Chapter 1

Title: Sins of a Mother

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Naruto; all copyrights belong to Tite Kubo,Akihisa Ikeda and Suiesha and Viz media. This is strictly for fan purposes or, in my case and some others that enjoy my writing, their enjoyment.

Pairings: IchigoxMoka

Rating: M

Author Notes: REVICE! Or whatever the fuck you want to call it. Lol! Sorry about the language, but I'm trying to be a bit funny here. So, without further ado, let me tell the reason on why I'm back to that of chapter one of the beginning of one of my best fic's on this site. Well, like many of you have said over the year and something months Eclipse has been up, I have a hell of a lot of errors on these chapters that I really need to fic. So after rereading it and seeing what I have done wrong, along with all of the mistakes, I plan to go over everything and try to fix them as best as I can. Enjoy! I'm also going to try and make it a lot darker, like fixing things in the chapters that I done like.

Summary: Everyone he cared about was gone; all wipe out by one two men's fear for him. He swore vengeance, not caring if the world itself was plunged into darkness. It didn't matter to him as long as he found those two that took everything away from him. A man appears, inviting him to a school name Yokai Academy as well as information on who he seeks. He takes this deal, and on his search he finds someone from his past. Dark Ichigo!

Hope you enjoy

Onto the Story


Karakura Town

A proud town of independent people full of desires and dreams which they wish to fulfill. A proud town full of strong people with great reiatsu that attracts Hollow's of different class along with shinigami. A proud town of five teenagers that stand up with the power to protect what they love. A town of banished shinigami; who were charged with crimes that they did not commit. A proud town which held a war that held the fate of the world.

Laid in flames

The once proud and vase town lay in ruins; bodies that were being burn or just lying there were scattered across the streets. Pools of blood now lay in chips around where the major of the bodies were gathered. Building's that could no longer stand; tumble to the ground and created more food for the flames. The once proud town that had children running around playing and having fun with smiles on their faces was no longer there. The only remains were a torn and hellish city which should have not had any part in a war of the spiritual worlds.

Sitting on the edge of the only remaining building that was standing; Kurosaki Ichigo looked over the once populated town which he swore to protect. He was no longer in his human body; do to it being destroyed in the war/massacre along with everyone else he cared about. He was dress in his Bankai shihakusho, only it was longer and flared out more than it once was and his right sleeve was tore off. Tensa Zangetsu was now held in his right hand, connected by a long black looped chain.

His spiky orange hair was longer, stopping just at the middle of his buttocks and flaring out; his long bangs fell over his eyes to give him an even darker look. His head was resting on his left knee, while his eyes kept roaming over the town where he once lived in. White socks along with sandals which seem to be unaffected by the intense heat from all around him. Each hellish memory of everyone dying before his eyes just kept plaguing through his mind, not giving him a change to rest at all, leaving him to suffer horrored memories do to his failure to protect his family, comrades, and friends.












Every single one of them was gone from his presence, not even giving him the chance to even feel them on his skin. They were all wipe away in one fell swoop from thousands and thousands of Hollow's and Quincy's that were unleashed upon Karakura by two men's fear of his power. His friends and comrades no! Brave and powerful warriors, who despise being wounded severely, stood up and fought for a town that each of them swore to protect just like him. Each one of them fighting until they were no longer able to stand up right, some stabbing their zanpakuto into the ground, while others use techniques to sacrifice themselves and as many Hollow's and Quincy's as they can. He had tried so hard to protect each of them, but they were too many enemies to even take a chance to even help them. He watched each and every last one of them fall until he was the last one standing in the burning town.

Weeks as passed since that day and Ichigo still haven't moved from his spot; memories of him failing just wouldn't let him move. Rain poured from the heavens, seemly crying for him because he no longer had the tears to cry. Even with the rain that has been falling for weeks, the flames were still there burning everything within the barrier that Kisuke had made. The hellish flames burn brightly, lightly up the whole dark sky for miles on end. But even while all this happen, the town that he was born and raised in, Ichigo still refuse to move.

The people that he had lived for so long were no longer there, each of them killed by those two desires for vengeance against the Soul Society. He had nothing else to live for; his sole purpose now was finding those two vile scums who had done this to his people. During the battle, they had mange to escape leaving him and the others to fight the thousands of Hollow's and Quincy's that they had unleashed. His friends and comrades were all killed, trying to protect him which he should be doing for them. He felt stupid and utterly useless as he watched each one of his friends die, the only one left that mange to stay with him long enough to say goodbye was...


During the battle, he had let his guard down which cost him his entire left arm. Even with herself being badly wounded and near death, she had mange to heal his arm even though he had pleaded with her not to. She had lain in his arms dying, but she was still smiling at him like she always did. He was screaming at her, pleading for her not to leave him like everyone else around him as. But he couldn't deny it; he already knew she was dying but his mind and soul would not let him accept it.

