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Chapter one:

Green energy lit the night sky as the two figures swayed back and forth. It was a rhythmic dance that they had done numerous times, but apparently one of them never got tired of it.

"Give it up, Skulker," Amity Park hero, Danny Phantom, screamed to his adversary. He had a test in Lancer's class tomorrow, he didn't want to be too tired for it. "I'm not in the mood today."

Skulker didn't respond at first, choosing to dodge the blast thrown at him. "When have I ever waited for your convenience, Whelp?" he fired his own weapons, letting arrows fly from hidden holes in his armor.

"Well, never." Danny acknowledged, turning intangible for the arrows to pass through him. "But that's beside the point! Can't we save this for tomorrow? After school, preferably?"

Skulker actually laughed. The halfa was improving on his jokes, it seemed. All the more reason to hunt him.

"Not on your half-life, Ghost Child." He took out a large weapon he had just created. It was a nifty little device that would fire darts full of a sleeping agent, then, after about two seconds delay, another round of blasts designed to weaken the prey will be fired. Skulker had yet to test it out, opting to use it on his favorite prey for its maiden voyage instead. It was an interesting design he had come up with. Completely silver, the barrel was surrounded with small holes for the darts to exit, leaving the center wide open for the main event.

He aimed carefully, then pulled the trigger while Phantom was still confused about seeing the new weapon.

The darts flew straight for a moment, then the feathers caused them to deviate in their direction. Danny tried dodging, and he missed a lot of them, but one hit its mark before Danny could fly out of the way. He had just assessed that the darts had stopped their onslaught when another blast made itself known by a crashing boom. Danny looked up, seeing the green energy shooting towards him, but it looked more like two blasts then just one. But it was hard to tell, was his vision getting blurry? He looked down, and was startled to see one dart had pierced his chest, emptying its contents into his already rapidly beating core. The sleeping agent was distributed quickly through his system, slowing Danny's reflexes and making it nearly impossible for him to move anywhere as the weapon hit him dead center of his chest.

Danny was sent flying to the ground in a crash, landing in front of a boy with brown hair and bright brown eyes that seemed to stare into Phantom's heart. Danny looked at the dark figure clad in black, his muggy mind trying to comprehend why what looked like a thirteen-year-old boy was doing out walking in the middle of the night. Amity Park wasn't really dangerous in the typical sense, no criminals and such however odd that is, but the ghost problem usually kept people inside during moonlight hours.

"What-what are you doing out here?" Danny ground out, fighting to steady his vision and his legs when he stood.

The boy frowned, but didn't say answer. He moved forward, then helped Danny settle his swaying stance. "You need to-"

"You're mine, Ghost Boy." Skulker called from the sky, aiming another weapon.

"Oh crud." Danny nearly blacked out right there, but he fought against the rings that appeared around his waist, blinding the other teen.

The weapon fired with Danny standing in front of the other boy, but as soon as the blast grew to its full size, he knew he wasn't strong enough to deflect the blow or even create a shield to deflect it for him.

Without a second thought and with seconds to spare, Phantom grabbed the brown-haired teen by his waist and dove into the ground, using what little strength to use his intangibility while ignoring all sounds of protests coming from his charge.

"Whelp!" Echoed in his ears as the teens passed through feet of ground, Phantom being too exhausted to use any of his powers besides intangibility to keep them alive. At least the boy had stopped struggling, no need to prolong his suffering.

After a few more moments of this silent falling, they crashed through a barrier that none of them realized repelled Danny's intangibility and rendered it ineffective against the hard stones. Had they noticed, they might have avoided the pain and suffering that they both would have to endure once they awoke from unconsciousness.

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