The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: Italy
Pen Name: Risbee
Pairing: Bella/Edward
Rating: M

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This is it...the last one.

Before I can call him, he is there. Before I know I want him, crave him and long for him, he is there. Edward needs me too.

Standing outside my front door with the raindrops making rivers on his skin, t-shirt clinging to his body, there are no words. Just warm lips and a hot mouth taking and taking.

His hands move along the sides of my face and into my hair, pushing it up and out and into a giant mess but I don't even care because he is here and whatever this is that is happening right now makes everything else irrelevant.

I pull us both back slowly away from the open door, not willing to lose the contact but I refuse to share him with the world. I need to be closer; I need him to be closer.

There has always been this thing between us; this spark that sometimes makes me think it could turn into something more. He's never been one for many words but there are beautiful moments when he lets his walls down a bit and when that happens I catch a glimpse of the fire inside of him.

Right now, that fire is making me burn.

He turns us and pushes me against the closed door. "Don't hate me for this."

I'm not quite sure what he's talking about but I already know it's not even possible.

His whispers are warm on my skin, but his nose is cold from the rain and I shiver as he runs it along my collarbone. I can feel him smile, "I love the way you respond to me." Oh, I am definitely responding.

Slowly, tentatively, he begins to unbutton my shirt and I feel pretty certain that he can feel my heart as it races. "Can I?"

I'm a little scared that if I say anything, I'll spook him so I nod and hold my arms calmly at my sides when what I really want to do is touch him and feel him and touch him some more. But that will come; I have no doubt. I just need to be patient and let him drive.

This is his moment; I just get to go along for the ride.

"For so long, I've wanted to tell you how I feel about you. To see if you feel the same way, but I never found the right moment and you deserve everything to be perfect. But tonight, when I remembered that you are leaving in the morning, I realized that I couldn't let you go without at least trying."

I barely feel it when he pushes my unbuttoned shirt over my shoulder and down my arms, leaving me standing in front of him in nothing but pale pink lace. "You are so incredibly beautiful, I can't look at you enough, Bella." I gasp softly as he barely brushes a nipple with his thumb and his eyes seem to grow darker as he watches it tighten. My whole body is tightening. "My Bella."

My Bella. Those words alone would be enough to get me through these six months away from him. They are fuel to keep me warm and bring me home again. I am his Bella.

I step closer, wanting to feel more of his body and wrap my arms around his waist, resting my head on his chest. His fingers run up and down my spine, circling at the small of my back and traveling back up in a feather light touch. Part of me wants to stay in this place with him for hours…

But we both want more.

Something unspoken moves between us, and the frantic need of the first kiss that ebbed into something sweeter, flares up again. His tongue presses its way into my mouth, dancing with my own and if it was any indication of what he could do with the rest of his body, lord give me strength. Lots and lots of strength. Looking into his eyes, I see nothing but heat and passion.

"This way." I grab his hand and lead him past the kitchen and down the hall to my bedroom. If he is finally willing to take the risk, then so am I, though I feel pretty confident that we're on the same page with all of this.

I watch as he reaches behind his head and pulls his wet t-shirt off his body, lamenting the fact that after this night it will be six more months before I can see him do it again. And already, I know I will be seeing it again. His jeans follow, though there is a slight fumble as he tries to get his feet free and realizes that he still has his shoes on.

But yet, there is something about this moment that is so quintessentially and perfectly Edward. He can unhook my bra with one hand, but still gets stuck in his own pants. There is no doubt in my mind that I am completely twitterpated.

As much as I now totally lust after the no holds barred Edward that showed up at my door and kissed me so passionately that I felt it in my toes, it is this side of him, the one standing before me and touching me so gently, that truly owns my heart.

We take our time exploring each other's bodies and learning each other. I arch into his body when he captures a nipple with his mouth and moan when he flicks it with his tongue. My boy may be quiet, but he definitely knows what he is doing.

Fitting himself over me, he slowly traces a path down my body with his mouth and all I can think about is how I never want him to stop. When I feel the first tentative flicks of his tongue, I have no thoughts at all.

With every stroke, every pass and each touch of his tongue, he grows more dominant, more self-assured as he notices the effect that he has on me; on my body. Every part of me throbs for him. "Please…please." I want and crave more, no less, no much much more, and when his lips secure themselves around my clit and he presses one finger and then two inside of me, dear lord have mercy thank you baby Jeebus. He uses my body to compose a symphony; each kiss, flick, touch, pulse, each delicious thing he does builds and builds, layer upon layer until I feel the world explode.

My eyes slowly open to the sight of his long body poised and hovering over me. Lips claim mine in a passionate kiss, lust surging back into my body when I taste myself on his tongue. "You've been holding out on me, Edward Cullen."

And now it's my turn to tease.

He is so completely beautiful. Velvety smooth skin stretches hot and hard and I let my fingertips dance gracefully over his length. Like he did to me earlier, my mouth explores his body, learning what makes him shiver and what makes him moan. Then I repeat it over and over again.

He tries to bring me back up his body, but I'm determined and when I flick my tongue out to taste him, his moans echo off my bedroom walls. My mouth and hand work in tandem, slick and sliding over him bringing him closer and closer as his hips move slowly, in sync with my ministrations. "Fuck, fuck, fuck…" His voice fades to a whisper until he inhales sharply and he reluctantly pulls away mumbling about how he has to be an idiot for stopping me.

But there is so much more to come.

Flipping us over so he's back on top, he kneels above me. The sight of him slowly stroking his length is almost enough to push me over the edge once more and when he catches me looking, he smirks because he knows I like it. "You've been doing this to me since the first day I saw you, Bella."

For real, I'm going to stuff him in my carry on bag and take him to Italy with me.

I pull him down, closer, needing to feel more of his skin on top of mine. Every second of this night is burning into my memory. The way he smells, the way he tastes and the way he feels. Oh dear God, the way he feels. Inch by inch by hot, heavenly, glorious inch he presses forward, filling me, completing me and all the beautiful things that there are no words for.

Our eyes lock and for a few seconds or hours we let the moment have its way until he finally gives in and closes his eyes. "I knew it would feel like this," he whispers though I'm not sure I was meant to hear, and yet, that makes it even better.

When he opens his eyes again, he says, "I can wait for six months. I can wait six years if I it means you are coming back to me. I just couldn't wait six more minutes to find out."

Slowly, he starts to move, somehow finding restraint when our bodies start to get too frantic, neither one of us want it to be over too soon.

Or ever.

I can tell that he is close, that he is waiting for me. Taking his hand in my own, I move them between us and when I touch him as he touches me, I am gone and he follows.

I don't ask him to stay because I know already that he will.

What started out at my front door with such intensity had morphed into something all consuming. It isn't just about want, though there is most definitely want, it's about finding out what we could be, about taking risks, about coming home.


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