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Ok, so there's a couple thing that led me to write this fanfiction.

I'm completely obsessed with Loki. I totally adore him

I saw the Avengers which made me not only fall even deeper in love with him, but it convinced me even more that he really needs a friend.

I've had this story about a Star in my head for a while and I didn't really know what to do with it.

And so this is just a little piece where Loki gets some sort of social interaction where he isn't put down or "AARGHGHHGH"d at. I'm thinking if people review it and like it I might make a proper story (you know, a few chapters leading up to this and some proper lovin' for Loki) out of it, so let me know what you think.

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Rosa ran her hand over the spines of the books, each and every one perfectly aligned. Not a speck of dust anywhere to be found. She smiled as she touched each one. Memories of her mother's soothing reading voice crashing over her like waves upon a shore, reawakening the hero's and old friends she had met in the stories she used to read to her as she lay in bed, eyelids heavy with want of sleep. She would always fight it though, with everything she had in her. If only to hear but one more sentence about the characters her mother could bring into existence with her voice. A voice so powerful, yet a voice so soothing. A voice which would always stay with her. Whenever she read, it was the voice she heard.

Glancing around her she saw no one. As she had suspected. The Great Library was always immaculate, not a bookmark out of place – only because no one ever stepped foot in it. Asgardians were strong and brave soldiers, they spent their time fighting and training and when leisure time was at their disposal, they used that time to make merry and celebrate the fact that they were such strong and emboldened a people. And while the Asgardians were intelligent too, few of them held much interest in the stories trapped in leather bound pages. They were adventurers. They were warriors. In truth, Rosa was confident it would surprise a great many of them to learn that the Great Library even existed.

Confident that she was alone, she pulled one of the books off the shelf. It was magnificently decorated. They all were. Deep, rich, emerald green leather with gold calligraphy dancing across the cover. A Journey. She traced the letters with her finger, slowly, reverently. She opened the book and inhaled the musty smell of the pages. As she began to read a small smile played on her lips, her mother's voice whispering the story in her ear.

Loki, perched up on a ledge with one leg hanging over the side, watched her. He had been quiet when he had entered the Library. He had grown skilled in being unnoticed, his Father with his great adoration of Loki's older brother had of course helped nicely in that regard. He had entered so quietly that one might have only noticed if they had been listening for it. He had seen the young woman in her maid's attire, shelving books, but she had not seen him. He had paid her no mind, she would only be there for a short while. Tidying the already spotless shelves and then she would leave – the maid assigned to the Great Library was always a fortunate woman. She need only make a quick trip there each day to ensure everything was as it should be and then she would be free to leave and spend her time as she wished. It was what all the others did. Inevitably the maid would be replaced by another after a few months, they always were. Some other maid, a kitchenhand or a cleaner assigned to the royal suites would out the Library keeper for neglecting her duties (jealous of her luck, no doubt) and she would be assigned elsewhere. Somewhere fair less desirable, Loki imagined.

He had settled himself in his usual spot; the railing on the second floor where he could overlook all the shelves stuffed with brilliantly bound books. His kingdom. Not a soul to disturb him, well, perhaps one. But she would soon leave. They all did. Loki assumed none of the women who passed in and out of that job could read anyway. He glanced back down at where she had last been standing. He was mildly shocked to see she was still there.

She had an open book held up before her. Her fingers whispering over the pages. Loki put down his book and swung his other leg over the balcony, leaning over to watch the Book Keeper. She was completely absorbed, cut off entirely from the rest of existence. All that existed to her were the words on that page. The way she leaned in over the words before her and sank slowly to sit herself upon the ground, never once so much as glancing away from the book.

Loki watched, enchanted.

The woman was beautiful, there was no denying that. But it wasn't that which held his gaze, for beautiful woman were no rarity in Asgard. It was her intensity. He was honestly waiting for her to merely melt into the book. He had to speak to her. He wanted to hear her voice. He wanted to know her name. He wanted her to tell him all about that book.

She didn't even realise he was there until he stood right beside her and actually spoke.

"What is your name?" he asked, silently wishing had thought of something better to say to her.

Her eyes shot up and locked onto his, her stomach plummeting. She slammed the book shut and leapt to her feet. Hastily, and with shaking hands she shoved the book back in the spot – the gaping hole that looked almost like a wound on the otherwise untouched shelf. "Forgive me, My Lord," she said quickly, her eyes on his feet as she gave a quick curtsy and hurried off in the other direction.

