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~Amber and Sapphire~

"Tsunayoshi….. Are you alright? You've been spacing out, do you feel tired now?" The blond's voice snapped him out of his deep thoughts and he looked up and smiled at his brother. They were currently on their way home and the Italian couldn't help but be bothered by the younger's silence.

"Y-yeah…. Just thinking that's all…." He can't help but think back at their encounter with the woman in the beach.


Tsuna's feet were like glued to the sand he felt both nervous and a little nauseous from the stranger's stare. He was never really good when it came to talking to women but then again his gut gave him a different kind of uneasiness , this feeling however was strange to him and surely he's never experienced this feelings yet.

"Tsunayoshi meet Elena." Giotto lightly pushed Tsuna toward Elena, knowing he was a bit shy. "And Elena be nice to him, he's a shy kid." He said to the woman with a smile.

The brunet gulped and smiled shyly. "Hi E-Elena-san."

"Hello! Nice too meet you Tsunayoshi-kun." The blonde spoke in such a sweet voice. She was beautiful and she looked like a doll or a model even. "I'm Elena, I'm a friend of Giotto here." She pointed and chuckled a little. "Oh my! You two look alike so much. It really surprises me. It's a pleasure to meet you Tsunayoshi-kun! I believe I should be going now, I just happen to pass by here during my way back home so I'll see you two soon." She smiled and waved at them and turned to leave.

"See you later, Elena." Giotto waved back.


Tsuna sighed heavily. 'I'm acting like a jealous puppy…..COME ON TSUNA! YOU DON'T OWN HIM!' He slapped himself mentally. 'I guess…. In my defense I'm sticking to him for comfort….. I guess…..' He looked up at his older brother timidly.

One of his most unattractive qualities(In his point of view) would be over thinking things.

The blond was currently talking with a neighbor (He hadn't realized that though because he was too occupied with his thoughts to even notice his surroundings). "Ah… thank you! This is my little brother by the way…." He gestured his hand towards Tsuna who was still a bit out of it. "His name is Tsunayoshi…."

He tensed when he heard his name being said. "U-Uh hello…." He blushed, feeling embarrassed.

"He's very shy…. He'll be starting school next week, it's still a while so I'm giving him some tours." Giotto said looking at the lady with a bright smile.

The brunet looked away. 'U-uwaaah…. I'm getting nervous again…..' He pushed away all of his impure thoughts. Giotto being gorgeouse wasn't helping him with his mental health at all. 'I cannot be c-crushing on my b-brother!' He slapped himself for real to snap out of it, alarming Giotto though. Oops...

"T-Tsunayoshi?" Giotto looked at his little counterpart worriedly.

"E-EH! U-um… T-there was a mosquito….." He stuttered. "S-Sorry…" Mumbling his apology he looked away out of embarrassment. 'T-That was so stuuupid! I really suck at lying….'

'I guess he's a bit exhausted now… It might be good idea to bring him home now….' He politely excused himself from the lady and grabbed Tsuna, gently pushing him forward to the direction on their home. Giotto sent him a smile when he saw the boy giving him a questioning look. "We're going back home, is that okay?"

Tsuna nodded then smiled back shyly.


Shortly after getting home they both headed to the kitchen—but it was more like, Tsuna following Giotto to the kitchen. (Which was cute somehow.) "Hm? Do you need something in the kitchen too, Tsunayoshi?" Giotto asked him, looking back at the boy quickly then looked back forward to see what he was grabbing. "Or are you hungry?" He said while grabbing a mug from one of the cupboards, getting ready to brew himself some coffee.

"U-Uhm well, I want to cook dinner tonight if you don't mind…."

The blond smiled and and nodded. "Well, I don't mind it at all." He pat the brunet fondly, lightly messing his hair a bit more than intended then chuckled at Tsuna's pout.

And, it somehow made Tsuna to panic and feel so much electrical impulses slithering down to his spinal cord. "T-thank you." He was totally lost inside of the captivating blue eyes of Sawada Giotto and he didn't know what weird ideas that had struck him but those alluring eyes really made Tsuna to feel nervous which was then responded by his frantic gulping in his throat.


After dinner, the two found no other reason to stay awake and both decided to retire to their rooms. Bidding the other a short goodnight before closing their doors.

Giotto sighed softly and sat on his bed, unbuttoning his shirt while staring blankly on the floor. "I wonder if he's afraid of me." He mumbled and thought of that deeply, surely de didn't want the boy to dislike him. "I can't seem to get him to loosen up a bit, his meeting with Elena didn't help much as well…." He thought outloud, before tossing his shirt aside leaving him bare chested. 'I doubt his stuttering is even normal.' He grabbed his blanket and pulled it over himself. 'And I thought our relationship was getting better….' He laid down on his side, he let his thoughts wander, (and unconsciously) remembering the brunet's sleeping face as he slept like a little angel.

He remembered. He had the brunet on his bed not too long ago as well. Tsuna was just here, so close to him. Looking closer at the boy, there were many traces of feminine features, from face to body. His lips looked soft, his lashes were long, he had a (cute) button nose, his body small and fragile like a small girl's.

The blond gave another sigh and wondered why he even started thinking that, but he did not deny the fact that the young brunet was attractive. He'd be lying if he say the brunet wasn't attractive, he was very attractive.

'How did I reach this topic again?' He massaged his temples, starting to feel like some sick pervert he grew annoyed of himself for such filthy thoughts. Then he decided to just think about what to do tomorrow, he was still free from work and Tsuna still wasn't going to school yet, where should he take him?

'Heh, I'll think about this tomorrow.' He yawned and folded both his arms behind his head and used it as his pillow, its been his habit to do so since he was a child.


