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Mikan's Pov.

It's finally Saturday and I'm hopping around my house waiting for noon to come.

I flopped onto my bed and squealed.

'I'm going to be working with Anna-chan as a waitress!' I screamed into my pillow.

Until the words I just thought sunk in.


I've had a job as a waitress but it didn't even last three days.

I kept writing down the wrong orders and even if I did I brought the food to the wrong table and I also tripped a lot destroying the plates.

All my excitement quickly drained and was replace with panic

'What do I do!? I can't be a waitress! I'm going to disappoint Anna-chan!' I started running around the house in a panic and me being me, tripped.

Good thing I landed on the couch. Bad thing I stabbed my toe against the table.

"Ooww" I groaned and held onto my toe. 'Why am I so clumsy.'

I laid belly down on the couch and decided to cool down my nerves. (along with my throbbing toe)

I stared at the clock "12:36…. I might as well get ready now." I sighed and went to my room to get changed.

I wore a red plaid button up shirt that seemed a little too big for me and baggy jeans*. I grabbed my glasses and a small sling bag and headed out.


And now here I am standing in front of a cute café that's called "L'heure du thé de poupée" It probably meant something in French.

"Mikan-chan is that you?" I heard a familiar voice call. I turned my head to see Anna-chan staring at me at the door of the café wearing a red vest over a white dress that shows her shoulders and a huge bow on her head

"Anna-chan? You look so cute!" I told her as I walked towards her. She giggled and replied with a thank you.

"I'm glad you came! Come in we'll get you prepared for today!" Anna-chan said as she pulled me into the café.

"We?" I asked as I looked around the café, it was very cute café and there was a lot of customers.

"Yup!" she pulled me towards a girl with faded red-pink hair "Misaki-chan! Our newest member is here!" She shouted.

The girl called Misaki turned around and smiled brightly when she saw us. "Hey! So you're the newcomer huh?" She said eyeing me taking in every inch of my body, making me fidget.

"Hmm….We're gonna have to fix her if she's going to work here Anny…" She said.

'Fix?...' I stared at her dumbfounded and as if she knew what I was thinking Anna-chan said, "By fix Misaki-chan means to doll you up, you know? Make you prettier." Even though Anna-chan had good intentions when she said that it still hurt.

"Anyways, the name's Misaki Harada! But just call me Misaki." Misaki-chan grinned.

"U-um my name is Mikan Sakura, nice to meet you." I said fidgeting.

"Mikan-chan huh? What a cute name, and the pleasure is all mine!" Misaki said.

"So Misaki-chan when are we going to fix Mikan-chan?" Anna-chan asked.

"Right now duh!" Misaki-chan said as she walked towards the employee's lounge, Anna-chan and I following her.

"E-eh!? But we're not on break Misaki-chan!" Anna-chan exclaimed. "Ooph!" Misaki-chan just threw some clothes at Anna-chan.

"Go get changed Anny we're heading out!" Misaki-chan said as she headed to the bathroom to change.

"Hmph" Anna-chan pouted as she followed suit "Mikan-chan just stay there okay!"


I sat down on the couch. 'Misaki-chan seems really nice, and maybe a little hyper. I can see why she's friends with Anna-chan.' I giggled at the thought.

"What are you giggling about?" I turned around to see Misaki-chan standing there ready to go wearing black skinny jeans and a dark red shirt that showed her shoulders and a ribbon right below her chest.

"Wha-! You're quick!" I shouted at her surprised.

She snickered at how surprised I was, "You'll get used to it."

Normal Pov.

"So what were you giggling about hm?" Misaki asked Mikan

"Uhm nothing.." Mikan said averting her eyes away from Misaki. She raised her eyebrow but didn't question it.

"So, tell me about yourself Mikan-chan." Misaki said as she sat next to Mikan.

"Uh... I don't know what to say, sorry…" Mikan said looking sheepish 'it's like I forgot everything about myself.' Mikan sweat dropped at the thought.

"Hmm, tell me do you have any siblings? How many family members do you have? How did you meet Anny? Why do you wear such thick glasses ?Favourite food? Favourite color?" Misaki started shooting Mikan with so many questions she couldn't keep up.

"Umm..." Mikan mumbled her eyes spinning.

"Oops…Sorry I tend to do that, hehe." Misaki scratched the back of her neck.

"Um first question how many family members do you have?" Misaki asked.

"Umm….One?" Mikan said unsure of herself. "One?" Misaki asked.

"Umm well I have a grandpa but he's not alive anymore…." Mikan said as she looked down on her lap her smile faltering.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Mikan-chan…What about your parents? Siblings?" Misaki asked.

"No siblings…My mom's gone too and I have no idea what happened to my dad…." Mikan wasn't smiling anymore, instead she had an indifferent look on her face.

"Oh…I'm so sorry I asked.." Misaki felt bad for asking these questions.

"It's okay.." Mikan offered Misaki a forced smile.

"Hey, if you ever feel lonely I'm here for you!" Misaki held onto Mikan's hand with a huge smile, "Now that you're working here you're part of our family!"

Mikan was surprised by what Misaki said but still smiled, "Thanks." Misaki grinned in response.

