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In this world soulmates are distinguished by a name on your hands. If your soulmate's name is on your right hand, you're a dom. If your soulmate's name is on your left hand, you're a sub. There's no homophobia any sexuality phobias in the world because it's soulmates... and soulmates are destined for you by fate and who is anyone to challenge fate?

When Blaine woke up on the morning of his 16th birthday, he found the name "Kurt Hummel" written on the palm of his left hand. I don't want his parents to look down upon him for being a sub (because clearly one of his parents has to be a sub as well...) He searches for his soulmate but doesn't find him all throughout highschool and college and he finally resigns himself to give up searching. If his dom is meant to find him, he'll find him.

When Kurt woke up on the morning of his 16th birthday, he found the name "Blaine Anderson" written on the palm of his right hand. He hadn't been anticipating being a Dom, but looking back he did have the controlling demeanour so it wasn't too farfetched. He goes to school and gets bullied for reasons that the author can create (dresses flamboyantly, high pitched voice other reasons?) and finally his father decides to send him to Dalton.

Cue Kurt entering Blaine's classroom and realizing that his sub is his 27 year old teacher. Cue Blaine realizing that his Dom is his 16 year old student.

I want to see how they work that out... There's no law in place to prevent soulmates from being with one another even if they're over 10 years apart in age, and one of them is a child, so I want to see how they deal with their relationship, their positions in life and how Blaine adjusts to realizing that he doesn't have total authority in his own classroom because his Dom is present.

tl;dr: Klaine are soulmates. Blaine is a teacher!sub. Kurt is a student!dom.

glee-kink-memedotlivejournaldotom/29310dothtml?thread=37262974 I won't be updating here until much, much after I've updated on the GKM but I will be starting to post past chapters here for anyone who would rather read it here. Updates here will also be much slower than on the GKM - thanks :)

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy bir-"

Blaine grumbled gently as he slammed his hand onto his alarm clock. He realised that his mom must have slipped into his room the night before to set the alarm to play a CD instead of the radio like usual, which was sweet but, he didn't see why she had to set it to play so loudly.

He sighed as he dragged himself into a sitting position and blinked a few times, shaking his head slightly in order to wake himself up more fully. As he sat up, he shook and flexed his left hand to try and get rid of the pins and needles that were throbbing around it from where he must have slept on it.

His mind started to buzz with thoughts of the day ahead, the smell of his birthday pancakes wafting up from the kitchen making him smile as it sunk in fully that it was his birthday. Not just any birthday. His 16th birthday. His marking day. He bit his lip and glanced down at his right hand, feeling his heart swoop at the thought of seeing his sub's name for the first time, wondering how he was going to feel when he finally knew the name of his soul mate. His smile fell from his face and his look turned to confusion when he gazed at his right palm and saw that it was blank.

He turned his hand over in his lap a few times, seeing if it was maybe written on the back instead of the front of but there was nothing. It was blank. His heart sunk. He'd only heard of a few people who lived their lives unmarked, who were destined to go through life alone, helping themselves to find their way instead of having someone else to help them but, being a romantic at heart, he was certain he wouldn't be one of them. He bit his lip again to keep it from trembling at the thought of living his life out alone. He told himself it would be fine. That he'd find a way to cope – it wasn't the end of the world. He wrapped his still tingling left hand around his torso in a self-comforting gesture, hoping it would relax him.

As he ran the palm of his left hand along his arm, he felt it scratch gently at the skin. He frowned in confusion. He played the guitar so it wasn't unusual for his hands to be dry and the tips of his fingers calloused but, this dryness was from his palm, not his fingers. He slowly turned his left hand over and gasped when he saw letters starting to form, spelling out his soul mate's name in small, but permanent, cuts in his skin. He knew that only meant one thing. He wasn't a dom. He was a sub. He raised his eyebrows at the realisation and considered how it, kind of, made sense. Sure, for a 16 year old, he was definitely certain of himself, feeling reasonably comfortable in his own skin for someone of his age. Equally, he may have also had a slight temper, usually bottling up his feelings for so long until he finally released them in an explosion of anger. However, he was also quick to forgive and certainly willing to do anything he could to help anyone who needed it, both of which, he knew, were clear sub traits. Plus, he couldn't deny the sense of calm he felt whenever one of the dominant teachers at school gave him an instruction. It was as if he finally found his place in the world each and every time it happened.

