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PS: Also, NO this will NOT have IkexTerra, that's a completely crack pairing. They'll be the protagonists, no more.

Radiant Fantasy

Act 1: What Lies on the Other Side

Chapter One

Trail of Blue Flame

"It's been a full year already…" A gorgeous emerald haired woman in her twenties told herself as she rode on her steed into a battalion. "Twelve months of following the trail he left behind…"

"Sir Ike… why are you leaving?" A slightly younger version of herself asked from the other side of a filled banquet table.

"Vell, you shee, I haf…" The muscular blue haired man fumbled as he tried to put three legs of chicken into his mouth, surprisingly succeeding. Honestly, if she hadn't known better she would imagine him dropping dead any minute now. One thing he had to distinguish him from the rest of the crowd was that he was the one of the two only ones with a casual garment code, everyone sitting on the table was dressed to their best possibilities. It was just like him, not caring about any "code".

"IKE!" A young teen shouted as she slammed her palm on the man's head. "No food while talking!" She demanded.

Shrugging, Ike slammed all the chicken legs into his mouth, pulling the three bones at once, now lacking any meat as he patted his stomach. This caused some of the nobles sitting beside the woman to groan in discomfort, I said some since the woman and the man sitting next to the emerald haired one just let out a hearty laugh at Ike's actions, they had seen it countless times before, the man with appetite of a dragon laguz.

"As I was saying…" He said in a more irritated tone, shooting a dirty look at his little sister. "I got nothing more to do here on Tellius. I mean, Elincia, let's be honest here, what work will a mercenary like me have now that the whole continent is completely at peace? Besides the crappy ones." The man did have a point there but that was hardly a reason to do what he was going to do, at least in Elincia's mind it was.

"That's hardly the reason to leave the continent for forever." She replied in a saddened tone. The man on her right cringed at the tone, but chose to keep calm, it was all going to be over after tonight.

"Hey now! I never said I would be leaving for good, now did I?" Ike countered, waving his hands in midair.

"Funny, whatever happened to the "Mature" Ike you said you would be two years ago?" A small, long haired man asked mockingly at Ike's reaction. "You seem to alternate from "all brawn Ike" to…"

"Finish that sentence Soren, and you'll know what "All brawn Ike" can do to your legs." The man threatened, standing up from his seat to reveal his 6'2 tall figure. A normal person would most likely jumped out the window if they saw a fully muscled man of that size threaten them, but Soren didn't even flinch.

"Getting defensive aren't we?" A man with light blue hair and cat ears asked from the other side of the table. "And I bet Nasir didn't cause your reaction this time." He pointed at the older man who was enjoying his meal a little to his right.

"Ranulf! Don't you start with that now!" Ike shouted, now threatening to ignore the table and just jump directly to the cat laguz.

"Ike, if you want to fight with them, please wait until you leave, they are your partners after all, you'll have all the time in the world to beat them down." A tall, seemingly middle aged red haired man said as he adjusted his regal gown. Ike nodded and sat back down, much to the relief of Elincia's council.

"You can be such a spoil sport Caineghis. My blood was starting to boil already!" The other man in casual garments said, disappointed. This black haired man covered his forehead with a red headband, used a thorn green coat that left his chest in the open, complete with coat tails, bandages on his forearms, a red sash extending from his golden buckled belt and a light, teal set of trouser. But that was hardly the distinguishable characteristic. He most importantly possessed spiked ears and a giant, majestic pair of brown wings, whose color was lighter on the edges, he was king of the Hawk laguz after all, it was common sense he presented such wings. In short he was badass, VERY badass.

"Tibarn, if you wish for a fight, I'd be more than happy to give one to you, just not today if it's possible." Caineghis replied with a smile on his face.

"I'll hold on to that Lion King!" The Hawk King growled in satisfaction as he pumped his fist in his direction.

"Such savages…" One of the nobles commented, he shouldn't have done that.

"What was that duke Solum?" The man on Elincia's right side asked.

"It's the truth, Geoffrey." Solum replied aggressively. The atmosphere inside the whole room was brought down that instant. These were the attitudes they had risked their lives to eliminate. They were coming back too soon.

"How unfortunate…" Elincia commented, standing up and looking at the older man with a stern look on her amber eyes. "Why don't you take your leave Duke? We will not tolerate racism on this castle. The maid will have your belongings delivered at your estate. I'm dispatching you as an ambassador to Phoenicis." She said, instantly shocking everyone present, ones for the better, and others for the worse.

