This is "Forbidden Love" originally written by Liljj. I contacted her not too long ago, inquiring about an update, and she told me that due to the military and how apparently time consuming it is (ho would've guessed?), she is unable to continue this tale. I told her how much I adored stories like this, and offered to take it up in her stead. She agreed, and here I am carrying a torch once held by a fellow writer. I will tell you now, I am DEEP in the process of writing my own fanfic, however I will not forget about Forbidden Love. It will be addressed eventually, I can tell you that. When? I am not sure. Updates will likely be far between, but it's better than never seeing this wonderfully developed story again. I will upload all existing content, including any of the original author's notes that are relevant. After that, what you read is me, inspired by a fellow author.

So, here it is: "Forbidden Love", written by Liljj.

"Lucille! Left flank!" Captain Narville yelled. Lucy aimed her VC32 Sniper Rifle into the direction the Captain had ordered. About 400 meters away a lone Helghast soldier stood behind a giant mound of rubble, with his StA-52SE Assault Rifle gripped tightly in his quivering hands. She peered through the scope of her weapon, and stared down the creature. Lucy felt her heart stop in her chest, a cold bead of sweat trickling down her face. she aimed down the sight but did not shoot, she just knelt there as if she had seen something horrible. "What the hell do you think you're doing! Shoot the bastard Lieutenant!" Narville demanded again. She slowly put the gun down with shaky hands and looked up at her Captain. It was so hard to speak, she felt like her throat was on fire. Finally, after a moments peace, she choked out the words

"I-I can't Captain.." He just stared down at her with wide eyes, starting to fill with anger. Seeing him for even a second after those words was painful, so she quickly dropped her eyes to avoid his penetrating gaze. He pushed her away without even thinking, and took the large weapon from her hands. She didn't know what was going on, what was going to happen. It was like a blur, she looked up again and saw her Captain aim at the Helghast, who dropped his weapon to the cold and unforgiving ground. She looked at the Helghast and then back at Narville. She pushed herself up with a force of adrenaline so strong she didn't even realize she did it.

"No! Narville!" she screamed, driving him down, making the sniper clatter to the ground. The single shot of the sniper's bullet whistled through the air and lingered in her mind like the beating of a drum. She searched for the Helghast desperately, tears filling her eyes and impairing her vision. There was no sight of him-at least as far as she could tell. There were too many corpses and wounded lying on the blood-stained earth to know for sure. In the middle of her distressed search, two strong hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled them away from her hunt. Narville looked her straight in the eye with tough and callused hands on her arms. Tears continued to stream down her face, she tried to look down in humiliation but Narville stopped her.

"Look at me" he said in a cold, demanding voice. She slowly looked up to him and met his gaze, his muddy brown eyes looking back at her.

She tried to speak, but it was very difficult. All she did was take sharp, quick breaths.

"Calm down, Lieutenant. What the hell happened back there?" he asked. She gathered her thoughts and took a deep breath and said strongly,

"I…I love him.." She said, a crack in her voice. His eyes widened, and they resumed to the unrelenting and piercing gaze they were before.


Lucille fell to the ground, her hand covering the cheek that is now bright red from Captain Narville. She looked up at him, her hand still hiding her wound.

"What the fuck are you thinking? Being infatuated with a Goddamn Hig? You traitor! I don't even know what to say to you, Lucille…" Narville pinched the bridge of his nose with his rough fingers, pacing back and forth. A couple meters behind him, Sev, Rico, and about five other troops stood, fidgeting and looking the other direction. Narville turned towards them and said, "Head to the pick-up base, I'll meet you there." They stood there, confused for a moment. "Well? Go!" Captain yelled. They all quickly turned around and headed back, taking one last glance at Lucy.

Narville looked back at her and scoffed. "I mean, how the hell could you even have time to…ugh nevermind." He sighed, stopping his pace and standing in front of her. She got to her knees and removed her hand from her face. She looked up at him, speculating what her punishment would be. He knelt down to be at eye-level with her, and he tore off the badges from her uniform and threw them to the ground in front of her. She froze in fear, looking at the badges lying helplessly on the filthy ground, and back up at a broken-hearted companion.

"You leave me no choice, Lucy. If you're going to be one of them , so be it. I can't have you with the ISA anymore. I can't afford you screw up and cost other men's lives. I'm sorry." He got up from his knees and picked up the sniper rifle, walking away with heavy footsteps. Lucy put her arms around herself in a poor attempt to comfort, but no luck. She watched as her closest ally disappeared before her, her father-figure. In the midst of her dread, she thought about Koen. The Helghast she loved, whom she had no idea if he was still living. With a forced effort, she brought herself to her feet and marched forward to seek her lover. Memories of the past entered her mind and filled her with slight happiness. The day she met Koen was the day her life had changed forever. She staggered forward to her new home, with the ISA left behind and the Helghast in her future. She stopped and closed her eyes, the scent of Helghast flowing through her senses, releasing locked-up memories.

