Prologue Chapter

''You're the best Yukio onii-chan!''

"Could with me for a while...? Yukio onii-chan..?"

"uwaaa...Thanks so much Onii-chan!"

"I love you... Yukio...onii-chan...~"

"Will Yukio onii-chan play again with me some other time?"




"Okumura-san...Okumura-san?...Okumura... OKUMURA YUKIO!"

"Huh?" The young exorcist looked irritably at the person who had the nerve to snap him out of his daydreaming

Mephisto raised a brow, "Okumura-kun, have you forgotten we're in a meeting?"

Yukio looked around and saw his fellow exorcists who were giving him weird looks. He cleared his throat. "Yes, pardon me. I just had a lot in mind. Please proceed."

Everyone was stunned; it's not like him to be spacing out like that, especially in meetings. But then again, they reminded themselves that the younger Okumura wasn't only an exorcist but also a teacher and a student all together, it's not surprising that the young man would be distracted once in a while. They just proceeded on with the meeting. Yukio on the other hand, was slightly embarrassed that he spaced out like that. What's more embarrassing was that he daydreamt about Rin.

Three days have already passed ever since the day Rin offered to be the baby brother while Yukio be the older brother. He took the offer seeing that it has no harm whatsoever...and how wrong he was... Now he can't get the image and voice of such an adorable Rin calling him 'onii-chan' oh so diligently. It's haunting him everywhere.

Once they were dismissed from the meeting, Yukio left the room and started to head down the hallways when a pink puff of smoke appeared and out came the principal

"Hello Yukio-kun~" Mephisto greeted him with a smile

"Hello." He greeted back casually clearly uninterested

Mephisto's face turned serious, "I would like to speak with you at my office, we're going to discuss about your behavior at the meeting."

"Alright." Yukio was slightly nervous.

At Mephisto's office.

The clown principal sat by his desk and stared intently at Yukio, who was standing in front of him waiting for his punishment.

"I'm really sorry for not paying attention at the meeting, Pheles-san, I promise not to do it again." Yukio spoke first.

"Yes, I accept your apologies." Mephisto closed his eyes, and then opened them again with a grin spreading on his face. "And I understand how you can't help to fill your mind with Rin-chan."

"Thank you for your unde-... Wait. You what?" He narrowed his eyes. Mephisto found out? How?

The older demon laughed, "There's nothing going on in this whole campus without me knowing...Yukio onii-chan." He grinned evilly at Yukio

The young exorcist tensed with a feint blush. He relaxed and put on his poker face.

"You are mistaken if you think that little incident was the one I was thinking about."

"Oh-hoh~? Is that so...too bad...I was about to give you an early Christmas slash Birthday gift~"

Yukio raised his brow. "What are you talking about?"

"Hmm~ I know you want to play 'onii-chan' again, and I can make it happen perfectly."

"Well, what's in it for you? I know you're not doing this for free."

Mephisto laughed, the young man really knows him all too well, "My my Yukio-kun, you're right about me doing things with a price, but this one's different. I'll make your wish come true, no strings attached~"

Yukio smirked at him, "You expect me to believe that?"

"Yes~ I am your godfather after all, so I don't see the problem of me giving you presents."

The young exorcist turned serious still not convinced whether to take the offer or not. It's just too good to be true for his liking. He doesn't even know what exactly Mephisto will do.

"And may I ask what are you planning?"

He grinned at him again,

"For seven days, Rin will be your younger brother and you will be the older brother, for real. It won't be hard all I have to do is alter everyone's memories in to believing it so. Since you're twins I don't have to worry about the timeline. And only you and I will know the truth behind our little game~"

"Hm... I think the idea just lost its appeal to me."

"Eh? Why? Don't you think Rin is such an eye candy as a little brother?"

"He is."


"...Fine." Yukio turned to leave.

Mephisto's eyes widened in delight. "You're gonna accept my gift?"

The younger shrugged, "Why not? It's free right?"

"That it is. Tomorrow will be the start of the seven days. Be sure to.. enjoy ..each day, Yukio onii-chan~" A mischievous grin spread across the principal's face.

Yukio gave him the same grin before closing the door leaving the office. Once alone, Mephisto stood from his desk and gazed at the large window behind him, he waved his parasol in a circular motion.

"Ein, Zwei, Drei~"

Dark clouds filled the blue sky and thunder roared upon the heavens, then a heavy rain poured. Mephisto watched as everyone hurry to shelter themselves from the downpour, he smiled amusingly.

"This will be an interesting week~"