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Italics: singing plus flashback

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Normal Pov.

Mikan's feet stepped onto the autumn leaves falling from the trees leaving crunching noises that sounds soothing to the ear.

Mikan weaved around trees looking like she was just wondering around aimlessly but she had a destination in mind.

It had been hours since Mikan had started her journey but she didn't notice, all she could think of was her destination. With each step she took her tiny smile became wider and wider.

Mikan's small smile transformed into a huge grin.

Before Mikan's eyes was a huge patch of land that seemed to go on for miles and miles, there were flowers everywhere all of different types and many assortments of colours. Pink, blue, purple, yellow, white you name it, it's there! And in the middle of it all there was this enormous tree with beautiful autumn coloured leaves.

Mikan giggled as she walked around with her arms spread out feeling the wind blow against her face.

She had found this place as she aimlessly wondered the woods a few months after her grandfather died. She loved coming here whenever she was feeling lonely, the sight just made her feel so at peace.

And most of all, she loved coming here just to sing. Sometimes she brings her guitar and plays a slow song as she lay down against the lone tree.

Mikan made her way to the tree and sat against it feeling the wind continue to blow, she slowly closed her eyes and breathes in the smell of the air. Her smile becomes sad as she got up and held her hands to her chest.

'It hurts.' Mikan thought sadly.

Mikan opened her mouth and began to sing, with her melodious voice that echoed around the area.

When night arrives lights are lit in this town

The sound of creaking wheels

They echo as I walk

With no destination in mind

There is nowhere that I can go

For what reason was I born?

Why is my heart a colour of silver?

Mikan at the age of 4 cried into a pure white bed holding onto a women's hand for dear life.

"M-mama, please don't l-leave me…" Mikan choked between sobs.

"I n-need you…" Mikan looked up tears running down her cheeks her eyes shined with tears her lip trembled.

"Miki I love you…Please don't cry, you look most beautiful with a smile on your face…" Mikan's mother replied using Mikan's nickname she gave her with a small smile her voice growing weaker and weaker.

"Miki, remember…No matter what…I love you...I'm sorry I can't keep our promise…" Her eyelids slowly slid shut and her pants for air stopped.


The beautiful hazel eyes that once shone bright with happiness dulled with not a single trace of light left and only pain and sorrow.

A long time ago that person told me

"You are a special doll"

So that I may be praised by him, I must dance and sing

Even now, I will continue to sing

I will sing, even if she never wakes up and open her eyes again

"Mikan my beautiful daughter, you look so much like her, your mother." A man said with a soft smile masking the crazed look in his eyes. "Come here honey, sing, sing like your mother used to, dance like she used to."

Mikan turned around to her father and danced and sang.

Even if her father looked at her like she was her mother, and not Mikan.

She continued to sing even if he may never look at her like his daughter again.

'I'm not Mama, Papa….'

"You filthy doll! You killed my wife! Your hands are tainted with the blood of my love!" A man shouted in hysterics hitting his daughter with a wine bottle.

The girl sobbed "It hurts…Papa it hurts…I'm sorry I'm sorry….Please I beg you, it hurts papa…" the girl stammered out between sobs as she kept getting hit.

"Sing! Sing like her!" The man shouted hitting her in the head causing the bottle to break.

The girl danced.

The girl sang.

Even if blood dripped from her head.

Even if she couldn't stop the tears.

Forever, she would sing for him

For what reason was I born?

Only to sing for eternity

Someday, I will fall into slumber and

Go to the same wonderful place in which she has gone

My wish is not granted

Living to sing alone has broken me*

Mikan's singing came to a stop as tears flowed from her eyes, she crumpled to the ground and hugged her knees and cried as the memories flowed back.

She sang, danced, and then cried. An endless cycle she had to go through.

All on her own.


It was Sunday and Mikan laid on her bed her eyes closed, she sighed. Usually around this time she would be at work but she doesn't have a job anymore, which seems to be a problem seeing that she has to find a job soon.

"What am I going to do?" Mikan thought aloud as she turned around. Mikan stared at the wall and decided to go out to town to find a job.

She got up and put on a regular long sleeved shirt with pink hearts dotting the middle and black khaki short. She tied her hair into a sloppy ponytail and grabbed her glasses and set off.

Of course Mikan being Mikan wondered around town finding many places she could get a job at but being too shy to actually ask for a job.

'I'm such a failuuree!' Mikan wailed as she covered her face with her hands as she wobbled to her door until she stepped onto something.

