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"This isn't something I'm willing to change my mind about, Ku – uh – Kurt." Blaine shivered and laughed gently as he felt Kurt's fingers dancing along the fabric of his underpants, teasing his balls. Kurt's weight shifted and Blaine could feel him crawl up his torso. The slight sheen of sweat on Blaine's forehead glimmered in the moonlight and Kurt smiled to see it. He'd been teasing Blaine for an hour now and he could tell it was driving him crazy. This was the perfect time to talk about this.

"You should," Kurt whispered directly into his ear, his breath hot and warm against him as he spoke. Blaine smiled and moved his hands to try and grope for Kurt, who quickly dodged away from him. "Uh-uh-uh," Kurt teased before returning to trailing his fingers lightly across Blaine's thighs, making them quiver with each touch.

"Kurt, Sebastian has been late for almost every class, not doing any work I've set him, being rude when he does show up; I have to do something about it." Blaine felt Kurt pause for a few seconds before carrying on with his light touches, only this time using his tongue. Blaine arched up into the touch almost instantly, gasping out an, "oh" in response as Kurt flicked his tongue over the soft skin on his inner thigh.

"Blaine," Kurt mumbled against his skin, pressing light kisses on the cloth covering the base of his cock, "please just leave Sebastian alone. If you do anything about it, you know he'll tell people about us."

"No he won't, it'll be f-fine." Blaine responded evenly, his voice breaking on the last word as he tipped his head back and moaned when Kurt started hotly mouthing at the tip of his cock. Blaine felt Kurt's weight shift again so that he was sitting up.

"Of course he will," Kurt said, a small amount of anguish in his voice. "Why wouldn't he? After everything else he's done, he wouldn't think twice before exposing us. I can't believe you're arguing with me about this!"

"I'm not arguing with you Kurt. I'm just telling you that I have a job to do and I'm going to do it, ok?" Blaine paused for a second to see if he could hear a response from Kurt. When he heard silence he smiled, assuming that the matter was settled. "So," Blaine said, leaning up onto his elbows and turning his head to look at where he thought Kurt was sitting. "Why don't you come back over here and finish what you started?" Blaine said, wiggling his hips teasingly. He could hear Kurt breathing heavily for a few seconds before he heard the rustling of the sheets and a weight being lifted off of the bed.

"No." Kurt said quietly, causing Blaine to quickly tear off the blindfold which had been impairing his vision, in time to see Kurt about to leave the room.

"Kurt, wait!" Blaine sat up quickly, making Kurt stop in his tracks. "What happened? Where are you going?" Kurt paused and turned back around towards him, a look of hurt in his eyes.

"You know, it was your idea to keep this a secret at school, not mine, and I've gone through hell and back trying to do that for you; trying to be a good dom… I can't believe after all of that, you'd just throw it all away so easily!" Blaine smiled gently and shuffled to the foot of the bed, trying to calm Kurt down at the same time as keeping his own breathing even.

"Kurt, it's fine," he said as he tried to reach out for Kurt, and coax him back to bed.

"No, Blaine," Kurt took a step away from him to show how serious he was. "It's not fine." Kurt chewed his lip, a look of concentration on his face. "…You know, I don't have to ask you about this, I could just tell you. I can make you do whatever I want you to." Blaine's eyes widened in shock as Kurt crossed his arms in defiance.

"And what, Kurt? I should be grateful that you're not just commanding me to do my job how you want me to?" Blaine watched Kurt fidget and avoid his eye contact for a second. "Come on, Kurt, I know you wouldn't really do that to me…" Kurt's jaw hardened and he looked Blaine directly in the eyes.

"Wouldn't I?" came Kurt's short response. "Just like you wouldn't act so flippantly with Sebastian after everything I've done to make sure you get what you want?" Blaine frowned and tipped his head in disappointment as Kurt walked towards him. Kurt leaned into Blaine and, although it confused him, he was certain Kurt was about to kiss him. Despite their argument, his need to come was very much there, and he quickly got excited as Kurt moved closer. His hands moved to graze along Kurt's tummy, but Kurt pulled away, pillow in hand, and headed for the bedroom door again.

"Where are you going?" Blaine asked Kurt, who was now almost out of the door.

"I'm going to sleep on the couch." Kurt said in clipped tones. Blaine opened his mouth to question him when Kurt continued, "I really can't sleep next to you tonight feeling this angry," his voice dropped to give a command, "so you will sleep in here, and don't you dare even think about touching yourself." He glanced at Blaine's straining cock before turning to leave completely, slamming the door behind him.

