Her Plan, His nightmare

Plan 1.

Make a simple "the bachelor" competition.

okay here are the condition for this story

1. athrun never met lacus before, therefore she and athrun never get engaged.

2. cagalli live far away from them(consider gs character in my story in an independent country like orb)

3. please.. just for this story.. removed the image of lacus as holly and saint. lacus in my story is an ooc, and yeah it's necessary for the story.

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The day before

"Cagalli, are you sure about this?" kira type to his best friend about her first plan. They are chatting on their laptop with cagalli still explaining what he will do. Or what she will do to athrun through him.

"yes. I need you to do as I had told you.. well with a few changes but with this. Athrun will find her tomorrow!" he heard cagalli said. but kira always doubt cagalli's plan. When she said it'll be okay, it always ended up with disaster. Like when she said 'you could add wasabi as much as when you added ketchup to your hotdog' at first kira doubt it. When he heard she said "it'll be okay.. See I eat this too" while showing him her wasabi-hotdog. The next day he go to hospital due diarrhea.

"I'll mail you if anything happen.. Anything that's not on your plan" he said. at least when athrun found out. It'll be a trouble between him and cagalli. Athrun could never get angry with cagalli, he love her too much for that.

"okay! First plan! Action!" she type happily then her screen went offline.

Athrun run to his office, he couldn't wait to chat with cagalli again. He stay awake the whole night just thinking what to say to her. what her reaction will be. What will she thought about it. It's not healthy because they are no longer a couple. But he still feel as they are still together since both of them still single until this day. Then he heard his cell phone rings.

"Athrun zala" he answered shraply.

"Hey athrun" he heard his best friend greet him on the phone. After cagalli confessed that she had sleep with kira. Even he know that it's just an accident, with him ignoring cagalli and choose his work over her. He still had the urge to kill kira. But kira confessed that he never feel anything with cagalli and that's won't happen again. Athrun still remember what happened the day after cagalli left to europe.


"Athrun I need to talk to you" Kira said to his best friend. but athrun was in no mood to talk to kira. he still feel anger towards kira.

"go away" athrun said from the place where he work himself to death. the image of kira touching cagalli still lingering in his mind.

"athrun!" kira insisted.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT! you want to tell me how good cagalli was or how actually you LOVE her?" athrun screamed to kira. athrun felt jealous that kira is closer to cagalli than him.

"It was a mistake! athrun she was drunk! and it just happened!" kira said. athrun could see kira was in the verge of tears. "I never had any feeling towards her! I only thought of her as my sister! you should believe me" Kira said again.

"BUT YOU STILL SLEPT WITH HER!" athrun left his table and standing face to face to kira. with him. by now athrun really want to kill kira.

"if I could return the time..." kira said. by now kira already crying. athrun could see how kira regret his action and even athrun still feel anger to him. kira is his best friend.

"it takes time to forgive you kira. but I'm willing to try it" athrun said. he just wanted to have cagalli back in his arm.

"thank you athrun" kira said. then he proceed to take out a piece of paper."he it's cagalli's new contact. try send her some emails" kira said.

flashback end

if it's not for kira's effort to convince cagalli to give her email address and answering back athrun's mail. athrun would have lost cagalli forever. because of this athrun had try to forgive kira. even part of him still feel jealous to kira.

"Yeah, what do you want?" he said. Then we waited for kira's answer. The phone felt silent.

"Kira?" he said again.

"ah sorry athrun. Listen could you accompany me to lunch this afternoon?" he said. athrun couldn't believe kira. he..asked him out?

'kira, you know I don't swing that way? Right" he said to make sure kira get the right message.

"well, milly and dearka insisted we all should eat together once in a while. Beside I still choose girls over you" kira said. Athrun laughed at kira's last comment. he thought that he rather eat alone in his office while waiting for cagalli.

"erhm.. I don't.." he don't know what to say. he never told anyone that he always wait for cagalli. He even remembers what time she will always be online.

"cagalli said she will stay in her studio tonight" kira continue. It seems he can read his mind.

"well... who says about cagalli? I have works to do you know. But yeah I'll take the offer" athrun said.

"great, see you later athrun" kira said. then he ended his call.

"so he will come?" asked milly. Kira had told milly and her boyfriend dearka about cagalli's plan. They both want to help athrun to get over with his obsession about cagalli. But they also want to help the couple realized the stupid mistake they made.

"yeah" kira said.

