2 Arrivals

Martha Kent looked out the window of her and her husband Jonathan's farmhouse. It was mid-summer at dusk in Kansas, USA. There was a big storm coming she heard on the radio. She stared out into the fields wondering how much will be left of it afterwards. She looked up at the stars above the grainsilo. It didn't look like it was gonna storm, but thats the quiet before the storm she guessed. Martha didn't really know much about stars but somehow a really bright one got her attention. She kept looking at it. It blinked. Martha startled backwards, thats no ordinary star. She grabbed her coat and went out on the porch. The star got brighter and brighter. Then, suddenly it split up into 2 stars. A satellite breaking up in orbit? There was a small gust sweeping up, the storm.

"Jonathan, honey. Could you come out here for a minute?" She yelled. Jonathan was in the kitchen doing dishes.

"What is it honey? Feel the storm approaching?" Jonathan came out on the porch and looked at his wife. He then follwed her eyes into the skies.

"Not just the storm, what do you suppose that is?" He looked at the 2 stars for a few minutes. They where blinking more and more the longer they looked and seemed to grow.

"Beats the hell out of me. A satellite?" The objects came closer and closer untill they showed bright flashes around them and a curve in their trajectory. A sound started to come from them as they started to descent even further. They suddenly swooped down and one crashed and tore a bit through the corn fields before it stopped while the other object, which seemed like a white sphere had a much higher altitute untill it was above the crashsite and dropped down like a stone into the corn with a large thud. The ground shook a little where the couple was standing, the objects had landed close. Jonathan grabbed his coat.

"They might be one of those new spaceshuttles they have been sending up there." Jonathan said as he grabbed a flashlight and started going into the field.

"Oh, i hope nobody is hurt." Martha came right behind him. They headed for the 2 smoke pillars, untill they reached a clearing. Then they saw the first one of the objects. A big metallic coloured sphere that had plowed a few yards into the ground before it came to a stop. It had drilled itself quite deep into the ground as Jonathan had to climb a few feet down to get to it.

"Its just a round ball of metal." He touched it. "Ah, its really cold. Strange, usually satellites become really hot upon entering the atmosphere.". But, this is no satellite, nor a spaceshuttle escape pod. He had seen those. Martha meanwhile walked over too the other object, laying just a few feet away from the other. This one lay in the middle of a big round crater, maybe 60 feet in diameter and some 30 feet deep. It went down in a slope though so Martha could reach it dispite being in her late 50's. This pod seemed more human though. It was also round but white with a strange symbol at the front. It showed clearly a door and it had a window. She looked into the window.

"Oh my god! Jonathan, there is a small baby boy in this thing!"

"You don't say." Said Jonathan with a cool voice.

"Oh don't give me that! I'm serious, come help me get the poor thing out." Martha started trying to get it to open, there where buttons at the side and she pressed a few but nothing happened.

"Oh, i believe you Martha.". Jonathan's voice sounded like he was standing at the edge of the crater, she turned around to see him. Her eyes widened as she saw he was holding small, bald, baby boy in his arms with a red and blue cloth wrapped around him. "I found one in the other pod as well."

Confused she looked into the window again of the other pod. The little boy in it was sleeping but seemed to be waking up. He had a big, wild bush of black hair on his head and had a white cloth crumbled up under his buttocks. As the boy woke up the door made a hissing sound and opened. A warm air came out, a bit metallic it tasted. She slowely grabbed the boy and took it out of that pod which was furnished with nice light brown leather. She held him by his head and buttocks but let the cloth drop. In shock she almost dropped the boy when from the cloth a large brown tail that was growing out his back came into view. It swiveled around while the boy opened his eyes. It immediately started crying, and boy did it cry.

"wo.. wow. A tail. Thats uhm, interesting." Jonathan looked a bit confused.

"What do we do?". He held the baby with stretched arms in front of him. It had a kind face, calm and understanding.

"What do you mean? They don't have any parents, we take them in of course. We can't just leave them or give them away. Who knows what they would do to this poor thing." Jonathan started to go pale.

"Both of them? 2 boys, 1 with a tail?" Martha looked angry at Jonathan.

"We can have the tail removed. Besides, we always wanted children but couldn't. Now we have 2, twins." So it happened. The storm started and Martha and Jonathan walked back into the house, carrying their 2 new sons. They called the one with the wild hair Mark Kent and the other Clark Kent. The storm raged for months. When it ended the couple went too the doctor to have the boys examined, saying they where born during the storm. Clark had gotten a bit of hair in that time, luckily it was also black or nobody would believe them to be twins. The doctor was a very good friend. They managed to get his help on keeping the tail a secret. The doctor examined Clark too and found several organs that no human possessed. However, he respected the couple and kept it all quiet. He removed the tail himself.

