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He didn't know how it happened but all he knew is that it did. All he could do was watch as his parents' lives slowly vanished before him. It all happened so fast. He didn't know what to do, what to think or who to call out to. It was supposed to be his big day, everything started out just fine this morning, why couldn't it just end happily and how could just end like this. His throat felt dry, his eyes were sore from crying and his voice cracked. Now, all alone outside the emergency room, his body shook uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry, we did all we can to save them but their organs were badly crushed and they lost too much blood." When did the doctor walked to him?

"T-the-they're….—n-no!" He clawed on his own arms, refusing to believe such a thought. The thought of his parents dying was too much. "T-they can't b-be gone!" He lunged at the doctor, tightly he clutch the collar of the middle-aged man's shirt. "You're a doctor! Save them dammit!"

The doctor just pushed him off. "It can't be done! Sawada-san, calm down! We did everything we could!"

He sunk to the floor and sobbed. "They c-can't be g-gone." He whimpered helplessly in anguish.

"I'm sorry Sawada-san." Feeling sorry for the boy the doctor kneeled down before him and patted his back. "It'll be alright."

That was what he said. How could the brunette believe that now? He just lost his future. Why couldn't he just die with them? It would've been much easier, that was what he thought.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi?" A smooth masculine voiced called from above.

The fragile brunette looked up with a tearstained face. "Y-yes…?" His eyes slightly widened as he took in the image of the tall blond man before him. Then amber orbs met with sapphire ones. 'I…k-know him!' He thought as he tried to recall where he has seen this person before.

The man broke the moment of silence. "My name is Sawada Giotto. And if you're not aware of this, we're half-brothers; I heard what happened to our father." He seemed to have sharpened his tone a bit at the word 'father'. "Reborn, your tutor called grandfather and informed me immediately. You'll be staying with me starting tomorrow." He wasted no time in saying it.

'I remember! D-dad s-showed me a picture of him once!' But it was so much to take in. "W-wha…." He stopped midway when a hand moved in front of his face.

"Get up." He paused for a bit. "Or are you hurt from the accident also?" He held a cold and unreadable expression but Tsuna could tell there was a bit of worry in his voice.

"N-no…" He slowly took his newly found brother's hand and yelped as he was pulled up right away. He felt a little grateful that his grandfather and his tutor went all the trouble for this but he can't help but feel that dreadful feeling of loss. And unconsciously, tears started to flow from his eyes once again as he looked down, not wanting the other to see him.

Giotto who was watching him the whole time patted his head. "It's alright. It's not your fault." Knowing very well what today was supposed to be. He was informed that it was supposed to be Tsuna's birthday, the family decided to celebrate at their grandfather's beach house near the beach, the old man was more than happy to lend it to them, wishing his grandson a happy birthday all the way from Italy. He was informed that it was a car accident, but this accident crushed the young boy's heart. He knew fully well what this boy must've felt. Putting aside his deep hatred for his father, he held onto the thought that it was his responsibility to take care of this boy, he was his brother after all. Tsuna had nothing to do with his hate for his father.

"B-but… m-mom and dad a-are." He choked.

Giotto sighed. "They wouldn't if you torture yourself with this…"

Sniffling, Tsuna tried to stop but he just couldn't. "S-sorry…. I'm j-jus—" He was cut off by an unexpected hug from the person before him. "U-uhm…." He blushed lightly, embarrassed that the man had to go through all the trouble in cheering him up.

Giotto let go of him a few seconds after he felt that Tsuna stopped crying. "You're coming home with me and tomorrow I'll help you pack your stuff… I know this is hard for you but right now you are my responsibility." He patted his head once again. "Don't worry too much. I'll let you visit this town and your house whenever you want. My home is just a few hours away from here but I'm afraid you might need to transfer schools."

"O-okay… uhmm…" He found himself unable to decline this man. And can't help but feel the need to escape all this and start over. Yes, it would be the best to do so.

"You can call me whatever you like I don't really mind it." He gave him a small smile.

Tsuna didn't know why, he just felt so safe right now. Was it because of the thought that he wasn't going to be alone anymore? For now he had no choice but to go with this man, he was after all his new brother. But what should he call him?


"What's that dad?" Young Tsuna tried to peek at the picture his father was holding but failing, his father was way taller after all and he barely reached his waist.

The blond man smiled at him. "Aw! Come here." He picked up his child and presented him a picture of another boy who looked like Tsuna besides the eyes and hair. The other boy looked like Tsuna indeed but his features were sharper.

"Oooh! He looks cool!"

The man laughed. "Oh course he is! This boy is your 'onii-chan' Tsuna!"

"On-onii-tan….?" The 6 year old struggled.

"Yup! Someday when you're older I'll introduce you two." His father smiled at him and ruffled the young boy's hair fondly. Tsuna tried to suppress a giggle, even though his father did this to him almost every day he still loved it.


Tsuna smiled at the memory. "Okay onii-chan…." Saying it felt good. Tsuna almost felt happy but there was still a pang of pain deep in his heart.

The blond man smiled. "That's a good start." Giotto ruffled his hair.

Tsuna stared up at him. Unconsciously Tsuna let a small smile escape from his lips, it was small but Giotto can tell he was truly happy right now and even just for one moment, that smile was truly from his heart.

Caught off guard, Giotto stopped his ministrations which caused the younger one to tilt his head confusedly. "….Sorry, Tsunayoshi-kun." He coughed and regained his composure and smiled. "I see Reborn and grandfather wasn't really exaggerating when they said you were cute." He chuckled.

"Eh?" After what realizing what Giotto had said he blushed hard. "I-I'm n-not!"

Eyes softening, Giotto hugged him again. "I'm glad to see you're alright now. I really am." These words made Tsuna realized the true situation and he himself was amazed, he just lost his parents… it was amazing that—no, Giotto was amazing. He just gave Tsuna a new reason to smile again.

'Kami-sama…. Arigatou…' Tsuna thought as a single tear slid down his cheek, he returned the blond man's hug. He was not alone. He still had Giotto. He had a brother.

Giotto was his only family right now…. The only family he has who is by his side…

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