Before he knew what he was doing the scruffy haired teen was on top of the ivory skinned fire bender. He didn't care that he could hurt him….he didn't care that he could kill him. He only cared about making him suffer. This was his fault somehow he didn't know how but somehow.

"Jet, what are you doing on top of me? Get off!"

Zuko's words were not registering to him. The only thing making since was that somehow the fire bender had tricked him into lying with him. If Jet was what he wanted….

"Jet seriously, what are you doing onto of me like this? Why do you look so upset? What did I do?"

Then Jet would give him what he wanted. The tan skinned teen held his ivory skinned prey in place using his hands why he shifted his weight to kneel behind the prince.

"Oh you want it again Jet? Well I'll admit you surprised me last night but it was amazing….Just please be easy…You were my first and I'm still a little sore.

"No worries…Zuko…"

That word left Jets mouth with nothing but pain and hatred.

"I'll be as easy as I can..."

He pulled Zuko's legs up high resting them on his shoulder and he placed himself at the already tormented and waiting entrance. He toke no time shoving himself in, he didn't wait for Zuko to get used to him, he didn't wait for the pain to stop, he just kept thrusting hard and fast driving all the anger he had into the fire bender as hard as he could.

"J-Jet…please…b-be easier…I-it hurts." Zuko's pleas were doing nothing but falling on deaf ears. Jet didn't care. He liked the look of pain and fear shooting more and more into the Amber colored eyes that belong to the male who fucked with his heart.

"Sure Zuko here let me be a little gentler. " Jet shifted himself getting a little closer to the hot flesh of the other under him before slamming back into him mercilessly. Zuko cried out the pain flooding his body. He felt pleasure but not enough to help him.

"That's right Zuko cry out for me show me your pain." Zuko reached up to try and stroke his painfully throbbing cock hoping to get some pleasuring relief.

"Don't you dare touch yourself Zuko you don't give yourself pleasure until I'm done." The tan freedom fighter grabbed Zuko's wrist and pinned his hands above his head moaning and grunting as he slammed into his tight channel over and over harder every time. Finally in a loud cry of ecstasy he came spilling his hot seed into his hot blooded victim.

Zuko toke a shaky hand and stroked himself till he finally came spilling himself onto his exposed stomach. He looked towards the freedom fighter who he had befriended and knew he was in love with hot tears of pain tearing up in his eyes.