Normal POV

A girl with long auburn hair that slightly curls at the end that is tied into two ponytails on each side of her head, huge thick glasses hides her beautiful hazel eyes that have dulled over at a young age. She pulls on a navy blue blazer; it contrasts itself along with her bright orange checkered skirt that reaches an inch below her knees.

'Perfect.' She thought as she grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs with heavy and loud steps; she could've woken the whole house with how loud she was being, that is if there was anyone else who lived there.

"Good morning gramps! It's the first day of the semester today, so I thought maybe I should go to school earlier than usual." Mikan said cheerfully at a picture of her grandfather.

The girl's name was Mikan Sakura, she used to live with her grandfather but three years ago he had died in his sleep, Mikan was relieved he had died in a peaceful way and wouldn't have him go any other way.

When she was young she had gotten into a car accident along with her mother. She had survived with small wounds but her mother wasn't so lucky. That caused her own dad to fall into a state of depression, he had started to blame her for her mother's death and started to abuse her.

But when she was around 6 he had kicked her out. While she was wondering the cold snow covered streets she had passed out from the extreme cold, and there her grandfather found her and adopted her in as his own grandchild.

Mikan smiled sadly at her grandfather's picture then made her way to the kitchen. She made herself some toast and bacon along with orange juice. By the time Mikan finished eating and washing the dishes it was still only 6:30 she had plenty of time to get to school.

Mikan started her way to school, after a while of walking she started to get an odd feeling as if she was being followed, she quickly turned around to see no one there.

'Huh? I could've sworn I felt someone watching me…Oh well my mind is probably playing tricks on me again.' She thought as she made her way to school in a quicker pace.


"First again!" Mikan thought aloud as she entered her classroom. She was always first to come to school, there was nothing to do at home so she always came early.

Though she wondered why, it's not like her school life was perfect. It's not like she has tons of friends to hang out with. It's not like she gets perfect grades…In fact it's quite the opposite, she has no friends in her school and always had horrible grades. She was considered to be an ugly nobody with nerdy glasses and braces, though the irony is she isn't even smart to be called a "nerd."

Mikan sighed as she walked to her desk in the middle row, next to the window. She really loved her seat, it was the perfect place to doze off during class and stare out the window. (if only she paid attention during class she would be getting good grades)

Mikan started to daydream again, since she has no friends the only company she has are her thoughts….Though that's not much of a good thing since she could only think of depressing things.

Slowly the classroom started to fill with rowdy students. Mikan couldn't help but smile at how much fun everyone was having with each other. Everyone in Mikan's were pretty close, like a big family. She always enjoyed watching everyone fool around with each other, though it did get kind of lonely just watching. But she was fine with that.

Suddenly the class's homeroom teacher, Narumi Anjo, skipped into the classroom wearing a frilly shirt and puffy pants with frills at the bottom. The class sweat dropped at what their teacher was wearing but otherwise continued what they were doing like nothing unusual happened.

"Good morning my beautiful students!" Narumi shouted cheerfully and of course like usual the class ignored him. Mikan would've loved to respond but she was too shy to do so.

Narumi cleared his throat and for the first time ever he shouted at his students "Everyone get to your seats and listen up!" That definitely got the students to shut up, it's not every day you see Narumi getting angry, better yet shouting.

"Now that everyone is listening I have an announcement to make, we have three new students joining our class today!" Narumi said going back to his cheerful self.

Mikan's POV.

"Now that everyone is listening I have an announcement to make, we have three new students joining our class today!" Narumi-Sensei said reverting to his cheerful self.

'New students? I wonder what they're like….'

Everyone in the class started to get rowdy again, I heard some people say things like "Are they boys? Girls?" "Are they cute?" "Are they handsome?" I wasn't really paying attention though since I wasn't really interested.

I continued to look out the window and daydream.

"Okay quiet down students. Come in you three!" Narumi-sensei said, and I started to hear the girls squeal in delight. I couldn't help it so I turned around to see who the new students were.

My eyes widened when I saw the new students.

'Wow…They're so handsome…' I couldn't help but stare at them…

The first boy had blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes he looked sort of European more than Japanese though. He had a smile on his face and he seemed really nice.

'Waah he looks so cute' I thought as my face started to heat up a BIT….I said a BIT okay!

The next boy had soft looking grey hair, I'm so tempted to just brush his hair with my hand, he also had these ash grey eyes with a hint of blue in them. Unlike the cute blonde, yes I'm calling him a cute blonde sue me! He had an impassive look on his face.

And the last boy with a glare on his face stared straight ahead. He had amazing crimson eyes that seem to be able to pierce through your very soul. He also had black hair that seemed disheveled.

'How intimidating… I hope he doesn't sit next to me.' Was all I could think as I glanced at the empty seat next to me.


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