Rating: PG-13 for innuendo, swearing, violence.
Spoilers: Huge spoilers for The Legend of Korra.
Warnings: None for this chapter.
Word Count: ~1500
Summary: Two boys, from two very different worlds, come together in love, only for a Revolution to divide them. All's fair in love and war, but when the two collide… which will survive? Fusion with The Legend of Korra.

Author's Note: I cannot believe I am starting another WIP, let alone another crossover, let alone another Avatar crossover, but Korra and the amazing world she inhabits would not leave me alone.

This is another story set in the Avatar universe starring Kurt and Blaine, but it is entirely separate from Solar Winds. This is a vastly different story in several ways …

A different setting – This story is set in Republic City. Kurt, Blaine, and their fellow Glee characters inhabit the same world as Avatar Korra and the characters in the show, which technically means this is a crossover as well as a fusion. However, do not expect the Glee/Korra characters to meet or interact much, if at all, because…

Different roles – In this story, Kurt and Blaine aren't saving the world. They're two just teenaged boys trying to get by in the world. This story is meant to be something that could happen in Republic City without ever showing up on the series proper. I've also scrambled everyone's elements; in the case of Kurt and Blaine this will be obvious from the first chapter. With other characters, it might be less obvious, because…

Different cast – Of the major Glee characters in Solar Winds, many will not appear in this story at all, and the ones who do will have very different/reduced roles. Peripheral roles will primarily be Glee characters I haven't used in Solar Winds, and even they will likely have fairly small roles, because…

A more focused narrative – While Solar Winds is literally crazy with plots and subplots, this story, by contrast, is all about Kurt and Blaine. It is much more focused on them, their choices, and the many ways this brings them into conflict with each other and their world. And yes, I do mean each other, because…

A darker tone – Much like The Legend of Korra, this story is meant to be darker and leaner than the original. The morality is much grayer, and it's harder to draw lines between good guys and bad guys. Kurt and Blaine are on very different sides of a revolution and only time will tell if love or hate will triumph between them.

This story has possessed me like a demon, and this is the only way to exercise it. If you like action, intrigue, conflicted characters, star-crossed lovers, long-ass chapters, and a heaping helping of Blaingst, I encourage you to give it a shot. Title comes from the Journey song 'Lights.'

For those who aren't watching/haven't watched The Legend of Korra, here is a brief explanation of the setting.

Republic City – Take Manhattan and Hong Kong and smash them together, mix with a helping of steampunk and set to boil in the post-war boom of the 1920s. Add a dose of magical, element-manipulating kung fu, political power struggles, civil unrest, and you've got a recipe for disaster that will serve millions. That's Republic City in a nutshell.

Lights Go Down (In the City)


In a world where a significant minority of people can 'bend' one of the four classical elements by training their bodies and minds, only the Avatar can bend all four. The Avatar is the spirit of the world in human form, reincarnated into a different life each time the previous one dies. His or her job is to master the four elements and maintain balance in the world so that all may live in peace and harmony.

The world was once divided into four nations; the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, the Water Tribes, and the Air Nomads. The Air Nomads were wiped out, however, when the badly misguided Fire Nation launched a world-wide war. Only one airbender survived; the Avatar, Aang. Together, he and his friends ended the Fire Nation's quest for world domination and restored balance to the world.

In the war's aftermath, the Fire Nation's colonies in the Earth Kingdom were transformed into their own sovereign nation—the United Republic of Nations, a place where benders and non-benders from anywhere on earth could come to live and thrive together. Under the guidance of Aang and his friends, the United Republic and its capital, Republic City, experienced incredible growth and prosperity.

Unfortunately, Aang eventually grew old and passed on, and Republic City has since fallen out of balance. The beautiful, once-peaceful metropolis is now riddled with crime, poverty, and growing discontent between benders and non-benders. Avatar Korra, the newest incarnation of the ancient spirit, is the city's best hope for restoring balance, but she has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone.

As fascinating as she is, however, this is not her story…

This is a tale of two boys.

One, without the gift of bending…

Blaine Anderson leans against the wall in the dark tunnel, pulling his dark overcoat around him for warmth. The sounds of the city echo off the stone walls—snippets of conversations, distant sirens from police airships, and of course, the endless roar of passing satomobiles, driving overhead like nothing in the world is wrong. For them, it probably isn't, he thinks bitterly. Yes, he is bitter. And he's long past the point of pretending otherwise.

This isn't fair. None of it is fair.

and one with the gift of fire.

A light sparks up at the end of the tunnel, and Blaine breathes a sigh of relief. He was worried he wouldn't come.

He moves quickly, halfway between a walk and a run. In the dim light of the flame he holds, Kurt's pale features look thin and worn, framed in deep shadows. He seems ten years older than he is. But then, with short, unkempt curls, deep circles under his eyes and the thin layer of stubble on his chin, Blaine probably doesn't look much better himself.

Still… Kurt should never look like this. This scared, this worried, this worn.

And most of it is Blaine's fault.

