A/N HEY THERE! I know you guys must hate these sort of drabbly A/N "chapters" but I want to start my story even if I don't have the time to actually upload a proper chapter yet. Anywho, this is my second DW fic and my second ever fic ... So don't be too harsh on me. I know this idea has been kinda used for the 10th Doctor and Donna but I don't think it has been used for 11/Donna, and I'm hoping to give it my own twists and stuff. In the mean time you could check out my other story Life Goes On, while I slave away over my keyboard to bring you the prologue! There we go! I'm hoping for it to be multi chaptered, but as in 30 odd chapters so bear with me for those filler chaps ... Anyways .. enough drabbling for now, see you soon!