Blaine flopped back down onto the mattress and sighed. He turned over slowly, trying to ignore his erection and his traitorous mind, filling his thoughts with images of all the things he wanted Kurt to do to him at that moment instead of arguing.

He spent the night failing to sleep, every slight movement reminding him of his ever present erection and need to come. The next morning, when his alarm went off, Blaine was still awake and sitting up, considering if the hour of sleep he managed to get throughout the night had meant he'd followed Kurt's order of sleeping in the bedroom. He decided to test it by slowly placing his feet on the floor, standing up and walking towards the door. Blaine couldn't feel any of the usual tightness in his chest whenever he even tried to disobey Kurt, so assumed that it was fine and slowly opened the bedroom door. He poked his head through to see if Kurt was awake and noticed that he was still asleep on the couch, so he tip-toed out of the bedroom, trying to get to the bathroom without waking Kurt.

"Blaine?" Kurt stirred just as Blaine's hand rested on the bathroom doorknob. Blaine slowly turned to face him and smiled, not sure if Kurt would still be angry at him or not.

"Morning." Blaine said, stepping towards Kurt tentatively. He looked like he'd had as little sleep as Blaine, although Blaine was certain that he looked a lot less adorable than Kurt did, whose hair was flopping over his face and his eyes were still half closed.

"Sleep well?" Kurt asked. He licked his lips briefly as he woke up more and Blaine had to do everything he could to ignore it and not think about what they'd look like wrapped around his cock.

"No." Blaine shook his head. "You?" Kurt shook his head in response and glanced over at Blaine, silently watching him grip the bathroom door handle enough that his knuckles were going white. He nibbled his lip and avoided Blaine's gaze for as long as he could before eventually looking up with a determination in his eyes.

"On your knees." Kurt commanded, standing up and walking over to Blaine, who obediently fell to the ground. Kurt stood behind him and knelt down, a small smile on his face when he noticed that Blaine was still hard. "Have you been like this all night?" He whispered, taking Blaine's hands in his own and placing them on Blaine's thighs, moving him into the position he wanted. He smiled more when Blaine nodded and turned his head to look at him, pleading. Blaine glanced away and looked at his hands as he clenched and unclenched them to a silent rhythm, trying to find something to focus on, something – anything – other than the feel of Kurt's soft touch, or the warmth of his breath on the back of his neck. Kurt reached a hand out and cupped Blaine's cock through his pants, tipping his head so that he could press a small, sweet kiss to his lips before moving his hand rhythmically, tightening his grip with every stroke.

"You can let go now, sweetheart," Kurt whispered and instantly Blaine's body started to convulse, shuddering and tensing repeatedly as Blaine fell backwards into Kurt's body. Blaine cried out, sobbing into the air and gripping Kurt's arm tightly as his cock pulsed continuously. Even once he'd finished coming, his body continued to tremble for a good few minutes until finally, finally, it relaxed and he was left with just the sound of his own breaths and the feel of Kurt's skin against his own to remind him of where he was and what had happened.

Blaine didn't move his head from Kurt's shoulder, his eyes shut tightly and his breathing uneven as Kurt reached around him and turned Blaine so that he was leaning forwards into Kurt's chest, letting Blaine come back to reality gradually.

"Kurt…" Blaine started to say eventually, shaking his head. "You-"

"-I love you." Kurt interrupted and smiled when Blaine dazedly glanced up at him. "I'm an idiot and I love you," he reiterated before shuffling towards Blaine and kissing him quickly on the lips. Blaine smiled with relief and exhaled as Kurt kissed him again.

"I'm sorry," Kurt mumbled, kissing him once more. "I'm so sorry." Kurt started to kiss along Blaine's jaw. "I was so wrong," his hands sliding down along Blaine's torso, "I shouldn't have reacted like that," his lips now pressing underneath Blaine's ear, making him hum contently. "I shouldn't have said that I would just command you to do as I said," Kurt sat back up, "I'm sorry." Blaine smiled and pulled Kurt onto his lap, wrapping his arms tightly around his waist and tucking his head into the crook of Kurt's neck.