"This is outrageous!" He exclaimed.

"It's the truth, Solum." Geoffrey mocked, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him towards the door.

"I'll be sure to have fun with you… puny beorc." Tibarn threatened as he saw the man was escorted out, screaming and wailing for "justice".

"Do not do anything drastic Hawk King." The short, blue haired woman besides Elincia asked of him.

"Don't worry your head Lucia, I'll just play with my food a little, not eat it." He said with a laugh. "Now, where were you Ike? I'm interested if you're going to return or not, because if you aren't, I want a fight, right here, tomorrow!" He exclaimed excitedly, his laguz blood yet again gaining the best of him.

"Calm down Tibarn! I don't plan on going away forever. I just have to find out… is there life beyond the continent? Are we alone or…?" He looked at his hand in deep thought.

"WOW! Ike's being philosophic? What has Ashera done to you?" Boyd shouted, being glared down by pretty much everyone.

"Boyd… Shut up… just shut up." Mist scolded, he obeying immediately.

"Uniting the world… is that what you want Ike?" Elincia asked.

"I don't know… I just FEEL I have to do this. Imagine the possibilities! I have to do something, and you obviously don't need my help on Crimea, look at how you handled this situation." He missed the obvious blush from the Queen at that point, just because he was Ike, he's dense. "And who needs any help really? Daein? They don't like me a lot. Begnion? They don't need help. Laguz lands never needed help. The only way for me to make a difference is to go! Nobody really needs me here anyway!"

"Well…" Elincia began, but lost her voice at the last moment.



"This is depressing…" Shinon commented, standing up from the table. "I have to get some air."

"My Queen?" A voice came from behind her, snapping her from her thoughts. "Elincia? Are you ready?" Geoffrey questioned.

"As ready as I can be…" She replied, still reminiscing. "Ever since then, even though everything has been working out very well... we all feel it's just not the same. We don't feel safe without Ike, we don't feel that what we have now is our work, it's Ike's, and he's the only one not enjoying it... Maybe he's there, carving a new trail for us to follow, just like we are now. Where are you and what did you find?"

"It's the first time we go to battle without Ike's looming presence isn't it?" Geoffrey asked, as painful as that was to him.

"We had that last stand at our castle." She replied, but even she knew she was wrong.

"Ike was in Crimea, don't deny you didn't go through the entirety of it expecting him to barge through the gate." He pointed out, to which Elincia nodded. "We all did. This is the first time where we can't hope for a shoulder where to fall. But that only makes your role more important! If you don't inspire our army, who shall?"

"That's true… and we can't let Ike down! He trusted us to maintain peace!" She exclaimed, her eyes lighting up.

"Good, now Elincia, rally the troops, our spy gave us thirty minutes as a limit. And Volke is trustworthy if you have the gold." Geoffrey said with a sense of urgency.

"I'll do my best." The Queen replied, whispering her Pegasus to fly. She waited until she was flying just above the bulk of the army and remembered that speech.

A nineteen year old Ike stood in front of the greatest army Crimea had ever conjured. It contained people from every nation, all united under the man-who-could. He was never a speech man, he was basically forced by Soren, Titania and his sister Mist to do it, so he did his best to stick with what his father taught him, him being a successful general and all.

"Um… hey there…" He stuttered before breathing hard and telling himself that he had to do this right. "Before this final battle there is only one thing I have to tell all of you… I don't want any of you dying on me!" He exclaimed as confidence began to build up inside him. "Remember—You only have one life! At times like this, it doesn't matter what our blood ties are. We are family!" Elincia clutched to her heart at that. "That's what my father always used to say. And today… for the first time… I understand why he said it. Because we ARE a family. So, if you don't want to cause your family any grief, then live! Don't drop your guard! Don't turn back! Our road has been long, but it ends today! Let's liberate Crimea and free our friends… our families… from Daein's tyranny!" He took a deep breath as he looked over the army which was soaking his every word, suspense and expectation nearly palpable. "Men of Crimea…" He said as he looked over the majority of the army. "Laguz of Tellius…" He continued as he looked at their improbable allies. "Greil Mercenaries…" He finished as he looked at the edge of the compound, joined were the people he grew up with, Mia who joined midway and then to his side where was his most trusted friend Soren and the woman which had changed his life with one contract. "MOVE OUT!" He shouted raising his holly sword up in the air as the field exploded with ovation. No doubts, no hesitations, only certainties of victory. The very speech Elincia had to mimic.

