It was 6pm and I was standing in the middle of the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit. It was not a particularly extravagant office, but it was clean and professional looking. This was exactly the kind of office I had imagined myself working in when I was younger. My circumstances were not quite as I had imagined, but nevertheless, I was finally working for the FBI.

I looked around, taking in my new surroundings. No one was here; it was dim and quiet. I had spent years researching the BAU and its members and as I looked around I could easily recognise whose desks belonged to whom. I turned in a slow circle.

'That's where Spencer Reid sits.' I thought to myself. 'Across from him is Emily Prentiss. Then Derek Morgan. Over there are the offices of Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia, David Rossi and Aaron Hotchner. The Aaron Hotchner.'

When I first walked in, I thought the department was empty, but as I stood surveying the big room, I saw movement from Agent Hotchner's office. I looked up to see him sitting behind his desk with Emily Prentiss sitting opposite, both engrossed in paperwork.

I had heard so much about the legendary SSA Hotchner, I had seen pictures of him in the paper, even watched him speak on television, but I was still caught a little off guard by how much more handsome he was in person with his chiselled features and dark hair and I couldn't help imagining the toned body that lay beneath his black suit.

'I think I'm going to like working here,' I murmured to myself with a small smile. Working near Agent Hotchner was the only reason I had worked so hard to get this particular job. I wanted to see him every single day. I had seen him only once on the television and I just knew. I knew I had to be with him, I knew I was in love with him.

He doesn't know me yet, but I know him. It has taken me months to finally land this job and now was my chance to get the man I deserve.

I was standing very still, so neither of the agents had even noticed me. I watched as they both wrote on case files, occasionally exchanging a few words. After a few moments, Agent Prentiss put her pencil down. She reached out and put her hand on Agent Hotcher's, stopping his writing. He looked up at her, his expression changing to one of curiosity and... was that lust?

What is this? I could feel fury building inside me. Agent Hotchner should be looking at me like that, not that skinny little slut.

And it got worse.

He stood up and walked around the desk in a matter of seconds, he was pulling Prentiss out of her chair by her hands and...

Kissing her.

I felt sick. Something told me this was not the first time this had happened either.

Jealousy and rage exploded within me as I watched his muscular arms wrap tightly around her waist. My hands clenched in to tight fists as I watched the couple through the window.

Aaron is mine. How dare she touch him. How dare she kiss him.

I started backing out of the office, trembling. But despite my fury, I couldn't contain a little smile as I realised that Agent Emily Prentiss has just been standing ten meters away from the woman who was going to kill her and claim Agent Hotchner for her own.