"Great, phase one is complete. I can't believe it'll be this easy" dearka said

"Let's just prepare the stage for today" kira said. "we all know everything could go wrong with cagalli's plan" he continued. Then all of them groaned when they remember about cagalli and her plans. Then all of them go to prepare the restaurant for cagalli's plan. To prevent another disaster that might occurred.

Athrun drove back to the minerva. It's the only place they will meet whenever they made promises. Maybe he will have fast lunch and drove back to his office, or nearest cafe. As long as he could go online and wait for cagalli.

When he arrived at the minerva. He saw there are unusual amount of people outside minerva. but mostly are girls. A party, maybe? He thought. Then he proceeds to enter the restaurant. But what happen after he put his feet inside the restaurant surprise him.

"Congratulation! You are our candidate for our new show. "date me, please" he heard a random man said. this man has blonde hair but he wear a mask in his face. Then athrun proceed to look at his friend's faces. They all look surprised. Athrun figured maybe this is just another attempt of advertisement.

"I'm sorry.. but" he tried to explain but the man just drag him to a certain table with red and pink decoration.

"the rules are simple. One, you have to talk with the girl for at least 15 minutes. Two, you have to talk with our entire candidate. Three, no running to bathroom until the end of the show. Four, you have to choose one girl from all of the girls here" the man said. Then all the girls screamed. Now he feels scared. He never had anyone else except cagalli, and cagalli always make sure the girls stay in her 'safe zone'. Now he need to talk with these.. Girls?

"is there any question young man?" the blonde man said. But before athrun could say anything he continues his talking.

"great. There are 7 eligible young girls we had chosen. Now first girl, Please go to the table" he said. Since athrun have no choice but to play the game. He might as well to try to enjoy it.

"Oh my god! I know about yoou. But you always with the blonde, what's-her-name and I always want you. look at your fabulous face..." and the first girl continue to ramble about his face and his fabulous work. Along with his toned body and other things he would never want to hear except from cagalli. Then he just look at his food. He never thought his food is this interesting now.

"and you know about this magazine.."the girl keep saying words are Faster than he can understand. He wondered how this girl could speak this fast.

"and your time is up missy" he heard the blonde announcer said. then athrun saw the girl pouted and winked at him. he wants to vomit, but the announcer said he couldn't leave the table.

When the second girl sit . He saw the gothic-loli chick. With black loli dress and childish face. Maybe this girl can speak normally? Athrun thought.

"hell-" ,"shut it" the girl said before he could finish his hello. Then for the 15 minutes he just enjoys his food and ordered another one.

The third girl arrived. Then he saw an older woman. Probably in her 40's. He cringed and wondered what cagalli will do to this woman if she ever found out.

"well well. Listen, I just want the prize. So choose me or else" the woman said. Then athrun wondered what the price would be to the girls? Maybe something spectacular. Then athrun lost in his thought for another 15 minutes.

The fourth girl. just a normal blonde girl. But she looks a little shy.

"hello" athrun greeted. But still no response from her.

"how are you?" he said again. He saw the girl face. All red.

"what's your name?" he try again. But the girl just sits there with her face all red. She look too shy.

"Fourth, your time is up!" athrun heard the announcer said. then he saw the shy girl run to the bathroom and all of her friends gave him a dirty glare. What did I do? Athrun thought.

"Fifth now is your time." The announcer said.

Then he saw a girl with pink long hair. she look elegance and sophisticated at the same time.

"hello mr. Athrun" he heard her said.

"hello, miss?"

"Lacus Clyne" she said. athrun could tell that this girl is not the same as the other girl.

"miss lacus, why are you in this show?" he said. lacus just laugh. Her laugh looks lovely and then she said"I need to ask you the same thing then"

"I don't know what happened... they just picked me" athrun sighed. Then lacus gave him an encouraging smile.

"don't worry, i am not interested in you mr. Athrun. I will tell you how to escape this" she offered. Athrun couldn't believe this girl. Is she suggesting something sly?. But she look too innocent for that.

"I'll listen then I will considered what I will do" athrun said. it's better if he had backup plan rather than choosing random girl to be his date. Even if he had to choose lacus, he still feel he is cheating on cagalli.

Then lacus proceed to whisper in his ear. Making the girls who watched them sighed and screamed "gyaah" and the boys, even just a small amount of them. They Screamed "way to go girl".

"really?" he look at lacus. He couldn't believe the idea. But it's not actually bad either. Then lacus nodded. She look happy at the same time.

"yes. well my time is up. See you later " lacus said. athrun gave him his best smile.