Elincia was there, sitting in her Pegasus as the confused and scared eyes of the hastily prepared army stared into her very soul. She needed to change that attitude. Ike's speech won the war, she had to do the same.

"Hear me, citizens of Tellius!" She began, gulping as their stares indicated that they were putting everything on her shoulders. "As you know, Daein's been struck by the full force of an unknown army, effectively bringing the proud country to its knees once again. Now, I know that many of you still hold a grudge against Daein, but it is time to let it go, we all know that they changed, they fought to change. The madmen behind Daein's tyranny are dead and the new queen is a dear friend of mine and a heroine in her own right. Now, are we to abandon the allies that returned life to Tellius?" The crowd was mostly unmoved with a few "nays" standing out but otherwise not much. Elincia persevered. "Furthermore, they now move to invade Crimea after their failed assault on Begnion, are we to stand and watch?" The lack of response infuriated her to no end. "What would Sir Ike say if he saw how you are her today? Have you forgotten what he told us? WE ARE A FAMILY! Blood ties don't matter, our nationality doesn't matter, our RACE doesn't matter, as long as we live in Tellius, as long as we can help each other and fight together, we are a family! Are you going to let your family down? Are you going to let a continent filled with your familiars get slaughtered? Are you going to betray Sir Ike's trust in us? He who entrusted the continent to us?" The sudden burst from the normally collected Queen caused the crowd to lit up, even if it was a little. "This bridge is the only gateway from Crimea to Daein, if we bring it down we cannot help them, but they are going to try and use it against us! Even if I have to bar their path with my dead body, they will not enter my… no OUR country! Now I ask you again, who among you is with me?" She shouted, now raising her sword just like Ike did almost five years ago. Much to her amazement, the reaction was almost identical to that day's. There was no shadow of doubt on their hearts, they had to do this.

"Elincia's grown." Renning commented, stroking his short beard as he saw the crowd rejoice.

"For you maybe, but I've gotten used to that Elincia. She grew overtime so I don't see the difference. Do you?" A dark purple haired woman with a katana stocked on the sheath of her long, two tailed orange dress asked.

"I see Ike taught you even to treat nobility as an equal Mia." The elder man replied.

"Aren't you?" She asked.

"True… True." Renning agreed.

"Still, even I have to agree, she's very strong-willed…. For a beorc of course." A man that could easily pass as a younger Caineghis pointed out as he landed forcefully on the floor next to them.

"If Renning AND you Skrimir agree… then what can I say?" Mia said, shrugging. "The match is still on though, isn't it? If Ike could beat your uncle then I HAVE to beat you!"

"You really are an eager one. To challenge the King of Beasts to a fight so rashly. I like it! You're just like me! I will honor your challenge."

"Great! Now let's get ready to kick some…"

"I can hear footsteps…" Skrimir finally said, his hair shining brightly as he lowered himself to four paws, in a flash of light transforming into a massive red lion laguz. "The fight is upon us!"

"I had hoped that Phoenicis and Kilvas' reinforcements had arrived, but I guess we'll have to go on without them…" Renning said, looking at Elincia and giving her a sign.

"Tellius' family… TO BATTLE POSITIONS!" She ordered, a large hurrah being heard from both Crimean's, Begnion's reinforcements, Gallia and the one lone person from Goldoa. "Generals, Marshalls, Tigers and Skrimir to the front! Halberdiers cover them! Trueblades and the rest behind them! Protect the archers! Mages, use the Meteor, Bolting and Blizzard tomes!" She instructed, the troops saluting and doing as she said.

"She's become knowledgeable." Renning pointed out once again.

"When Ike left she decided she needed to prepare to be the pillar if such a fight would break out, she asked for some tips from Bastian and borrowed the books Soren never took with him." Lucia explained as she headed onto the middle lines with the rest of the Swordmasters, myrmidons and the rare Trueblade.

"And she asked me for training." The ever elusive Trueblade blade with grassy hair said as he appeared from out of nowhere. Over the years his wardrobe remained the same. A large, one sided dark blue coat that stretched onto his left side a yellow and white sash marking the end. A purple shirt covered the rest of the body, a sheath resting on his right side, even though he was right handed. Simple dark blue pants and brown boots finished his wardrobe.

