Prologue – Earth's Balance is Threatened! Find the Legendary Warriors!

In a world that existed on a separate plane from Earth, nature was overflowing. Tall and majestic trees, lush rainforests and clear blue lakes all under full, cotton-white clouds. It was the Land of Gaia, and it was a realm teeming with nature. The four seasons that passed through the land all brought something unique along with them: flowers bloomed in the spring, the sun shone spectacularly in the summer, amber leaves fell from the trees in the autumn and gentle snowfall meant winter.

In the midst of the greenery stood only one unnatural structure, yet it blended in as if it was part of the land itself. The Gaia Palace stood tall and proud, an almost elegant structure made of marble. Green vines with small pretty-pink flowers grew onto the tall pillars of the palace, a testament to how unified it was with the earth. In the palace, lived Lady Earthlight who oversaw the balance of not only the Land of Gaia but also that of Earth and other planets. Lady Earthlight was known by many names; Mother Nature, Gaia and several others.

The deity stood alone in her dark palace, the only light came from a small replica of the Earth which she used to monitor the conditions of the planet and keep its balance in check. The light from the blue marble shone onto the woman's face, lending an eerie look to her features. Her long, green hair appeared to almost glow in the light and her white gown looked almost ethereal, while her young face was revealed to be bathed in worry. For a long time now, things have been askew on the blue planet, and several others. What worried her the most was that she couldn't pinpoint exactly what was going wrong. To understand Earth's condition better, she had sent out her four guardian fairies to investigate.

Her four guardian fairies: Mocchi, Neene, Purin and Uji, embodied the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter respectively. Lady Earthlight had lived a mostly solitary life, a life so long that the years didn't matter anymore. Not being to cope with the loneliness, she eventually created the four siblings to keep her company and help her ward off any threats to a planet's ecosystem. Earthlight stood still, waiting on the fairies to return. She ran through any number of reasons as to why Earth's balance was off-skew. Dismissing each theory as she went through it and yet, refusing to believe the one most likely. She'd been reflecting for months and her mind would always lead her to one person. Typhoon. Typhoon was a being in direct opposition to Lady Earthlight, with her standing for order and balance, Typhoon stood for chaos and destruction. The two had existed opposite one another for ages. Both beings had near equal power, disallowing them to directly oppose one another. It's for that reason that she always dismissed the idea, but things were getting desperate and she couldn't stay in denial for any longer. Something was causing the balance of power between the two to slightly shift to Typhoon's favor. She shivered at the thought.

"Lady Earthlight, chi!" a tiny voice echoed in Earthlight's palace.

The young woman shook slightly, startled. She turned away from the small replica of Earth and towards the entrance to her palace, "Mocchi?" she called out.

Hurriedly flying towards her was Mocchi. The small blue bird looked terrified, the tiny pink ribbon behind the fairy's head slightly disheveled. Seeing the fairy look this frightened worried Earthlight but she did her best to appear collected.

"Lady Earthlight, chi!" Mocchi called out again, "I-I have bad news, chi!"

She took in a breath, "It's alright, Mocchi, calm down." She put out the palms of her hand which Mocchi jumped into, "Typhoon… Typhoon is…" the bird began.

"Mocchi, it's alright, speak up."

She gave the fairy a gentle rub with her finger.

"Lady Earthlight!"

She looked towards the entrance to the palace once more and spotted Mocchi's siblings racing towards her.

"Typhoon is coming here, ne!" informed Neene. His voice confident and calm.

"And he has an unbelievable amount of power, ji!" finished Uji.

Purin flew besides Mocchi and quietly offered words of comfort to her now sobbing sister.

"Typhoon?" Lady Earthlight sighed. So it was true.

"Lady Earthlight!" the four fairies cried out.

She had to do something, and she had to do it now. Earthlight stood up and Mocchi flew out of her hands as she did so. She turned around to face the small blue marble that was Earth. She closed her eyes and concentrated, she had to keep her cool.

"Lady Ea-"started Mocchi,

"Shh!" Purin scolded the bird, "Be quiet."