"Thank you," he mumbled into Kurt's skin, tapping a few small kisses to Kurt's shoulder before letting Kurt sit back. Kurt smiled and watched Blaine for a few moments, raising his eyebrows expectantly. Blaine gazed back at him until it got too much and he laughed. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Blaine said, grinning.

"I said I was sorry…" Kurt said slowly.


"And… I apologised… so…" Kurt circled his hand as if Blaine would know what he was looking for. Blaine looked at him blankly, "… Don't you have anything you want to apologise for?" Blaine pulled back from him slightly. It had taken him a few minutes to get back to reality after such an intense orgasm, but now he was 100% there.

"Should I?"

"I've apologised to you, Blaine…"

"So, you think that because you apologised, I should do the same?"

"Yes, of course." Kurt frowned because this should have been obvious.

"No." Blaine shook his head resolutely.


"I'm not apologising, Kurt," Blaine said, gripping Kurt's hips so that he could move him off of his lap. "I think what you're asking me to do isn't right and I'm not going to apologise for thinking that. I have a job to do and part of that job is to make sure that Sebastian knows that he can't carry on at Dalton acting the way he has been. You have to trust me that I can do that in a way that will still make sure that everything you've done hasn't gone to waste." Kurt paused for a few seconds, glaring at Blaine with a fire in his eyes.

"I can't believe you," Kurt mumbled as he pushed himself off of Blaine's lap and stood up. Blaine immediately stood up with him and placed his hand on Kurt's arm soothingly.


"No." Kurt pulled his arm away. "Do you want everyone to know about us, have you changed your mind about that?" Kurt asked, spinning on his heels to face Blaine.

"Well, no, but-"

"But nothing, Blaine. You said we'd work something out about Sebastian – find a way to deal with it – but we haven't done anything." Kurt turned back around and briskly walked to the bedroom. He tried to get changed as quickly as he could and didn't noticing Blaine standing in the doorway and watching him.

"What are you doing?" Blaine sighed, exasperated as Kurt tugged a shirt over his head.

"I'm going back to my dorm." Kurt said before grabbing his phone off of the dresser where he'd left it the night before.

"Don't you need to shower before school?"

"I'll shower there." Kurt said. He brushed past Blaine back into the front room and picked up his school bag. Blaine sighed loudly and spun around to follow him.

"You know, you're being really childish about this, Kurt. This is my job that we're talking about!"

"And it's my life," Kurt said abruptly, on his way through the front door.

"I think you'll find it's our life, Kurt!" Blaine yelled as Kurt walked out of the door and slammed it. "…Kurt?" Blaine called again, sighing loudly when he didn't get a response. He turned around and dropped down onto the couch, resting his head in his hands. He was so tired and confused. Had everyone just chosen to not tell him this was what being with your soul mate was really like, or was there something seriously wrong in their relationship that led to all of these problems? Blaine choked up with the thought of that second option as he huffed and let a tear fall to the floor before getting up and forcing himself to get ready for work, before he got any more upset.


Kurt tried to keep his breathing even as he walked into class later that day. It was the last class of the day and he hadn't spoken to Blaine at all since they'd argued that morning, so now he was feeling tired and moody. Blaine made a point of trying to smile at Kurt as he walked in, but being as stubborn as ever, Kurt didn't return the smile and instead marched past Blaine to his seat, without even acknowledging him. He heard Blaine let out a small sigh just as Kurt sat down in his seat and dug deep in his bag for the notebook he used for Blaine's lesson.

It didn't take long for Kurt to notice that Sebastian was, as per usual, missing from the start of the lesson. He hoped that he was ill and not late, or maybe he could be off for a dentist's appointment. Anything except for late.

Unfortunately, Kurt was to be disappointed as approximately ten minutes later, just as Blaine was collecting the assignments set from the previous lesson, the door shot open with enough force that it created a loud bang on the wall, and Sebastian strode in. Blaine turned from where he had been standing discussing the assignment with another student and watched as Sebastian nonchalantly walked to his seat.

"Good afternoon Mr Smythe, so good of you to join us," Blaine commented, his eyebrows raised in surprise at how brash Sebastian was with his rebellion. Blaine had encountered other students who misbehaved; lazy, entitled kids who thought that because their parents were rich, they were set for life. However Sebastian was the worst, whether it was because of his brashness, or because no-one else at the school seemed to want to do anything about him, he was definitely the worst, and it made Blaine more determined to show him the error of his ways.