"Stefan, you made it." Mia said in a taunting tone. "The more adversaries the merrier, how about a match? Whoever defeats the most wins."

"A chance to test my sword? I accept of course!" He said, drawing his Vague Katti, the pinnacle of Tellius' katana blacksmithing.

"Alright! Come out come out wherever you are!" Mia taunted. She soon had her smile turn into a look of concern just as the soldiers emerged. They were by the thousands. Crimea's army was never the greatest, even more at short warning like this. They were no more than six hundred.

"Do not step down! They shall not pass!" Elincia shouted, encouraging the troops, who assumed battle positions. "Shinon! Rolf! Archers! Rain them down!" She ordered as the arrows covered the sunset. The first in line of the enemy army started to fall. Elincia got a good look at them. Their armors differed in style, but the front was mostly covered by armored knights like them. What she noticed however was that there were no horses, just a strange, yellow feathered two legged birds, much taller than a man which they used as their steeds. Their whole composition of classes was weird, she saw people with no armor or weapons, and they seemed to be beorcs. "Just what is their strategy?" She wondered. But it was too late to back down. "Skrimir! GO!" She ordered, quite literally unleashing the caged beast.

"I shall rip them to shreds!"Skrimir yelled in his mind, only a bone chilling roar getting out of that lion's maw. With the roar the frontline mobilized and with them, the entire army.

"Pegasus knight! To wing!" Elincia ordered as their pegasi flew upwards. "We'll show Ike we can do without him!"

The frontlines were quite simply, a massacre. The soldiers didn't seem to know about laguz as they scattered as soon as Skrimir eviscerated five men with one lunge. They managed to hold their own against the armored soldiers, with the unarmed men being the hardest to handle since no one knew how to fight them. They even managed to shoot beams of energy from their palms. Still, they never saw the storm of meteor, thunder and ice that came upon them coming, falling by the hundreds before the tomes expired. Elincia was in the frontlines, using her Pegasus to fight off the strange birds. It was then that an archer did the right thing and hit her Pegasus straight in the wing, leading to a very dangerous fall in the midst of the army.

"ELINCIA!" Geoffrey shouted, commanding his steed to ignore everything and rush to the queen. Lucia and Bastian did the same.

She had been grounded and was now being surrounded by an army of musketeer-like-mages. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she grabbed Amiti with both hands.

"Don't take me lightly… a rose can have thorns." Stefan did train her after all. In one fluid motion she dodged the strange spells that resembled green blobs that they cast on her, with one fell swing cutting down three. Using the Amiti's specially crafted materials to cut through the wind, she delivered a second blow before they could even react, and just like that, she was free from the circle.

"Wow…" Was all Geoffrey could muster as she saw just how much she improved. Normally, outside of the Pegasus, she would be a normal girl, but those movements were Trueblade level. Did she have to go so far to chase after that man? Before his thoughts could develop, he saw that, as Elincia was tending her horse, a knight in dark bloody armor arose from the corpses and jumped at her, wilding two curved, blood red swords. It all happened too fast, before he could shout, before she could turn, his head had been separated from his body. Standing next to Elincia was none other than the Fireman.

"Volke! Thank you." She thanked as she took Volke's hand to get up, her horse, now healed, doing the same. As mysterious as they came, the man wore a black coat, also with coattails and simple brown trousers. Now, his face was a different story. The mouth was covered in a red mask that matched his headband, which retained his light brown head. Furthermore a scarf prolonged from both ways across his body. Simple, stealthy, impersonal.

"One thousand." He said simply, stating the sum he needed to compensate having to save the Queen.

"Only one thousand?" She asked jokingly.

"Take it or it will be ten." Volke replied, mildly embarrassed, something he could hide too well for a human being.

"Of course! Now, how much for the…"

"Elimination will be three."


"A pleasure doing business with you, my long standing client." He bowed his head, disappearing into the shadows, screams being muffled immediately afterwards.

"Let's go, Gwydion." She said as she got back onto her pegasus, which her great-grandmother had named when she first received the steed, it was a miracle really, how it still held up. "This will be over soon!" She seemed uplift, but that was only to not worry the others. "How could they bring down Daein with such an army? Maybe they suffered severe casualties? Or maybe they divided forces to reach Begnion? Or is it an ambush? Either way, it's too late to move back, watch over us Yune!"

