A/N: This is a story where I believed in something called "hope". You know those moments when you cling onto something so dear to your heart only to watch it slip away through your fingers? You know those moments when you want to just fall and surrender but because of a stranger's, no, a friend's kindness you stand back on your two feet and fight on? This is a story that was inspired by one of the truly great persons I met here. Thank you, Lotusbitch for being there for me even though at times I want to give up. Thank you for giving me hope.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Summary: "Tell me Caius, do you believe in angels?"

Angels Can Fall (Part 1)

"I'll take one can of beer, no wait; make that two cans and Flan orange juice."

"Sir, the hospital doesn't serve beer."

"Right. Then just a box of Flan orange juice then."

Paying the cashier, Caius took the groceries and walked out the door. Why did he keep forgetting the hospital didn't serve beer? Right, it was of the new laws imposed by the newly elected Primarch that's why. Done grumbling for the moment, he returned back the way he came. Every time he walked down these silent halls, it was different. Yesterday he witnessed an accident by one of the nurses whom he saved from slipping. Of course, he was then 'hot' news amongst the nurses. Regardless of what they thought of him, he had his eyes set on one person in particular. Though, in no way romantically.

Turning down a hallway, he counted the doors until reaching door number thirteen. On the door etched on a golden plaque was a name: Nsu-Yeul. Pushing down the steel handle, the door creaked signaling his arrival.

"Back," Caius announced heading to Yeul.

The girl with long azure hair greeted with a nod before turning her attention to the skies. Yeul's eyes never left the skies watching yet, almost waiting. The sound of a chair scrapped across the floor momentarily broke her attention from the skies.

"Looking at the skies again?" Caius questioned. "I can't help but notice you constantly gaze at the skies lately."

"Do I?" Yeul spoke in a raspy voice. Releasing several dry coughs, Yeul inhaled air. To any other person fresh air would do them good but to Yeul, they burned her lungs. Feeling Caius's eyes on her, she immediately smiled. "It's nothing. I'm fine, really."

"Yeul..." Quickly giving her the Flan orange juice he said, "This should help you."

Yeul's eyes suddenly lit up seeing the box of orange juice. Stroking a thumb over the colored box, she weakly smiled. How many more times will she get to drink this before the angels take her away? Her eyes involuntarily watered thinking of leaving Caius' side.

"You thought of angels again," Caius wiped her tears with his thumb. "Did I not tell you to think of them? The more you think of them, the sadder you become."

"I can't help it," Yeul spoke in a whisper. "My life is coming to an end soon... I thought if I constantly wished for angels... I can see one before I die."

"Angels don't come for anybody, Yeul."

"I know..."

"Now, no more talks about angels."

Yeul nodded and slowly shifted her position to lie on her back. Caius pulled the blanket over her for warmth. Pressing a palm on Yeul's forehead, her skin was ice cold. Watching Yeul breathe with difficulty pained him greatly; he wished day in and out to exchange places with her. He wished he was the one dying and not her. Yeul's eyes once again moved to the window, gazing upon the blue sky.

"Tell me Caius, do you believe in angels?"

"Yeul didn't I say—"

"Do you believe in them?"

"No," he replied falling back into the chair. "Only if I see one then maybe I'll believe angels exist."

"I think angels exist." Yeul smiled beneath the blanket. "I read they're beings sent by the merciful goddess Etro to take those away to Valhalla to live a life of peace, waiting for the right moment to be born anew."

Caius remained silent listening to Yeul. Truth be told, a small part of him believed in angels but he knew angels were myth. Nobody had seen an angel that was of course when a life was about to be extinguished. People say they saw angels adorned with a bright light, waiting for them to cross over and welcoming them with an extended hand. They said they'll protect them ensuring a safe passage. Only through books and chronicles did Caius ever saw Valhalla. It didn't quite fit the description of paradise; it was a lonesome land filled with vacant buildings waiting to be filled by souls. To think, an angel will come and take Yeul away...


Snapped out of his thoughts, he looked at her. "Yes?"

"I want to see an angel."

Caius frowned. Shaking his head, he stood up from the chair.

"I can't make that happen," he stated firmly. "Right now you should save your strength for tomorrow. I'll be back."


Picking up his leather jacket from the coat stand he couldn't help but look over his shoulder. As expected, Yeul's eyes returned to the vast expanse of blue sky. Expelling a sigh, he left the room wishing the angels would let her live, one day at a time.

Kicking the side of his motorcycle, Caius cursed at the lifeless solar cell. Of course he had to forget to charge it yesterday when the sun was high in the sky. Checking through the vehicles' compartment, he struck gold; stashed in one of the compartments was a fully charged solar cell. Quickly swapping it for the new one, the ebony and purple vehicle roared to life upon a twist of a key. Getting on the bike, he snapped on his shades and turned the handle zipping out of the parking lot. Weaving in and out through Academia, things were normal, that was until he noticed clouds gathering above him. Strange, the weather girl said nothing about showers.

The clouds were strange constantly spiraling into a vortex. White light spread through the grey mess before an ear rattling boom echoed across Academia.

