A/N: This fic is based on the manga Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians. Look it up on a manga reader site or something.

Trinity Seven - The Seven Saints

Chapter 1 - Blank Slate

Superbia - Pride

Ira - Wrath

Acedia - Sloth

Invidia - Envy

Avaritia - Greed

Gula - Gluttony

Luxuria - Lust

These are the seven deadly sins that act as Archives to access magic with a Thema, or theme. This is the most known way to access magic, but like everything in the universe, those sins have their opposite, so magic too must have another way to be accessed.

With that in mind, a whole new side of the Trinity Seven universe comes to mind, with similar, yet different settings. Let's take a look, shall we?

November 12, 2019

Unknown Location, Japan

"This is Azami, approaching the target area now."

A young woman with long burgundy hair and pale blue eyes walked through the woods with stealth in mind. Despite that, she wore what looked like a school uniform, and wore a white beret on her head. To top it off a part of her hair was braided down the left side of her head.

"I here you loud and clear, Azami-kun. Can you see the target area the Breakdown Phenomenon took place?"

"I'm approaching…now."

The woman named Azami reached a clearing, where she saw a crater that went quite deep. Looking down as she approached, she touched the edge with curious eyes. "Interesting, it's so smooth…"

"What have you found, Azami-kun? Is the destruction that bad?"

"Destruction? It's more like the entire space just vanished instead. No rubble or anything except at the center, though I still feel slight traces of the Breakdown Phenomenon."

"…Oh dear. Well, you need to hurry and find the Rosenkreuz Grimore. Royal Biblia just dispatched a mage to investigate, and I really don't want to lose such a valuable Grimore to our sister academy."

"I'm on it, Headmistress." The young woman focused before chanting. "Access, Humanitas Archive. Execute Thema."

In a flash, the young woman's outfit changed, her Magus Mode activated. She now wore a black turtleneck shirt with a open red coat that went down to her ankles, a brown skirt, and black stockings. Also, she wore fingerless black gloves that looked like had circuit patterns on top, if you look at it at an angle.

Looking at herself for a second, the woman jumped down and went to the center of the crater, where she saw that there was something at the center. Getting closer, she saw that it was the remains of a chamber and as she approached, she reported. "I found what's left of the facility. Looks like the research chamber."

"I see. The Grimore must be there. I just hope it's still in one piece."

"Didn't you say the Grimore was indestructible?"

"Normally, but with a Breakdown Phenomenon…"

Nothing more was said as the ruins were searched, and a minute later, the young woman found something. "Well, hello there…"

"Did you find it?"

"Yes, and something very cute attached to it."

The young woman found the Rosenkreuz Grimore, a small book that had a silver cross with a rose in the middle on it's front, but it was attached to the arm of a young man. One who's clothes were tattered and was unconscious. All she could tell was that the young man had short black hair and a slight tan, and was Japanese.

"Looks like the Grimore bonded with someone. Maybe that's the cause for the Breakdown Phenomenon?"

"The Grimore bonded to someone? Oh dear, we have no choice. Bring the boy back to the Academy. We'll see if the bonding is permanent or temporary, though knowing our luck, it's the former."

"Understood." The young woman put away her communicator before she looked at the unconscious teen and smiled. "Well, it'd be a waste to leave a cutie such as you here anyway. Up you go!"

Carrying the teen over her shoulder, Eve Azami activated a teleportation spell, vanishing from the area with the teen and the Grimore. Lucky too, as a minute later, Lilith Azami from the Royal Biblia Academy would show up to investigate the site.

Dreamstate, ?

"Your mission is to…"

Where…am I…?

"Failure is not an option, understood?"

"Yes sir!"

Ugh, my head hurts…

"The Grimore's not responding again! Maybe if we had it's other half…"

"No choice, we have to try one more method before we pack it up. We might have been found…"

What's…going on?

"We've found the intruder! Hurry and-gyargh!"

All these voices…so loud…

"Wait, don't touch that boy! You don't know-!"

