Amore Tutto Cambia

By: Edward's My Obsession 1971

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Rated M, AH, Edward and Bella


I don't own Twilight or its characters. The great Stephenie Meyer does. I just like to play with them for my own personal pleasure.

A/N: I was proud to present this story to the Fandom Against Juvenile Diabetes. It's my hope that this story will both entertain and educate. As the daughter of an adult onset diabetic, this cause was one that caught my attention. We lost Dad in March 2008, so I'm writing this as an honor to him and to everyone that deals with this disease on a daily basis. My LDTW readers know my passion when it comes to writing health-related fiction and I hope that that feeling comes out in ATC as well. I hope you enjoy.


My stomach churned, my head ached and my mouth was as dry as the Sahara Desert. I couldn't recall the last time I'd eaten but I knew the copious amounts of whiskey I'd drunk the night before didn't qualify as a food group. I made my way down the hallway undetected, but then again who the hell would try to stop me? I was Edward fucking Cullen. No one, and I mean no one at Forks High School messed with me.

I kicked open the bathroom door not caring about the loud bang this caused as it ricocheted off the block walls. Carefully I surveyed my surroundings, checking inside each stall to make sure I was alone. Although I could care less what people thought of me, I didn't share myself willingly with anyone, and this was one of those times that I needed to be alone.

I slid the deadbolt on the door and stood by the industrial sinks. I took a quick glance in the mirror and groaned at my appearance. Now, I was a smug bastard. I knew I was a good looking guy and the endless line of girls willing to add a notch on my bedpost spoke volumes, but today I looked like death. I was pale, almost like a vampire from those Twilight movies, but who the hell wasn't in this shit-hole town. The sun rarely shone and there wasn't a day that went by without some form of precipitation. The thin skin around my eyes was a dark purple from lack of sleep and blatant lack of concern about myself. I looked away from the image in the mirror knowing my time alone was brief and what I needed to do wasn't for prying eyes to see.

I washed my hands and reached inside the pocket of my leather jacket to fish out the drug that my body was craving. I popped the cap off of the syringe and flicked the chamber, popping the bubbles from the clear liquid inside. I leaned back against the sinks and pulled up the bottom of my vintage Aerosmith tee shirt. The drug was quicker absorbed this way and left no visible mark on my skin. With expert precision I pinched the skin of my lower abdomen and sunk the needle into my skin, depressing the drug into my body. I recapped the needle and put it back in my pocket. I'd dispose of it later. With one last glance at my reflection, I unlocked the door and strode back to class, no one any the wiser.

Chapter One

I entered the cafeteria, grabbed a sandwich and waters from the self service line and sat down at my usual table. I sat in the same place every day, looking across the sea of students and casually observing. The bell releasing the students to lunch rang and the room was filling fast with bodies and excited chatter. Evidently there was a new student in the masses, which didn't happen often in this Podunk town. I could care less as I wasn't there to make friends, just do my time until after graduation when I could leave this place and move back to the big city.

Forks had been a booming logging town back in the seventies but the industry had waned so new people didn't move here often looking for job opportunities. Hell, there wasn't even a Wal-Mart here.

My family had moved here from Chicago my freshman year so my dad, Carlisle, could take over as chief of staff at the local hospital. He'd been raised here and met my mother, Esme while they were both attending Northwestern. They hated the idea of raising two teenagers in Chicago and the rest is history.

"Hey, Edward."

I greedily drank down one of my waters, whetting the dryness that had been prevalent all day. I looked up and saw two of the few people in the world that could still make me smile- my twin sister, Alice and her boyfriend, Jasper Whitlock.

Alice and I were polar opposites and unless you knew our familial connection, you'd never guess it. Alice was barely five feet tall, with black hair and baby blue eyes like our father and an infectious personality. I was six-three with a shock of unruly auburn hair and emerald green eyes like our mother and I was most definitely not a people person.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

Jasper nodded his hello and gave Alice a peck on the cheek before leaving to get their food. Alice danced around the table and took her seat, excitement rolling off of her little body in waves.

"Not much, brother. Just waiting," she said as she looked expectantly across the crowd of students.

"Waiting? For what?" I asked, not really caring but feeling the need for conversation.