"I love you Kurosaki-kun."

Those were the last four words he had heard from her before her life was gone. He stayed there shocked, and watched in horror as her entire body melted away into spirit particles. He didn't care about the roars of the hollows that were closing in on him or the hissing sound of bow's being drawn back. The only thing his mind could process in that moment was that Orihime was dead because of him being too weak. In that moment, he finally notice that everything he held dear was gone, he could no longer feel or see any of them.

He lost it

Every dark hellish power he held within his body that was being held back with the fear of hurting his love ones was unleashed. His hollow or something far darker within him had come to the surface, changing his body into something of unimaginable power. But this time instead of being an uncontrolled beast of rage, he was in control of everything he was doing. He ripped apart each and every last hollow and Quincy that came between his claws and Zangetsu. He could still remember it even now, watching with sick pleasure as each of them tried to run from him.

He didn't care if they begged for their souls; he crushed them before they even had a change to escape, or watch as some of them tried to beg him to live. Some who had mange to crawl away, he went after them and fired a huge cero at them, looking on in hatred as they burn to death or scream as their bodies were torn to shreds. He didn't let anyone of them escaped, each and every last one of them that killed his friends and comrades were cut down by him. All crushed by his power or killed by him in brutal ways. But even with watching the bodies of those bastards that killed his friend's burn into nothingness…

It still wasn't enough

His vengeance, the total carnage he wanted to inflict still wasn't complete, even if the major of the Hollow's and Quincy's that attacked were dead. He still wanted to see those two bodies lying dead before him; he wanted them to plead for their lives just before he took what they held dear away from them. Until then, his quench for vengeance would not be complete until those two laid dead at his feet. He will repay those two for every death that they caused, no matter how long it took him; he will not die until that day his before him.

He was no longer the man he once was before this all started, he had lost everything and the only thing that will fill his now empty heart is fulfilling the revenge he wants so badly for what they had did to all of the people that had no business in this. No one will stop him or get in his way, if they do, then they will die facing his wrath. He had no problem with killing anyone; he had already done it protecting a dear friend. This time it wasn't about protecting anyone, the only purpose he had with killing these two were making sure he had the satisfaction of seeing them dead and they could no longer hurt anyone else. He stood up to his full height, his dark red ruby eyes staring at the town he loved.

"I will have my revenge!" He muttered darkly, eyes narrowing in intense hatred. "You can run wherever you wish. But I will find you; no place in this world or the next will be safe for you two hide from me for what you have done."

"Jejeje; I see that you're quite mad at the world." An unknown chilling voice said

Others would have been freighting and quickly turn around to see who it was that talked. Others also would have been tense and already had their hands on their weapons and ready to attack at any moment. But Ichigo just turn his head before turning his whole body to face the only other living person he had seen amongst the destroyed Karakura in over almost an entire year. Standing before him was a man dress in a blue bus driver's outfit, but the odd thing is that he had glowing white eyes that seem to brighten in mischief.

"Who are you?" Ichigo questioned him; carefully examine the person or thing before him. "And how did you get inside of this barrier?"

"My name and how I got inside is of no importance to you right now." The man answered, he was about to reach into his pocket but was interrupted when a strong force slammed into his throat, and seconds later lifted into the air. The man slowly looked down to see Ichigo staring at him with glowing dark ruby eyes.

"That is not what I asked of you!" Ichigo growled out and tighten his grip upon the man's neck. "You will answer my question or suffer the consequences of pissing me off!"

The man seems to have taken no effect on the strong hand that was wrapped around his neck. "I'm sorry but I am not allow-" that was as far as he got before he suddenly found himself being slammed through the building he was not too long ago standing on.

The building tumble, creating more debris to burn in the raging fires. A second later when all movement stopped, a large slab of rock was lifted and thrown away to show the glowing eyed man. He coughed for a moment before dragging himself to a slab of rock where he could lean on. He heard rocks being crushed under feet and looked up to see Ichigo walking towards him.

Throughout his entire lifetime, he was known to scare anyone with the way his eyes always glowed. He hardly fears anything in his life, facing and standing before some of the toughness of monsters. But seeing this man walking towards him with dark glowing ruby eyes; long orange hair flaring out in all direction and the fire behind him made him look like reincarnation of Lucifer himself. He looked up into the man's eyes as he looked down on him; before he was even able to blink he found a tremendous force slam into his chest. His back collided with the ground hard. He tried to pick himself up but felt another force slam into his chest.

Looking up, he saw the orange haired shinigami had his foot on his chest. "You seem to think that this is a game do you? You seem to think that I won't kill you if you irritate me?" Ichigo said, pressing down harder on the man's chest. The man cried out in pain, but he only scoffed at it and pressed down even harder. "Now I want you to answer me correctly, and you better hope to whatever god you pray to that your answer pleases me. One second thought, don't answer. It gives me something to extract out my hatred on, just before I get enough of you and kill you."

