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It was the start of the early morning in the mansion of Johnny Cage. In his huge King sized bed the man know by many as Johnny Cage and to a few as John Carlton was slowly waking up from a night of partying with his allies.
He groaned as he tossed around trying to battle a hangover from the night before. Slowly he remembred the night before.
Raiden was able to convince the Elder Gods to bring back all the Earthrealm heroes back to life. With thier combined might they were able to defeat Quan Chi and Shinnok. With Outworld in chaos the heroes were able to get a break. So Johnny hosted a huge party in his mansion which was epic. One of the best moments was Smoke being drunk and showing off his powers.
'Watch this ladies and gents!' a drunken Smoke said as he fazed through the glass window leading to the pool.
However the heat given off from it casued a crack in the glass. 'Oh shit!' the gray haired Lin kuei ninja shouted.
Ignoreing this Kitana who was also intoxicated opened the window ,yanked off her outfit, shoved past Smoke and dived right into the pool yelling 'YEEAAHHHHHHHHHH!' Liu Kang walked toward her skimpy outfit and slowly picked it up. All the while keeping his eyes closed.
He was one of the few people not drunk due to being shaolin. He was glad that he had his pal Kung Lao playing wingman. But he was alone as Kung went to the toilet due to high water intake. Suddenly Kitana stuck her head out of the pool. 'Come on in! the water is grand!' she yelled as she grabbed Liu and dragged him into the pool.
Smoke finally being too typsy fell down on the sunbatheing chair all puffed out.

Observeing all this from the rooftop was the robot Sub-Zero. Sighing he shook his head at his comrades being intoixcated. He felt somewhat thankful for his robot transformation, no longer able to sumbit to the vice of alcohol.
Just then he heard a thunderbolt and turned to see Raiden. 'You look well.' the god of thunder said.
Decided to use some humor Sub-Zero said 'Well I have come back from the netherealm after all.' following it up with a chuckle.
Raiden gave a small smile and joined the Lin kuei ninja in looking down at the pool.
The two things being heard were the splashing of water and Liu Kang urgeing Kitana to make herself decent.
Just then Kung Lao returned and rushed to the pool to help his fellow monk. Only to fail as he slid on some water and flew into the pool faster than Reptile did when he fell down the pit. All the while Smoke was fast asleep.
'Idoits' Sub-Zero muttered before bidding farewell to Raiden. Alone Raiden thought 'Perhaps I shall try to as Johnny Cage called it 'mingle'.'

With that Raiden teleported into a corner of the main hall. He joined the rest of the heroes who surrounded Stryker and Nightwolf having an arm wrestleing match. It was a close match but Nightwolf was the winner.
'Damm how'd you pull that off?' Stryker asked Nightwolf as he rubbed his arm. Nightwolf smirked and said 'The forefathers give me power.' the cop just shook his head and went to the TV to watch the baseball.
'S'up Kabal?' Stryker said as he sat next to his cop partner Kabal. The former black dragon member nodded to Stryker and said 'With any luck I'll be back on the force soon.' Stryker knew what he was talking about.
The police found out Kabal was a former black dragon member. Now he had to go to court. Decideing to cheer up his friend Stryker said 'Kabal look you helped save the damm world. They might even give you a medal for it.' Kabal did not show it but he had a small grin on his brunt face. 'I know, I guess I'll get off light after what's happened.' he replied while watching the baseball.
He did not want to admit it but he was a huge NY Yankees fan. Breaking his view from the game he saw Stryker with his head turned behind him.
'What the hell are they doing?.' the supercop asked. Kabal turned his head to see Jade and Johnny playing tug of war with Jade's staff.
Jade had apeared to be winning. But then Johnny who had too much to drink which gave him extra power yelled 'Get Over Here!.'
After yanking hard on the staff Jade was no match for the swagger and drunken power of the movie star.
The green clothed girl fell into the well-toned chest of the actor. That was the most Johnny was able to remember.

Feeling better after going over last night's events he rose up in his bed. 'Shit that was some party' Johnny said aloud.
As soon as he said that he a heard a sound next to him. Slowly he turned his eyes to see a women with long raven hair. She was semi-naked. It was Jade.
How did he forget her. The dance she gave him with her staff, her slender body, not to mention that large chest of hers.
Johnny gave a sigh. No dobut this would be a one night stand again. Despite being a moive star. He never had many relationships that lasted long. 'Damm she's something else.' the actor thought to himself. He decided to wake her up the only way he knew how.
'Hey is this your money on the table?' he said aloud. Instantly she awoke and looked around the room. As soon as she looked at the actor Johnny grined and said 'Sorry, my mistake.' it worked every time without fail.
Jade rubbed her forehead and muttered 'Earthrealms alcohol is stronger than I thought.'
The actor let out a small laugh and said 'No offense but you look like someone who can't hold their liqour.'
She gave a small hit on the shoulder to him. Slowly Jade got out of the bed and grabbed her nearby bra.
'I'll be in the kitchen.' she said as she left the room leaveing Johnny to his own space.

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