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Palmer's Wedding

It was the day of Palmer's wedding, everyone was excited, especially Abby. She was his best-woman and really really couldn't wait any longer for the ceremony to start. Abby loved weddings, she had already imagined hers more than once, but she'd never admit it. Today she had chosen her Marilyn Monroe dress and just recoloured it to emerald green becuase she couldn't wear white like the bride. When she was Marilyn all boys had loved her outfit and hopefully they still will, hopefully one especially. Her hair was pinned up and some curls were hanging into her face, which made her appear much more seductively than she already normally looked. She wanted Gibbs to see what he's missing, although he still was with Ryan, how she hated her, she couldn't describe it. Abby had gotten a lot more kisses and comments before she appeared, but ever since she didn't even got one kiss on the cheek. She saw Gibbs coming, with Ryan in his arm, which made her feel sick. She really wanted to get over with the wedding so that she at least could get drunk on the party, trying to forget that she was deeply in love with her silver-haired-fox.

When the music started she had to walk to the altar with the other groomsman and she felt all men staring at her. Her dress was waving softly as she walked and she tried her best to smile, not showing how she really felt on the inside. When the bride finally followed she didn't get that much attention because all men were still checking out Abby, her cross, which could be seen 1/3, trying to imagine how the rest would look like. The ceremony didn't take long and after an hour Palmer finally was married happily to his wife.

Abby tried her best to avoid Gibbs, she just couldn't talk to him right now, so she gladly took McGee's offer to take her to the party, while DiNozzo had taken Ziva. Abby knew from Ziva that she was having an affair with DiNozzo, perhaps maybe one day a real relationship, but for the moment they felt quite comfortable the way it they arrived at the party Abby went straight to the bar, ordering her favorite Cocktail, the Zombie. She needed something strong, something that soothed her pain.

Gibbs and Ryan arrived an hour later, she wanted to change into something different so he took her home and went straight to his basement, he needed bourbon and some time alone. When he had seen Abby he was speechless. She looked so amazing that he nearly forgot to breathe. And he definitely recognized that dress which was his undoing. The fraise she'd said seductively when she wore it back at NCIS was still playing in his mind "There's more… if you're interested Mr. President." He needed to get a grip on his feelings. He'd stopped to kiss Abby on the cheek because he'd nearly kissed her on the lips in front of the MTAC. And he couldn't break Rule 12 and besides this Abby probably wouldn't feel the same way like he did. He'd wanted to shoot all of the men who were drooling about Abby during the ceremony, no one would be good enough for her. After consuming three glasses of bourbon they went to the party and Gibbs straight to the bar. He'd checked out the room, trying to find Abby and he finally found her dancing with Tony. They looked fantastic, he would be a guy for Abby, he was young, handsome and smart, sometimes he was a bit too childish, but he was sure it would go away with time. He definitely needed more bourbon, but Ryan also dragged him to the dance floor. He didn't want to dance but he couldn't deny her the dance. When Abby saw Gibbs and Ryan dance she stopped the dance with Tony, excused herself and went to the toilet. She needed to cool down, no one should notice that she was head over heels for Gibbs and jealous, suddenly Ziva came in.

"Everything alright Abby?" Ziva asked concerned, probably Tony had sent her

"Yeah…just felt a little dizzy from all the spinning." Abby lied

"Maybe you had too much to drink Abby?"

"Nope…just a few cocktails. I'm fine Ziva, really." Abby tried to reassure her "Maybe I need some fresh air."

"Shall I accompany you?" Ziva asked, still not getting rid of the feeling that something was wrong

"No, I'd like to go alone." Abby said and went out of the room. She didn't know where she was going but definitely needed some time alone. When she was in the stairway she read a sign directing her to the roof-deck and she decided to check if it was open. And she was lucky so she stepped outside and enjoyed the view over the city, the sunset was already starting and Abby felt a little better, nature always made her feel better. She went to the railing, supporting her weight and breathing in the fresh air. The sun was shining into her face and she closed her eyes, trying not to let her tears fall. How could Gibbs be so cruel? Why didn't he notice that she had a thing for him? They had this special bond, but nonetheless he never understood that she was in love with him. She couldn't deny it any longer, but she also couldn't confess it to him or otherwise their friendship probably would be ruined. The tears were starting to run down her cheeks when suddenly she felt a presence behind her and she knew exactly which present it was. No one besides him woul ever stand so close to her, his hand was touching her shoulder lightly trying to make her turn around.