"If you two are done with your touching moment I believe we've got a mall to be heading to?" Anna said from the door with a smirk.

"Yeah yeah don't get your knickers in a twist." Misaki rolled her eyes, she grabbed Mikan and headed out the door.

"K-knickers!?" Anna exclaimed as Misaki and Mikan giggled.


The three girls arrived at the mall and were already going through many stores looking for clothes for Mikan.

"Hmm, what do you think Anny plaid or stripes?" Misaki asked as she held out two different shirts.

"Polka dots." Anna's response earned a smack to the head.

"I said plaid or stripes idiot! And polka dots will just make her look childish!"

"And plaids and striped won't?!" Anna exclaimed in response, "No duh!" Misaki shouted.

As the two continue to bicker Mikan was staring at a white hoodie with a puff ball at the back of it and its hood had rabbit ears.

"Cute..." Mikan mumbled softly but loud enough for Anna to hear.

"You like it? I'll buy it for you!" Anna said as she shoved her hand at Misaki's face to get her away.

"Ooph! Met yur hamf off!(Get your hand off)" Misaki slapped Anna's hand away.

Mikan sweat dropped, "I-it's okay you don't have to buy it, I don't want you to waste your money.." Mikan said.

Misaki burst out in laughter, "Of course we're wasting our money on you! There's no way you could pay since you're pretty much broke! And there's nothing you can do to stop us." Misaki said as she grabbed the hoodie and paid for it.

-A few- I mean a thousand clothes later-

The girls were walking around with their hands filled with bags and bags and bags...

"Uhmm, where are we going Misaki-chan?" Mikan asked as she followed the elder.

"We're getting you contacts, we need to get rid of those glasses."

"E-eh, no thanks I'm good with my glasses…." Mikan said with worry in her voice.

"No way! We're getting rid of them, I don't even know what colour your eyes are."

"They're brown, so how about we forget about the contacts?" Mikan asked with a hopeful glance at Anna.

"You agree right Anna-chan?"

"Hehehe, nope," Anna giggled.

'God, kill me now.' Mikan thought as she was dragged away to get her contacts.


Mikan's Pov.

Misaki's house

"Hey Misaki-chan could I borrow your kitchen?" Anna-chan asked Misaki-chan.

"Hm? Yeah sure go ahead." Misaki-chan said as she combed my hair trying to get rid of the knots.

"Jesus Mikan what did you do to your hair, it's like you just decided one day to chew gum and stuff it in here." Misaki-chan said as she tried to untangled my hair.

"Um..Well I don't comb it…." I said as I stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"What!? When was the last time you combed your hair?" Misaki-chan asked.

"Hmm, I don't remember..." I said thinking about it.

"WHAT!?" Misaki-chan shouted in my ear as she ripped the comb through my hair.

"Ow!" I groaned as tears started to form at the corners of my eyes.

"Oops, sorry at least the knots gone."

"It's fine." I said as I rubbed away the tears.

Misaki-chan sighed, "Jeez Mikan you have to take care of your hair." She said as she poured some kind of hair product on my hair and continued combing.

After a while my hair was ridden of knots and looked straighter and neater than before.

"Done! So what do you think Mikan?" Misaki-chan asked as she stared at me proud of her work.

"Wow…" Was all I could get out of my mouth.

Misaki-chan grinned and shoved a bunch of clothes into my hands, "Try this on, the bathrooms across the hall."

I walked to the bathroom and tried on the clothes. (I've decided to leave what clothes she's wearing to you guys beautiful imagination)

I walked out of the bathroom and into Misaki-chan's room.

"Umm, is this okay?" I asked Misaki-chan who turned her head to me, before I knew it she was squealing.

"Mikan you look so cute!" She squealed and brought me into a bear hug.

"…..Misa-….Choking me…" I gasped out.

"Oops! Sorry…" Misaki-chan smiled apologetically.

"Anyways Mikan-chan you look so cute! Now all we need is to get rid of those glasses…." Misaki-chan mumbled the last part but I still caught it.

I gulped as Misaki-chan eyed me evilly, "Uh….You will never catch me alive!" I shouted out the last part as I zoomed out of her room.

"How about I catch you dead then?!" Misaki-chan shouted as she chased me around the living room. At that moment the door to the kitchen swung open and Anna-chan came out, "Who's dead-" She asked alarmed, until she saw me she instantly squealed.

"Is that you Mikan-chan? You look so cute!" She ran up to me and hugged me.

"No it's Mikan-chan's twin sister Miki." Misaki-chan said sarcastically. Anna-chan stuck her tongue out at her.

"Anyways Anny now that you've got her grab her glasses!" Misaki-chan shouted as she pointed at my glasses.

"Roger roger!" Anna-chan saluted and tried to take off my glasses as soon as she did I quickly hid my eyes with my hands.

"Aw come on Mikan show us your pretty eyes." Misaki-chan whined as she try to pry my hands away from my face.

"N-No!" I shouted silencing them both as I crouched down and hid my face in my arms.

