Title: Heat

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Characters.

Warning: This story deals with gender bender and is slightly au, possibly even ooc for some of the characters.

Pairing: Claude x Sebastian

Chapter 1.

It was going on early summer, though it was rather heady outside this night, the somewhat cooler temperature of spring having given way to much higher temperatures than it had been in the past few years. July had barely begun and yet it was so hot out, even with it being just shy of 11:00 pm, that even the nocturnal wild animals that roamed around London were not moving unless the absolutely had to. Above the city, quite clearly visible, a full moon shone down, giving the landscape an eerie but beautiful glow of silvery light. Dewdrops gleamed upon flower petals and grass, as a light breeze blew, giving some small respite from the heat.

It was, in short, a perfect night for those of demon blood to be out and about in it. Claude Faustus, a muscular, black-haired male who happened to be a demon contracted to one Alois Trancy, was out and about, moving through a mostly silent forest and enjoying himself quite thoroughly. Demons, like all the stories claimed, were strongest at night and preferred it by far compared to the harsh sun during the day. Claude's master was sleeping because he was a child; thank Satan, for Claude didn't have to listen to his whining prattle any longer today.

There were honestly times that he wished he'd never formed the contract with the blonde-haired boy who annoyed him down to the very blood within his veins at times. Alois was clingy most of the time; that is, when he wasn't trying to seduce him. Demon or not, Claude was *not* inclined at all to share a bed with a mere child, regardless of what said child thought. Unlike another young lord they both knew, Alois was not independent and capable of acting on his own; nothing at all like what Claude had expected.

Golden eyes narrowed slightly in irritation beneath slimly framed glasses; if only he'd met the Phantomhive boy first, before Ciel had contracted with Sebastian. Now, there was a prize- and someday soon, Claude intended to claim him. There was the little matter of getting Sebastian out of the way first, but before that, Claude intended to humiliate the other demonic butler to the best of his ability. Sebastian had been goading him since their first meeting and deserved a good comeuppance.

Pausing in mid-stride, Claude's lips twitched in a rather evil smile as he thought of just how to humiliate such a proud demon, golden eyes narrowing slightly. Sebastian was, despite his smaller build and slimmer body, Claude grudgingly acknowledged, a damned good fighter; his equal, in fact. It was frustrating in the extreme that he had not yet managed to gain the upper hand over the red-eyed demon.

Raking his fingers through his black hair, Claude ceased moving instantly as he heard noise near him; someone or something else was close by, no doubt taking advantage of the night to do something reprehensible. Within moments, he was safely shrouded by a tree, careful not to let the moon's light hit upon his pale skin, lest this other see him. It wouldn't be normal for a human to be out right now; that was one reason he'd felt safe, since most humans would be sleeping. The black clothing he wore, appropriate for his guise as a butler, aided him in his attempt to remain unseen. As a slim figure came closer, it became obvious that he was clad in a similar but slightly different butler's than what Claude himself was wearing; both had on dark shoes with black pants, a white shirt, and then a black over shirt, though the other's possessed a tail coat and a silver chain that showed quite clearly.

Claude arched a brow at the sight before him, for this was the last person he'd thought to see here, standing so close to him. The male demon could practically reach out and touch the one standing before- and it was none other than Sebastian- his nemesis. Scowling briefly, he watched the smaller demon move through the night, though the scowl gave way to a blank stare as the other simply kept walking, his gaze straight ahead of him.

Sebastian, for his part, was not aware of Claude's presence beneath the tall oak tree, a strange, distracted look upon his face as he walked. Red eyes were half-lidded, as something called to him, beckoning him to answer it, though he had no idea of what it even was, rosy lips parting briefly when he kept moving, as if in a trance. When he passed by the tree, he would have kept going if a hand hadn't darted out and grabbed hold of his right arm, stopping him before he could take another step.

