Title: Heat

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Warning: This story deals with gender bender, it? AU, and OOC for some characters. Lemony Warning for this chapter!

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Pairing: Claude x Sebastian, Undertaker x Grell

Chapter 45.

William T. Spears and Ronald Knox had fallen into silence after the question that the younger Grim Reaper had asked the older, every bit as awkward as one might think. William was still brooding over it, wondering what Alma would think if she could see what he'd become after her death. A lost, bleak expression was upon his normally composed face as he thought back on all the time he'd wasted, mourning something he could never again have. A pallor had settled over his skin and only the feel of the fingers digging into his shoulders brought him back to the present, forcing him to look down into a worried pair of green eyes.

Ronald, for his part, had been about to panic when William stilled so suddenly, for he had been like this for hours now. That, coupled with the pale face and genuine emotion that he could see so clearly; it was almost frightening. William had never showed any emotion that he could recall, save for his disdain towards both Demons and Grell.

"William!" Ronald shook the taller male by the shoulders, trying to force him out of wherever he'd gone mentally. "If I hurt you or said something wrong, I'm sorry, but you need to snap out of it!Concern made him speak more forcefully than usual, his grip unrelenting. "William!" Not even noticing when his glasses slipped, he exhaled slowly in relief when the brunette finally looked at him, not through him. Ronald had no idea of what William had been seeing or looking at, but he'd known it wasn't him.

Bringing his hands up automatically, though with slight difficultly because of the tight hold on his shoulders, William caught the glasses before they fell off Ronald's face, gently replacing them back into place. He could see that the normally happy go lucky mostly blonde with with a second, darker hue in hair was worried. It showed in the physical contact, the way he'd shaken him and spoken his name, and how wide his green eyes were now.

"I'm all right, Ronald,"William replied, speaking softer than he normally did. He'd no idea of how long he'd been out of it, but it was clearly far later than it had been. The shadows being cast by the sun were longer, indicating that it was now well into the afternoon. "I had never considered that before, what she would think of me and I..."

Lowering his gaze, Ronald felt immense guilt settle over him. He'd pushed William too far, made him recall something that was obviously still very painful for him to deal with even now. "I'm sorry, William," he murmured, focusing on the floor beneath his feet. "It wasn't my place to say anything but you were hurting so badly; I just wanted to help you... Instead, I made it even worse for you." Removing his hands, he stepped back silently, for he knew William did not care for physical contact. His customary wide smile was replaced with the barest hint of a small one, though with the sadness in his eyes, Ronald held a rather bleak look of shame and sorrow.

Making an incoherent sound at the pain he'd inadvertently caused, William reached out without thinking, pulling Ronald close and stepping over to him. Using just one hand, he gently forced Ronald to meet his eyes tilting his face up. "It's not your fault," he seriously replied, gazing down at the smaller male, and meaning it. "Thank you, Ronald, for caring enough to try to help me..."

Ronald's face slowly grew bright red, first at the way William was holding him, one arm around his waist and holding him close enough that he could feel warm breath upon his face when the older Reaper spoke. Additionally, he could still feel that strong hand on his face, beneath his jaw. Their mouths were so near that for a moment, it almost looked like they were about to kiss. "You're welcome," he whispered back, feeling like his cheeks were on fire.

Elsewhere, two other Grim Reapers were engaged in something not really meant for others' eyes, even if they had been spotted doing something very similar before. Though one was retired and one still active, both Undertaker and Grell Sutcliff were supernatural beings and males.

Still half asleep, Grell felt something sweet and warm pressing against his lips, vaguely realizing that he was being kissed as he stirred. The texture and taste was familiar to him, keeping him from being more concerned that someone was kissing him while he was sleeping. Instead of becoming indignant or angry, Grell returned it, moving his mouth back against the other pair of lips eagerly.

From the feel alone, he knew it was another male kissing him; females didn't have such firmness when they kissed, nor did they tend to do so with such urgency. A soft sound emerged from Grell as the kiss continued, growing hotter and deeper with each passing moment. Hands were on him now; he could feel calloused fingers on his back, caressing his bare skin slowly. Awareness prompted Grell to shudder, his eyes parting so he could see who was here with him, kissing and touching him like this.

Seeing the green eyes that gazed at him, Undertaker broke the kiss reluctantly, giving Grell a reassuring smile. His fingers moved up to stroke the redhead's cheek tenderly as the older Shinigami moved closer, pressing against him slightly. Dropping his mouth to Grell's neck, Undertaker slowly licked up the pale flesh, enjoying the taste immensely while locking eyes with the glorious male gazing at him so heatedly.

