LarryBoy's Big Secret

Chapter 1

LarryBoy sighed. He knew this day would come. He tapped his clawed foot impatiently, waiting for his niece's escort to arrive with its cargo. Archie was worried. He hadn't seen his master like this before. What was he waiting for? He had asked before, but that led to LarryBoy slamming his head on the desk in his room, multiple times.

A limo finally arrived, and LarryBoy breathed a sigh of relief. When the chauffer opened the door, out stepped a most mind-boggling sight. It was LarryBoy, but with large breasts, half-moon glasses, wearing a grey tank top and a hot pink skirt. Archie now knew. This must be LarryBoy's relative from Africa. The LarryBoy family was made of Lions and Lionesses, often leading to confusion. Maybe that was why this girl had such large breasts and a thin figure?

LarryBoy thanked the escort, and brought his guest inside, all the while her being silent. Archie then had the courage to ask his master,

"Master Larry, who is this?"

LarryBoy paused for a second before faking a smile and saying. "Archie, this is my niece, Secret Marie Lioness. Secret, this is our butler Archie. He and I will take care of you. Mostly him while I am gone."

Secret snorted, and rolled her eyes. She knew all about her uncles' Super Hero business, as she found this annoying whenever in Africa there was a faint "I…Am…That…HERO!" Which happened almost every f***ing hour!

Archie sighed in his head, as he knew this would be a long day.