After a few years of travelling around the continent Harry had decided to stay in Italy. He simply loved Italian food and the people were all so open. He enrolled in Circe's School for Magical Talented and followed a wide arrangement of classes they did not teach at Hogwarts. He wondered if it where only the British people who believed their school was the best, because he found he liked Circe's school a much better organized school than Hogwarts ever had been. After he had finished school, he decided he wanted to become a Master in some of his classes. There were enough Masters who wanted him for his Mastery, because of they high grades which he had finished school with. He studied three years of Ancient Runes and Spell crafting, then took his Mastery for Potions, Transfiguration and Charms, of which none took him more than a year. His Defence Against the Dark Arts Mastery took him no more than four months, and in the same year he finished his Dark Arts Mastery, of which he was surprised could be studied in Italy. After that it took him another three years to finish Arithmancy, a course he never really liked and studied hard for to get rid of it.

Really, Harry had never been so happy for Translation Spells in his life.

After working so hard in order to finish his school, Harry made sure to take a year of and go touring the world, of course, he couldn't help studying some more magic in places like China, Chili and Ecuador. After that it did not take Harry long to find himself back in Europe, or better yet, England. A whole lot of experiences wiser and magically stronger.

He was unsurprised the country had not changed much since he had been gone.

But what could you expect with such bigoted persons leading it?

Okay, so this is the start of the sequel for Betrayal.

I hope it turns out to be something good.

I hope to hear suggestions of what you want to happen in this story!

Lady K. Malfoy