"Wait," he called and she froze, turning and taking a hesitant glance in his direction. His fingers hovered at the shelf where she had just stood. They danced softly over the spines of the books. "Which one?" he asked gently.

"My Lord?" she asked.

"Which one were you reading?" His voice was calm, and when his gaze fell upon her she did not feel intimidated, she did not fear punishment for neglecting her duties. There was something in his voice that she found comforting.

She was well aware of who he was; the God of Mischief. The Silvertongue. Able to manipulate anyone with a single phrase. She knew he was not to be trusted. But still, she could not help but to trust him instantly. It was herself that she doubted for it, not him.

Rosa moved towards him slowly, watching him. As she reached his side, she turned to the bookshelf, pulled out the book which she had been reading and presented it to him.

"This one, Your Highness." Rosa bit her lip, hesitating before she went on, "I must beg your forgiveness, My Lord. It was really not my place to be neglecting my duties. I assure you it will not happen again!"

"It's alright," Loki told her, "I do not mind. You seemed a good deal of the way through it."

Rosa felt heat creeping up her neck, "I had not but one chapter left."

Loki turned it over in his hands and opened it to the first page to begin reading. They stood in silence for a few moments until Rosa grew unsure of whether or not she should leave the Prince in peace. She was about to move away when Loki looked up at her again.

"What is it about?" he asked her, genuine interest in his voice.

Rosa hesitated, her eyes upon the book in his hands, "A Prince," she told him, trying hard not to blush as he raised his eyebrows at her. She hesitated.

"Tell me," he said, "Please."

"You would not prefer to read it yourself, My Lord?"

"No… I want you to tell me."

Rosa nodded and cast her eyes down, she could feel him staring at her.

"He is the Prince of a Kingdom filled with gloom…" She said softly, "Their world is dull, and full of sadness. The people of the kingdom are forlorn, and are losing hope that the Royal Family might save them as they have given their word to. And the King and Queen… they have long since given up any hope of rescue from the darkness. The whole Kingdom and all it's people are slowly turning to stone. Until one night, the Prince sees a star fall from the Heaven's."

Rosa took the book from Prince Loki, and ran her hand slowly over the binding as she began to fall back into the story she had been reading, "It's it the most vibrant light he has ever seen in his life and so he sets off to find it and bring it back to light up the Kingdom."

"Does he find the star?"

"Oh, indeed! He travels for many days in search of it. Only… T'is not a star at all, not as he expected it to be. It is a woman. A beautiful woman. She glows, and enchants everything she touches, filling all of it with happiness. He finds her by following her light. He tells her of his dying Kingdom and begs her to come back with him, promising her riches and comforts beyond her wildest dreams."

Loki cannot help but to smile at her enthusiasm, she seemed to have forgotten that she herself was speaking to the Dark Prince of Asgard.

"She goes, then?" he asked.

"She does, but she warns him that she cannot stay. For a star that falls never falls on purpose. And if she doesn't return to her place in the sky her light will fade and she will die. The Prince promises to help her return home in return for her light touching his Kingdom. As the two journey back to his Kingdom, the Prince finds himself falling in love with the star. He grows saddened by the idea of her returning to the Heaven's and like the rest of his Kingdom, he begins to turn to stone…"

Rosa looked up and their eyes met, Loki moved to lower himself to the ground just as she had when he had been watching her earlier. As he sits and gestures for her to do the same she follows his lead. He sat with his back against the bookshelf, one leg extended out, the other bent up at the knee. Rosa tucked her legs up beneath her, the book resting on her lap.

"What happens next?" Loki asked.

"By the time they reach the Kingdom, a great crowd is there waiting for them. Word has travelled to them that their Prince is bringing them a star, and when they see her they are overjoyed. She shines brilliantly for them and everything her light touches explodes with life. The grass is a vibrant green that most that look upon the colour realise they forgot it existed. The clouds evaporate and let throw the sun. Brilliant coloured birds awaken and begin to sing. And tears of joy stream down the faces of the people whose stone cheek return to flesh."

"And the Prince?"

Rosa shakes his head, "He is the exception. For as his people grow all the more joyful, he watches in agony as the Star's light grows dimmer. He knows she must return home. And he will never see her again. And as he is about to bid her farewell, his Kingdom notices her fading light too. They panic, certain that if her light dies, their happiness will along with it. They clutch onto her, smothering her, begging her to shine for them."

