Stretching and blinking the sleep out of my eyes I rolled over and thought about just how good I felt. Limber and well rested, along with nicely warm. Easily had to be one of the best sleeps I had ever had. But then it hit me, this wasn't my room, wasn't my mattress or my blanket or my sheets. And my clothes were gone. Though in my morning haze I could not for the life of me remember where I was or what I had done. Turning back over I saw the pale slender body curled up next to me. His back was facing me, his shaggy hair more of a mess than it should have been. That's right I had come to confront Lee about being a fire bender, but we had ended up locked in a furious kiss. Heated and forceful. I seemed that both of our lounges were fighting to see whose would be dominate. But the wrestling match the two of them were having felt wonderful sending chills not just down my spine but through my whole body.

After that thought things began to fall more and more into place, the kiss had settled down and had become passionate and much more heated. I had started playing with his shirt doing my best to pull it down so his pale sweet neck and collar bone would be exposed for me to chew on. After I had gotten it down I began nibbling his neck smiling against his skin at each soft gasp or moan I received to let me know I was hitting all the right spots. From there I went to his collar bone and shoulders taking the same liberties. Biting as hard as I wanted, where I wanting letting his breathing and moaning be my guide.

"Are you ready Lee?" I smiled at the fact that his cheeks were flushed in a straight line a crossed his face, and the pleasure induced haze that covered his eyes.

"If you know I'm a fire bender you must already know I lied about my name and yet were still doing this jet, wouldn't you rather call me by my real name?"

"Yes I really would why don't you give it to me." Having said this I began biting his neck again, this time making sure to leave red imprints of where my teeth had been so people would know he was taken. Zuko was the name I got through the breathy moans he was giving. Zuko? The fire prince…didn't expect him to look so good. But I didn't have time to worry about that, my body was already too worked up and aching I hadn't had a release in quit sometime now…

By this point in we both had our shirts off and were kissing deeply, our tongues wrestling against each other again. We were both moaning now, not concerned if we were caught or not. I had no idea where the old man was, and right now I didn't care the possibility, or should I thrill of possibly getting caught made this all the more fun. It seemed like ages before we finally stopped kissing and we were both getting hot and heavy fast. Before I let another minute pass I had stripped down to nothing but my skin and scars. I caught him almost instantly staring at my hard throbbing member. He knew what it wanted and wasted no time getting it in his mouth. I couldn't help but throw my head back in a low moan, his tongue was licking over every little inch of me and his mouth was hotter than what I had felt from anyone else. I slipped my hand into his hair and pulled him onto me as far as I could get him. I felt him chock slightly but I was so into it didn't matter. He was sucking hard and fast now gently nipping me every now and then and with the way he worked everything in his mouth it didn't take me long to finish in him hard. I could feel him swallowing all of it, watching him take cum was amazing. He began milking me to make sure he got ever last drop out.

"You taste really good Jet; I might just have to get more…." He looked at me with his amber eyes shining with hunger. I could tell he was going to try and get me to go again; I was still hard so he must have though I still needed it. I in fact did need it but not from his mouth.

"you can wait to taste me again, I want to feel the inside of you, I want to know if it's as warm as your mouth."

"Isn't this going to hurt?" he looked up at me the nervousness showing in his eyes. He wanted this but he was scared.

"Do you trust me? That's all you have to do. I've trusted you so far no matter how much I hate fire benders, so now it's your turn to trust me." He nodded still slightly hesitate. I pushed him down to the mattress gently pulling his legs up and apart. He watched ever move I made I put my index and middle finger in my mouth and sucked them till they were nice and slick. I started to slip them gently into his opening I kept still till his grunts of pain turned to moans of pleasure. I began twitching and moving inside of him grabbing his member and stroked him gently as I moved loving the sound of moaning coming from him.

I pulled my fingers out gently and prodded his opening gently with the head of my cock. "Are you ready for this Zuko?" he gave a small moan and nodded again as I slipped deep inside of him buried in his deep, deep warmth. "Oh my…you're so warm…you feel so good." We shared what seemed like forever ever in each other's embrace moaning in the dark whispering sweet words of love and affection that weren't meant to be said. Until the biggest end that made us both fall on top of each other and slip off into a deep sleep.

I sat there on the end of the bed looking towards the sleep fire nation prince lying next to me and wondered what to do next…