"Someone pissed the gods off," Caius spoke maneuvering around a car.

Turning a corner toward the park, a sudden charge of light slammed into one of the trees. On instinct, Caius hit the brakes. Drop after drop of rain fell before curtains of cold, merciless rain slammed onto him.

Rain... Just my luck...

Removing his shades, he swore he saw something or someone by the tree. Blinking several times, his amethyst eyes locked onto a body of a sleeping woman. He didn't need encouragement to help her seeing her body expelling columns of smoke. Rushing to her, he quickly held her.

"Are you alright?"

Shaking her a couple of times, he noticed something particularly odd with her. She wore armor; a silver breastplate, silver gloves and boots and a long feathered garment attached to her left hip. Not far away from her were an elegantly crafted sword and a shield. Shaking her a couple of times, she slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was slightly askew wobbling in all directions.

"Hey, you alright?"

She focused her vision upon a man. Blinking rapidly, she pushed herself up and grabbed his wrist. Before Caius registered what was going on, the woman scrambled onto her feet, twisted his wrist and threw him over her shoulder. Landing in a muddy pool, he was about to get up but was greeted with a silver sword inches from his face.

"Where am I?" she questioned.


She blinked inching the blade closer. "Pulse you say?"

"Why would I lie?"

She snapped her blade to the side, scattering droplets into the grass. Taking a step forward, she observed her surroundings. The grass was lush and green, the sky was once blue (before her arrival) and there was a city not too far off boasting yellow, red, green and blue lights.

"Pulse..." she muttered. Suddenly she raised her blade pointing to the sky and screamed, "Oh this is fair! This is how you treat me?"

Cradling his neck, Caius slowly got to his feet. He watched the woman scream at the skies.

"Banishing me out like that! Yeah right, real mature!"

I wonder if she hit her head?

"Open the gate! I demand you to open the gate!"

She hit her head.

"Return me to Valhalla at once!"

Caius blinked; did she just mention Valhalla? The city of the dead? It was only when she turned around did Caius took notice of her. In the back of her armor were slits with ripped feathers sticking out. Turning to the side he noticed several unusual things burnt in the grass. Picking them up, they were scorched feathers. Did that mean... No. That's impossible.

"You're not an angel, are you?"

The woman stopped screaming and turned to Caius. Her eyes were narrow. "What of it?"

"Yes or no?"

"What if I am?" she crossed her arms. "What if I am an angel you mortals speak about?"

"You are an angel..." His voice trailed off. Quickly remembering Yeul's words he asked, "Are you here to take someone away?"

"That was the idea until Etro banished me here," The woman huffed.

Now did he believe angels exist? No. He always depicted angels to be of kind nature and not one as hotheaded or short tempered as this one. This one was a spitfire. Period. Speaking of this one, this one lacked a halo.

"What are you gawking at?" she snapped.

"If you're an angel, where's your halo?"

She rolled her eyes. "Angels don't have halos, idiot. You mortals gave us halos in your drawings and you immediately assume all angels have halos?"

"What? I mean no!"

He heard her sigh. "This is pointless."

She moved her fingers to her back touching what remains of her wings. Gone. They were gone. Without wings she couldn't fly... Quickly turning around, she raised her sword to his eye level.

"You. I demand you to help me. Find shelter for me and you will be rewarded."

"Before I do that," Caius said. "What's your name? I'm sure not everyone up there or wherever you came from are called 'angel'."


"Lightning." Caius repeated. "First off Lightning, you can't walk around like that,"

Lightning glanced down at her armor then at his clothing.

"I'm supposed to dress like you? What I'm wearing is perfectly fine!"

"Maybe in Valhalla but not here," Removing his leather jacket he gave it to her. "Wear this. At least people won't ask questions."

Snatching the jacket, Lightning slipped her arms through it. Now she looked even more awkward than before.

"I look terrible," Lightning narrowed her eyes. "And this thing, it reeks of sweat!"

Caius remained silent and headed over to his bike. If she was actually an angel, she was an oddball to say the least. Hopping onto his bike, he motioned her to follow. Lightning was quite perplexed with the metallic purring vehicle and got onto it, legs to the side as she gripped onto the handle on the backseat.

"Now I feel awkward." Lightning dryly commented.

"Hang on."

The metallic beast roared to life suddenly spinning a one eighty before heading down the drenched roads. Lightning slammed into Caius' back and grumbled. The speed he was going on a wet road was insane but she believed he knew what he was doing. Of course, if he got her killed then there would be one less merciless angel to deal with. Suddenly jerking to a stop, Lightning's face slammed into his back.

"Watch it will you?" she hissed. Rubbing her nose, she grumbled. He's terrible!

Suddenly hearing the roar of the vehicle once more, Lightning clutched onto his jacket praying for dear life. She could any day sit on Odin and train in the celestial fields until the fall of night against imaginative fiends but this… this was something she was absolutely not prepared for! She was in a mortal world, lost and with this man who apparently may give her a heart attack. Brilliant. For now, she may as well place her life in his hands; after all, if she was discovered to be an angel, things may get pretty ugly.