For the first time in his life, the man lying under his feet looked up at him in fear. A long time ago, this would have cause Ichigo to faulted or let him go. But it's too late! He has lost everything he has held dear to him, he didn't care what others think or if he hurts them, as long as he got what he wanted from them, then he could care less if they die from the injuries he gives them. Ichigo looked on as the man pulled out what looked like a glowing red sphere that looked very similar to the Hogyoku; he narrowed his eyes at the sphere.

The man chuckled, despite the pain he was in. "I can tell what you're thinking right now and I'm going to tell that this is not the Hogyoku."

Hearing that name, Ichigo growled in absolute fury before he struck forward; Tensa Zangetsu stabbing clean through the man's right arm and burying itself into the ground. The man screamed in pain before clutching his teeth together as tight as he could. He shifted a bit upward, trying to ease up the pressure that was being pressed down onto his chest, but cried of in pain as a foot slammed onto his throat. The bus driver's air supply was getting shorter by the minute, but as he looked up into the dark blood ruby eyes of the man before him, he could tell that the man was enjoying what he was doing to him. It was sick really, but he knew that he could not blame the boy for what he was feeling he needed to be done.

"HOW DO YOU KNOWN THAT NAME?" Ichigo roared. He pushed Tensa Zangetsu deeper into the man's arm.

The man clutched his teeth hard before answering him, "Isshin Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara!" He took in deep breaths, trying to get as much air as he cold into his lungs before closing his mouth again.

Ichigo's eyes widen and his grip on his zanpakuto loosens, giving the man a change to grab onto it and pull it out of his arm. Thinking he was about to be attack, Ichigo backhands the man with his left hand, the blow sending the man crashing through houses and stores. The man flipped himself upward and skips to a halt half way from where he was standing just moments ago. He looked up to see Ichigo appear in a sonic boom and glare at him with intense hatred.

"How do you know my father's name and my sensei's?" Ichigo asked him.

"Me and my brother were friends with both your father and Kisuke." The man answered him.

Ichigo paused for a moment, a looked of surprise flashing in his eyes before it was gone. Even though he didn't allow a single emotion to pass over his face, he was very surprise that his father had any friends because he usually stayed home to do most of his work. The only time he did go out was when he needed to go to an important meeting or he was needed at the hospital for something. He then scoffed, considering that his dad was a shinigami and probably hundreds of years old. Anyone would have friends, including Kisuke.

"You would have to be a very good friend of my father and Kisuke to know both of their full names." Ichigo said, the coldness still deep within his voice.

The man chuckled and stood to his full height, seemly not affected by the injuries that were inflicted on him. Looking closer, Ichigo narrowed his eyes as he could see that the man's entire body seems to be healed.

"I was and so was my brother." The man answered him then held out the glowing right sphere. "Both your father and Kisuke knew something bad was going to happen. They came to both me and my brother and gave us this to break down the Kido spell that was over this town."

'So both Kisuke and my dad knew something was going to happen.' Ichigo thought. He could still remember both of them screaming at him to escape with his sisters and his friends, but he wouldn't listen to either of them. He wish he would have listen know, jumping into the fight first cost him both his father and sensei and then all of his friends and comrades. It was foolish for him to think he could help them, he should have listen then maybe he wouldn't be standing around here in this burning town alone like this.

"What do you want with me?" Ichigo asked growling at remembering his own foolish mistake that cost him everything.

"Simple, my brother and I started a school long ago which your father and Kisuke helped built along with old man Yamamoto."

"So it seems that you know Jii-san as well." Ichigo said, turning around and looking on into the flames. "What does this school have to do with me? And if you're looking for them, then you came at a wrong time because all of them are dead."

The man nodded, "Yes I know that. But the reason I came here was because your father wanted you to join are school."

Ichigo scoffed but did not turn to face him. "I have no time for school if you cannot see that." He replied sarcasm dripping from each of his words.

"I see, but you won't be able to fulfill your revenge if you just stand here looking over a tower of flames..."

Ichigo turn around to glare at the man. "What do you know of them?"

"I don't know much, but there is an organization calling itself Fairy Tale. If you run into them, you might be able to find the whereabouts of both Aizen and Yhwach." The man explained to him.

Ichigo paused for a moment to thing this over; he knew that he couldn't just stand here for the rest of his life expecting those two to show up. This man clam that this organization might know something of both of them. It was his only lead to getting closer to his vengeance but he did not trust the man before him.

He quickly turns around to face the man, "I will go with you to this school of yours but..." The man watched as black/blood red spiritual pressure flared to life around Tensa Zangetsu like an inferno of death. "You lie to me or betray me, then you, your brother, and that entire school you whole so dear will all be annihilated." Ichigo threatens, "Are we clear?"

The man chuckled before he began walking toward the east direction of Karakura. "Yeah, we're clear."