Gripping the slight limb he held tightly, hard enough to leave an imprint of his fingers on the pale skin beneath his shirt, Claude stepped directly into Sebastian's path; it would be a complete waste to not antagonize the slighter demon. His mouth parted to speak, when he saw the look upon Sebastian's face; it held no anger or irritation, there was a simple flush upon his cheeks, nothing more. It was certainly not enough to explain why Sebastian was acting so uncharacteristically. Normally, by now, the other would have been yelling at him, or have broken himself free and launched an immediate attack, not just standing there, gazing at him as if he'd never seen Claude before.

"What the devil is wrong with you, Michaelis?" Claude questioned, a vague note of irritation in his smooth voice, but his curiosity was getting the better of him for the moment. How was it that his presence here hadn't been noticed by Sebastian? Honestly, it was very surprising for Claude for two reasons; first and foremost, Sebastian truly hadn't noticed his presence despite them both being demons until he'd revealed himself, and second, the other didn't even seem to care. There was no irritation or smugness, not even a faint smirk when those crimson orbs settled upon Claude.

"F-Faustus," Sebastian murmured in faint recognition, though his voice was much lower than Claude's, his face tilting up to look at the taller demon. His red eyes closed briefly, before opening once more to gaze at him, his tongue emerging from his mouth to wet his lips. "I was just… just walking this way…" His voice trailed off, as he once again felt that strange pull inside of him that he'd felt all day, though he knew not what it was, only that it was where.

Easily pulling Sebastian closer to him since the other wasn't exactly resisting, Claude frowned down at him; something was definitely wrong. "That does not qualify as an answer," he informed Sebastian rather peevishly. "If I didn't know it was physically impossible, I'd swear you were drunk…" The way Sebastian had tilted his face up was not typical, either. Usually by now, Sebastian would be exchanging barbs with him- or they'd be fighting physically, secretly enjoying it since there were not many that were such a challenge to either of them.

Sebastian, for his part, stumbled slightly when Claude suddenly yanked him even closer, their chests brushing together slightly and he gasped softly at the sensation. The flush on his face increased as Claude gazed down at him intently; a strange feeling of need rushing through Sebastian as their eyes met and locked, golden into red, and he trembled slightly. "I'm not drunk," he whispered back, closing his eyes again, looking down for a moment.

The shiver passing through Sebastian's body was not missed by Claude, who studied the slim form. This was an unexpected side of Sebastian that Claude had never seen before, the lack of witty verbatim with him or physical attacks left Claude unsure of himself of how to proceed. Holding the smaller demon carefully against him, he tried to think of what could cause the high and mighty Sebastian to be acting so passive. Perhaps he was ill?

Pressed against Claude's muscular chest, Sebastian breathed shakily, a jolt of awareness racing through his entire body as he shuddered again, swallowing hard. He turned his head, his cheek resting slightly on Claude's shoulder and let his eyes fall closed again, lips parting as he focused on his breathing. "Faustus…" he whispered, wanting something but still unknowing just what it was. All he knew right now was that despite their being enemies, he had no inclination to move.

If anyone had told Claude before today that Sebastian would rest against him like this, whispering so softly but with something else in it, a quiet sensuality, and looking so damned sexy with flushed cheeks and mussed hair, he'd have skewered them for where they stood. But there was something damned appealing about Sebastian right now; drawing air in slowly, Claude had a sudden thought as to what was going on.

Leaning in closer, the golden-eyed demon tested his theory by brushing his mouth against the smooth, pale column of Sebastian's neck, kissing it softly before running his tongue up it. The whimper from Sebastian was answer enough as he shuddered once again and Claude slowly smiled. Sebastian was most definitely in heat.

Now this was something he could definitely work with, and if Claude played it carefully, he might get his revenge on Sebastian this night. Licking his lips briefly, he again locked his eyes on Sebastian's once more, right before he brought their mouths together softly at first, then growing deeper, his free arm lifting to wrap around Sebastian's waist so that he couldn't pull away, if he even wanted to.

