Amore Tutto Cambia

By: Edward's My Obsession 1971

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Rated M, AH, Edward and Bella


I don't own Twilight or its characters. The great Stephenie Meyer does. I just like to play with them for my own personal pleasure.

Chapter 4

Falling into a friendship with Bella was much easier than I'd expected. The first few days at school were rough on me, but she hung in there. We sat in our group at lunch and walked to Biology together. I'd quit smoking during lunch, the pot remained untouched in its hiding spot and my drinking had all but stopped. I felt better than I had felt in a long time. I wanted to be better. For her. For my family. For myself. I owed Bella for it all.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel something different for Bella. I found myself moody when she wasn't around. I noticed how her face lit up when she smiled and that her hair had subtle hints of red in it when we were out in the sunlight. When she touched me, I felt an almost electric current run over my skin and, of course, my libido wondered if her blush extended further down than her face and neck. I kept this all to myself.

Spring Break rolled around and I was glad for a week of R&R before the mad rush of finals, prom, and graduation. I knew I was on course to graduate near the top of the class, as was Bella, so when we met up on that Monday of break we fell into a deep discussion.

"So, you're really not going to do a valedictorian speech, Edward?" Bella asked as we lounged on my bed doing final edits to our final paper.

"Hell no! I told Banner to let Angela Webber have it. I don't see you jumping in there either, Miss 4.0."

Bella smacked my chest. "I just moved here a couple of months ago. It wouldn't be right even if they'd allowed it. I don't do public speaking anyhow. What about prom? Are you going?"

"Um, no. Are you?" I asked, momentarily pissed off and shaken at the thought of some guy taking her to the dance and then taking her other ways afterwards.

"No," Bella said quietly. "No one asked and I'm not really into the whole dress-up-dance thing."

"I can't believe no one asked a pretty girl like you, Bella. That's just fucked up."

Bella blushed at my comment and looked down at her paperwork.

"I'm not pretty, Edward. I'm skinny and plain. Guys like curves and stuff."

I shut my book and reached to pull her chin up so I could make eye contact.

"You're beautiful, Bella Swan. Inside and out. Any guy that can't see that is a complete fool," I replied and my voice caught in my throat when my green eyes met her chocolate orbs.

I could feel the static in the air as we gazed at each other for what seemed like hours. My fingers twitched as I ran my hand down her jaw and into her hair. I had never kissed anyone. It was too personal and I didn't want the attachment, but as I pulled her face closer to mine I knew what I wanted. She didn't try to stop me.

"Bella …" I whispered throatily, feeling her warm breath on my face.

Our lips met in a slow kiss. Our mouths fitting together like puzzle pieces. My tongue caressing her bottom lip as the kiss deepened. Bella moaned and thread her hands in my hair, pulling our bodies closer until we were chest to chest. Our lips parted and our tongues began to stroke and tease. Bella repositioned her body until she was spread open across my legs, her pelvis grinding over my steel-hard erection. I couldn't take much more so I was the one to break the kiss. We sat forehead to forehead, Bella straddling my lap as we struggled to regain normal breathing patterns.

"Are you okay?" I asked after I'd calmed down enough to speak.

"Wow," Bella nodded and stammered. "That was …"

"Hot. Damn hot," I answered for her as I stole another sweet kiss. "So, that was um, I've never done that before."

Bella looked at me with a shocked expression, her lips slightly swollen from our kisses. We'd joked about our sexual escapades over the past few weeks. When Bella told me she had only been with one guy named Jake over the summer back in Phoenix, I tried to hide my displeasure at that information. Me, well she'd laughed at my man-whore status but praised me when I interjected that I'd always practiced safe sex.

"How … I mean, you had sex without kissing your partner?" Bella asked with wide eyes.

I chuckled at her expression.

"You got to be that first with me. Kissing made things too intimate, you know? I was just in it for the … sex."

"And now?" Bella asked, her eyes dancing.

"I want to kiss you again and again, Bella," I whispered truthfully. "I want to make love to you slowly. Worship your body, your mind. I just kissed you and now, I feel …"

Bella gasped and then broke into a huge smile.

"I feel it too. Here," she said as she took my hand in hers and placed it over her heart. "I've wanted to be with you, like this for awhile. Please, make love to me, Edward."

Slowly and reverently, I made love to Bella. Our bodies merging into one being as we promised our love and devotion to each other. If I lived to be one hundred, I'd never forget that day with Bella, when I let go of my fears and let myself love.

"Amore Tutto Cambia," I whispered as I pulled her body tightly to mine. "Love changes everything."


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