Ichigo just stared at the man's form before following, still wary on where he was taking him. It didn't take the two long before they came upon a short yellow bus which the man entered. Ichigo paused for a moment before entering and taking a seat in the front; Tensa Zangetsu on his lap.

The man looked at Ichigo with a grin. "Sure you want to enter school grounds with your Bankai released like that?"

Ichigo sent a silent glared toward the man whose grin grew wider. Letting out a slow breath, black/blood red reiatsu wrapped around his body before disappearing, showing him in his regular shihakusho and Zangetsu in its Shikai state. His hair was still the same along with his eyes, he grabbed onto Zangetsu before stabbing it into the bus floor. Seeing this, the man just sweat dropped before driving into a portal that appeared before the bus.

Yokai Academy...

The dead trees and a blood red sea that covered the grounds of Yokai Academy for once was quite. A second later, a portal open sending out a bus moving a high speeds, the bus hit breaks but didn't seem to stop. It picked up gravel and finally came to a stop in front of an old jack-o-lantern with a sign saying Yokai Academy. On the bus, the bus driver had the same grin on his face as he put the bus in park and turn around to face the other person on. He was about to speak but an oversized elegant clever stopped him in his tracks.

He followed up the length of the blade to see Ichigo glaring coldly at him. "If you ever drive that fast while I'm on this bus your life will end." He threatens, "Do you understand me?"

The bus driver gulped for a moment before grinning and nodding his head. Ichigo removed his sword from the man's neck and followed him off the bus and into the dead forest. The orange haired shinigami examines the forest to see that every last tree that he passed was dead and had not one leaf on them. He looked at the ground for a brief moment to notices that the ground seem to have no life in it to support planet life. From what he could see around him, this place was very similar to that of a grave yard. As he walked, he was wondering just how stupid it was for someone to put a school in a place like this.

"Where are we going?" He asks.

The bus driver chuckled. "I forgot to tell you that the school we're going to is a school for monsters, and the place we're heading is toward the school grounds." He explained.

Ichigo scoffed, if telling him that the school they were heading was for monster was supposes to scare him then this fool before him had another thing coming. If any of those bastards laid a finger on him he was going to effortless kill each and every last one of them that thought they could. He was not here to get to know anyone, the only reason he was here was to get the information he wanted and that was all. He looked up to see that a western style school was just in front of them. It looked like a private school with large dorm rooms and classrooms.

Ichigo glared and kept walking forward, looking forward to seeing this older brother and this crazy bastard in front of him had to say.

"TSUKUNE-KUN!" A very familiar voice screamed out.

Ichigo eyes widen and he stopped in mid-step, the bus driver was confuse at this and stopped as well. The orange haired shinigami looked to his right to see four girls standing around a black haired boy dress in what looked like a light green school uniform. The girls around him were dress in the same, only theirs seem to be customized to meet their personalities. But he didn't care about the other four, the only one he had his complete focus on was the pink long haired girl.

That bitch! Ichigo growled in his mind. So all this time I been trying to find you for the last four years, this is where you have been hiding? He clenched his fist in anger before relaxing himself.

The bus driver stood there and watched as the orange haired shinigami stared at a group of students with intense anger before calming himself. He looked over to where he was looking to see that he was looking at Aono Tsukune and his group of friends or harem. But his gaze seems to be solely directed towards the pink haired vampire. He chuckled before reaching into his pocket and pulled out a fresh cigar.

"Driver-san," Ichigo called out. The bus driver notice as Ichigo looked at him that his dark blood ruby eyes were glowing brightly, he also notice that his irises were now pitched black. He shivered a bit looking into them; it looked like he was looking into the very pits of hell itself.

"What is it Kurosaki-san?" He asked, already knowing what the boy wanted.

"I think I will be a little late for the meeting with this brother of yours." Ichigo said before vanishing in a sonic boom from where he was standing.

The bus driver just stood there for a moment before reeling his head back and laughing loudly. His laugh scaring nearby students to their bones while others were wondering what was wrong with him to laugh in the middle of the walk way. He didn't care about none of them, he was finally happy that some kind of interesting things was going to happen. Last year was fun, and a lot of things had happen since Aono Tsukune had entered on to his bus. But with the orange haired shinigami here on school grounds, he knew he was in for one of the most interesting years of his life.

"Something really interesting is about to happen, and in the beginning of the year too."

Five minutes early across the Academy grounds...

The school for monsters and yokai, Yokai Academy seem to be happier than ever, which to a human, would seem unreal to them. Many students were returning from their early vacations, due to an incident that happen on school grounds mere months ago. They were getting together were their friends, eagerly talking about what they did while heading towards their classes.

All of them, no matter what their social status was, were in human form. That was one of the most important rules of Yokai Academy. The only seem exception that was breaking this rule was a black haired human teenager, who started to be a student in Yokai Academy that managed to survive the first year. He also seems to become great friends with five powerful yokai students who were also studying at the academy.