Earthlight put her hands on her chest, feeling her erratic heartbeat. She was scared, with Earth of all places being in danger meant things were escalating quickly and it wouldn't be too long before Typhoon made a direct attack. She had to protect herself and her fairies, she had to protect everything. She focused on the outside of her palace. The wind had picked up and dark clouds were looming ever closer to where they were situated. If Typhoon was really making his move now then there was only one solution.

"The Pretty Cure..." she muttered.

"Pretty Cure?" asked Purin "Lady Earthlight, rin. What is that?"

"The Pretty Cure are legendary warriors, chi!" Mocchi informed, "Lady Earthlight told a story about them to me, chi!"

"That's right, ji!" said Uji.

"I know, but that's just a story, rin!"

"Actually, Uji..." Earthlight smiled at the fairies, "It isn't. You were each created with some of my power and the power you each hold along with a bit of mines is enough to turn a human into a Pretty Cure warrior."

The fairies looked to one another.

"That power..." She turned towards the fairies, "Along with the power inside their hearts should be enough to save us. Now, with that being said, I have to ask a favor of you all. It's our only hope at this point..."

Earthlight paused. The air was silent, tense.

"You have to find those warriors. I'm going to hide the Gaia Scepter. Without the scepter, Typhoon can't seriously harm Earth, but, we still need the Pretty Cure to save us, as well as the planet. If things keep at this right then Earth will surely fall."

Raising her right hand, Lady Earthlight's Gaia Scepter materialized and she grabbed it.

Dark oak wood, wrapped in what appeared to be crystalized vines which emitted a faint green light. This scepter is what held most of Lady Earthlight's power.

The replica of the Earth disappeared and reappeared at the top of the Gaia Scepter, forming an orb and completing the scepter. The goddess and her scepter started to glow with a faint white light. Earthlight closed her eyes and the scepter broke into pieces, twelve pieces that then became small, crystalized leaves of various colors.

"Lady Earthlight!?" Mocchi was startled.

"Don't panic, I know what I'm doing." Lady Earthlight then waved her hand, creating a portal which the crystals entered.

"This portal is a portal to the human world, I've hidden my power there so Typhoon will not be able to find it. The Pretty Cure need to train, with the crystals on Earth, it should help to stabilize the planet and give them time to train. Find the Pretty Cure an-ah!"

"Earthlight…" came an ominous voice, a gust of wind rushed into the palace; Typhoon had arrived.

"Go, everyone!" Shouted Earthlight, "I'm counting on you!"

"Not so fast." a loud voice came from the entrance. Shocked, Lady Earthlight looked to where the source of the voice came from. This voice wasn't Typhoon's. There at the entrance of the palace stood three humans.

"Humans? No... it couldn't be. Wait..."

"Lady Earthlight!" Mocchi cried out. The woman turned around, giving the fairy a warm smile. "Be brave, Mocchi. Goodbye."

"G-goodbye, Lady Earthlight." Mocchi and her siblings entered the portal.

"Go after them!" Bellowed Typhoon, "Stop them!"

Another gust of wind blew through the palace, knocking Earthlight away from the portal. The three humans ran past Earthlight and entered the portal to rush after the fairies.

"No!" Earthlight yelled out after them. She turned towards Typhoon with fierce eyes, "Typhoon, if you plan on harming Earth, you'll find that you'll have no way to. I've done all I can do to protect that planet."

"You mean you've simply hidden the Gaia Scepter? Even those humans will be able to find it and with the way things are on Earth..." A laughed echoed through the palance, "Your plan won't work as well as you think." The wind settled down and seemed to form a red gas that slowly gathered to create a humanoid body. It slowly made its way towards Lady Earthlight.

"Stay away!" she yelled out. The deity put her hands out in front of her, however, nothing happened. She had given up most of her power; she had no way to protect herself against Typhoon. She was powerless, all she could do now was interrogate Typhoon.

"Typhoon..." she paused, "What do you mean by 'with the things are on Earth'?"

"You haven't noticed?" He laughed again, "You call yourself Earth's guardian?" He continued his advance on Earthlight as the wind around the two started to pick up, "They're doing this to themselves!" he laughed. With only a few feet separating the two and out of other options, the goddess created a portal behind her.