Grell felt his face going flushed, his heart beginning to beat faster when that tongue trailed along his neck, followed with Undertaker's warm mouth. Even though they were barely touching, he could feel himself growing aroused, gasping a tiny bit when the silver-haired male climbed onto him, straddling him slightly now. Another kiss was pressed onto Grell's mouth, this time much deeper as a tongue slipped past his lips, exploring the warm depths hungrily.

Reaching up with his hands, Grell grasped at Undertaker's shoulders, moaning deeply as a hand slid between his legs, brushing against his growing arousal. Somehow, being touched like this through the fabric of his pants made him that much harder, as the younger male bucked up against the hand, a needful little sound escaping.

"You moan so beautifully," Undertaker whispered into Grell's ear, managing to find it through the long strands of his red hair. Silver strands of his own long hair cascaded down past his shoulders, though a few had slipped to partially cover his face. The friction was delightful as he rubbed his own erection against the Reaper who lay shivering beneath him, allowing Grell to see just how much he truly desired him.

"U-Undertaker..." Grell cried out, whimpering as the fingers that seemed to delight in tormenting him crept past his waistband, moving along his bare skin. He was so hard, eyes clenching shut as his own hands dug into Undertaker's back, rendering holes in the fabric of his dark clothing with his fingernails. "Nn... Please..." He felt so wanton like this; he may have teased and flirted and played at seduction, but this was the first time he'd actually gone this far.

Tugging at the loose trousers, Undertaker nipped the tip of Grell's ear gently as he worked them down, wanting to see all that he could of this beautiful male. Part of him was faintly surprised that Grell was even allowing him to go this far, especially considering that they hadn't gone on a proper date yet. Though Grell had had this particular effect on him since practically the first time that Undertaker had laid eyes on him, the much older, more experienced male knew that this wasn't just about sex. There were many things that he admired about Grell, so even if they didn't exactly follow what would be considered to be a proper courtship, he wanted the redhead to be his.

So flushed like this beneath him, with fiery red hair to match his temper and the way those crimson locks showed off the ivory tone of his skin; Grell was one of the most attractive sights that Undertaker had ever seen before. He couldn't stop touching that pale flesh, kneading it gently with experienced hands and fingers, enjoying every little sound that Grell emitted from his full, pouty lips. Raising his other hand now, Undertaker growled softly as he trailed his fingers along the smooth, flat stomach and up Grell's chest, teasing his nipple with the slight press of one single, solitary sharp fingernail.

"Please what?"Undertaker chuckled lowly, pressing their mouths together firmly and fully settling on top of Grell. "What is it that you want, my dear?He whispered between kisses, briefly brushing his tongue against Grell's as he rubbed their matching erections together, the feel alone making him growl needfully for a second time.

Grell was silently thrilled to know that he was the cause of that husky growl, the sound stirring lust and desire within him. "You..." he gasped, knowing full well that Undertaker knew what he wanted. Actually having somebody want him was surprising enough, considering all the rejections he'd gotten so far in his life, but the way Undertaker was looking at him, as if he were the most beautiful thing that the other had ever laid eyes upon... That was something he had never experienced before.

"My dear Grell, you know that I want you,Undertaker murmured, a soft, affectionate note in his usually grave voice as he concentrated on fully removing Grell's trousers. It really was a rather awkward procedure, given their positions. The visual confirmation that Grell truly had forgone underwear made the retired Shinigami give the redhead a rather slow, feral smile. "If you want me to stop or if this is too soon, then tell me now, Grell, before we are unable to stop..."

Grell's already red cheeks grew brighter as he gazed up at Undertaker, touched by his honest affection. He knew how much the former Shinigami wanted him; the evidence was still pressing against him rather insistently. He also wanted Undertaker, whom he knew could see his aroused state since his trousers were gone, tossed elsewhere upon the bed. That grin had him swallowing hard as he parted his lips. A one night stand was not his usual style, though the words and actions of Undertaker showed him that the older male did feel some affection towards him. It would be arrogant of him to call it love, when there was so much that he still did not know about him. If he gave in to this now, he hoped that Undertaker wouldn't think less of him, considering him to be wanton. Though as he was given another heated kiss, Grell moaned, his legs parting slowly to allow Undertaker to continue. If it ended badly, it wouldn't be the first time his heart was broken.

To be continued