Mikan looked down to see a packet. Mikan raised her eyebrow and picked up the packet and entered her house.

She sat down on the dining table in the kitchen and opened he packet and inside, was another packet.

'uh..' Mikan sweat dropped opening the smaller packet somewhat expecting another packet but what she saw surprised her.

"What in the name of holy peanut butter pickles!" Mikan shouted eyes growing wide at the contents.

Inside the packet was money. Enough money to last her 3 weeks.

'Who in the right mind would send me something like this!' Mikan thought as she caught a glimpse of paper peeking out of the smaller packet.

She picked it up and it said 'I'm sorry.' But it wasn't signed.

Mikan was confused, why would this person be sorry? She searched through the packets trying to find evidence on who might have sent the packet but found none.

Mikan huffed in frustration and pouted, there was no way she could take this much money. She sighed and placed the money back in the packet and decided to watch tv. She didn't want to think too much about the money and worry about it another time.


Mikan's Pov.

Monday (Gakuen Alice)

Mikan sighed as she stared at the board with a blank face. There was a meeting between the teachers so Narumi-sensei left the class with free period.

I glanced at the empty seat beside me then at two other empty seats. The second Narumi-sensei left the classroom the boys had left, probably to ditch again.

Mikan averted her eyes to the window and stared outside.

"What should I do…. I really need to find a job…" Mikan sighed and closed her eyes.

"Um…" Someone with a girlish voiced mumbled behind me, this caused me to jump grabbing onto my chest as if I was having a heart attack. I turned around and a girl with pink hair and a baby's face came into view, 'Waahh she's so cute.'

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!" The girl bowed apologetically.

I quickly waved my hand not used to someone bowing down to me "A-ah no it's okay! I-im j-just easily scared sorry…" I mumbled quickly but somehow she managed to understand.

"No no! You don't have to apologize anyways I heard you talking about finding a job, yes?" The girl asked smiling.

"Uhm yes, I kinda need a job right now…" I said

"That's great!" She grabbed onto my hands "E-eh?" I squeaked and sweat dropped.

"You see, the café my parents own have been short on members lately and our best waiter became ill so I was hoping maybe you could take his place? Pleease oh pretty please I beg you!" She started to wave my hands up and down.

"U-uhm o-okay" I mumbled. She squealed in response.

"Really? Thank you thank you!" She started shaking my hand harder.

"U-uhm I think my arm may rip off if you continue to shake it." I said

"Oops, hehe my bad." She let go of my hand and rubbed the back of her neck looking sheepish.

"Oh! My name is Anna Umenomiya, just call me Anna!" She smiled

"M-my name is Mikan Sakura." A small smile appeared on my face.

"Nice to meet you Mikan-chan!" She giggled, "Like wise." I said my smile becoming bigger.

Anna-chan quickly wrote down the address of the café and gave it to me.

"Meet me at the address on Saturday at 1 okay?"

I nodded and watched her walk away waving at me.

I continue to stare at where she had just been and couldn't help the huge smile creeping on my face.

'Did I just make a new friend?'


The week flew by and it was Friday, I couldn't contain my excitement for tomorrow that I found myself skipping to class.

When I was about to grab the door knob it had opened suddenly and I came face to face with none other than Hyuuga-kun.

I gulped and stared terrified at him as he stared at me with his cold eyes.

"Are you going to move or what? You're blocking the way." He said with an annoyed look in his eyes.

"S-sorry…" I quickly stepped out of the way and watched as he left with Ruka-pyon and Hijiri-kun following him.

For some reason I couldn't stop myself for what I was going to say next.

"U-um! Hyuuga-kun!" I shouted he didn't turn around but stopped walking. I took this as a sign to continue.

"Thank you." I said, this time he turned around. "What for?..." He questioned.

"Um…I don't know why but I feel as though you're the one who left the money at my door!" I said

"Hmph, believe whatever you want I have no business giving you money." He said looking annoyed again.

I smiled softly, "Thank you anyways."

"Whatever let's go, Ruka, Yoichi." He said walking away, Ruka looked at me apologetically and followed Hyuuga-kun. But Hijiri-kun stayed there staring at me.

"U-um….Is something the matter?" I asked fidgeting.

"Nothing, ugly." He said walking away.

It took me a few seconds to process what he had said.

"Whaat! How rude!" I shouted at him, I pouted and stomped into the class.


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