"You coward!" Typhoon shouted.

"If this is what I have to do..." In a flash of light, Earthlight disappeared leaving behind a flurry of green dust. "So, this is how things are going to play out, Earthlight?" Typhoon laughed.

Meanwhile, Mocchi, Neene, Purin and Uji were heading towards Earth through Lady Earthlight's portal. The fairies fell through empty space as a bright light surrounded them.

"Lady Earthlight..." Mocchi quietly cried out.

"Don't worry, ne!" Neene said, "I'm sure she can protect herself, she's our Lady Earthlight, after all."

"Aha, you three!"

The fairies looked around to find a human. A strange human, at that. Blond hair and a fiery red mohawk. He yelled after them, dressed in what looked like a superhero costume, it was predominantly white with indigo details, topped off with a cape.

Another voice then came at them, this belonged to a female. She boasted mint-green hair and had a transparent orange eyeshield over her right eye. She wore a mostly purple, form-fitting bodysuit.

"Stop getting so excited, Thunder!" she lectured the man, "You'll mess everything up. Again!"

In contrast to the previous two, a tired, bored looking boy appeared within the light.

"Can we just take care of this quickly?" He spoke in a dull, monotonous voice. Spiky blue hair, with a black and blue outfit it too, looked like some strange superhero costume.

"Oh! so you're that kind of boy?" the female said, teasingly.

"Quit playing, Hail!" yelled the boisterous man, "Let's just do this like we practiced!", the man struck a pose, "Thunder!" His body started crackling with electricity.

"Everyone!" Uji called out, "We're going have to split up, ji!"

"Hail!" shouted the female human. Balls of ice started appearing around her.

"That'll make the most sense, let's split up, ne!" said Neene.

"Rain!" yelled the blue-haired boy.

"Good luck, everyone!" cried Mocchi.

"Remember what Earthlight said, rin! Be brave, rin!" Purin shouted to her siblings. The light around the four started to fade and Earth was becoming visible, the fairies moved away from each other.

"This storm..." Thunder and Hail yelled out, acting out an obviously much rehearsed attack.

"Listen!" the younger boy had daggers in his eyes, "They're getting away, can't we hurry this up?"
The man turned towards the boy in shock, almost on the verge of tears.

The woman shook her head, "Acid's right, Thunder. Let's just attack."

The three quit stalling and finally launched their attack. Thunder unleashed an enormous bolt of lightning that missed completely while the small balls of ice that surrounded Hail flew forward and hit only one fairy, Mocchi. The toxic rain that Acid called forth burned the three other fairies.

"Chi!" cried out Mocchi.

"Mocchi!" cried the three other fairies. Thunder, edged closer towards Mocchi, hoping to get in another attack and finish off the fairy for good. For Mocchi however, the trip through the portal was complete and she finally ended up on Earth, eluding Thunder.

Although the trip through the portal was over for the blue bird, Mocchi was still falling, however, this time, she was falling towards solid ground and was struggling to fly due to her damaged wings.

"Chi!" cried out the fairy, she flapped her wings as hard as should could. Miraculously, that was just enough to lessen the speed of her descent and she managed to land, albeit roughly, on a green lawn.

"Neene... Purin... Uji..." she cried out in a weak voice. Before closing her eyes in pain.

From afar, Mocchi heard a gasp.

"Oh no!" came a girl's voice.

Mocchi felt herself being picked up and was stricken with fear. It couldn't be that woman, it can't be that woman. If it was Hail, E and Lady Earthlight would be doomed.

"You poor thing!" came the voice again. Now that the voice was closer, Mocchi realized that it wasn't. This voice was soft, gentle and kind. Mocchi opened her eyes as much as she could and looked up into the eyes of a young girl with pig-tailed brown hair tied up with green ribbons. The fairy's fears subsided as she looked on into those innocent blue eyes before she faded away into unconsciousness.

I just want to give a huge thanks to stew92 who translated some of the names and phrases of Season's Touch and of course, the original artist of Season's Touch, Galibo for drawing the characters and inspiring this story in the first place. Look on my profile for more information.