I could feel Misaki-chan crouch down next to me. "Why not?" she asked, I could feel their stares piercing holes through me. Urghh this is so embarrassing, "I'm not used to not wearing glasses….When I wear glasses it's like I'm looking through a window."

"A window?" Anna-chan asked.

"I'm cowardly and I hate facing reality head on, so when I wear glasses it's like I have a wall of protection for me… I guess that's sorta silly but it's just a thing I've grown used to."

I felt arms wrap around me and I looked up to see Anna-chan hugging me, "I'm so sorry! I didn't know you felt that way! Don't worry Misaki and I will quickly buy you some new glasses okay? For now can you please wear the contacts? Just for a day!" I sighed and nodded my head at them.

Anna-chan started to squeal and hug me tighter.

"Awww, You look adorable without your glasses! Hey can I draw freckles on you? I think freckles are cute-"

Anna-chan got silenced as Misaki-chan hit her head.

"Shut up for 5 seconds will you? I know it's hard but at least try." Misaki sighed out. I couldn't help but giggle at Anna-chan's expression.

"Sorry Anna-chan but I'd rather not have any fake freckles." I breathed out after my small giggling fit.

"Owch Mikan that hurts!" Anna-chan said in mock hurt, "Call me Anna! We are officially sisters and in return I'll call you Mikan…Or maybe even mouse!" She added the last part in a rush.

"Mickey mouse?" Misaki-chan asked.

"Yeah Minnie mouse!"

"I said Mickey… Anyways if that's the case, Mikan just call me Misaki!" Misaki turned around and faced me with a grin.

I looked at both of them my head turning slowly from side to side, then my face broke out into a grin.


Mikan's Pov.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to "Mikan freaks the fuck out!" Where you viewers get to invade Mikan Sakura's personal bubble and watch as she freaks the fuck out!

Haha, very funny Mikan.

I sighed as I paced back on forth in front of the classroom, today I had actually brushed my hair properly as Misaki had instructed and I let it down instead of leaving it in it's twin tails and now I'm wearing my contacts. Which on a side note I spent 30 minutes of whining about how much it'll hurt when I put it on and surprise it didn't.

I sighed and finally decided to head over to the bathroom and just stick with my glasses, as I was about to turn around I saw someone make their way to the classroom.

As I continued to panic the person made it to the door and was staring at me. Now that I could see his face, the person was apparently Hijiri-kun.

He stared intently into my eyes and I sort of shrunk under his gaze.

"Uh…Is there something on my face?" I asked timidly.

"Who the hell are you." Hijiri-kun said bluntly.

I stared at him and muttered "Is he an idiot?" To myself but Hijiri-kun had apparently heard me. "Just because you're a girl doesn't mean I can't punch you." I swear I could hear a vein pop from him.

I sighed, "I'm Mikan Sakura…Ring any bells? The girl who accidently spilled spaghetti all over Nogi-kun…. I'm really sorry about that by the way…" I fidgeted as he stood there and stared at me as if I was an alien. He then snorted and walked pass me to the door, "Yeah right, keep dreaming."

How rude! How could he not believe me? Well I guess I do look quite different, but still that was rude. I huffed and fixed my bangs to cover most of my eyes before heading inside the classroom and quickly took my seat before anyone could notice me.

Bless the lords Hyuuga-kun hasn't arrived yet so the seat next to me was empty. I shrieked when I felt someone tap my shoulder I quickly turned around to see Anna standing there smiling sheepishly. I also noticed that my manly shriek caught some attention so I apologized quietly while adjusting my bangs and hiding my face a little feeling embarrassed.

Anna giggled at me and dug into her pocket and took out a glasses case. "Ta-daah! Guess who's getting brand new glasses!"

"How'd you keep it in your pocket…?" I said staring at her in bewilderment.

"Hammer space." Was her only reply so I just slowly nodded at her.

"I thought that I wouldn't be getting this till later?" I asked.

"Misaki and I decided to get it yesterday instead, I hope you like the design Misaki picked it out. It's sorta plain." She said handing the case to me. I opened it to see a square glasses with orange frames, "Thank you, It looks cute." I said twisting it around in my hands looking at it.

"Quickly take off your contacts and put them on! I want to see how they look." Anna said excitedly bouncing up and down. I gulped and slowly tried to take off my contacts, I flinched and yelped when I poked myself in the eye.

"My eye!" I whined as I clutched my face tears forming. I heard a snort from across the room and I quickly turned my head to the direction it came from to see Hijiri-kun covering his mouth and looking the other way.

Urgh rude! He did not just laugh at me. I puffed out my cheeks in anger and tried to take them out again, this time succeeding. I smiled triumphantly and quickly put the glasses on and turning to Anna who started to squeal and clutched onto my face.

"They look so cute on you! Misaki thought that the square rimmed glasses would make you look too mature so I decided to get them in orange to bring out your cuteness!" I laughed at her excitedness.

"Sorry about that, I'll be sure to pay you guys back for buying these for me."

"Awe there's no need for that! Oh and one more thing Mikan, today after school we are starting your training!"


"To be a waitress, duh! Good luck though, Misaki is a strict teacher!" Anna said mischievously as she winked at me.

Oh god please save me.

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