I can't…remember anything… Wait, my name… my name is…

November 13, 2019

Regalia Astraea Academy, Infirmary

"Oh, he's waking up. Maybe this time we can get something worthwhile out of this."

The young man opened his eyes to find the light a bit too strong for his eyes. Squinting them shut, he moaned, "Ugh, I feel sore…"

"I'm not surprised, considering Azami-kun freaked out when she saw your injuries."


Squinting, the young man opened his eyes to find himself in an infirmary of sorts as his vision clears. To his right, Eve and an older woman in a suit stood, with the latter switching her gaze from his face to his right arm. He tried to move, but found that he couldn't. Not without feeling a bit of pain, that is.

"…Now it hurts…"

"Now that you're awake, we can get move onto the questioning."

"Headmistress. Don't you think it's too soon for questioning? I mean, he just woke up."

"As much as I'd like to leave this young man to heal, we need questions now. Particularly on how the Rosenkreuz Grimore bonded to him and the Breakdown Phenomenon."


The young man was confused, and when he looked at his right arm, he saw the book in question connected to his arm by thin chains wrapped around his wrist. He tried lifting his arm to get a better look, but that just resulted in pain.

"I suggest you don't move mister. It'll take a few more days for you to heal up." The older woman folded her arms as she gave a sigh. "And before you ask, this is Regalia Astraea Academy's infirmary. I'm the Headmistress, Ohgami Seras, and this is Azami Eve, a second year student."

"I…see." The young man gave a frown as he tried to figure out what was going on, among other things.

"First things first, what's your name?"

"Name…?" A wrack of pain went through the teen's head as he tried to remember something. "My name…I can't remember…"

"…Oh dear, I have a bad feeling about this." The older woman pinched the bridge of her nose before she took a deep breath. "Do you remember anything, anything at all?"

A few minutes of silence passed as the young man had his eyes closed in thought. He opened them and with a resigned look, sighed, "…No, nothing."


Eve looked puzzled and asked, "Headmistress?"

"Well, looks like that avenue just got shut down." When Eve looked at Seras questionably, the latter explained, "The Rosenkreuz Grimore tended to blank a person's memory when the contract is made. Usually, that wouldn't be much of a problem, but the Grimore turns the person into a vegetable, and it's not curable with magic, or any other method. Something about the Grimore testing the person or something. It's the reason why it was sealed away in the first place."

"B-But, he's fine. What makes him different?"

"I don't know…"

Listening to all this, the young man frowned as he muttered to himself, "Haa…what's my name?"

[Orimura Ichika.]

Everyone froze as they heard a feminine voice speak from his right arm. Looking down, they saw the rose on the tome glowing slightly as the young man asked, "W-What?"

[Your name is Orimura Ichika. It is the name you gave me when we sealed our contract.]

"…You can talk?"

[Yes. I am the Intelligent Grimore, Rosenkreuz Stilette, but better known as Rosenkreuz. It is a pleasure to meet you again, Master.]

"Okay…" A bit freaked out that the book on his arm was talking, Ichika went over his name. "Orimura…Ichika… That sounds familiar. Is that really my name?"

[It is the name that you gave me, Master. I do not know if that is your true name or not, however.]

"Orimura Ichika, huh? Well, that's a start." Seras mentally noted the name before she went on. "Well, since you're essentially a blank state, would you like to become a mage?"

"A…mage?" Ichika may not have his personal memories, but his knowledge and common sense was still in his brain. Although, the thought of mages and magic didn't sound as farfetched to him for some reason.

"Yes. As the Rosenkreuz Grimore bonded to you and you're still here, you have the aptitude as a mage. For all we know you could've been a mage before. Besides, I doubt you would like the other option."

"And that is…?"

"We kill you and then seal away Rosenkreuz, as per protocol."

Seras' flat response shook Ichika a bit, which made him feel tired. "Ugh, when you put it that way, I don't have much of a choice now, do I?"