"So you are one that can test my blade." Stefan said as he felt a powerful presence near him. He had returned to the beginning of the bridge to peel of the ones that managed to pass and protect the archers. "Now, you should be perfect for my 500th." He said as he turned to see a little, seemingly helpless blonde girl. She stared at him with her beautiful but empty purple eyes, her long, curly blonde ponytail flying to the wind. She wore a sleeveless red dress with floral patterns, two long red gloves, several different sashes around her waist, and a pale pink cape. Her legs were covered by patterned white tights, and red and gold high-heeled boots. A silver tiara was also lodged on her forehead and another golden metal piece tied her hair together. Standing just a little above five feet tall a normal person would never feel intimidated by her. But Stefan was different. "Are you… branded?" He asked confused at the aura she was exuding. It wasn't a beorc's… nor a laguz's… but it didn't fall near any branded he knew off, no combination of beorc with laguz. He was just certain of one thing, whoever she was, holding back was not an option.

"Species… Unknown. Not human. Not Esper. Not beast man. Enemy. Permission requested." She said in an emotionless, cold voice. She seemed to be talking to no one, but deep inside Daein keep, two men resided, looking at a crystal ball.

"Let her do it!" The man, who could pass as a jester said excitedly. The other one, a young man of long, messy brown haired sighed and closed his eyes. It might have seemed it was his decision, but he knew otherwise. Crossing the "jester" would cost him his neck.

"Terra… Eliminate." He said to the crystal ball, her head jumping backwards as the small tiara on her head jolted in electricity.

"Number of eliminations requested." She replied emotionlessly.

"Do you even have to ask?" The jester asked as he released his trademark laugh.

"Leave no survivors." He said remorsefully.

"No survivors… Understood!" She replied as she summoned two swords into her hands. Both swords were almost as big as her and the complete opposite of each other. One had a destroyed edge, dark and lava-like tonalities and oozed an orange aura, the other one seemed to be the pinnacle of perfection, a golden sword of masterful craftsmanship, silver feather motifs appearing on it's hilt.

"To be able to wield two swords of that size… wasn't the last one to do that Altina?" Stefan noted as he observed the similarities between what Lehran described as the first empress of Begnion. "I am so fortunate! Let us go! Break my sword… if you can!" He exclaimed as he sprinted towards the girl, dodging the overarching sweep by ducking and slashing at the woman, only to be stopped by and unknown force. "Magic?" He gasped as a turmoil of winds sent him flying backwards into midair. The girl didn't waste any time sending huge fireballs against him, him being in midair had no chance of dodging, but thankfully a Pegasus grabbed him just in time.

"Stefan, be careful!" A voice reprimanded. Stefan turned back to see the familiar pink haired friend of the queen, in her normal red armor over the white uniform.

"Marcia! I'm thankful, but please do not interfere further. This opponent… I shall face myself!"

"But…" Marcia began, but she soon realized there was no talking Stefan out of this.

"Two swords being used fluidly. The ability to command magic without tomes, different magic of ours at that. I must break her sword and then make her come with us. Such talent is not seen more than once in a thousand years." Stefan had almost never been this excited in his long life. Marcia sighed and laid the Lion-blooded Trueblade on the ground.

"I'll be watching."

"You are fortunate to!" He exclaimed as he once again lunged at the emotionless girl. Again he dodged both her sweep, this time with one step into the right and one jump above. Seeing her prepare a fireball as she dismissed her destroyed blade he swung at the perfect one, using the impact to get behind the girl. Just as he landed he had sheathed his sword as he turned backwards with his eyes closed. As soon as his eyes opened, in a flash, just as the girl turned, he had lunged and cut four times against her shield, breaking it. Before she could even think of reacting, he had done a backflip backwards and lunged yet again, this time cutting into her abdomen as he reappeared behind her. "Astra." He said, sheathing his sword as the cut manifested itself, making Terra fall to her knees. "You are defeated. Your raw power and potential is unmatched, but you lack technique and will. I hope you will be able to align the three and battle me again." He began walking away to find a healer. Big mistake.

"Power insufficient. Permission… requested to remove limitation 666…" She muttered.

"Neve-" The young man began.

"Do it!" The clown shouted.

"Are you mad? The last time that happened even our army didn't survive! It will be pure carnage! Maybe even the whole country will be engulfed in flames!" The young man shouted, but that only greatened the smile on the clown.

"That's exactly why I want to see it!" He exclaimed. The man had no choice but to give the order, he could just be killed at the spot and have the clown give the order.