His first friend was a cute pink haired vampire by the name of Akashiya Moka, who he had met the first day in a crash meeting with each other. Couple of days later, he met a huge chested Succubus by the name of Kurono Kurumu, a stalker who had extreme stealth skills name Shirayuki Mizore. Two powerful half breed witches named Sendo Yukari and Dojo Ruby, and a perverted werewolf named Morioka Ginei. They were all members of the famous Newspaper Club that defeated many powerful enemies over the course of a year.

Together, the group of odd friends fought against powerful and evil enemies. Their biggest battles were against the Academy's Public Security Committee's Leader, and after that, they defeated Kaneshiro Hokuto, the head of a half-breeds organization that tried to destroy the barrier that separated the human world from the demon world. Each battle, facing life or death to do what was right to them and protecting the school and others they cared for.

Even after they survived all those dangers, each of them decided to return and study for their second year at Yokai Academy, hoping to meet each other again. The first semester was pretty disturbing, even from the first day, the day he met Shuzen Kokoa, a very energetic girl that turned out to be Moka's younger sister, another powerful vampire. After some time, they found new enemies and very dangerous things began to happen at the school. But something even darker was going to happen this year, something that was going to twist their entire view on the world, and their friendship with one another.

Aono Tsukune, the only human student of the academy, was walking through the scary path from the dormitories to the school. It was a really scary sight for anyone new traveling it, but Tsukune was completely used to it. The path of dark and lifeless dirt was surrounded by trees, just like the outer limits of the academy. Nevertheless, it was full of students, who were reunited with their friends, talking and laughing happily.

Tsukune's typical appearance is that of an average human teenager. He possesses black hair, brown eyes and is dressed in the Yokai Academy's standard light green uniform. The black haired boy was eager to see his friends again. He couldn't avoid the smile that adored his face when he thought about his friends, and a bright blush tainted his cheeks when he remembered a certain pink haired girl, the girl he had finally be able to confess his love for last year.


The said boy turned around so he could see who was calling him, but his vision went black as he felt something warm and soft pressed against his face, blocking his breathing. 'Kurumu-chan.' He thought, losing his lack of oxygen in the well-huge developed breast he found his face smash into.

"I'm so happy to see you again! I missed you so much!" Kurumu said in glee, tangling her fingers through his black shot locks, and bringing him closer to her chest. She was a beautiful young woman with light ocean blue hair, which is tied back with a purple headband that has two stars on the side. She has deep purple eyes and thick eyelashes, and wears a plain long-sleeved white shirt with a red bow tie, plus a pale yellow-colored vest and a light brown-checkered skirt. Kurumu also wears white leg warmers and plain black dress shoes.

Tsukune was beginning to go dizzy from the lack of oxygen; if he didn't somehow pull apart from her chest, he was going to pass out. He was relieved when he felt the blue haired Succubus' hold lose its force, after a metallic band was heard.

Tsukune jumped back a bit and filled his lungs with as much air as he could, trying not to fall in the process. After knowing he was finally good, he looked down at his purple eyed friend. "It seems that bad habit will never leave you will it?" He murmured, looking down at the girl before him.

He looked over towards his other friend Yukari, the young witch that saved him from passing out by knocking Kurumu unconscious. "Hello there, Yukari-chan," He greeted. The witch looked at him with a huge smile on her face, before running and locking her arms behind his back, hugging him.

Yukari is the shortest in the group besides that of Moka's newly instated sister Kokoa Shuzen. She has short brown black hair and purple eyes. She wears a different kind of uniform than most of her classmates, which mostly due to her small size. She wears a black witch hat that droops down sometimes, a pink top, and a pink corset. She wears the green checkered pleated short skirt all female students wear, and wears bright pale yellow over the knee socks, and brown shoes. In her left hand, was a magic wand which she used to summon to a large pan to hit Kurumu in the head.

"Hello Tsukune-kun. I missed you, desu." The short girl said, looking up at him. The said boy smiled; a second later he shivered as a cold feeling went down his spine, erasing the smile from his face.

Tsukune turned, coming face to face with a light purple shoulder length haired tall girl, who was currently hiding behind a tree. "Hi, Mizore-chan," He greeted, making the Yuki-Onna blush and nod timidly to him.

Shirayuki Mizore has light purple hair which was long when she first came into contact with Tsukune and the others, but she later cut it and blue colored eyes, which are completely blue and have a bit of purple at the top of them if one steps closer. Also the pupils are not black, and are almost as blue as the rest of her eyes. Just like Yukari and Kurumu, she wears a different kind of uniform than most of her classmates. She wears a light brown pleated checkered skirt like other females students, but she also wears a white sweatshirt with long dark blue sleeves, a black singlet underneath, and a yellow pendant over her neck. She wears long dark and light purple-striped stockings with white shoes and has a belt tied to her left leg. To this day, it is still unknown what she keeps in the front pouch of her sweatshirt, though she has been seen known to keep her journal about Tsukune and a lollipop which maintains her body temperature there.

