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How can she not remember who I am? After all we've been through .. all we've done together … My beautiful bright Donna gone .. Replaced by some aggie temp worker from Chiswick … How ..

Oh shut up will you, you sentimental old fool, she'll come round …

But what if she doe…

Not buts …



The Doctor mentally slapped himself. He knew he was getting old when he started arguing with himself. He peered back at Donna hopeful she would remember who he was .. what he meant …

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'Mr Smith' peered back at Donna with look that could melt a heart of steel. She couldn't help but feel sorry for this man, whom she obviously knew, but just couldn't remember. She tried to cling onto her memories, but past waking up in this hospital was just a huge gaping hole of … nothingness …

"Your name isn't really John Smith is it?" She asked, hoping to lighten the tension that hung across the room.

"What wrong with that? Perfectly respectable name that is!"

"There's nothing wrong with it ... it's just a bit ... well ... common." She sidestepped around trying to avoid hurting his feelings for the second time in a miute.

His eyes gleamed as he leaning in and said "Exactly!". For a moment he didn't look like a 20-something guy with very poor dress sense. He looked like something more. An adventurer, a saviour, a .. hero? Then the moment passed and Donna found herself unnerving close to the strange man again. She could see how she could have fallen for him. Despite his love of tweed and (OMG was that a - ) bowties, he had a strong square jaw, floopy chestnut hair and eyes so green she could fall into them. He look like he should be on some Calvin Klein shoot not wearing tweed and waiting in a hospital in .. Wait where was she?

"Where am I?"

"Oh right … Sorry Donna, I forgot," She flinched as he used her name so casually. "Hillingdon hospital, near your house in fact, I was …" He was cut off mid sentence as Sylvia burst in, shouting curses as to why she wasn't allowed to see her daughter, with the poor nurse (or was she a doctor) being dragged along in her wake.

"You!" She sneered at the young man opposite Donna, and it was immediately obvious that her mum and .. Oh god .. husband … didn't get on well. He merely 'hurrmphed' and turned to the lady in the lab coat.

"Why did you let her in here Martha?"

"Sorry D-John, but family has privilege!" So he did know the nursey/doctor person.

The man just 'hurrmphed' again, before sulking in the garish seatin Donnas room.

"Hi I don't think we've been introduced, I'm Martha Jones, your doctor." The lady had deep chusnut skin and hair to die for. Donna was jelous, but graciously accepted her hand.

"I'm Donna Nob-Smith, and I have to say you have gorgeous hair!"

"What's wrong with your hair?" John said, "I love ginger! Wish I was ginger ..."

Martha rolled her eyes and leaned in to whisper with Donna ,

"You get used to it … eventually!" And Donna couldn't help but giggle. Martha seemed like a good ally in this strange new world, and she certainly seemed to be able to deal with her … (It still sounded wrong!) husband.

Sylvia, deciding she'd been ignored long enough, took that moment to make a big scene, fussing over her 'poor baby girl'.

Then the door opened and a man stepped in. And boy, what a man. Tall, handsome, with a devilishly suggestive smile, and a cute vintage coat. Plus he smelt so good. Why couldn't she have fallen in love with him, and not some lanky idiot?

"Hello there." Purred Donna, holding out her hand.

"Hello ma'am, Captain Jack Harkness at your service." He lilted, in a gorgeously smooth American accent.


Donna shot a dirty look at John before continuing her working, starting by rubbing small circles into the ... Captain's hand.

"Sorry ma'am, but in case you've forgotten you're married! I just need a quick word with the D-.. John here!" He flashed her a dangerously flirtatious grin before sweeping out of the door followed by an obviously sulking John .. wait … Donna's eyes narrowed. That was the second time someone had nearly called him the wrong thing .. Mayb-

"Now there's a man!" Thank s mum, Donna thought .. Although .. She had a point …

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-00100- In the corridor -00100-

"What the hell were you thinking Doc! We said NO to the bowties!"

"But .. but .. bowties are cool! And no calling me Doc! If I've told you once, I've told you a thousan-"

"We have to bring it back to her slowly, and you throwing her in at the deep end, with tweed is not going to help!"

The Doctor sighed. Why did he have to go so domestic.

"Fine. Can I borrow-"

"Nu-uh Doctor. You need a wardrobe! Which means … Shopping!"

Jack swept away cackling evilly, as a depressed Doctor shuffled behind him. Shopping?!

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