"Granted…" he sighed, lowering his head in defeat.

"Understood… Restriction number 666 released…" She began as the golden piece that tied her hair was taken off, her hair now waving freely to the wind, but gaining a white and pink tonality. Red energy began whirling around her. "All safety procedures disabled… Emotions released…" Her face began twisting into a sick grin. "Trance state activated!" She said in her emotionless voice one last time. "I wonder, is the blood of a half-breed like myself tasty?" Was the last words to come out of her mouth before she exploded red energy, lighting up even the sky on the sunset. It looked as if the sky was bleeding. Stefan turned around in surprise only to get a claw carved into his abdomen like Terra had had.

"Getting revenge, heh? So you ARE a laguz…" He said as he looked at the figure in front of him. The little girl's innocent figures had been replaced with a wild, bloodthirsty look as the haired, now light pinkish white with violet ends flew even with un-existing wind. Both her hands and feet were now violet her nails were now full-fledged, yellow claws. From her elbows fur arose, the same violet coloration as her hands. The rest of her body was shining, void of clothing, only being covered by its pinkish ink and red aura. She didn't' even talk anymore just groaned. "You might be more than I can handle… I am sorry but I am going to have to postpone our match. Nasir!" He called as, from behind a tree came an albino haired man with a preoccupied look on his face.

"Dragon's keep fighting to a minimum, but I see no other way!" Nasir said as he crossed his arms, a white light flashed and where the man once were now stood a massive White Dragon, the species that reigned above all laguz in power, only being surpassed by the royal Black Dragons and equaled by the red. "Child! Stand down!" he ordered as he approached the unmoving girl.

"Dragon blood? Interesting." Seeing the glint on her eyes, Nasir didn't hesitate to shower her in his breath, but to no avail, she just traversed it instantly and punched him in the gut, drawing some blood and tasting it. "So good!" She then slammed her foot claw on his chin, catapulting him upwards and jumping to follow him.

From afar, Elincia rushed to the scene where the energy came from, along with Renning, Lucia and Geoffrey. Skrimir had gained distance and was already out of sight. It was then that she saw it, flying right towards her, a White Dragon. She had to dodge it and see Nasir fall flat on the bridge, leaving a massive crated as he reverted to human form.

"Nasir!" She exclaimed as she began healing the Dragon.

"Run… away…" Nasir muttered. "Monster… Only two hits…" he said as he passed out.

"That's impossible, right? Nothing can hit a White Dragon twice and put him in such destroyed shape." Geoffrey exclaimed.

"Nothing should be able to throw a dragon this far. But he was thrown, wasn't he?" Renning pointed out.

"Elincia…" Lucia began.

"I will NOT stay here!" She exclaimed. "Let's go save them! Our family!" She exclaimed as she took flight, the others nodding and doing their best to keep up. What they arrived to see wasn't the most encouraging sight. "No…" There was fire everywhere, bodies both crawling to safety and others being burned by the fire, lifeless. How did that happen in a few minutes, she didn't know. She looked around and saw Skrimir trying to wrestle the foreign creature, only to be punched in the gut and be hurled backwards as a fire explosion came from the unknown's hand. Both Mia and Stefan, dodged the Lion by ducking and tried to use their Astra but, even in their speed they go their necks grabbed and slammed to the ground. The arrows from Rolf, Shinon and Astrid burned before they reached it and were returned by sharp ice, one that incapacitated their arms and legs. Gatrie and Brom appeared from behind her, but both the man's Wishblade and the other's Silver Poleaxe were grabbed by her bare hands, or claws, as she used them to throw them against the nearby castle. The army was being decimated. She started to approach the downed Stefan, the man Mist was trying to heal. "NO!" Elincia shouted as she kicked Gwydion to go forward. Boyd and Titania jumped in front of the monster, swinging his silver poleaxe and the Urvan, only to get the same treatment as the ones before. Mist grabbed Stefan and tried to pull him, but she couldn't escape at that speed. Smirking, the girl shot a lightning bolt aimed for Mist's knees, immobilizing the young girl. "Monster!" Elincia exclaimed as she charged through Terra at blinding speed in a blow that would downright cut a Dragon in half. Instead of it, it only slightly stunned the being, which turned to see Elincia fly on top of her. With a grimace, it looked at its own blood as its feet detached from the ground. "It can fly?" She asked, dismayed.