"Chief Swan's daughter, Isabella. Have you seen her?" Alice asked as she rolled her eyes at me.

Ah, the new student here is female. I'd heard that Chief Swan's daughter was moving here from Arizona to finish out her senior year. There aren't many secrets in a town the size of Forks. I wondered why in the hell anyone would willingly move here, especially in March of her senior year. I unwrapped my sandwich and took a bite, thankful that the nausea had gone away.

"Nope, sorry. Haven't seen any fresh meat today."

Alice sighed but kept a look out toward the glass doors like a sentinel. Jasper soon joined us with their food, and we settled in to eat.

"So, man. Have you met the Swan girl yet?" Jasper asked between bites.

"Her name is Isabella, guys," Alice inserted as she nibbled on her salad.

"What's all this shit about the Swan girl, Isabella, or whatever? I haven't seen her and I don't really give a fuck about anything right now but graduation and getting the hell out of Forks," I said as I washed my sandwich down with more water, wishing the clear liquid was something a little stronger, like 90 proof.

Jasper chuckled before he spoke.

"Just something new, bro. Alice is anxious to meet her."

Suddenly Alice let out a squeal that likely had dogs howling for miles around, causing me to jolt from my slumped position in the chair. Damn she's annoying for such a tiny person.

"There she is! Oh, I've got to go meet her!" Alice exclaimed as she hopped up and skipped across the room.

Jasper and I laughed at her enthusiasm, and I let my eyes drift to where Alice had gone. There was a large group entering the lunchroom, led by the Skank Patrol of Lauren, Jessica and Tanya. Emmett McCarty and his girlfriend, Rosalie Hale were tagging along behind talking to a small-framed brunette, not much bigger than Alice. I couldn't tell much about her from the distance and the flock of people around her.

"Well, there she is, Edward, the infamous Isabella Swan. I'm sure we will be meeting her shortly if Alice gets her way, and she usually does," Jasper said lazily as he stretched his long legs out and watched my sister link arms with and talk animatedly to the new girl.

I chuckled noncommittally. The Swan chick didn't stand a chance if Alice was determined. I wasn't waiting around to see though. I had things to do before classes changed. I threw my trash on Jasper's tray and unfolded from my seat.

"Yeah, have fun with that, Jazz. I'm heading out."

"Not gonna stick around and meet her, Edward?"

I rolled my eyes and tapped my coat pocket.

"Nope. She isn't going anywhere and I don't give a damn either way. I need a smoke. Catch ya later, bro."

I strolled out of the cafeteria and caught a glimpse of Alice shaking her head at me in disgust. She'd ream me out later for my unfriendliness. Whatever. I'm not the fucking Forks Welcome Wagon and all the girl would ever be to me, if she was lucky, was a quick fuck after a party or maybe a blow job in the janitor's closet. Edward Cullen didn't date and he sure as hell didn't do relationships. Emmett and Rosalie were the only other people besides Jasper and my family that I could tolerate.

It was beginning to rain slightly as I sprinted across the parking lot. I hit the key fob and crawled into my Volvo, cursing the rain spots I'd have to clean from her pristine leather. Damn rain.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a cigarette. I'd been on edge all morning and the smoke would calm me down. I lit the cig and took in a long draw as I closed my eyes, letting the bite from the smoke infiltrate my lungs.

My family hated my habits, but I was almost nineteen and a straight A student, so they kept their comments to themselves for the most part. I knew my disregard for my health hurt both my parents and Alice, but as long as I was numb from reality I could deal with shit. Just like the reaction they'd had to the two tattoos I'd gotten over the summer, just after my eighteenth birthday. Out of sight, out of mind.

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch period, so I finished my smoke and exited the car, grabbing the one book I needed for the afternoon. I had all my credits, besides AP Biology so I was allowed to leave campus after my next class. The perpetual rain had stopped, so I darted across the lot and back into the building to the disapproving glance of the teacher's aide in the hallway. I flashed my signature "panty dropping" grin as I strolled by. Like I said, no one fucked with Edward Cullen.