"Oh, thank Agni," Kurt sighs. "I was worried you wouldn't show up." He lets a hesitant smile onto his face. "It's… it's been awhile…"

Blaine smiles at him, unable to meet his eyes. "I know, I… I'm… it's good to see you again."

Kurt smiles brighter, and it takes everything Blaine has not just grab Kurt and kiss him and take in his scent, his warmth, his strength, every wonderful aspect of his presence. But he doesn't. He can't do that anymore.

He doesn't have the right.

"Blaine, I'm so worried," Kurt says, his smile fading quickly. "The police have looked everywhere, but they say there's nothing they can do. I don't know who else to turn to. When you contacted me, I almost cried I was so happy. Please, please tell me you know where they are."

Blaine's throat clenches, and he nods, taking Kurt's hands in his own. "I do."

Kurt beams at him. "So tell me! We'll tell the police and they can—"

"I can't."

And with those two words, Blaine breaks Kurt's heart for the second time in his miserable life.

"Wh-what do you mean?" Kurt says, his smile fading like an old photograph.

"They're safe," Blaine says, remembering what he came here to do. "I promise you they're safe, but you have to stop—"

Kurt jerks his hand away from him.

"Kurt, you have to stop looking for them!" Blaine says, his voice breaking. "I can't protect you anymore."

"I don't need your protection," Kurt hisses. "I need my family!"

Two boys, who once held each other close…

"You'll get them back!" Blaine pleads. "Just another week or so, I promise—"

"No!" Kurt says. "I'm done with you and your promises. It was a mistake to even come here…"

He turns to leave, and just as Blaine is about to beg him not to go… the lights in the tunnel come on.

"You're right," says a third voice, distinctly male. "It was a mistake."

Blaine's heart freezes and shatters in a single moment. "No…"

until their different worlds pulled them apart.

There's nothing he can do about it. They come in from both ends of the tunnel. Dozens of them, all in full uniform and mask, goggles gleaming in the orange light of the bulbs overhead. There are too many. Escape is now impossible for both of them.

In some ways, he thinks it always was.

Kurt turns towards him, a look of such betrayal on his face that Blaine wants to fall on his knees and beg for his forgiveness. He might, if he didn't suspect identical looks were lurking under the masks of those surrounding him. "You…" Kurt whispers. "You tricked me."

"No," Blaine shakes his head.

"Yes," the third voice, the Cell Leader, says.

"Kurt, I swear, I didn't know they followed me, I never meant—"

"Blaine, you might want to quit while you're ahead," the Cell Leader says. "Before you give us more reasons to doubt your loyalty…"

"No, guys, please," Blaine says. "Please, not him. He's not like them, I swear, he's—"

"…or to suspect that one of our own," the Cell Leader continues, "one so beaten and broken down by the establishment, one of our proudest members… that he would betray the cause and lower himself to consorting with The Enemy."

Accusing eyes are all around him. Every single person in this tunnel thinks Blaine is a traitor and the horrible thing is every single one of them is right.

"He's not the enemy," Blaine says.

"They are all The Enemy!" the Leader bellows. "And so is anyone who conspires with them."

Even with Equalists surrounding them on both sides… even knowing an attack could come from behind at any moment, Kurt's penetrating eyes never leave Blaine. And Blaine cannot look away from them.

"Please," Blaine says. "This isn't what you think!"

"No, it's not," the Leader says. "Because you would never behave like that, would you, Blaine? You would never abandon the cause, not after everything you've been through. I know that," the masked figure continues. "But they," he says, indicating the throng of Equalists surrounding them, "might need a little convincing."

Blaine falls silent.

So Kurt picks up the slack. "And what might that convincing involve?"

"I'm glad you asked," the Leader sneers. "Blaine Anderson," he says in a more officious tone. "In order to prove your loyalty to your fellow Equalists—the ones who helped you overcome your fear, who fed you, clothed you, taught you to fight, and took you in when you had nothing—I want you to disable and capture this bender yourself. Right here, in front of all of us."

Blaine swallows thickly, staring at the ground. There is no way out.

"Well? We're waiting, Blaine," the Leader says. "Are you loyal, or not?"

Slowly, Blaine turns towards Kurt, whose expression is no longer angry or accusatory, simply disappointed and so very, very tired. He already knows what Blaine's answer will be.

"I'm sorry, Kurt," Blaine says. He unbuttons his overcoat and takes it off, revealing the outfit underneath; the padded, form-fitting, fire-resistant uniform that all the Equalists wear. "I don't have a choice."

"Yes you do," Kurt says, removing his own thick overcoat, if only to make it easier for him to fight. "You always have. You're just too much of a coward to make it."

To think that everything that has passed between them, wonderful, horrible, beautiful, and hideous…

"I never should have trusted you," Kurt says thickly, tossing his coat aside as he takes his stance.

…to think that it was all destined to end like this… well, he can't help but agree.

Blaine closes his eyes and tosses his own coat away. "No," he whispers. "You shouldn't have."

And he charges.

This is a tale of two boys, whose love turned to hate, whose joy turned to sorrow, and the one force in this world strong enough to bring about that transformation.

This is a tale of Revolution.