Suddenly a very familiar killer youki surrounded them. Kurumu was back up and wanted revenge against the one that knocked her unconsciousness. "You...!" She growled deadly and grabbed Yukari by the neck and began shaking her violently. "How dare you do that to me you flat chested twerp!"

"I had to, desu. You were suffocating Tsukune with your udders, milky cow!" Yukari yelled, pinching the Succubus cheeks, they started another one of their fights.

Tsukune sighed as he looked at his friends. "They never will change," He commented. He suddenly felt a familiar presence behind him and turned, finding the emerald gaze of the beautiful vampire Moka.

"Hi Tsukune," The pink haired vampire greeted; smiling timidly.

He smiled at her, feeling his heart began to beat even faster as he looked at the girl he love more than anything standing so close to him. Even after being together for such a short time, and knowing each other for a full year know, he was still a bit nervous around her. His heart still increase much around her, telling himself that no matter what stood in his way, that she would always love him just like he loved her. She was dress in the same uniform that the female students had to wear, and unlike Kurumu and the others, she did not alter anything about it. Her light emerald green eyes were shining with kindness, one that always seems to make his heart shudder with love.

"Hi, Moka-chan," He greeted back, stepping closer. "How were your holidays?"

"Very well, thank you. I had some complications with Kokoa, though, when she..." She stopped in mid talk and looked up into his eyes. A hungry look was in her eyes and a blush covered her cheeks, "That... scent..."



"Tsukune..." The vampire attached herself against him, holding his shoulders.

"Moka-chan..." Tsukune lowered his head lightly, filling his nose with the scent of her strawberry pink hair. Suddenly there was a terrifying aura that flared to life around them, causing his eyes to open wide with shock. He didn't have time to react when he suddenly found himself being slung across the school grounds at an incredible force. He came to a stop when his back collided with a tree, a scream of pain tore through his lips alerting the others and students around the campus.

The scream of Tsukune made Kurumu and Yukari stop fighting and turn towards where they heard it to find him lying on his knees next to a dent tree. Both their eyes widen in shock along with Mizore.


They all rushed over toward their friend and love interest, helping him off the ground and checking to see if anything was broken. "What happened to you Tsukune?" Mizore asked in worry, her ice blue eyes were filled with worry as she looked him over.

He took a moment before answering; trying to get his bearings right. "I... really don't know Mizore-chan." He answered her truthfully. All he remembered was staring into his girlfriend's eyes before a terrifying aura filled with nothing but hatred and bloodlust filled him before an explosion. His eyes suddenly widen, "MOKA-CHAN!"

The others looked at him in shock before turning to see their friend being held in the air by her neck by someone they had never seen before on school grounds. The man was tall, standing at an impressive height of 6'1 and long spiky orange haired that flared out behind him which lay upon a huge thing wrapped in bandages on his back. He was dress in all black, old style Japanese samurai clothing, with a thick rosy strap across his chest. Four black vertical lines in 'x' on his forearms and black bands with white ends crossing his chest, wrist, and ankles which were all connected to a neck guard. He was surrounded by a dark blood red aura filled with dark emotion's that sent chills down all their spines.

Seeing the girl he loved in danger and couldn't protect herself, Tsukune growled in rage. "LET GO OF MOKA-CHAN YOU BASTARD!" He roared. The others glared at the man and tense up ready for anything. The man just tilted his head and stared at each of them, his eyes causing each of them to gasp in shock and fear.

"LET GO OF ONEE-SAMA!" a familiar enraged voice shouted. Tsukune and the others looked behind the man to see Kokoa appear above the man, her familiar already changed into the familiar huge combat mallet. She swung with all the strength her vampire abilities gave her down upon the man's head that still did not look her way.

The mallet connected with something causing a cloud of smoke to surround the three from the others view. The other's watched in tense silence, hoping that Kokoa was able to at least knock the man out. Kokoa on the other hand smiled arrogantly, knowing full well that there was no way that weakly who dare touch her sister's body was up. She hated pervert's along with most of the somewhat friend's she made within the group of friend's her sister had made.

'That'll teach that pervert to touch Onee-sama.' She thought and began pulling on her weapon. She was confused when she felt that she couldn't move it an inch, what was wrong with this thing? Did she make a mistake and smashed the idiot into the ground?

"Kokoa-chan! What's wrong?" Said girl looked over the cloud of smoke to see Tsukune and the others.

"Nothing you pervert!" She answered him. The said boy sweat dropped at the insult. "I just can't seem to pull my mallet out of the ground."

"You really are dumb, aren't you?" A chilling dark voice said, causing the younger vampire to freeze up in shock. "Do you honestly believe that I would die from something so weak?"

