a moment. "Come back on time tomorrow, or don't come back at all."

Again, Diego gave him a silent nod and continued off towards the girl at the shores. He was always calm and cool-headed most of the time, but whenever it involved work he'd get all flustered. While on his way, he tried to shake off any amount of tense he had and cooled off. Diego sucked in a breath and kept it in his chest for a while before letting it all out in a brief moment, and the plan then ensued.

The bright sunlight rayed through the glass window and landed on the eyes of a drowsy man, bringing him to his morning wake. And, with the end of his dream he phased back into reality, and the first thought that shot through his mind made him shriek. Thankfully, his roommate was already out of the room before he could hear him.

"Aaah!" He yelled as he got up on the bed, reaching towards his dysfunctional alarm clock. "Oh no! The library has opened by now!"

He swiftly rummaged through a random heap of clothing, putting them on quicker than he could grab them. From his attempt of trying to wear them at once, he tripped and fell on the floor, but quickly got up as if it was nothing but a routine exercise. The man took his library card, with a name written Scrat on it, and hastily went through the door.