Kurt's eyes watched them both warily, as Sebastian tensed his jaw and tipped his head back cockily, clearly looking down his nose at Blaine.

"I figured I should at least come along for your sake, Mr Anderson," Sebastian smirked, "teach you how to be a real man." Silence spread throughout the room quickly as everyone focussed on Blaine to see how he would react and, although he could only see the back of his head, Kurt could imagine the look that Blaine had on his face.

"Get out of my class," Blaine said with fierce determination as he glared at Sebastian and pointed to the door.

"Make me." Sebastian returned and flicked his gaze to Kurt and back. He knew that he was pushing them; teasing them in front of the entire class. Kurt could see in Sebastian's expression that he didn't really care what Blaine did now, he just wanted to see what Kurt would do, if anything.

Kurt's heart pounded as Blaine took a step towards Sebastian, not aggressively, anything but aggressively (Kurt wasn't sure if Blaine knew how to be aggressive even if he wanted to), but certainly with authority and definitely with some kind of intent. Before he knew what he was doing, Kurt found he was on his feet and yelling – practically growling - at Blaine to stop. Blaine spun on his heels to turn and look at him and, despite himself, Kurt continued.

"Leave him alone and walk away," he commanded, trying to ignore how Sebastian crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat with a self-satisfied smirk as soon as he did. Blaine stared directly into his eyes for a few seconds, before glancing down at his feet, watching them shuffling along the floor as he tried desperately to stop them moving. Not in front of the class, he couldn't follow a command in front of the class.

He glanced back up at Kurt with a pained look in his eyes - a mixture of hurt and pleading - and it was only then that Kurt even realised what he'd done. He'd never felt the pain of disobeying an order, but Blaine had once described it to him; the tightness in his chest that would be the first thing, until it spread throughout his body in the form of pins and needles, except the pins and needles would get gradually worse, until it felt more like knives instead of pins. Then, accompanying that would be such an extreme feeling of light-headedness that Blaine would feel like he was falling, falling into the command that he'd been given, even if he wasn't moving at all. If he could fight that feeling without just letting go and allowing himself to follow the command, it would slowly start to die away, but normally by that point, he followed and just let himself feel the bittersweet release of obeying a command he disagreed with.

He was so, so determined to not follow this order, that he was going through all of that and Kurt could see it in his eyes; the pain, the light-headedness, the fight for release. Blaine didn't take his eyes off of Kurt, trying to hold everything in except for his silent pleas. It was then, after the adrenaline of commanding Blaine had stopped rushing around his body, that Kurt realised how wrong he'd just been.

"Stop," Kurt whispered to Blaine, quietly enough for no-one else to hear him. "Just stop." He watched as Blaine's body physically relaxed and he took a few deep breaths, collecting himself.

"Sebastian, leave my classroom now," Blaine said, not taking his eyes off of Kurt. "And Mr Hummel, you can return to your seat." Blaine walked forwards and past Kurt as Sebastian shuffled to his feet, swinging his bag back over his shoulder and leaving the classroom with a slam of the door. Just as he left, Blaine turned back to Kurt and said, "I'd like to see you after class please, Kurt," before returning to the session.

Kurt spent the rest of the lesson feeling so anxious, which was unusual for a dom. It wasn't in his nature to feel anxious, but he had no idea what Blaine was going to say to him now, and so he had a lot of reasons to feel anxious. The lesson dragged and, as the minutes ticked by, the sick feeling of guilt built up inside of him until he felt like he couldn't contain it. Finally – finally – the bell rang for the end of the lesson and everyone rushed out as quickly as they could leaving only Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt started packing his books into his bag slowly, hoping to draw out the time when they would have to talk. As he did, Blaine crossed the room and closed the door, locking it and pulling down the blind for the window (if only we'd remembered to do that the first time, we wouldn't be in this stupid mess, Kurt thought to himself when he noticed it). Kurt took a deep breath and walked to the front where Blaine was now standing, wiping the board of the work from that day.

"I'm sorry?" Kurt offered to Blaine's back. "I know I shouldn't have done that. I think I knew when I was doing it, but I just couldn't control myself." Kurt paused and watched Blaine finish what he was doing and waited for Blaine to say something – anything. Blaine sighed and placed the eraser back in its place at the bottom of the board. Kurt noticed that his hand was shaking intensely. Damn, he really was angry.