Kokoa along with everyone else shivered at hearing the voice. Kokoa looked up and her eyes open in shock to see two glowing dark blood ruby eyes looking back at her in the smoke. Are those... eyes of a vampire?

Suddenly, a violent blasted of what felt like youki filled the air and blasted away the smoke. Kokoa and the others widen their eyes when the smoke revealed the man holding back Kokoa's combat mallet with just his left hand.

"...How?" Kokoa stuttered out in shock

The man just looked at her with emotionless eyes. "To answer your question on why I was able to block your mallet," Kokoa suddenly felt something grip tightly onto her mallet, "Because even after four years, you're still the same weakly that can only talk."

The orange haired man swung his arm, smashing Kokoa into the ground and creating a crater with her body. The arrogant flaming orange haired girl grunted in pain, but scream when a savage kick slammed into her stomach. The suddenly blow sent her flying into a tree that was right next to Tsukune and the others. She slammed hard into it; the tree snapping in half as her body made contact and falling to the ground. The others rushed over to help her, worried for their friends health.

"Kokoa-chan! Are you okay?" Yukari asked her friend.

Kokoa with the help of Tsukune picked herself up from the ground, but seeing who was helping her, she quickly jerked her arm away. "I'm find you guys!" She snapped, feeling that her vampire pride was being wounded by needing the help of others. Her vampirism abilities should heal whatever injury that the man had inflicted on her.

Tsukune sighed in relief before turning towards the man with a heated glare. "Release Moka-chan!" he ordered.

"Let go of Onee-sama!" Kokoa shouted, her emerald green eyes flashing bright red.

The man looked at them for a second before looking back at Moka who was holding onto his right arm which was currently holding her in the air. Her left eye was close and she was looking at him with her right eye which was filled with pain. "You want her so badly." The man said coldly. "Then you can have her!" The man slammed the pink haired girl into the ground, causing her to scream out in pain. A cold smirk crossed over his face as he dragged her body across the ground before hurdling over towards the others.

Tsukune's eyes widen as Moka was flung towards them at the same force Kokoa was just moments ago. Not wanting to see the girl he loves hurt any more than she was, he gather all the power he obtain for coming to Yokai Academy and caught her. Even with the burst of power he obtained, he was still flung into the tree behind him at an incredible force that almost knocked him unconscious

"Moka! Tsukune! Onee-sama!" They all shouted, rushing over to help them.

Moka grunted and looked up to smile at her sister and friends. "I'm... okay guys." She assured them before looking back at her savior with a smile. "Thanks to Tsukune-kun,"

Tsukune blushed before smiling at her. "Your welcoming Moka-chan,"

"Ahmm, guys." They all looked at Mizore who wasn't looking at them. "He's coming toward us."

The others tense and quickly stood up and took defensive stances, each of them glaring at the man who was walking towards them slowly. The fierce red aura of nothing but bloodlust and hatred sent a shiver of fear down all their spines, but they held strong, willing to protect each other. Tsukune push Moka behind him and stood protectively in front of her, glaring at the man before them without a once of fear in his eyes. Both Inner and Outer Moka looked at their boyfriend in awe, shocked that he would stand to protect him against a powerful enemy. Outer Moka smiled before stepping closer to him and taken his hand in hers, causing the said boy to smile at her.

It seems that Tsukune as finally become a man. Inner Moka thought, observing the scene before her. She knew that Tsukune wasn't a cowardly human like the rest of his species; he had proven that time and time again when he stood up against foes that she didn't even think she could defeat. She looked at the orange haired man before them, trying to remember where she seen that orange hair before, but for some odd reason just couldn't remember.

The man stopped just a couple of feet in front of them, glaring at each of them. Tsukune and the others noticing that his glare harden as he looked at both Moka and Kokoa. "That's new," He said, observing each of them with the same look in his eyes. "You have friends? No matter. If you don't want to die excruciating deaths, you will hand the pink haired bitch to me now."

Now standing next to Tsukune; Moka shiver as she hears the hatred in the man's voice. Why did he seem to hate her so much for him to attack her like that? She didn't even know him! She looked into the man's eyes and shivered. Dark blood ruby pupils with irises as black as darkness itself, all burning with malice, hatred, and an uncontrolled thirst for revenge, the strongest she had every felt before in her life. But why was it directed towards her though? She didn't know the answer at all. She grabbed the sliver heart locket that was wrapped around her neck and squeezed it tightly.

"What do you want with Moka-chan you meanie!" Yukari shouted, holding her wand up which was glowing with her magic. He didn't answer her; he kept his gaze locked on Moka's and only hears.

Tsukune seem to have enough, "Why did you attack Moka-chan!" He demanded, "And why do you want her so badly?"