He slowly ran a finger along the cuts, slightly smearing the few drops of blood that were leaking from it. He couldn't quite make out the name yet, just the initials K and H but his stomach flipped and he grinned to himself, knowing that a person existed somewhere in the world that was made just for him and only him. As he gazed at his hand, he noticed that his chest felt slightly different to normal. He couldn't quite explain it but it felt… emptier, somehow. It was a strange feeling and one that made him feel completely uneasy and slightly nauseous.

"Blaine!" He could hear him mom calling to him. "Breakfast's ready, birthday boy!"

Blaine pulled his covers to one side and thanked the heavens that his distraction over his marking had seemed to make his usual morning erection subside so he could quickly pull on some sweats and race downstairs to satisfy his grumbling stomach. He stepped into the kitchen to see his Mom, Lucy, standing at the cooker and his older brother Cooper already at the breakfast bar, stuffing his face with pancakes.

Blaine glanced around the kitchen and grinned at all of the birthday banners that he realised his mom must have put up at the same time as setting his alarm. She spun around, noticing him, and pulled him into a tight hug that almost knocked him off balance, wishing him a happy birthday before promptly pushing him into a seat at the breakfast bar and placing a few blueberry pancakes in front of him.

"A special breakfast for my special boy," she whispered as she pressed a kiss to his temple.

"H'ppy b'rfd'y bro," Cooper mumbled, waving his fork at Blaine, as he pushed more of his helping of pancakes into his mouth and grinned as syrup dribbled down his chin slowly.

"That's attractive," Blaine teased before crying out as Cooper flicked a blueberry into his face.

"Enough of that, thank you." Lucy said sternly as Cooper, giggling, flicked a second blueberry into Blaine's hair and she fished it out.

"You know, for someone who's supposed to be older than me, you sure do act like a five year old." Blaine whispered to Cooper as Lucy turned her back to them.

"You know, for someone who's supposed to be sixteen, you sure do looklike a five year old, shorty!" Cooper shot back, grinning. Blaine glared at Cooper and gritted his teeth.

"So, where's Dad?" Blaine said, starting to cut into his pancakes and purposefully ignoring his brother.

"He had to work," Lucy sighed as she sat down next to him, "but he wished you a happy birthday before he left."

"Yeah, sure he did." Blaine muttered under his breath as he bitterly shoved a section of pancake into his mouth. This wasn't the first time his Dad had missed a birthday breakfast for work and he was certain it wouldn't be the last.

"Don't be like that," she responded firmly. "He's doing it for us, you know that." Blaine rolled his eyes and nodded gently, eating some more pancake as she continued talking. "Anyway, I think we have more important things to focus on today, don't you?" She waggled her eyebrows suggestively, causing Blaine to laugh gently. "You know… something that might make a markedimprovement on breakfast, maybe?" Lucy laughed at her own joke and held her hands out on the table. "Come on, show me." She smiled with excitement. It may have been nearly 30 years ago now but she remembered her sixteenth birthday and how excited she was to be marked and to know that she finally belonged to someone. She felt almost the same amount of excitement for her youngest son too.

"Wait!" She rushed out as Blaine started to move his hands towards her. She shut her eyes before she could see which hand he was moving. "I want to be surprised." She explained before wiggling her fingers gently when she didn't feel Blaine's hands instantly press into hers. Blaine slowly placed his left hand, palm facing upwards, into her outstretched hands and watched as she opened her eyes and gasped.

