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"Oi Barton." Tony's hand shoots out and grabs the archer as he walks past his lab presumably on his way to see Natasha either to train or to do whatever it is they do when the door to the room they're in is closed. Tony doesn't like to think about that though.

He also sometimes forgets that Clint's one of the two best assassins in the world and so catching him unaware is not the best idea. He only remembers this when his head is slammed against the wall and Clint's pinning against the plaster. "I thought we were friends." He grins rubbing his head as Clint recognises him and releases him.

"Sorry." Clint mutters slightly sheepishly and slightly amusedly.

"Don't worry about it; I should have known better." Tony waves the apology aside and laughs along with Clint who raises his eyebrows and snorts. This has been the second time this month that Tony's forgotten Clint's reflexes and reactions and Clint's forgotten that Tony, and to a lesser extent Steve, have a habit of sneaking up on people. "Pepper and I want to talk to you."

Clint stares at him suspiciously. "Why?"

"Talk to us and you'll find out." Pepper calls from inside the lab and Clint sighs and follows Tony inside. Pepper's sitting crossed legged on one of the lab surfaces. "Hi Clint." She smiles.

He returns the greeting and leans against the opposite work surface looking expectedly between her and Tony who's standing in between them. "So?" He prompts.

"When are you going to propose to Tasha?" Pepper gets straight to the point and automatically his eyes go to her hand and then to Tony's where the matching bands rest.

"Is it any of your business?" He sighs because really it isn't but also he's been debating for weeks now whether he should ask her.

"I'm a woman, she's my friend, you're my friend and I want you both to be happy." She jumps down from where she's sitting and slides an arm around Tony's waist. "You're both in the most dangerous job in the world and you know as well as I do that if anything happens to either of you you'll regret not having asked her."

Clint swallows at the thought and then looks to Tony. "What she said."

"You can't pretend you haven't thought about it." Pepper shoots him a knowing look and he nods briefly.

"I don't know how." He admits finally; Tony opens his mouth to say something and he hastily carries on. "We're not like you two." He starts to explain and then runs out of how to do it without offending either of them. Most people, including Tony at times, argue that they're not in a proper relationship because they don't go on fancy dates or dates at all really, and they don't show the world displays of affection but they don't need too. All they really need is the knowledge that there's someone there at the end of the day to talk to, to sleep with and next to and most importantly to love.

"Exactly." Pepper told him. "You just ask her; it's not like she'll say no." He hesitates for a moment and then nods a smile spreading across his face.

"You'll need a ring though." Tony looks at him pointedly and he sighs knowing there's only one way in which his evenings going to end. Pepper grins at him as Tony all but drags him out of the door protesting about how he's supposed to spend his evening with Natasha and can't he shop tomorrow. The other two don't give him a chance and instead Pepper just yells after him that she'll distract Natasha.

"What about this one?" Tony yells at Clint from across the shop over to the counter he's staring at. The man working in the shop, and incidentally the only other person in the shop, frowns at him but knows better than to say anything because after all it is two of the Avengers standing in his shop.

Clint jogs over and frowns at the one his friend is pointing at. "No." He shoots down about the eighth ring that Tony's suggested all of them way to flashy and none of them at all Natasha.

"Are you ever going to choose?" Tony sends him an exasperated look but Clint's looking at one tucked away in the top corner.

"That one?" Clint decides catching the man's eyes before he can change his mind and chicken out. It's Natasha all over, a simple diamond engagement ring. They're out of the shop five minutes after he spots it; the box tucked safely into his pocket.

"When are you going to ask her?" Tony takes his eyes off the road and looks over at Clint as he drives them back to the Stark tower which they've all slowly moved into and never left.

"Tonight." His answer is quick and definite because he's made his decision, it's the one he wants and he knows that it will be the one she wants and he's not going to waste another minute. Tony says nothing but his face says it all.

He's the first one back to their room; hearing the sound of Pepper and Nat talking as he passes the kitchen. He tucks the ring box under the pillow and changes into his pyjamas settling into bed and picking up the paperwork from their last mission that Hill's on at him to complete.

She must have heard him come in him because it only takes her ten minutes to appear in their room. "Good evening?" She asks closing the door behind her and pulling off her hoodie and digging under her pillow for her pyjamas.

"Not bad." He sets aside his paperwork, because really not a lot happened on the last mission and everyone else, including Tony, has already handed theirs in and so SHIELD already know exactly what happened. "Considering it was with Tony."

She sends him a fond look simultaneously rolling her eyes at him in a way that only she can pull off because she knows that Tony and Clint get on well despite their almost constant banter and arguing. He merely grins back hoping that nothing in his expression, words or tone will alert her to the fact that it was anything more than the two of them messing around all evening.

"How was your evening?" He calls as she wanders into the bathroom to change and wash before she joins him.

"Pretty good." She calls around her toothbrush. "Got through a tub of ice cream." He smiles fondly in her direction knowing all too well her love for the cold dessert; it only rivals his and so many of their squabbles (which predictably end in the training room) have started over ice cream.

"You should really do this paperwork before Hill murders you." Natasha picks up the abandoned paperwork and swats him over the head with it.

"There are lots of things I should do." He smirks at her as she tosses the paper onto the floor and slides in next to him. His arm curls around her shoulder and her head comes down to lean on his chest.

"And yet you don't do any of them." She teases playing absently with his fingers.

"I'm going to do this one." He mumbles quietly against her hair. She turns her head to look up at him her expression confused; evenings before bed are when they're both at their most open and vulnerable and as a result it's the time of the day they enjoy the most and need the most.

"What one?" She smiles slightly through her confusion as a faint blush spreads across his cheek and he looks down at the duvet. "Clint." She untangles their fingers and rests her hand on his cheek.

He shakes her hand and takes a deep breath reaching under his pillows and pulling out the box. She gasps slightly but remains quiet letting him speak. "Tasha I…"He breaks off again. "I… We've." She looks expectedly at him and he presses a kiss against her hair. "Oh sod it Tasha, marry me."

It's not the most romantic proposal in the world, in fact it's probably in the bottom ten regarding romance, but it's so entirely Clint and so lovely in his own way that she didn't even think of saying no. Not that she would contemplate it anyway; she loves Clint, he loves her and nothing would make either of them happier than to be husband and wife.

"Yes." She whispers twisting round fully so her knees are either side of his legs to kiss him properly.

Later that evening when they're curled together sleepily her head resting against his shoulder and his cheek turned into her hair and they're both nearly asleep Natasha opens her mouth. "I never thought I'd ever get married."

"Me neither." He mutters tiredly rubbing his thumb along her hip bone where it's resting. "It's not like this job really gives you the option for love."

"I'm glad we ignored that." He feels her smirk against his skin and smiles.

"Me too." He agrees reaching one arm out from under the warmth of the covers to switch the bedside light off leaving the room in darkness.

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