"Do you know what it's like for me in this school, Kurt? An entire school full of dominants - dominants who think they have a right to a free ride no less - and there's me. A sub who's trying to teach these kids how to live their lives and have the authority to have them trust in me. Do you know how it feels to know that my being able to do that, to make a difference with them, rests solely on the fact that they don't know my marking?" Kurt frowned and shuffled his feet slightly, feeling ashamed of himself.

"It's not like you're some weak sub, Blaine. You're strong and you're a good teacher."

"But that would change if they knew who I was, Kurt. Completely change. I've seen it happen. I've seen sub teachers here and sure the kids listen in the class, but as soon as their back is turned they are a laughing stock, nothing they say really goes in. The worst thing is I know I'm lucky. I know that 50, 30, even just 10 years ago, things were different for subs. We couldn't get jobs or give our opinions on the things that counted. We were expected to just serve our doms and that was that. It is because of things like what happened today that it took so long for that to change, because really, why on earth should anyone pay attention to a sub when they can so easily be forced to do something by someone else, right? Why don't we just get completely written out of the equation because we're just there to serve you doms, huh?" Blaine paused for a few seconds to breathe deeply because he was close to tears and he didn't want to get worse.

"Blaine, I'm sorry, I understand that you're upset-"

"You don't understand, Kurt. You couldn't possibly understand what it's like to be underestimated for something insignificant, something you can't control."

"Of course I do," Kurt responded, suddenly looking Blaine straight in the eyes where he'd been avoiding it previously. "Until I turned sixteen, everyone assumed I was a sub. Everyone thought there was no way I could have the strength of mind to be a dom and everyone treated me like it. Even my Dad, and he didn't mean to, he just didn't know otherwise. It was the generation he grew up in. So don't tell me that I don't understand because I do, Blaine, I do." Kurt could see Blaine was still breathing heavily, so stepped forwards and placed his hands on Blaine's chest to try and help him calm down. Blaine dropped his head and held Kurt's hand, focussing on his name to try and centre himself. He thought about how desperate he was to find his soul mate before they met. He considered whether he'd still be as desperate if he knew how difficult this was going to be.

"Maybe I could do something to stop it happening again?" Kurt said, speaking quietly. "Maybe… maybe I could command you to not pay any attention to my commands in class in the future – would that work?" Blaine huffed out a breath and laughed gently. Kurt was so, so young.

"Kurt," Blaine started, looking up at him and trying to think of how to explain this, "I have to be able to trust you. I have to know that you aren't going to do this again, but someday, I might need you to. There may be some crazy time when I need you to take charge of me and if you've already told me to ignore you, you won't be able to do what you need to do." Kurt nodded in understanding and bit his lip as Blaine continued. "Plus the idea is trust, Kurt. How can I trust you to do what you need to if there's no chance of you messing that up?" Kurt smiled. Blaine had a point.

"You know this won't happen again, though?" Kurt said and when Blaine didn't answer, instead raised a shaking hand to brush a hair out of Kurt's face, he balled his fists up, wrinkling Blaine's shirt in the process. "Blaine," Kurt said, searching Blaine's eyes, "it won't happen again." Blaine still didn't move, or speak. "What can I do, Blaine? What do you need from me to make this better?"

Blaine took a deep breath, glancing down at Kurt's fists gripping his shirt before looking back up at Kurt.

"I just… I need you, Kurt. I just need you."

Kurt's eyes flicked over to the door and back at Blaine; Blaine, whose golden eyes were staring up at him, so bare and wanting that it was almost painful to see; Blaine, who had hurt so much before that he just needed to be able to trust, to let go and feel safe with someone; Blaine, his soul mate.

"You sure that door is locked?" Kurt asked quietly and Blaine grinned, exhaling quickly when he said, "yes."

Kurt nodded and reached for Blaine's tie nervously. Blaine smiled to himself when he realised that Kurt was still nervous about this kind of thing. He tugged at it a little too harshly, yanking at Blaine's neck for a second before managing to finally get it off and not noticing how quickly Blaine had grown hard, just from that.

"Turn around," Kurt said, clearing his throat as Blaine did what he was told. Almost immediately, Kurt pulled Blaine's shirt over his head and his arms behind the back of his head. He wrapped the tie around his wrists, gently binding them. Blaine felt Kurt's warmth move in closer behind him and start untucking his shirt slowly, teasingly, before pushing his hands underneath the fabric and running them along Blaine's back. Blaine started at Kurt's touch, his hands just slightly cooler than Blaine's back, but still enough to make him shiver, or maybe it was the anticipation.

