So this is a poem I wrote for school summarizing the events of Darkest Mercy. I didn't think it was all that bad so I decided to post it on here.

Disclaimer: I own noting. All rights belong to the genius writer, Melissa Marr.

Darkest Mercy

Summer, Winter, Dark, Shadow and High

The faery courts all scream a battle cry

Love, despair and betrayal ignite

Making Huntdale a war zone practically overnight

The death of one of their own

Has left the Dark Court shadowed and cold

Niall especially feels the loss

The madness taking hold until he believes he is being double crossed

The Summer Court is missing their King

Leaving Aislinn confused about the whole thing

As she tries to hold her court together

She soon discovers things could end at the drop of a feather

Winter being the strongest of them all

May be the only one who can stop the upcoming brawl

But Donia fears that War may get her way

For she is already leading the Courts astray

Seth notices something is wrong with his friend

But in the case of the cause he has reached a dead end

Until Niall in all of his furious rage

Ends up putting Seth in an iron cage

Bananach knows that her War is in view

So close she is, only one thing left to do

To insinuate fear, created the final spark

So she declared herself Queen to those of the Dark

The final conflict began in haste

Not one of them expected the horror they faced

It was War vs. Summer Winter and Dark

The battle itself left a harsh mark

War was killed in an encasement of ice

With Summer's attack and Dark's slice

She died in warm summer mud

In which the trust of Niall's sword shed blood

At last the murderous War is through

But who will replace her there is only a few

Irial who we thought to be dead

Is chosen to be discord instead

Keenan in order to save his true love

Gave up his ice with a shove

Donia in painful misery believe him to be dead

But to her utter shock did he become human instead

So much has changed for Seth and Ash

Time passed by it seems with a quick flash

But they don't seem to mind nor care

The happiness they both feel almost seems too much to bear

The books have finally come to a close

But the stories themselves still grow

For just enough was left unsaid

For the faeries of Wicked Lovely to have their perfect end

So whatcha think? Good, bad, amazing, horrible?

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