"Abbs." He said and it was just one word, but she loved it soo much when he called her Abbs, the sound of his voice always soothing her, no matter if she needed it or not. Abby didn't want to turn around, she knew he'd see her tears, but he made her.

"Abbs…" Gibbs was concerned, why was Abby crying? Did someone do something to her? He would pay for that "Abbs, what's wrong, what happened?" Gibbs asked alarmed

"Nothing, Gibbs…I want to be alone!...Go away!" Abby said, trying to not show any emotions.

"No, first of all you have to tell me what's wrong!" Gibbs demanded

"No! I don't want to….go away!" she yelled at him. Gibbs was taken aback. Abby would never yell at him, nor want him to go away, he gripped her softly by her shoulders, turning her toward him, then with one hand, pushing her head up, so she had to look into his eyes.

"Abbs! What happened?" he spoke softly, not wanting to make her any angrier than she already was. Abby got out of his grip, she needed space, she needed to go away from him.

"I was wrong Gibbs…you don't get it…you don't understand… I can't do this any longer..I can't see you in the arms of other women… it kills me every time! …I'm fucking in love with you…and I can't take it any longer, Gibbs! I can't!" Abby yelled at him and more tears were starting to fall.

Gibbs didn't know if it was true what he'd just heard. She was in love with him, something he never imagined.

"Abbs…I…I never knew!" Gibbs was stepping closer to her, his voice full of emotion "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"Tell you? And then? ...Our friendship would have been destroyed…I mean….like it is now…I mean…I'm not your type, I'm not a redhead…and I'm …you just see me like a daughter, don't you?" Abby didn't dare to look up

Gibbs didn't answer her, instead he just kissed her and Abby really started to kiss him back, so he deepened his kiss. When they needed air they broke the kiss, passion was clouding their eyes.

"I …never believed that you'd real feelings for me…I mean, I'm old, broken, divorced, why would you want someone like me and not someone like Tony? He's young, beautiful…"

"I always wanted you. You make me feel save, loved, you understand me and you're always there for me. You're my knight in shining armour…you always were...you'll always be…kiss me again Gibbs!"

And Gibbs kissed her again, pressing her against the wall of the roof, which was opposite to the railing, passion taking over. His hands started to roam over her body and Abby's started to do the same. She always had imagined her first time with Gibbs, but she'd never imagined it would be on a roof top at sunset. She was starting to undo his belt, opening his trousers making him moan. Gibbs could already feel the heat of her through her silk dress making his cock respond immediately. Abby was touching him greedily, trying to explore his naked skin, trying to memorize the feeling of him, she was so turned on that she couldn't wait to finally feel him inside her. Gibbs smelled like Sawdust as usual, a scent which drove her crazy and the pressure of him pinning her to the wall increased her need, she lifted her dress and directed him into the right position and when he entered her she'd nearly lost it right there. She was so wet that he could easily enter her, while he looked into her eyes which were clouded with lust, mirroring his. Gibbs hand was behind her, making sure she couldn´t move anywhere, nor would hurt herself on the wall. Gripping him hard her fingernails were digging in his back, she screamed out loud when she came directly after two thrusts, tightening around him. A few more strokes and he felt his release coming too. It was short, but intense. They were breathing heavily, having an orgasm so intense that they both needed a moment to come back to reality.

"God, that was indescribable." Gibbs said, still out of breath

"We should definitely do that again." Abby said, smiling happily. "It was the best sex experience I've ever had!"

They were looking into their eyes, seeing the love the other one held, when they suddenly heard someone clearing his throat…

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