"Elincia, run!" Renning shouted but her niece had just been hit in the chest and knocked of her pegasus. Fortunately Volke grabbed her on the way down. Gwydion had not the same luck as she suffered a severe gash on her leg, and since Pegasi fly by kicking the air and not by their wings, it fell to the ground pretty swiftly, damaged but not dead.

"Fifty thousand." Volke demanded.

"if you can… of course!" Elincia promised.

Volke then smirked and rotated his knife, flaying his head back in an almost drunken fashion as he vanished into the darkness. A crimson blade made its way into the girl's neck…. One that broke. "Impossib-GAAH!" Volke muttered before being hit by lightning, falling unconscious on the floor. Terra smirked and turned to Elincia.

"My Queen!" Geoffrey called as he charged the girl, who was now approaching the downed Elincia.

"Geoffrey, Lucia, don't!" She screamed, but Geoffrey's spear was caught, the blue haired knight slammed against his sister before being slammed and thrown against Renning. "NO!" She screamed, grabbing the Amiti and standing up, against her body's wishes. "You'll pay for what you did to them…" She said, pointing her sword at the distracted girl. Before she could react Elincia had cut her four times already, jumping back for the fifth. She didn't see the girl's smirk as she cut through it, now standing on the other side of her. "Astra." She said as she sheathed her sword, just like Stefan taught her. But, instead of blood flying from opponent… she was the one bleeding as she fell to the ground. "I'm sorry." She muttered.

"Elincia!" Lucia called, jumping onto the girl but being frozen on a block of ice that only left her head out. Her sword fell beside her as she screamed: "N-no!" Geoffrey and Renning were knocked out, only she and Elincia remained, and she couldn't move. She closed her eyes as Terra pulled her arm back, ready to impale the Trueblade, but what her hand found was the Queen's torso. "Why?" Lucia screamed with tears in her eyes.

"I won't… let a single one of you die! No one… in Ike's command died…" She said, breathing heavily as she raised Lucia's sword and carved it into the girl in front of her… breaking it. "I'm so sorry…" She lamented as she was cast aside, completely powerless. Now forced to see her sister cut down. "I tried… I tried so hard… but we can't do this… not on ourselves… Please… just one last time…" She muttered, trying to get up but the only muscles moving were her tear ducts. "Just this one last time… IIIIKEEEEEEE!" She screamed with her last bit of hope deposited on the impossible. She closed her eyes before hearing an explosion. As she opened them, like it was in slow motion, she saw a blue cat laguz kicking the girl away as fire melted Lucia, who was now falling down before encountering the arms she had already fallen to. "Miracles do happen…" She said as relief took over her mind and soul.

"It's awkward, isn't it? I'm always catching ya when you fall." Said the Hero of Crimea.

"You're not getting anything out of me if you're hitting on me." Elincia's "sister" replied. She hated to admit it, but she felt it was already over, when she knew it wouldn't be so easy.

"You're not my type." Ike played along, laying her down next to Elincia. "Take care of her Lucia."

"Sir Ike…" Elincia muttered.

"You all fought well… all of you, especially you Elincia… Now rest and watch." He said softly as he stood up, looked around and saw his companions all knocked out on the flaming inferno around him. The perpetrator had recovered from Ranulf's blow, unscathed unless for the five cuts Elincia had managed to give her. "You'll pay!"

"Normally I'd advise a retreat, but I doubt that Ike'll take that as an answer." Soren commented as he approached from behind.

"I don't think he's even going to allow us to help him." The cat laguz said on his side, now back to human form.

"This one's mine!" Ike confirmed, unsheathing the silver sword known as the Ettard. "You messed with the wrong family!" He exclaimed, backflipping, landing on his hands, using them to cause an even bigger backflip backwards and as soon as he landed he used the rebound to propel himself skyward, spinning forward as he extended his sword, slashing at the intruder.

"HEY! That's the blue haired guy that put the silver haired pretty boy against the wall, isn't it?" The clown asked.

"Probably…" The young man thought. "Can he stop her though? It's not like any of us could."

Of all the fights Ike fought, not one was lost. But can such a feat last forever?

Next Chapter:

A beorc hero returns as the battle seems lost, but can he defeat the overwhelming power that stands in front of him? Even then, when the strings of fate have taken a hold once again of Tellius, can they face a threat they know nothing about?

Next time: Hero of Blue Flames.

"So you're back!"

"I'm gambling everything on this!"

"Just as I expected…"

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