"Submissive." She whispered, stroking his palm soothingly, before pulling Blaine into a tight hug. "Just like me." She pulled away and tried desperately not to start crying over the feeling that her children were growing up just that bit too fast for her liking. Blaine smiled as she smoothed down his hair. "I'm so proud of you… It doesn't hurt too much, does it?" She asked caringly.

"No, it just itches slightly." Blaine shook his head. "But I can't see his name properly yet. Just the initials…" Blaine frowned as he glanced down at his palm, fresh cuts starting to appear and making his hand tingle more.

"Oh you probably won't see it clearly enough until this afternoon." She said as she walked across the kitchen and pulled the first aid box out of one of the cupboards. "I didn't see your father's name until late in the evening of my birthday." Lucy sat down next to Blaine and pulled his hand towards her, using some cotton balls to start cleaning it before carefully placing a few band aids over the cuts and leaning down to gently kiss his hand. Blaine bit his lip and trailed a finger over his left palm.

"So what do I do now?" He asked, hoping that his mother would have the exact answer for how he could find his soul mate now. Once he knew his name, Blaine didn't see any point in wasting any time.

"Honestly?" Lucy asked, raising her eyebrows. Blaine nodded eagerly. "Don't obsess." She answered quietly. "I've known too many people who've spent their lives in misery because they've focussed all of their energy on finding that one special person." Blaine frowned. That was not the answer he wanted. "It'll happen when it happens." She insisted as she saw Blaine's face before telling them that she should call their father to let him know about Blaine's marking.

"Do you have to do that right now?" Blaine asked as she moved to step away.

"Oh definitely," she said with a glint in her eye. "Especially as he owes me ten dollars now," she laughed as she pressed a kiss to Blaine's forehead again. "I knew you were your mother's son." She teased before walking out of the kitchen all together, missing Blaine rolling his eyes and flicking a blueberry back at Cooper who had snorted with laughter as she'd walked out.

Blaine glanced at his palm again, feeling fresh cuts appearing every so often, making his hand tingle constantly and he thought about his mother's words. Don't obsess. He thought about them as he finished his breakfast and got ready for school. He thought about them all the way to school and throughout the day. He thought about them as he kept gently peeling back the band aid to see if he could make out the name yet. However, he had a problem. He was obsessing. He didn't see how he couldn't and it was made worse at around 3 in the afternoon when finally, finally, he could make out the name.

Kurt Hummel

He smiled gently as he gazed down at the name of his dom. How could he not obsess when a name that perfect existed and it was etched into his palm? How would it have even been possible for him to stop thinking about the possibility of who Kurt Hummel was, what he looked like, what sort of things he was interested in? Equally, what kind of person would have been able to stop themselves from hurrying straight to the public library immediately after school to look at the records of births in Ohio? Blaine wasn't sure anyone could, which was why he excused himself for doing exactly that.

He shifted in the library seat as he opened the book that listed all of the births under surnames beginning with "Hum" in Ohio. This was exciting. As he turned the pages to "Hummel", he couldn't help but feel his heart and brain buzz with the thought of getting some more information about the boy that he belonged to. He found the right page and his eyes scanned it looking for the names beginning with K. Luckily for him, there was only one. His heart leapt into his throat as he read the name "Kurt Hummel". He held out his palm and peeled back the band aid to make sure that he'd gotten it right and he had. He let his eyes drift over the details of Kurt Hummel.

Mother: Elizabeth Hummel – Dressmaker
Father: Burt Hummel – Mechanic
Place of Birth: Lima, Ohio
Date of Birth: August 27 1993

Blaine frowned and re-read the last piece of information. 1993. That would make this Kurt Hummel… 5 years old! Blaine felt his heart drop as he re-read it. That couldn't be him then, he decided. It's ok, he thought to himself. There must be plenty of Kurt Hummel's in the world. So he's not the one, you'll find him soon.