The man chuckled darkly at them, looking at each of them with a dark malice burning in his eyes. "So you choose death over living your lives?" He smirked darkly at that and reached behind his back to grab a hold of the large item on his back, "Admirably. But doing something like this will only cause your deaths." He pupils seem to dilate, bloodlust spiraling around like large typhoons. The others shivered, taking a step back as the aura around the man seem to take on an even dark color than before.

Moka stepped forward before either of her friends said anything. She looked into the man's eyes with resolve in hers; the threat to her friends had caused her own fear to be broken. "What do you want with me?" she asked him

"Mok-" Tsukune started but was cut off by the pink haired vampire.

"No Tsukune! I handle this, just stay there." She told him before smiling at him. "I'll be okay, I promise."

Tsukune looked in her eyes for a bit; the fear in his eyes of her getting hurt was over writing his senses. He didn't want to see her hurt, not like she was last year. If that did happen, he didn't know what he would do without her in his presence. He then smiled at her. "Okay Moka-chan! I believe you." he said, smiling kindly at her.

Moka smiled before turning back to face the man with a frown edge across her face. "Now, what do you want with me and how do you know me?" she asked.

The man just looked at her before his eyes seem to narrow even further then they were. "It seems after four years you forgot the man you use to love with all your heart." The man stated coldly, narrowing his eyes even further as he looked at the girl before him.

Moka and the others eyes widen at the man's claim, they all turn to stare at Moka who was looking at the man in shock. Tsukune was also shock and hurt that Moka didn't tell him that she had a previous boyfriend before their relationship started with each other last year. But if it's true, then where did she meet him to be together with him? He was confused on that matter.

Kurumu looked at her friend/rival in shock. "Is what he says true Moka?" inside she was grinning like an idiot, if it was true, then she might still have a change with her destiny one.

Moka whipped her head in Kurumu's direction. "NO! HE'S LIEING!" She denied, "I don't even know who he is."

Mizore looked at her friend with narrowed eyes. "Well, why would he be claiming something like that?"

"I don't know you guys!" Moka said

Tsukune grabbed onto Moka's hand, causing the girl to look to see that he was glaring at the man before them. "I believe you Moka-chan; you don't need to explain yourself to us." He said and his glare hardens. "I will kindly ask you to leave and don't bother Moka-chan again."

They looked to see the burning hatred in the man's eyes seem to increase tenfold. The aura around him flared brightly, breaking apart the ground around him. The others began to stare at the man in fear; each of them had never felt something like this with so much dark emotions in it. His arm flared outward, and each of their eyes widen in fear and disbelief at the sheer size of the blade that he held in his hands. The blade was huge, and just like its master, it too was covered in a power aura of bloodlust that was screaming to kill the people before it.

The blade was huge, standing almost as tall as its master. It had a sliver hilt with gray wrappings, and a short length of a sliver chain at its base. The blade itself resembles an oversized Khyber knife instead of a normal katana. The large blade was shaped to resemble a combat knife, being slightly reshaped and curving inwards at the backside of the tip, similar to a trench knife. They each tense, bodies screaming for them to run away, for them to try and forget everything that was happening before them. But they couldn't, it was like the moment they looked into the man's eyes, it was like he was controlling their bodies not to move an inch from where they were standing.

The man paused for a moment, looking over each of them with the same look of dark bloodlust in his eyes. "Fear," He intoned, holding up his left hand and looking at it for a brief moment. "It's a wonderful thing, isn't it? Right now I can see in all of your eyes that you want to run away from me, get away from me as far as you can to try and survive."

Kokoa gasped, trying as hard as she could to break the intense fear the man had put on her body. "…. What…?" She shuttered out, feeling all but like a pathetic sack of meat before this man. "Did… you do to us?"

The orange haired man said nothing to her, only casting his gaze towards a fear stricken Akashiya Moka. "You seem scared of me?" He darkly mocked her, enjoying every second of the fear that was being thrown his way. "Good. Before you leave this world, I want you to do nothing more than bask in it, live in it just before I take your life in the most brutal way possible."

The soft green hair vampire flinched at that, going through her mind as quickly as she could to remember who this person was that was standing before her. To any other, it might have been insane to say she knew this man, but for some reason he looked so familiar to her. To her shock and misunderstanding, she could not tell why her heart was skipping a beat, but was being filled with a large amount of shame. Memories started to flash in her mind, and with each one that went through, she could feel her eyes widening in realization. It couldn't be! It was impossible for the person she was thinking about to be standing before her right now.

Seeing the look in her eyes, the orange haired man smirked darkly at her. "So, from the way you're looking at me, you seem to finally remember who I am." He chuckled a bit, holding his face in his right hand before looking back up. "It didn't matter either way, but if you must know to fully remember, then I will tell you." His eyes froze over like ice as he looked at the pink haired vampire, "My name is Kurosaki Ichigo and after four years I have come for my daughter."

Moka's eyes widen in realization, 'It can't be!'




End chapter 1

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