Approximately 5 Weeks Prior

It was still. The environment was cold and harsh, and yet a populace flourished in it. The planet of Helghast was glorious to its people, appalling to outsiders. The tall Helghan slowly marched through the overgrown shrubs and burned down ruins. His movements were strained yet strong. In the distance, black and gray smoke radiated from outlying wreckage. He passed by derelict tanks and transportation vehicles. The Helghast's orange goggles glowed in the fog, visible from far away. He held his M82SE Assault rifle in his large hands, dragging it on the hard, callous soil. In his other hand, the Helghast held his arm over his side, where blood stains were eminent. All was silent, but far from peaceful. He searched for the pickup bay, but had lost his sense of direction after passing out from blood loss hours ago. The battle had moved north, where there were distant screams of pain and the rumbles of bombs and explosions. The Helghast grew exhausted and sat down on a bent portion of metal, more than likely ran over by a tank. He stared at the ground for a long moment when he noticed something in the corner of his eye. He looked up, gazing at a body. He squinted, but could not focus his vision on the corpse. He got up with a grunt, and strode over to the deceased. It was a young woman. He knelt down beside her and moved his eyes over her body. His heart raced with a confused look on his face, speculating why he felt this way. The female looked to be alive, radiant color in her face. She appeared to be perhaps Hispanic and Italian. She seemed to be in her mid to late twenties, her dark hair tussled about. It was perhaps a little longer than shoulder length. She was indeed very attractive. While the Helghast was gawking at her beauty, he noticed an ISA badge on her uniform, accompanied by many others. He was about to lean over to look closer at her insignia when he become aware of her stomach rising and resting. He quickly jerked his head up and looked at her face. Her eyebrows came together as if she were uncomfortable. She began grumbling while she was awakening, and the Helghast looked around hastily, wondering what the hell to do. He just froze, watching the beautiful woman open her dazzling hazel eyes, full of confusion and worry. The Helghast gripped his weapon and stepped back, prepared for a fight. The ISA troop lifted herself off the dirty ground with her arms and quickly crawled about a meter away from the ghastly figure in front of her. She breathed heavily and glared at the creature, searching her clothing for a weapon. The man got to his feet quickly and aimed his assault rifle at the woman's head. She peered straight into the barrel of the gun, frozen. Sweat ran down her neck and her heart pumped in her throat. The Italian lifted her eyes to meet burning orange goggles. If she didn't know any better she would have thought he were a demon.

"D-don't shoot." She said with all the power she possessed. The Helghast tilted his head to the side.

"And why shouldn't I?" she thought for moment, trying to find an excuse. She stared at his mask blankly when he interrupted her thoughts with the sound of a cocked gun. "Well?"

"Well…why are you here anyway? The war has moved on and yet you still are here, wondering the empty streets. You are obviously wounded..." she said, gazing at the mass of blood on his torso. "So you must be lost…" she quieted down on the last part of her sentence, trying to avoid angering the Helghast. He kept his rifle on her forehead for a moment longer, what seemed to her like years. He then relaxed his arm and removed the gun's snout from her face. The Italian let out a quiet sigh of relief. She looked up at him and waited for a response. Nothing. So she kept going, convinced that bullshitting was working. "So if you let me go without being injured or killed, then I will help you get back to your…people."

"What makes you think you can help me? A human? Nonetheless a woman.." He sneered with a deep voice. She scrunched her nose in disgust.

"Hey! Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I'm not any help! What the hell do you think I'm doing out her? Shooting you bastards that's what!" she stopped suddenly, fearing she had crossed the line. Then in the midst of the silence, muffled laughter came from his mask.

"Well if that's what you were doing, you weren't doing a very good job at it." He said. The ISA frowned at him, but she honestly was slightly reassured because of his laughter. But then her hint of hope disappeared when he pointed his gun at her once more.

"Well, it was fun talking with you miss. But you're no use to me. I'm gonna have to kill you." The Helghast said. Right when he said that he dropped his rifle and clenched his wound. "Arghhh ughhh…" He moaned in pain, lifting his hand off his stomach to reveal blood smothered on his gloved hand. She looked at his wound with fear in her eyes. It looked like a large whole, or rather a misshaped circle of flesh dripping with blood.

"You're really hurt… I-I can help you if you let me live.." She offered in the most convincing voice she could muster. He lifted his head and gazed at her for a long moment.

"Fine. But if you try anything, I'll shoot your Goddamn head off." He said coldly, picking up his weapon with his free hand. The woman looked around for something she could grab for defense, but the Helghast stopped her. "Get up." He ordered. She did not hesitate. She picked herself up with shaking legs, and regained her balance on the broken rubble she had earlier passed out on.