"Tell me you need me," Kurt stepped forwards and whispered into Blaine's ear, reaching round to undo his belt and zipper at the same time.

"I need you," Blaine whispered, cursing how gentle Kurt was being. He almost wanted to shake him, to get it through to Kurt that he could be rougher – that he needed rougher. Blaine's thoughts were cut off by Kurt pushing him forwards so that his chest was flat to the desk and his ass high in the air. He felt Kurt calmly run his hand, palm flat, down it, before tugging his pants down to his thighs and repeating the action. Blaine's breaths were quickly coming faster, making it nearly uncomfortable for him, as Kurt's other hand was pressing him down into the desk, not giving him enough room to take full breaths.

Kurt moved his hand to run along the crack of Blaine's ass, pausing when he grazed his thumb against Blaine's hole. Blaine felt him cup his cheeks, moving them so that he could see the pinkness of Blaine's hole. He let out a shuddering breath as his thumb grazed against it once more and noticed Blaine push back slightly in response.

"Where's the lube?" Kurt asked, completely distracted by the sight of Blaine bent over in front of him.

"In my bag."

Kurt reached to Blaine's bag with a quick command to not move and dug around in it until he found his small bottle of lube and a condom. He stood back up and watched Blaine, tied and waiting for him. If they didn't have lives to live, he was pretty certain he could stay there just watching him. Kurt pressed a small kiss in between Blaine's shoulder blades before sitting back and upending the bottle of lube, watching as he squeezed it and the liquid ran over Blaine's ass, trailing in between his cheeks and down to his balls. He moved his thumb closer to the hole, circling it until Blaine started to whine in want before pushing it further in until he eventually reached the knuckle.

Kurt quickly changed to his index finger and added another, insatiable for the feel of Blaine surrounding him and of taking Blaine apart so methodically. It was only when he had three fingers fully inside of Blaine that he stopped moving and watched instead. He couldn't deny that Blaine had a way of making being fingered look much hotter than it should have looked and seeing his pale skin starkly contrasting Blaine's, made Kurt stop in his tracks.

"Kurt… please…" Kurt heard Blaine's voice call out from beneath him. He instinctively bent forwards, moving as close to Blaine's ear as possible.

"Did I tell you, you could speak?" Kurt growled.

"You didn't tell me I couldn't speak," Blaine cheekily responded.

"Well then, Mr Anderson," Kurt said, trying not to laugh and, in retaliation, bending his fingers, hoping to graze Blaine's prostate as he did. The way Blaine gasped and squirmed confirmed to him that he'd succeeded, "you can speak when spoken to and only then, do you understand?" Blaine nodded, his mouth slack, and his heart racing.

Kurt sat back and stared at his fingers inside of Blaine again. He blushed at what he was going to have to do next and was thankful that Blaine didn't see it. Now was not a time for weakness. He'd looked up a few things online that were supposed to help him exert his dominance. He'd planned to try this when they were somewhere a little more private, but Blaine had said he needed him and Kurt knew exactly what that meant – strength, commanding, dominance. He twisted his fingers and bent them again, making Blaine squirm once more before pulling them out.

"Do you want my cock?" Kurt brashly asked Blaine, who didn't respond straight away. "I said, do you want my cock, sub?" Blaine took a deep breath and held it as soon as Kurt spoke.

"No?" He said quietly. "Not if you're going to use my marking in a derogatory way." Oh. Kurt stepped back. He hadn't expected that.

"I'm so sorry," he said instantly, snapping out of it. He bent over and pressed another small kiss onto Blaine's back, running his hands soothingly along his hips. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise." Blaine laughed gently and turned his head as best as he could to see Kurt.

"It's fine, don't worry," he smiled easily, "it just… does the opposite of turn me on." Kurt smiled against Blaine's skin and knew what to do. He moved towards his ear again and darkly whispered, "and who said that what turns you on ismy concern, Anderson?" Blaine's eyes widened for a second before he grinned.

"I love you." He quickly whispered before Kurt moved away.