Mark finally stopped crying but became quite violent when he got a little older. He was also very independent and strong. Clark was more calm and sweet and very intelligent. He was a real momma's boy and loved to be cuttled and tickled. When playing Mark always threw things at Clark that made him cry. Clark never threw back. Mark always kicked and protested when taking a bath, eating, going to bed, everything. They where so different, nobody could explain it. Of course the couple knew how it really was. Mark's hair also never seemed to grow, it grew along with its head as he got old but it didn't get longer at all. Martha decided to cut Clark's hair at home or a barber might find it strange he cut Clark but never Mark. This way the 2 boys never left the house very much when they where toddlers. They played with eachother, on the porch or in the house at first. When Mark was able to stand up and walk he was allowed around the house a bit but never into the corn fields. Clark took a few more months before he could walk. Before that he always crawled around the car, chasing butterflies or spinning a top(which just went faster and faster by the day). One day, his top spun under the car. Jonathan saw it and walked over to help, but Clark simply crawled over there and lifted the car up like it was nothing. He then grabbed the top and gently dropped the car down again... Jonathan thought it best not to tell Martha. When Clark was old enough to walk however his ability was soon discovered by both Martha and his brother. Mark reacted by smiling and showing he too could do that... Unfortunately, though he did lift the car eventually, it took him so much effort he stormed off into the corn field when Clark started laughing. Mark was in a lot of trouble for that and he destroyed the porch door upon exiting after hearing he wasn't allowed outside the porch again for a while.

After his punishment was lifted, Mark kept on being a heavy burden on the Kent family. Lamps, tablecloths, cups. All where victims of Mark's tempers. He was put into timeouts many times, kicking a screaming untill he had no more energy left. Eventually Mark would go on even further and destroy his box, his toys and even the front door. They punished him many times on many different ways. Eventually the best way to calm him would be giving him something to eat. That calmed him down at least long enough to repair the damages he had done. Though they did give him a lot of food as a result he never gained weight nor ever had tummy ackes. Once their birthday had come up and they where 4 years old Martha and Jonathan decided that they where now old enough to explore the corn field at least a little bit up untill the scarecrow. There Clark and Mark started challenging eachother. Clark, always the weaker one before they could walk now outclassed his brother in almost every way, exceptionally. Mark however kept on testing himself and his limits and did everything he could to beat his brother. This helped him tempers as he could exhaust all his anger on Clark without consequences. Even when eventually Mark was able to lift a rock large enough to crush a grown man and drop it unto his brother, Clark never even flinched and always smiled when the rock was destroyed too a pile of sand on his head. Following years, Mark never got even near his brothers speed and strength and Mark kept on punching and kicking him with all he got. Clark at times decided to reflect some of his brothers attacks, or suddenly speed away and mock him from a couple of miles away. One day it went wrong though. As Mark kept increasing in power and speed sometimes Clark misinterpretted that wrongly, thinking he could just wack his borther away with his arm. One time he hit his brother just a tad too hard. He slapped him clean through a tree and a couple of yards away. His brother was unconcious and Clark ran over too him to see if he was alright. Without thinking Clark picked up his brother and jumped up. It was then he realised he could fly. Back at home his parents nurtured Mark back too health. He had a big wound on his head and was in and out of concious for a few days. When he started to recover they noticed that Mark had changed from a tempered, violent kid too a more docile, yet very competitive boy. Now he was kind to everybody and everything and always obeyed and listened. His disinterest for books and toys stayed. His desire to best his brother stayed too, and they kept on fighting. Or rather, Clark kept being used as a punching bag untill he swooped his brothers legs underneath him and held his foot on him, cheering victory. They where now forbidden to fight so it was less frequent Mark got his ass whooped. They both noticed the minute they started sparring again Mark's strengh and speed had greatly increased instead of decreased. They remembered that. Clarks powers never increased if he tried harder, they just slowely kept increasing. He did notice they could however decrease when he was too long away from the sun. Once back in the sun it took only seconds for him to recharge back too full power. How and why this was was a mystery too the 2. Their parents told them it could be he worked kinda like a solar panel, absorbing solar energy and then use it.

The boys didn't go to kindergarten as their parents thought it would be dangerous for the other children if they both played that rough(Jonathan and Martha saw the corn field shake and rocks flying regularly). When they went too primary school at 7, their parents told them not to fight like that in public and be gentle with the other kids(Mark by that time was also able to lift a car and run as fast as a deer, clark could lift the threshing machine and couldn't be harmed by anything). Clark promised as a sweet angel but Mark had his fingers crossed. While in primary school Martha and Jonathan always had to go too the teachers after school as Mark again was in detention for breaking the door handle or too many pencils. Mark didn't like school, it was dull. He wanted to be outside, running, throwing stuff, etc. Clark on the other hand was a exemplary student. The teachers and principal, after a year advised taking Mark too the martial arts school downtown, for in the weekends. Mark seemed to be a natural at fighting, both technique and tactics. His brother didn't care though, Clark was still pretty much invincible and even with Mark's new techniques he couldn't cause him any harm. Clark did notice his punches becoming stronger and stronger and his speed kept on increasing. Then the boys, at 14 went too college. They became a lot more independent. Mark already was very independent, being away from home more then his mother liked, but Clark seemed to have no problem adjusting either. In fact, at this point in life they found that their powers where extremely usefull.