Tsuna laid in bed, reflecting on his actions today. His eyes were glued on the ceiling as if it was the most fascinating thing he had ever seen on the soils of the Earth. His body slightly made craters on the soft mattress, he was covered with a soft cottony blanket(which he started liking a lot since he got here.), it comforted him like a feathery hug for his body. 'Mooouuu…What on Earth happened todaaaay!' He whined from the inside of his head. Complaining about himself has become a daily routine recently, most of the time when he's around Giotto(It started when he first came here.)

"Baaakaaaa, baaaaaakaaaaaaaa~" He pulled on his hair and rolled around on his bed, after a few seconds he sat up quickly, instantly grabbing a pillow and stuffed it on his face. "A-a crush…. I g-got a c-crush on him! Mouuu! T-the worst! No way…. I gotta get rid of this sort of attraction…" Tsuna muffled on the pillow. "..Onii-chan… no fair…" He placed the pillow down on his lap, revealing the heavy blush on his face. 'He stole my heart without knowing…. Totally unfair….'


"Mamma~ Welcome hoooome!" A small child with bright blond locks ran to his mother with a huge smile plastered on his face. He jumped a bit and hugged his mother tenderly, missing her very much.

The woman laughed bit. "Why hello… Did you really miss me that much….. Giotto?" The lady mentioned his name making him look up with a grin, the woman just returned a smile as well when she saw her son nod.

"What did the doctor say mamma? Will you be okay now?" He asked curiously and let go of his mother.

She sat on a chair and nodded at he son. "I'm not sick after all, Giotto…. Also I have good news…"

The blond boy climbed up the bed and beamed at his mother. "Good news!?"

"We're having another baby."

His eyes seemed to sparkle for a moment. "Reaaaally ma'?" Giotto jumped up and down on the bed laughing. "Yay! I'll be an older brother!" He stopped when his mother called out his name again. "S-sorry… I was excited…. W-where's the baby mamma?" He asked cheerfully.

"Oh? The baby is in my stomach of course…" She patted her belly.

Giotto was silent for a moment. "EH! YOU ATE THE BABY!?" He exclaimed disbelievingly.

Then his mother laughed hard at her son's exclamation, clutching her stomach a bit to control her laughing fit. Unable to understand the sudden laughing fit his mother was currently in, he pouted and tried to glare at her. "W-what's so funny?" He grumbled and crossed his arms.

"You, dear…" His mother finally regained her composure and smiled at her son. "I didn't eat the baby, the baby was born there.." She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. "This is where Giotto came from as well…."

Giotto's eyes brightened, his mother's smile, gentler and brighter than anything in the world.

Her smile was etched on his memory forever.

And right there and then he thought, if he ever finds someone he wants to marry, she needs to be as pretty, as nice and as gentle as his mother. The smile however, he didn't count it in… because somehow the smile seemed like as if no one could outshine it…. It was just so..…


"Mamma….? Mammaaaa!" Giotto looked around for his mother, he looked in her bedroom, in the library, in father's office…. He couldn't find her.


He saw red… red on the floor..



Giotto's body jolted up, cold sweat streaked down his cheek, there he panted with wide eyes. "…W-wha…" He sighed and laid back down on the bed and waited for his heart to calm down. 'What was that all about…?'

He just groaned and rolled to the side.

That wasn't the best memories to remember, what was his subconsciousness trying to do to him, dammit. This wasn't the time for recollections, and that dream was downright disturbing. He had already known the truth. The fucking sad truth about all of that. 'You don't need to remind me….' He thought and glared up above. 'Iemitsu you asshole… Everything…. Was your fault… She didn't need to die…' He cursed silently and stared up on the clock. 'Six already….' Giotto glared at the clock and got up from bed in a very bad mood. Now, he can't help but think back.

Years later after his mother's death along with the unborn baby, he learned so many things he should not have known. In fact he didn't wish to know them. Everything suddenly became so wrong and dark. He felt so cold since that day.

In a blink his life turned upside-down.

When he was fifteen, he started to feel a bit like his young self once again. He found really good friends and when he thought that he could trust them with his pain, he started to share it. He felt better, the best he had been in ages. It was good and eventually he started to forget.

"Push away bad things…" He sighed and fixed himself, having a quick trip to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face before he went downstairs. The expression on his face somewhat lightened when he saw the brunette flipping some pancakes. 'Well, at least… I know I can count on him at least…. Shame on me for hating him without getting to know him first.…' He mentally scolded himself before going in. "Good morning…" Greeting the other with a smile, the brunet turned and smiled as well.

"Good morning!"

And once again, his life turned upside-down.

Omake: 7 Year Old Giotto

Giotto considered himself a rather smart seven year old. He was the best in his class, but there was the interesting fact that he just couldn't sit still. But the one thing he found he could never figure out was why on earth sensei could never seem to remember his name. It wasn't a difficult name. It wasn't common, but it wasn't hard to say or spell. And he always seemed to forget G's(His long time bestfriend) name whenever he went along with Giotto's insane schemes, which was quite often ever since Giotto had begun employing the puppy-dog-eyes to full usage.

Sensei always called Giotto Jesus Christ (who Giotto wasn't quite sure who he was, although he seemed to remember seeing the name that time that he and his mother went to church) and G was Dammit.

"Jesus Christ, get down from the lights!" Sensei yelled. Giotto had gotten himself stuck up there while planning a prank.

"Dammit! Stop doing that!" G could pull a too good of an innocent act.

"Dammit, get out of the rain!" Sensei called to Giotto. He'd had a particularly bad week ever since the kids had a movie night.

Giotto turned back to his sensei confusedly. "But sensei, I'm Jesus Christ!"


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