"Then they are killing her!"

"Unintentionally, but yes. The Prince, with an arm and a leg now completely turned to stone rushes to her aid. With a stone fist he beats her captors off of her and with all the strength her can muster he throws her skyward. She uses the last of her light to soar up toward the Heaven's, and as she glances over her shoulder, she watches as her Prince turns completely to stone."

They sat in silence for a few moments, Rosa stared down at her hands.

"And, what more?" Loki practically begged. He leaned in towards her, desperate for her to go on.

"I know not, My Lord," she answers with a shrug. "That is as far as I got before you- I mean, before I-"

"Before I startled you?" Loki finished for her with a smirk.

"Yes, My Lord," she answered, she couldn't help but to smile.

They smiled at each other for a moment before Loki spoke again, "Would you perhaps, read the rest to me?" he asked, "If that is, you don't mind the company while you finish it.

Rosa looked up at him once again and her smile grew wider, he was giving her permission to continue reading.

"If you wish it," she answered gently. She then opened the book and began to read aloud.

she could feel her heart breaking into pieces as she stared in horror at her Prince… her love… now frozen, like a statue reaching up toward her. A tear fell from her eye, plummeting down to earth and landing upon the stone face of the man that she loved and wept for.

She returned to her rightful place in the sky among her sisters. And though they had watched the whole affair unfold, they could not comprehend her grief. For none of them had ever left their place in the sky, so they had never known loss, or sacrifice… or love. And so they shone beside her, unable to offer her anything but their light.

Many years then passed. The Kingdom rose up and lived in happiness and harmony, slowly they began to forget about the Prince who had saved them. They forgot that the statue in their main town square had once been alive. They forgot why they loved that statue so dearly. But they never forgot about the star that had saved them. And they supposed that was why they held the statue so dearly in their hearts, because he forever pointed up towards their guardian star.

For all those years, the star never once averted her gaze. She stared down upon her beloved, making sure to burn brightly, and radiantly over his Kingdom so that his sacrifice would never be in vain.

10 years passed.

And then another 10.

And then 100 more.

Yet the star refused to look away.

And that devotion was at last rewarded. Because what the Star did not know was that her Prince was staring back. For the Prince was indeed stone, but he was very much alive. That single tear that the star had shed, that fell upon his face held within it so much of his Star's love that it had kept his heart beating for over 100 years. And the Prince had spent those hundred years putting all of his efforts into sending her a sign. A sign to show her that he was still alive.

At first he had tried screaming out to her, for decades he tried. But he concluded only that his lungs were not but solid rock. So then he had tried waving, nodding, reaching, kneeling, falling, a step, a kiss, a smile. And what was it that he managed? After more than a century of trying to signal his Love? He blinked. A single blink, of stone eyelids. It had taken him a century. But he had done it. And his Star had seen it.

She was filled with bliss and her light exploded out across the earth and galaxy, as she threw herself downward towards her love. The nearer she came, the more the Prince found himself able to move. He drew in his first breath in a century. His stone body returned to flesh. And finally, at long, long last, he held his love in his arms.

The pair left the Kingdom and lived a long and peaceful life together. The star dimmed her light just enough so that she might live out the length of the Prince's mortal life.

In the end they died, as all indeed do. But it is comforting to know that they went, as if falling asleep… happy… in love… together.

Rosa closed the book and hugged it to her chest. She smiled to herself for a time before looking up at Loki. She had not realised it, but he had been watching her unwaveringly, the entire time.

"Thank you," she whispered, "For allowing me to finish it."

Loki nodded, a small smiled playing on his lips.

Rosa stood, placing the book back upon the shelf, and so he too got up.

"What is your name?" he asked her.

"Rosa, My Lord."

"Loki," he corrected her.

She smiled and said softly, "I know who you are, Sire."

"No," he stopped her, "I want you to call me Loki."

Rosa smiled at him again and they stood in silence. Loki hesitated, his pride getting in the way of that which he wanted to ask her.

As if she could tell exactly what it was he wished to ask, she said, "Perhaps, next time we could start from the beginning of a story… instead of my filling you in."

Loki could not help but to smile at her, "A fine idea, indeed." He bowed to her, "Until next time, Rosa."

She curtsied in return and turned to walk away. After a few paces she stopped and looked over her shoulder, "Goodbye, Loki."

And with that, they left.

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