I entered the biology lab and took my seat at the back of the classroom. I didn't have a lab partner, nor did I want or need one. I had this shit down without any help. I looked up to see Mr. Molina enter the room in his typical disorganized fashion as he balanced books and papers haphazardly in his arms. The class quieted down as the final bell rang. When Mr. Molina emptied his arms, I could see someone behind him.

Well, hells bells.

"Okay, class. Settle down," he droned, reminding me of Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. "We have a new student joining us from Arizona. Please welcome Isabella Swan."

"It's Bella."

The class quieted down and Mr. Molina looked to the quiet but firm voice to his left.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Molina asked as he glanced at the Swan chick.

"I prefer to be called Bella."

Mr. Molina looked bored with the conversation but nodded his head in acceptance. He handed her a biology book and looked across the room, settling on me and my half-vacant lab station. Oh, hell no.

"Okay, Bella. Here's your book and you can take the open seat next to Mr. Cullen in the back of the room. Just follow along until you're caught up."

"Fuck," I muttered as I cleared my shit off her side of the table and scooted my stool as far away as I could. I needed this credit and didn't want any hassle so I'd suck it up and behave as long as she left me the hell alone. Edward Cullen was selfish and didn't like to share.

Bella hitched her backpack over her shoulder and made her way to our table. She sat her bag on the floor and drug up an extra stool from the back wall. She sat down she looked at me and spoke as I kept my eyes facing forward .

"You're Alice's brother, Edward, right? She told me about you at lunch. It's nice to meet you. Alice seems like a sweet girl."

Of course Alice mentioned me. In her little convoluted mind she probably had Bella and I married and had named our first born child. Alice was constantly bitching at me to settle down and find a nice girl. Edward Cullen didn't do nice.

I titled my head to the side and appraised Bella for a moment. She was petite with a few curves and she was pale, which surprised me since she came from sunny Arizona. Her hair was a dark brown with a reddish tint to it that was cut shoulder length. She wasn't wearing any makeup, but her skin was clear and she didn't need that shit to cover up with. I guess she'd be considered pretty in a classic sense. When my eyes met hers, I found myself gazing into soulful pools of chocolate brown and my heart races for a second at their dazzling effect on me. I shook my head and cursed to myself for whatever just happened. She was just another chick. End of story.

"Yeah," I responded coolly as I looked back to the front of the room. "Look, I'm not Alice and I don't need any more friends so let's just cut the chit chat now. I don't want to have to carry your ass through this class so just fucking pay attention and leave me alone. We'll get along fine that way."

Bella took a sharp breath and I could read the hurt in her expression. She looked away and I laughed to myself as I heard her mumble "asshole" under her breath. That's right, sweetheart, and don't forget it.

Mr. Molina rambled on and I couldn't help but cut my eyes over to Bella every so often. She was pissed. Her eyes focused on the front of the room and her jaw was twitching as it set in a defiant pose. She reminded me of a kitten with her little claws out. My thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Molina asked for our attention.

"Class, it's time to do our final project of the school year. This project will be half of your final grade so you'll need to work closely with your assigned partner to complete the project accurately and on time. Completed projects will be due the week after Spring Break. To make it easier, you've been teamed with your current lab partner. I have information for each team on my desk. Stop by on your way out and pick up your packet."

I slammed my book shut causing Bella to startle. I cursed my shitty luck. I opened my mouth to protest my need for a partner but I was cut off by an icy glare before I could speak.

"Before you start complaining, know that I don't like this arrangement any more than you do. It's painfully obvious that you dislike me for whatever reason and I want to add that the feeling is quite mutual. You, Edward Cullen, are a complete douche. However, I will not let my GPA suffer because of your asinine behavior. Because we have no choice, we can split the assignment in half and meet up to put it together before it's due. You won't have to worry about me getting in your way as long as you stay the hell out of mine."

With that said, Bella slid from the stool and walked away, stopping to pick up our assignment on her way out. I watched her leave, my eyes settled on her pert little ass that swayed ever so slightly as she walked. She was feisty, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't more than a little turned on. The wood I was sporting right now spoke volumes to that fact. I groaned as I adjusted myself and stood from my seat. I grabbed my assignment and left without another word.

I think I was wrong … my kitten is a mountain lion.