"I don't believe I told you, you could speak yet." Kurt murmured and playfully slapped one of Blaine's ass cheeks in punishment, the smacking sound echoing around the empty room. Blaine whimpered and pressed his forehead against the desk, closing his eyes and trying to breathe through the pain, while also very aware of how hard he was. Kurt unbuckled his own pants and let them drop to the ground, stepping out of them so they wouldn't hinder his movement. He moved his hand to grip his cock and pressed it against Blaine's hole, barely moving in at all. "Now," he said with as much authority as he could muster when he was certain to come any second, "do you want my cock?"


"Sir." Kurt commanded.

"Yes, sir." Kurt pulled away for a second to roll the condom on and re-cover himself in lube before returning to Blaine and starting to push in, making sure to breathe deeply to hold off on coming so soon.

"Tell me you need me again," Kurt said, pushing into Blaine slowly. Blaine took a few deep breaths before answering.

"I need you, Kurt – oh!" Blaine cried out as Kurt pulled out and thrust quickly back in again once. As soon as he'd managed to get a hold of the tingling sensation it caused, Kurt repeated the action a few times, gripping Blaine tightly around the hips to hold him in place.

"Just know," Kurt said as Blaine pushed back towards him wantonly, "your orgasm is secondary to mine. Always. You have to earn the right to come, do you understand?" Blaine nodded as best he could with Kurt still thrusting into him, gradually growing fiercer with each thrust. "You look so beautiful like this," Kurt sighed, holding open Blaine's cheeks to watch as he thrust into him. "Ungh, so beautiful." Kurt tipped his head back and groaned loudly. Kurt looked down at Blaine who was so much quieter than usual and saw that he was biting his lip to stop from making a sound, trying desperately to obey when he wanted so much to scream out.

Kurt paused and reached around to grip Blaine's cock tightly, but kept his hand still. "I could make you come in a second, couldn't I?" Blaine nodded quickly. "Well you can't." Kurt said promptly, and teased Blaine further by starting to roll his hips slowly so that Blaine's cock was pushing into the circle of Kurt's hand. As he did, Blaine started taking deep breaths, needing to come so badly that he was close to sobbing.

"Do you want to come?" Kurt asked, getting to the brink of orgasm.

"Yes sir, yes." Blaine nodded his head furiously.

"Do you trust me to let you come?" Kurt scowled, not stopping his thrusts. Blaine didn't answer, swallowing air and concentrating too hard on following Kurt's order to not come. Kurt thrust harder to encourage Blaine to answer. "I said, do you trust me to let you come?" He focussed on Blaine who was only just able to nod. At that, Kurt shuddered and started to tip over the edge, gripping Blaine's cock tighter as his body tensed.

"Come Blaine, come!" Kurt cried out, shutting his eyes tightly as waves upon waves of pleasure rushed through him, not knowing if Blaine had even heard his order until he relaxed over his back and felt Blaine breathing – even, relieved, relaxed. "Shit," Kurt whispered, reaching up to tug the tie off of Blaine's wrists. Blaine's arms just fell and he made no effort to move them. Protect, comfort, Kurt's mind reminded him and he used the last of his energy to pry himself away from Blaine, remove his condom, clean the come from Blaine's desk, and help Blaine to move onto his back, allowing Kurt to slide beside him, and pull him in for a hug.

"Jesus Christ, Kurt," Blaine laughed, "that was incredible." Kurt laughed timidly, almost embarrassed at the compliment before falling silent for a few moments. He tried to catch his breath as his mind whirred into action, taking in everything that had happened that day.

"I can't do this still Blaine," Kurt said quietly after a while. "I need us to tell people what we are; I'm not hiding this anymore." Blaine breathed deeply and silently for a few moments before eventually speaking.

"Fine," Blaine nodded. "I guess it's only a matter of time with Sebastian knowing anyway." Blaine sighed again, shutting his eyes and wishing they could relish in this moment for longer before bringing real life back into the equation. "I'll come up with a plan."

"No." Kurt said instantly. "I'm the one who's supposed to be in charge of this relationship, so that's what I should do." Blaine bit his lip and tipped his head so he could look at Kurt. He had to admit he wasn't certain if it was the right idea to let Kurt do that, but he had to rely on him and maybe, after being dominated nearly perfectly, Kurt could be exactly what he needed. Blaine simply nodded and kissed Kurt, mumbling an, I love you onto his lips before curling up so he could rest.

"Nope," Kurt said, wriggling away from him, "I need to sleep in a bed, let's go up to my dorm." Blaine, still dazed from his orgasm, nodded and allowed himself to be dressed and dragged away, not noticing the continued vibrations that ran through his hands.