"Heh, then I welcome you Regalia Astraea Academy as a first year student, Orimura Ichika. I will handle the paperwork, so I leave you in Azami-kun's hands." She gave a nod, while mentally thought, 'Orimura, hmm? This bears investigating…'

With that, Seras left Ichika alone with Eve, who turned to smile at him. "Hello. I'm Azami Eve. It's nice to meet you, Orimura-kun. Hehe, I sure picked up a cutie this time. Such a nice change from the usual…"

"Huh?" Ichika felt a bit uncomfortable for some reason, when he felt fatigue catch up with him. "So…tired…"

"Don't worry about a thing. I'll check up on you as you recover, but I have my classroom duties to attend to, so see you later!"

Watching Eve leave with a wave, Ichika succumbed to sleep, but not before thinking, 'For an amnesiac, I'm handling this pretty well, surprisingly enough…'

November 20, 2019

A week later, Ichika was back to proper health, as Eve helped with the bandages. The amnesiac couldn't help but think over what he was told over the past week. Apparently, all Seras could tell him was that he was sixteen years old from genetic testing, and that his records seemed…off. He could tell that Seras was hiding something, but figured he'll find out sooner or later.

Now dressed in Regalia Astraea's uniform, with the notable things being the cross on the left chest pocket and a symbol on each shoulder, Ichika gave himself a look as Eve smiled, "Looking good there, Orimura-kun. Come with me, I'll show you around the Academy."

Ichika just nodded as Eve lead him out of the infirmary, and into the school hallway. "So…where do we start?"

"I think a trip to the Headmistress' office will start. She wants to see you before we begin."

"You know anything about it, Azami-san?"

"No, I don't think so…"

Regalia Astraea Academy - Headmistress' office

"Hello, Orimura-kun, Azami-kun. I've been expecting you two."

"Hello, Headmistress."

Sitting at her desk, Seras looked up and greeted them when Ichika and Eve entered. Shifting the paperwork aside, Seras folded her hands as the two students stopped in front of her desk. Ichika was the one to speak up, asking, "Azami-san said you wanted to speak to me?"

"Yes," Seras pulled out two things from bottom of her desk drawer. "You had more than the Rosenkreuz Grimore and your clothes on you. These two things were also on your person. Your clothes were thrown out unfortunately, due to being damaged beyond repair."

Looking at the two items, Ichika and Eve saw that they were a sheathed military combat knife and a black handgun with three magazines. Taking interest in the handgun, he picked it up and took it out of it's holster. Finding it familiar, the handgun looked customized, and had a name on the side, 'Ombra.'

"Hmm, looks like a customized M1191." Seras mused, "From it's design, I guess it's meant to be held in the left hand."

As Ichika held the gun and pointed it at the wall, Eve had a look of concern. "Headmistress, is it alright for Orimura-kun to have that?"

"Magic can be just as bad as any weapon Azami-kun. You of all people should know that, considering your magic style."

"Ah, right. Sorry."

"No worries." Seras turned her attention to Ichika. "So, Orimura-kun, did it jolt something in your memory?"

Ichika took a moment to reply as he put Ombra back in it's holster. "…No. All I can tell is that it feels familiar, but that's it."

"I see. Oh well…" Seras sighed as Ichika took both weapons and hid them on his person. Seras then turned to Eve. "Azami-kun, I'll leave it to you to fill in Orimura-kun's magic education gap."

"I-I understand." Eve looked a bit shaken, but calmed down.

"Alright. The two of you are dismissed."

Ichika and Eve nodded then left the office. Seras watched as the door close before folding her hands. "…Orimura Ichika, I'm sure things will get more interesting with you around."

Moving a few folders, there were two that were labelled 'Orimura, Ichika(?)' and 'Orimura, Chifuyu' on Seras' desk. These two folders were promptly moved to a cabinet and locked away.

Regalia Astraea Academy - Student Dorms

"This Academy is huge." Ichika commented as he followed Eve.

