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Chapter 4:

Danny gulped at the sight of the large (that didn't even cover it really, ginormous more like it) cockroaches. He took a step back, shivering when the roach that had spoken matched his progress backwards.

"Hey! Stay back!" Danny's voice was steady, thank goodness, as he outstretched his hand in warning. If this bug was a threat, he was fully prepared to blast it to smithereens, even if it would explode bug guts all over him. Frankly, at this point, he was too freaked out to care. His hand glowed faintly, but it was nowhere near as powerful as the ghost boy wanted it to be.

"Hey, woah!" Gregor stepped forward as the cockroaches hissed and backed away, clicking something in their language. "What is wrong with you, they're just crawlers! They won't hurt us."

"Crawlers? What the heck is that? 'Cause those are cockroaches, no matter how big they are. And if memory serves, they do eat people!" Danny's voice was in a stage whisper, trying not to draw more attention to himself from the bugs, but still trying to convey his concern to the younger boy beside him.

"The blazer! It is the blazer, it is!" the crawlers hissed out, antennae waving frantically in their agitation. One even looked ready to bolt, frightened by the ghost in front of him.

"Hold on!" Gregor called, waving his arms to gain everyone's attention as he moved to the middle of the standoff. "Ok, everyone just calm down, ok? Temp, what's wrong? You know me, remember? We went on lots of adventures together, you know me."

"Know you, Temp does, know you." the bug answered warily, "Blazer, not know, blazer."

"Him?" Gregor gave a flick of his thumb to indicate Danny, "That's just Danny, he's not going to hurt you. Right Danny?"
After receiving a pointed look, Danny reluctantly let the ectoblast die in his hand, but he still kept it ready. He hadn't survived this long without a healthy amount of paranoia. His small action of non-aggression helped to calm the three large creatures down, their antennae slowing in their movement and the hissing coming to an end.

"Great!" Gregor continued on, smiling reassuringly to everyone around him. "Now look, we've been wandering for hours, you think you could help us find Regalia?"
The bug nodded, his entire fronthalf dipping forward with the motion, "Lead you, Temp will, lead you."

Gregor smiled, "Great! See, guys, we'll be-"

"Stay behind, blazer will, stay behind?" Temp interrupted. Apparently he was still nervous, and very uncomfortable around the hybrid.

"Um...no, Temp, the...blazer needs to come too." Gregor paused over the unfamiliar word, and nervously looked back at the boy who had travelled this far with him in the Underland.

Gregor knew firsthand how dangerous the Underland could be, and he wouldn't wish being alone down here on anyone. With the many deadly creatures out to get the humans, and without a weapon, Danny would be dead within the hour. The boy may have claimed to be a ghost, and therefore dead, but he had proven that he could still be hurt. Gregor had no idea what the relationships were like down here, especially with the cold-blooded animals on less than stellar terms with the rest of the warmbloods (minus the crawlers, of course) the last time he had visited.

Temp seemed to consider the warriors words for a moment, then began hissing and clicking at his companions until they seemed to come to a conclusion. The other crawlers looked past Temp at the humans, then dashed out of the cave in a hurry, leaving the three alone.

"Lead you, Temp will, lead you." Without any other warning, the bug took off down a different tunnel than his companions took, leaving the boys to run after him. They dashed down numerous tunnel after tunnel, none but their leader knowing what route they were taking.

"Great, I just love running!" Danny said sarcastically. His breathing was labored as he lumbered over rocks, still tripping over the small ones that his companions eased over or around.

"Would you rather be left behind?" Gregor asked snidely. As a former track athlete, and also having spent some time training with a certain tough Underlander trainer, this run wasn't as bad for him as it was for the ghost boy.

"No, but... Hey! Why does it seem like they know you already, and you know them? And... Why were they so afraid of me? I mean, I've had people hate me before, but no ones ever been afraid..."

Gregor turned his head to see the glowing visage of the older teen turn melancholy. He pondered on how to explain the situation, knowing he would eventually need to. With them going to Regalia, there was no way that Gregor's identity as the warrior wouldn't be uncovered. He let out a sigh, "I'll tell you what I can once we get to Regalia, I promise. But, I have no idea why the crawlers were scared, or why they kept calling you a blazer, whatever that is."

"Makes two of us.." Danny trailed off, trying to conserve his energy. Gah! The next time he met up with Skulker, he was going to leave him locked in the thermos with both Klemper and the Box Ghost while simultaneously shaking it and letting his dad rant about ghost dissections. Maybe then, maybe, it would make up for making Danny run this impossible distance in some unknown underground world with giant cockroaches and boys that knew those cockroaches while they were led to another unknown location called regal-something-or-other. Yeah, just maybe.

Silence drifted across the trio in an unsettling cloud that none really knew how to break, but fortunately, they were spared by the light at the end of the tunnel. Once the three of them broke out into the torchlight, Gregor smiled and raised his arms to the glorious sight.

"Welcome to Regalia."

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