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Wedded bliss din't begin to describe how Bella felt about being married to Emmett. She asked herself everyday why she was the one he chose. She wasn't berating herself or doubting his feelings for her but she didn't think she was worthy of his affections. If she had written down everything she wanted in a mate Emmett would have every quality plus more than she could ever dream of.

Her life was like a dream that she hoped would never end. Every moment of her day was consumed with thoughts of him. She was so in love with him that she couldn't imagine how she could go on if God forbid something should happen to him. She found herself falling more in love with him every day. Everything about him was perfect; from his deep dimples to the way he looked at her from underneath his eye lashes. He had the most caring eyes of any one she knew and his smile took her breath away. He gave her so much love and attention that she never wanted for anything.

Her life couldn't get any better. But there were some draw backs to her new life. Billy had put a restriction on how often Jacob and Embry could see her. She had only seen them twice in the three months since she had gotten married. She understood that things had changed but that didn't mean that she missed her two closest friends any less. She hadn't seen or talked to Quil since her birthday and she missed him so much that it hurt.

She put all of her focus into making the house that Emmett had built feel more like home. She loved the small cattage and was proud to call it home. She and Emmett had christened every room a couple dozen times over and she couldn't get enough of him. She was still getting used to the idea of having all the time in the world to devote to Emmett and making him happy.

Emmett had never been happier. He was living out his dream with Bella at his side. All he had ever wanted was a love like his parents and Carlisle and Esme had. He had found his piece of forever and was never letting it go.

"I've never seen you this happy," Alice commented a few days before the wedding.

"I don't think I have ever been this happy, not even when I was human."

"Jasper says that you're radiating so much happiness that it's almost blinding," she teased.

There were times that Emmett did feel like he would burst open and he knew without asking that Bella felt the same way. Charlie had commented that their happiness was contagious the last time he had seen them. He was more accepting of the two of them being together now but he still missed having Bella living with him. He'd had trouble finding a way to fill the void that had shown up in her absence. Things were better now.

Bella went to see her dad at least once a week and would coninue to do so until she and Emmett decided to leave Forks. She was dreading having to leave him already. She had come to enjoy the time they spent together and since he was her tie to Renee she relied on him for imformation about her mom.

Renee was finally facing Bella's absence head on. She was teaching full time again and focusing more time on Phil and her responsibilities as a ballplayer's wife. Things were moving forward and looking up for her and Bella was worrying about her less and less.

With so much time on their hands Emmett and Bella found it easy to find way to occupy their time. It was hard for them to keep their hands off of each other and couldn't go more than a few hours without having sex. Emmett had bought a copy of Kama Sutra and they were a quarter way through the book.

Bella loved being Emmett's wife and she was getting used to being called Ms. Cullen. She found herself twirling her wedding and engagment rings around her finger throughout the day not beliving that they belonged to her. The transition from dating to being married had been seemless.


Charlie had done some growing and maturing of his own in the time that Bella had come back into his life. He was happier and more open. He wasn't as withdrawn. He had more of a reason to get through the day. He had hope for a better future.

Sue helped ease the loneliness that he felt without Bella. They were both adjusting to the loss of someone and were each other's support system. They grew closer every day and with Leah and Seth always at the house it didn't seem so empty.

Jacob was feeling the loss of his best friend but was handling it well. He focused on getting his driver's liscense and fixing up his first car and spending time with Quil and Embry. Embry and Angela had broken up over the summer but remained friends. They realized that they had rushed into things and Embry hoped to have a second chance with her in the future.

Bella wanted to keep in contact with the boys but Billy's strict rules hindered that. Jacob would occasionally text her without his dad's knowing to let her know how he and the other two were doing and that was enough for her...for now.

The Cullen's had kept their distance and hadn't come to visit since the wedding and called at least once a day. They were giving the newly married couple some much deserved space that they had been denied while they were dating, even Edward left Emmett alone and stayed out of his head. If Alice had looked into their future she wasn't saying anything.

Life was good it would only get better. Emmett and Bella had each other and that was all they needed.


Alice shook her head to clear her thoughts and Edward cut his eyes to her to warn her to pull herself together. What she had just seen was amazing and it eased her fears for Emmett and his status in the family. There was someone meant for him out there and the days until she came into his life were drawing closer. It would happen any day now and she was bursting at the seams with excitment for him. Edward cleared his throat and her eyes meet his imploringly. He jerked his head for her to follow him out of the room. They walked through the forest in silence as what she had just seen sunk in.

"Are you absolutely certain?" he questioned.

"Have I ever been wrong? I can't wait to tell him, he'll be so happy!" she gushed.

"You know as well as I do that he will not want to know. He doesn't like you poking into his life and this is something that he needs to experience for himself."

"You're right," she said, worrying her bottom lip.

"She does seem nice," he revered.

"She seems wonderful and she and I are going to be best friends. Can you believe it?!" she asked excitedly.

"Remember to act normal," he said sternly.

"Yes, Sir," she said in a mock salute.

They walked back to the house and Alice purpously ingnored Emmett who was in the living room playing a video game with Jasper. Their worlds were about to be shaken and they would soon have a new member of the family. Things would be better for Emmett soon, that was kept her from worrying about him. He had been alone for so long and now he was on the cusp of having his life changed forever. It couldn't have happened to a nicer, more kindhearted person.

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