"Don't I know it. I got lost a few times during my first few days here." Eve giggled.

The pair toured the Academy, Eve showing Ichika the main spots of the Academy. The latter found it odd that they were conducting the tour while school was in session.

"I appreciate the tour, but shouldn't you be in class?"

"Don't worry, I've got permission from the Headmistress. Besides, I get the lucky chance to guide a cute guy such as you!"

Ichika couldn't help but blush slightly when he noticed Eve was leading him to a pair of buildings. "So, where we going now?"

"The dorms. I'll be showing where your room is."

"Ah, okay." As they walked, Ichika popped another question, "So, how many students attend Regalia Astraea?"

"Um…I'm not too sure. I think it was around 300? It's not a large number, considering magic's a kept secret around here. Oh, and don't worry about that whole woman favouritism thing happening here. Everyone's more dedicated to magic and the like."

"Woman favouritism?"

Eve saw the blank look on Ichika's face before she remembered, "Ah, right amnesia. It's the whole craze happening ever since Infinite Stratos came out awhile back. Japan's hit the worst out of the countries. Sure, I'm all for better rights and conditions for women, but some take it to the point where guys are beaten and extorted in public. Just awful…"

"…Okay…" Ichika didn't want to press the subject, considering the look of disgust on Eve's face, and decided to shift the subject. "So Infinite Stratos is…?"

"Just some fancy exoskeleton science tech that can only be used by women. Inventor was some crazy chick named Shino…something-or-whatever. My family didn't care so much, since they're mages like me."

At that point, the pair reached a door in the males' side of the dorms, and Eve opened the door. "Well, welcome to the next few years of your school life, Orimura-kun. Hate to just run, but I have somewhere to be at the moment. I'll see you later!"

Ichika watched Eve run off, before he entered his new dorm room. It was a sparse thing, with a bed, desk, chair, and closet. He put his knife and Ombra on the table, before taking a look at Rosenkreuz on his arm.

"I'm not going to be able to take you off my arm, am I?"

[No, but I can shift positions in this state.]

"Well, could you hang around my neck then?"

[I can do that.]

In a flash, Rosenkreuz was now hanging from Ichika's neck, the chain loose, but not loose enough that Ichika can take it off.

"So, what about when I take a shower and all that?

[Don't worry, I'm waterproof. Besides, you probably won't have anything I haven't seen before.]

Ichika just grumbled as he sat down on the bed. Thinking about the events of today, he couldn't help but think, 'I wonder what I was like back then…?'

Regalia Astraea Academy - secret location

Eve stepped into a dark room, where six others were waiting. As she approached, one of them asked, "So, anything interesting to tell us?"

"Not really," Eve replied, "The only thing interesting is that cutie I picked up over a week ago."

"Yes, the one with the Rosenkreuz Grimore, Orimura Ichika. I took a look at him during the days he was unconscious." A second voice replied.

"Really now? That's surprising of you." A third voice mused.

"Alright now ladies, the question here is, does he need to be monitored?" The first voice asked, "Everyone knows that the Rosenkreuz Grimore's dangerous, considering it was sealed away."

"Don't worry, the Headmistress assigned me to watch over him." Eve replied, "I'm relying you girls if something happens, alright?"

There was a collective 'Yes', and the first voice said, "Alright, then I consider this meeting over."

The six departed by various means, leaving Eve by herself. She couldn't help but giggle, "Things are definitely going to get interesting around here, fufufu…"

A/N: Eve's Magus Mode outfit is based on Archerko's outfit from the Sword Dancers doujin. Made the complete chapter, but for now, I'm more focused on my Neptunia fic. However, if I get feedback to continue this fic, then I'll come up with more. Just to note, there will be very few OCs in this fic like Project Class D, which the few are there for plot purposes, like Eve. That's the reason the protagonist in this fic is Ichika, and not an OC. After I introduce more characters, I'll make a list as to where they're from, or based from.