He didn't pay any attention to the sixth and last girl. He is just debating whether he should do what lacus had whispered to him or not. Then he decided to give it a try. With his friend watching, they might tell cagalli the wrong things.

"soo mister. Who will you choose?" finally athrun had his attention to what happen around him. he saw lots of girl giving him the looks and told him to pick her. he saw lacus smiled at him, it seems she know he will do her plan.

"well I have decided" athrun said. the girls screamed in ecstasy and the candidate all have different facial expression.

Athrun stand up from his table and walk to his friends' table. All the girls have the same curious face. They want to know what is he doing there. Then athrun grab kira's hand and pull him to stand next to him.

"Kira" he said. then he could see kira's nervous face. Athrun took a long breath then suddenly he hug kira.

"Kira. I...I.. I LOVE YOU" he said loudly.

Moment of silent. You can see every people had stop what they are doing. Even the waiter. Or the host.

"please don't leave me with those girls kira. They are scary. You said we will watch Casablanca tonight" athrun said while hugging kira. Then athrun could feel kira went limp in his hug.

"Oh my.. kira!" he heard milly screamed. Kira had pass out the moment athrun had confessed his love to him.

"ookaay.. so the show has ended and our bachelor had choose... err..his boyfriend?" the announcer said. The girls all went "aaw" while seeing athrun put kira's head in his he acted panicked in front of the audience that watch his action.

"With this.. the show has ended" the blonde man said

For a few moments no one dared to say anything in the empty restaurant. Security had pushed the girls outside and minerva's owner. Talia. Choose to let the group inside the restaurant while they cleaned the mess.

"athrun, I can't believe you will do that" he heard the soft melodious sound behind him. There he saw lacus clyne. The girl who suggested him about the plan.

"yeah. And I can't belive it's working. What is the prize anyway?" athrun said easily. He had moved kira's body to the nearest sofa with dearka's help. He still couldn't believe he did that!

"another date with you and big amount of money" lacus said. then he proceed to sit next to athrun.

"Lacus, why are you doing this?" he said to her. lacus is a lovely girl but for her to help him. there might be something in her mind.

"just think this is as another favor to help my friend. Now excuse me athrun. I need to leave" she said athrun nodded then lacus walk outside the restaurant.

"I have to leave too. Milly,dearka. Take care of kira" athrun said to the couple. Then without waiting for their answer he run to the exit.

"wha..what happened?" kira said. he saw dearka's smile and milly's grin.

"it's all failed." Dearka said. then kira remembering what happened before. Then he opened his laptop and emailing cagalli.

Cagalli. Online . now he send it to her. a few moment later he use his webcam to see cagalli with paint all over her face.

"soo.. how is it going?' cagalli said easily. But when she saw kira's face. She almost laugh.

"the bachelor is ruined! We didn't think about ALL the possibility" kira said while stressing the word all.

"let me see.. the possibility athrun will admit that he is gay?" cagalli try to guessed. Then she laughed.

"he will never do that" cagalli said while laughing.

"but cagalli, he just do that. You should never do that to athrun. Look at the poor boy here. Athrun said he is his lover" another voice said. then cagalli stop her laughter and look at the source of the melodious voice.

"LACUS!" cagalli screamed. Kira saw cagalli's scared face and wondered who this pink girl might be.

"ara ara.. cagalli you should never left me out of you plan" lacus said easily. Kira, still gaping at the pink lady. Now he could see how beautiful she is.

"kira.. close your mouth please. And this is lacus clyne. My best friend" cagalli said. her voiced a little louder than is should be.

"and lacus. This is Kira Yamato. Wait the gay idea.. is it?" cagalli said.

"yeah I told athrun to do that. It's a punishment for you. why you left me out of your plan?" lacus said while pouting. Then kira could hear cagalli's frustrated scream.

"because.. argh fine.. next time you will be included" cagalli said. kira could see lacus' smile. And wondered how this two could meet with each other.

"great.. now cagalli I think we should talk about the plan, next week when you finished your assignment" lacus suggested. "okay, fine, whatever" cagalli said. then she went offline.

"so Kira. see you later. And mirialia and dearka too" lacus said. then she proceed left the restaurant.

"how did she know about our name?. And I though she just left before athrun?" dearka said. kira just shrugged. Lacus is a beautiful girl. But cagalli never told him about her. who is she?.

"we will see her later anyway" kira said. milly just nodded and the couple left the restaurant. Kira left a little later after them. He still couldn't get the pink hair beauty out of his head.

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