Except there weren't plenty of Kurt Hummel's around. As Blaine worked his way through school and then through college, he couldn't stop himself from searching, from obsessing and doing the exact opposite of what his mother had asked of him on his sixteenth birthday and he found that, actually, Kurt Hummel's were rare creatures. He was almost glad that the name wasn't as common as Smith or Jones or he felt certain he would've felt like there would be no chance but then having too many Kurt Hummels was maybe equally as bad as having not enough. It was made worse as he gained access to the internet as he grew older, and then to Facebook. It was so easy, then, of an evening, to search for Kurt's name on Google or Facebook. He would feel his heart flip every time he found a new entry with that name on it, only to feel it drop again once he contacted the person and had them inform him that his was not the name on their right palm.

As the years moved on, his originally fresh cuts, faded into scars and begun to look more and more like everyone else's, more like the pictures that they'd been shown in school as they were taught about the markings, the two different types of people and what they meant. He could still see Kurt's name clearly but now, it was worse, because he was a part of him. Every time he looked at that name, he felt the emptiness in his chest where he knew Kurt's love should have been. Every time he touched himself, he purposefully used his left hand, imagining what it would feel like if it was actually Kurt gently pumping at his cock. It was slowly driving him crazy and, it got to a point where he was close to giving up until, one evening, just before he graduated from college with his teaching degree, one Kurt Hummel that he'd contacted, all the way in Switzerland, had told him that his name was on his right palm. He'd even shown him a photograph as proof and Blaine had cried with relief as, sure enough, he saw a, albeit grainy, photograph of someone's palm with his name etched into it. He'd booked a flight for the next day and instantly travelled to meet Kurt, his body buzzing with excitement.

Really, he should've seen it coming. He was young and good-looking and letting anyone who would listen know about who he was searching for. He should've thought before instantly pulling this Kurt Hummel into his arms and kissing him at the airport, telling him how long he'd been waiting for him. He should've considered the empty feeling he still had as he let this Kurt Hummel tear his clothes from him as soon as they got back to his apartment. He definitely should've checked this Kurt's hand before he allowed himself to be dominated by him. Before he'd been pressed against a wall and had been brought to orgasm, coming all over their stomachs as he cried out Kurt's name.

If he had thought of those things he also, then, wouldn't have been surprised to find that, when he curled up into Kurt's side on his bed, as he slept, and he absent-mindedly glanced at his right hand, moving his fingers to run along the scar, it wasn't his name that he saw.

Jonathon Miller

Blaine pulled his fingers away as if he'd been burned and stared at the name for a few seconds, feeling his stomach churn and his heart racing as he stared at the unfamiliar words. He sat up quickly, suddenly feeling nauseous and so angry, humiliated even, at being tricked.

"What's up, baby?" 'Kurt' stirred and moved to pull Blaine back towards him. Blaine shuffled quickly away from his touch, shuddering at the thought of his hands even coming close to him again. He hurried to grab his clothes and pull them back on as quickly as he could. "Where are you going, sweetheart?" 'Kurt' asked, smiling a, what Blaine now saw to be, very sly smile. "I wanted to fuck you some more before dinner." He crawled along the bed towards Blaine, who now started to panic slightly, not knowing who on earth this person was but wanting to do whatever he could to just get out of there as quickly as possible.

"Jonathon Miller!" Blaine cried out, not knowing how else he could express what the problem was in his panicked state. He saw a flicker of recognition in 'Kurt's' eyes as he realised that Blaine had seen the mark. Blaine scooped up his belongings as fast as he could and rushed out of the apartment, not caring to check if 'Kurt's' name was even Kurt. He didn't care even if it was. Either way he'd been tricked. Either way, it wasn't hisKurt.

As he hailed a cab and ordered it to go to the nearest airport, Blaine made the decision, then and there, to give up looking. He knew he couldn't go through this again and he was about to graduate. He had to focus on his career and, whoever Kurt Hummel was, he would have to come and find Blaine now. Blaine sniffed gently and viciously wiped away a few tears as he made his decision. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be and Blaine wasn't going to waste any more time searching.