The need and rising lust within Sebastian brought a fierce ache to his body, heat surging within his veins and body as Claude kissed him, soft at first before it grew hard; even had he wanted to, he couldn't have pulled away, their lips pressed together tightly in a bruising kiss that left him eager for even more. His heart rate increased, his cheeks growing a deeper, rosier shade as a large hand settled itself upon the small of his back. He was lost right now, drowning in the sensations coming from their kiss as a tongue entered his mouth, and didn't even realize his arm had been released until a hand slipped inside his pants, brushing against his bare thigh.

"F-Faustus," Sebastian gasped against Claude's lips, his red eyes widening as those fingers traveled further up, now breaching his underwear and touching him right there. A husky moan escaped, as Claude caressed and stroked him, his knees growing weak as he felt himself growing aroused, pressing against those fingers, yearning and longing reflecting deeply within his ruby gaze.

"Shh…" Claude murmured back between kisses, his left hand rubbing circles now on Sebastian's bare back beneath his shirts, and he was pleased to hear the shakiness in the other demon's voice. Sweat gleamed on his brow, and that moan was definitely something he wanted to hear again, though he paused when the back of his other hand brushed against some dampness upon the side Sebastian's thigh. Knowing what he did of what occurred during some male demons' mating times, particularly those of more noble blood, Claude lowered his hand, searching for something in particular with his fingers to see if Sebastian was one of those rarities. His mouth, simultaneously, moved to travel along Sebastian's neck, kissing, sucking and nipping eagerly on the soft flesh as he smelled the need permeating the air.

Finding what he suspected, Claude's lips curved in an evil grin against Sebastian's neck, right before he plunged a single, solitary finger into the warm depths of Sebastian's body. Simultaneously, the back of Claude's hand still brushed against the silky skin of slim, hairless thighs. He felt the response almost immediately; the body in his arms jerked violently, a wordless, needful cry leaving the other demon, and Claude's satisfaction grew. The same finger entered Sebastian repeatedly; Claude felt the wetness building right there, the cries intensifying, though the golden-eyed demon had not even driven his finger in very deeply. He, too, was getting turned on, though it was no surprise.

It would take an emotionless eunuch to not be affected by the pheromones being released by Sebastian, and as Claude was the same species- and same gender, though right now that was, at least in part, debatable- he was most definitely compatible for mating with the smaller demon. Sebastian, though definitely still male, had changed to accommodate his need to mate; this particular alteration meant that Sebastian's body could support a child. At the moment, though, Claude's thoughts were not on that, as he pressed his finger in all the way to the knuckle inside of Sebastian, who choked his name out, his cheeks feeling as though they were on fire now as he gazed up at Claude, unable to suppress the raw need in his red eyes.

This, too, was part of Claude's plan, having the proud Sebastian at his mercy, but there was a slight hesitation on the golden-eyed demon's part at the moment. He'd planned on throwing the other demon to the ground and taking him, not caring if he was too rough or not, but in a split moment, Claude realized something he hadn't known, but it explained further as to why Sebastian had seemed so dazed with his heat. There was an intact virgin barrier inside of Sebastian right there; Claude's finger was pressing against the hymen slightly. That proved that the demon who whimpered against him and constricted around Claude's finger as he gasped was innocent to this, probably to any kind of sexual contact since Sebastian had not recognized that it was time for him to mate.

Claude had heard the rumors of Sebastian having dallied with others, which was the typical way for most demons. Obviously, those rumors were greatly exaggerated, he mused, enjoying another stolen kiss as he thought for a few moments. Needful little sounds were escaping from Sebastian; that was just as arousing as the idea of being Sebastian's first mating partner. He could do anything he wanted right now and he was fairly certain that Sebastian would not object, not in the state he was currently in.

The question became, however, was to how to proceed, Claude wondered. Not having sex with Sebastian wasn't an option; Claude was too turned on himself to turn away, and it was far too erotic having the proud demon who served Ciel Phantomhive writhing against him. No, Claude definitely wasn't walking away from this. There would probably never be another opportunity like this ever again. But should he be violent and hurt Sebastian in this way for revenge, he mused, for it was not likely that the other would try to stop him right now. Or should he be gentle, bring Sebastian the most pleasure possible, and then gloat to him afterwards of how Sebastian begged for him?

To be continued