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It was the frist day of the new term in the new year of F.S.A (which stands for Florida surf accademy). Kurt was back, only this time he was the best. The previous year had all the moves and experience but now he was top dog around the place. He spent the whole winter watching his weight and getting toned so he would be the inspiration in the place, the one everyone wanted to be.

He sat perched on the end of his neon pink surf board with a neon green border, staring at the sea infront of him like he owned it. God how he missed it here the smell of the sea and sun tanned skin.

"c'mon Kurt, Schuester wants to introduce you to the new comers" he heard from behind him.

He turned his head to see a skinny asian waving at him directing him to the shore. Kurt respoded with a thumbs up before swimming back ashore to the waiting crowds. Whilst he was swimming he saw a head of brown curls facing away from him, what nice hair kurt thought to himself as he got closer.

"Now everyone this is Kurt Hummel he's been here for 5? 6? 6 years so he's one of the most experience so if your wanting some tips on brushing up on some tips, he's the one to go to" the man explained before bumping his first to the topless late comer.

"hey, sorry im late the sea is just so quiet at the moment and it's great to be back" Kurt said as he stood his board on the wall and put an arm around Will.

"Well then thats about everyone you need to know about, now i want to just go through the dorm lists, every dorm will have at least one elder member" Will announced before holing up a peice of paper infront of him.

"ok, in seawater; Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones and Tina Cohen Chang, your senior member is Rachel im sure you can go to her for any questions you may have. In rockpool we've got Brittany , Sugar Motta, Santana Lopez and Becky Jackson. Sugar is your senior." He explained, the man then picked up the second sheet for the boys dorms.

"ok boys, in seacrab; Sam Evans, Noah Puckerman, Rory Flannigan, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, As you no you can talk with Kurt. Blue waves; Finn Hudson, Mike Chang, Sebastian Smythe and Jacob Ben Israil. Mike is your elder member. Ok so that is everyone so go make your self at home at relax" He told the exited crowd of teenagers infront of him before shooing them away.


all of the four girls had put an hung all of their clothes in the drawers an closet space avaliable before sitting in their own little common room located outside their dorm.

"omg, that Kurt was delicious"Quinn announced breaking the silence

"and hes got a six pack!"Mercedes joined in the conversation

"ive got to ask him out, ive got to" Tina screamed exitedly

"noway sister hes mine"Quinn alerted

"no hes not he doesnt even no you, but me, he winked at me earlier" Tina retorted throwing a pillow at Quinn.

"no way he would wink at you he was probably getting the salt water out from his eye" The black girl grinned as she took the piss out of the girl

All of the girls appart from Rachel started hitting each other with pillows creating feathers to float around in the room.

"STOP IT!" Rachel walked up into the room leaning against the door frame. all the girl froze staring at the girl who'd just screamed at them.

"Kurt's gay" rachel announced laughing at their confused/annoyed faces.

"no way, he's too sexy and hot and toned to be gay"Quinn replied placing her pillow down on the sofa she was kneeling on.

"he is and i know how annoyed you must be, it was my first year 2 years ago, i saw kurt and i think my heart skipped a beat. i spent two months imagining our dream weding before asking him out. But when i asked him he simply said 'not your team' those three words felt like three knifes jabbing at my stomach making me vomit infront of him."rachel explained, blushing when the girls stared at her.

"just. dont waste your time on him, no point in embarassing the way i did by vomiting infront of the guy i loved" She said much calmer and kinder.

"so..."santana started

"shall we all go eat?"she asked turning to look at the girls expressions.

"sure sounds good" the girls replied as they followed one another to the Dinning room.


When all the boys got to their dorm they dumped their stuff onto the floor and layed down on the bunk beds with their names on.

"so any of you think that Santana was hot or what, she had a great set of-"

"gay" Kurt said stopping Noah in his sentence. all the boys looked at kurt questionly before he explained the acusation.

"what? ive got amazing gaydar!" he explained still not wiping the dopy look off the boys faces.

"im gay so i can tell shes gay, thats how gaydar works, dont ask her about it though shes not that comfortable with it yet, you know that brittney she's bi."he explained further liking the way they were all taken aback by the fact he was gay.

"actually scratch that santana is with Brittney i think, they were kissing earlier"

Noah was the first to break the silence with a question of when can we eat.

"now, i think"blaine answered from above kurt. kurt looked up from his bunk bed shocked at how their was a boy above his head and he'd not realised. Kurt took a mental picture of the boys face, liking his 'i love hanson' shirt and matching shoes. He then realised he was the guy with the nice hair. Kurt knew he might be gay but just be on the down low so didnt want to pry at his sexuality even though his gaydar was beeping pretty hard.

"shall we go? i really wanna get that Rachel girls number she's hot as hell" Finn asked jumping down from over Noah's or 'Pucks' head. All the boys nodded to one another before exiting the room.

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